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you know what your case of course was to show that you have a so idea which you have i guess just a fable anyway to lead it to have magical valid illustration was a clue she only knew she was quote i hate you still can you give the dogs reason is built for us what are you going to live with c.l. . we wish him official something. to say it would be my specific scrutiny. do you think television is safe. to do this to the news feed was he would you believe the. offical tool to show. such. states just by trying to steal speech and destroy it. but thank you.
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i'm so good. if you look at it with me though you. stupid yes you do you. know you must do too so what is good sleep so i will see what you have to scurry to what was also my oldest living you say you seem to be new to the us does post the newbie says she's directly of this quote a mobile what was the bird which you took just sitting with just one of the only you with. your beautiful what was it with up with you to your member of the would be in a day you would use the would you use where you g.'s your. you son you would. go down might do. to. them as i just know which is the you wish to stop feeling guilty and then what's the feeling of believing that. just give those the. dumb shits to show that if you
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just give them the muscle because two weeks they could easily be a shape that it could at the sissified be boosted with a special start they would show the skills of a shift in mood that we have to think of the guy with a condition if you took at least we were. please let's. just hope we can which should feel it should be. removed by the. police would be nice to see. a yellow shirt that the dispenser good of that the glass man will surely just stamp with the scum by shad bush just the bites. and they are just teasing released zamboanga a shell of seats in the plane to simulate earlier this hour just when i am at the beck and demolition wing in the back seat to commute that.
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by a nice. looking at the stuff i'm not a klutz said. he just is a bit concerned about bill clinton with it and she's still you know telling him to give us because. this is what we can if it is completed until. there was still so as to what to do we. consume is quite content to let people constantly sit and do shit to distance my distance minutes there's still a chance that said players chase lights let. others who i didn't know which was china's angle to my place hits. didn't listen to those who. did that was who was. funny animals would. love that. let
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me do we do a chicken on the ship that's it you. know we believe that a. little child in the city. limits them from the litany of course. they do to keep so they do still. look to city do as you can to.
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educate which wasn't such a nice three hundred sixty a pretty good shot up the side of the two that they're going meet with rates that's . a little. take it a. little way a little first a minute is it is it tells the original. question we have the digits the fossil to hash this come up almost two million showed up. this summer and ten minutes later. mr dale let's make a little chilly little stuff a little bit by changing into the ocean in china saying i need something to. not only see you this new cylinder that's.
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the new castle theater we do exclusive. for you that's a no go zones possible it will hinge then you post the proof that's new because most of the ideas could you collection you might be in the mail for slips of files of c three samples busselton. moviegoers didn't because it's my duty to get him some tools from the school of thought it was a little slow which will skew slowly chinos we've done this. school she should leave the body. at. the. very.
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least. that was. that. it would show you. can't. cope with. this place here on that are those little. only most significant ways she. was. still. a little bit lame duck. session.
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and i see the good shape on the bibles. but you must be to thank you thank you so much the good came with the civil division because you get the quest the pregnancy
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i suppose what i'm getting is teaching the last i believe it is you to must be a bitch but i must must. see you in school number which the new ship is so busy. that would be to make it up they might get tickets if cotto she was going to. use. that as. a device and you can buy them by body it's that we. all see we have the right see we need strength for the free float world cold and better than a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in
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one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that waving spirit to the r.c.c. . recently i've had a lot of practice so i can guard see that peter schmeichel will be on the best fall since my last will call him that steroids are as we've. thousand all jokes i was only kidding here i call rush. strikes. left left left more or less ok stop that's really good. match geysers financial survival guide liquid assets not those that you can convert means it can ask why it is only. to keep in mind though as to to mean to
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a place in a large geyser board. level was still a view on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles going. to new stops by to tell you to let me go off of the public by file for the most important day. off and tell me you are not cool enough to fight. all the hawks that we along with our loved ones.
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oh she poised just the way you. like you. think that she may be the most surely you see i mean i could. go i was always was the voice. for you change your evil yes yes this with east germans you. believe she. should be says for me to say this for sure. but. you should certainly say
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christ was so excited for this goal. of fossil sister that when she was such a sure school is finished and you still are the birds thanks . you. say you. will be a. much too. my producer gamble. says. the tuesday was just five so easy to get to you we didn't get a nice new what should. you do you think it was going to take.
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this issue because there's a good way to do seems to sniff. the funny thing you should do. you know somewhere to switch and so she used the discipline you need. of. school newsies and booking near me they're serious through what. you are part of the start of the gloss look i'm sort of course of the group which is a story of. these terrorists do so because you need to. play the field when you're there. that's the best way to go i'm afraid. there. is a there is a medical. finishing a slant with a. book on which. you. have to do. if you need to deal with effects you mention
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your. teacher is a rallying cry for for the two chairmen you've got to accept the new system of the public that's in the foolish you buy you should stop. with a movement afoot us but i woulda with the temple just i do want to do it this myth that windows when you go that was isn't it each one you know which. was a result of when it was just going to still. can you get out of the can rescue muslim who choose so if i show. up as much a rush of creepy. enough to get to misty that. i want to preach. that.
