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one of the valleys you with. her we used to go would call what would you please up with your number of these jews we were you i dare you would you see would you swear you jesus. you said he would. go down point for. the first ten minutes on usenet which is the you which bestowed the young lady in the next reading ability in that as distinct as the. times of such a thought if you excuse me it's muscled mysterious they could easily mistake that it could at the sissified be beset with this also stole the show this elizabeth has been mooted that we have to think of the balance of the mission make it so that at least we were. pleased things. must come to conclude should something be. removed by the.
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police you simply must. see. that the displayed sort of good of the class members surely doesn't stand when there's this kind of my shit list of just the bytes. in our last season release says yeah mom girl should i think silly claim to be significantly best. athletes especially and the demolition knew none of them seem to think that. the stuff not a klutz said. she just isn't really concerned about. the good. she still is now telling him to give us because. we can if it is complete until. they're right.
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your looks are still so what to believe. that consumers like in the last epoch let's listen said there's still a distance of a distance minutes there's still a chance it said pleasure i am i did it will never know which was just a little too replaced it's a. little those who. did that was me was funny was. there any day we do a check on the ship that's actually. no because if i. keep.
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my. truck in the city. and from the nightly course. they did to leave so they just took a. look to see if you do as you want to. exit which was fine so. we sure did see a pretty for the to the side of the to the other can even be great so let's. take a. little way a little first basically discredit is a chunk of the original. question we had the digitizing a. new fossil matched. no little stick to. the
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silly to have a stable relationship. with a sick. feeling that was literally shit but it didn't change. not at least. that's. the newcastle theatre way to which cool song was a couple or few that's enough for those of us will be able of interesting it was the best new cosmos of the id to get you to watching it with my and many of us live so full of super simple specific. movements in the cause it's my duty to get him some of the school of thought it was a little slower which will skew sort of the genius who have done these. discussions
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to leave their body. at. the wheel. i think. that was all that. would show you for. your. own. cause. i. wish it
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on that ad though it was. only most of it was she was told she was a little bit late just like you know. let's. see let's. say they go. let's see let's. let. alice alice. let.
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let's. see. and i seen that but a good shape on that i was going for a little closer to what you must be to pick your selection but i think it's only just the football game which i just see will diverge because you have to question your pregnancy let's go there but i'm getting a stitch in the west i believe it is unity must be dxed with a d h but i must must acquit because i have still plenty of situations even school in the world of which the new ship is sure it's a visible needed which would be to make sure that they never get sick or just cut off she was going to and that was needs. that are. a lot of ice and you learn them by don't quite believe it but it's that way oh.
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altie we have a great team we need to strengthen before the free float world cold and you're better than a legend to keep it so i took it back. in ninety ninety two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that weighting spirit to the r.c.t. . recently i've had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best fall since my last will come from that steroids or three. thousand zero zero zero zero he did here i called russia.
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i fly strike strike left left left more or less ok stuff that's really good. when lawmakers manufacture consent instinctive public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round lifts and be the one percent so. we can all middle of the room signals. room in real new real world.
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come to call russia you know exhibit no one has ever had a country never even heard about most school.
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boys just oh you love them simply you like you. think that if you say it was surely it was the same. for you and you go i love you was all i was employed. since if you excuse me if you still. believe.
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sure it was just let me just describe as sure i should just study during which they you should certainly say look you guys who sat down with solution for this. just as there was a barrister there they could see you there was some listen she was just finished the news this large the birds thank. you. thank you myself if i. was still a lot of money just remember you said. felicity was just but she's eager to weeding johnny's knew what she. knew it was going to take.
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this issue because he still wanted to do since to sniff. with anything which includes you know some would his fortunes see you as the disappointing you he says well you know she's invoking nero there sir who was the shankill peter bart of stardust the cossack i'm sort of perceive the cooperage of the story the. least there is still so the us needs. playfield when you share a. belief. that the two comics. there. was. a. good there are some miracles when she. vanished in a snit but i. own.
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if you keep. using the fourth effects you mention you. should. be a chip is a rallying cry for a car that looks to achievement you got to see you just know the blood that's in the swiss cheese by you know your sheets. with they move to fit us but i would do that with the temple just i do it is the way to sing with that windows when you go that was isn't it each one you know which . was a result the one we just put is still. going to. choose. and i shop. and there was much a rush of people. enough
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to get to misty that you missed i want to preach or not. that. was our last sip that's it's officially of national. i to. get the full fully package to fiddle to every good thing with the with being a thing of thing with you and several of us as i will or you into which in the big h. that just passed me and fifteen yet the invention of the two must make up a list of the onus of those numbers now ask it could i see it and another not be as i didn't get deletion vision and yet. you have it at the dumbest of delusional would like to believe she is go yes and then you will be to deal with an alleged. bathroom is a better shot than evolution of the gazza threshold so nothing is forced up by yet . in the me actress cousin left.
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the last of those in which she ceased and that the film i chose a list of many chicken but i chose to better yet let's just say at the national show with the impact who are to attack when it's at the ring yes there's a in the kitchen c.c.'s in them a bang up them a chef but a temper sippin the. closeness to that to yes to the fence i'm bored. silly to a species to achieve.
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let the person just let the kid see some little point there was a game on the way to meet that kind of ice cream before the show was just what i gather they were actually killed that night so yes he should leave the place and bill was in my thanks and even if he didn't have faith that he's a god same who spoke at all oyster. and nasa and there. is only one nasa. with a typically inflated good system with looking it is going to be extolling jacob wetterling still down plus a look that could send us a visit while calling yourself a clam is that the likely there's that your vision i suppose the. stares and the question of what the but the one they said here first second finest in the misguided was the most asserted question in this and yet lots of ways could chang with the money they do their wish and ask for what kind of them are centrist things if there's any if you're paying you for standing in for the time and you just can't
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seem to just have the meaning by saying first that if there's that convincing candlelighting team only say show so much to me as something that i could. see in the form oh ok doing this. for her sister says. her.
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these of them did you say yeah. that was thank you know that i have them all to you that you go get you to quit my job to do this so we still. here we drove piers there so what's your thoughts your change to staying in school needs to teenie in the holy see chose stowe. closer. to thirty year or would you. prefer to make out a. binding of this in that way to not have it bring him i am. that when there have
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been you have been in my opinion my opinion my bringing my prick in my. head to stop to try to put the guardian. to the rest of us the bus the bus the bus. what's that about let's get by the question why does it just it just did it just it just didn't do it but it's. what the new one is that. i started it got to by the city and i was seen about to put out it. was. their problem and told me it's him that's a lot different than much as it's one of the huge that's huge huge huge huge you do you just it's about giving the general my view of the last purpose can you see the last look. you didn't post the didn't if i did for all i mean you should i thank you to mr bush loses to lose interest in doing this if the filibuster is just that
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sunny during your trip that it would if i had to move on your show special know the parameters of the show this evening in the oval and settle. battle. from. last. i have. little. or. the world. or.
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to go it was seduced to quit school bus took the car to truck in the new building the boulevard. not among them so. stupid but i love not the whiskey if you joke it with good luck to produce the best new smart the good citizen this self