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was our last sip that's a bit freshly of national. i to. get the full fully package to fiddle to every good thing with the with the athena thing and several of us as out or yeah. which in the bigger shit just passed me and fifteen yet to a dozen of the two must make up a list of the onus of those numbers now ask it could i see it and another not be as happy i didn't get deletion vision i know what you did you have at the dumbest of. the bushes go yes and then you will eat that deal it's unknown as you. buy from is a bet with the evolution of the guts of freshness and the use forced up by yet shopping. in the me actress cousin left.
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the last version which is in that the list of many chicken but actually it's a better yet let's just say at the national show with one fact. at the minute in this there's a it's in the kitchen see ceased in them a bang up the michelle sparta a complicit in the. closeness to that yes to the concept called the. silly to a species which.
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let the person just look at it could see some little point there was a game on the way to meet that kind of a sleep before he should just go right for the ranks were killed then once he was he should leave the place until it was in my thanks and even if he didn't have faith that he is a god who took little boy. and nasa and there. is only one nasa. with a difficult inflated good system with luck she is going to be extolling jacob wetterling still down plus the look that could send us a visit well calling yourself a clam is a sign of the likely those that have vision i suppose though if they'd still play it pushed out in the woods and by someone they said thank you for a second furnace and there was a guy who was so so successful in it and yet like to play school chan without the money they do they're just ask for what i did some research with things for say if you're paying you for standing in for the time and you don't get sick they just took the meaning by saying first that any of those that convinces candlelighting
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team only say show so much to me as something that i could. see in the form oh ok doing this. for better systems is for. sure. i'm. gonna.
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d.d.j. them did you say yeah. that was thank you know that i have them all to you that you go get you to click by going to do this so we still. here we drove here's the sewer joke towards your change just staying in school needs to teenie in. those she chose sto. closer. to thirty year old deal with. which it says this could be a new deal to. which in the nick i was writing insisting that way to not it it became i am. that when there have been you have been in my opinion my opinion my
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bringing my prick in my. head to stop to try to put the guardian. to the rest of us the bus the bus the bus. stop but let's talk about the question why does it just it just didn't does it just didn't do it but it's. what the new one is the. best that it got to by c.c. i was to go but i did it. or are. there two women told me if sim they had someone to put them much trust especially a safe one. she would she took to jihad would you just assume by giving me general my dinner that that last purpose clears it up for the rest look he didn't promise continued if i did for all i mean you should i do thank you to mr bush loses to lose interest in doing this the filibuster is just that sangeeta unusual that it would if i had to move on your show special know the family of the show this
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evening in the oval and cello paddle. from her. class. i was with. her. the world. her her was.
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to bill since you're so critical of those difficult to track in the new building the bill of rights or not among them so the book should be a good suit but i love not the bush the few jokes it was good to be just a very smart the good citizen this self on the new horse margaret you know about the freedom from that with us i feel at the back more. years later still in the little chapel at euston shall we say well which will just it should we were to shout what's in your box that i know my local fish tanks wonderful. to see yet. one makes the young family most likely to have a. good leg almost thank you and you don't expose local man your rational thought and said working with this. damn report just me adam baldwin will . be are still out there much talk. to him is not.
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like he's laying out it's a question. exactly why should the news that you still see a ship but that was what you do doesn't often would expose my family yes actually oh i know my daddy yes but if i see a little local ship it was because thank you love wasn't a question you want to ask. that was. meaning the but the most diety has knowledge to do with the most bang is the most any man seven yet i'm in the want to state the nature pleasurable chances in some eyes i yell schlangenbad as domestication illusion. well look at a statement on the function that we need to distinguish the closest of the digits the solution to the.
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distance to move us to the cultural shift ask what this new business equipment will go with to buy himself. a. coffee shop past i. don't know. if you found my jewish but you might. pick up the prices here at the state did you get the state and i got that you wish they could talk to you. does that leave you. with a chicken. which i shall. get
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you speak of you are you thinking of. the pyramid testing discussed but the custos threatening just turn over your mis disappears to suit the car both the bush and here we didn't come down you push to school women to stand up stand in. business throw it up or to stimulate the one you got hold. of so with those in the ocean with that should be you will lead us to. ask. ourselves will we get there or should on the drive to. her. thanks thanks. thanks thanks.
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thanks .
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snow we're good i'm. stupid to eighty. thousand. into. this so in the fall. los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. around this man from his own response of the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order
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to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution. me house on a city parking space is not a solution. to someone wanted to ring the site otherwise it will be a free for all they're a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. i . i. i i. i. i. i i. i. i. i.
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life among the ruins. from inside mosul hears from the locals about surviving in the city five months after being liberated from islamic state. and. the only thing you want to. rush on america's top diplomat speak. north korea. also the. palestinians. relatives in israeli jails.


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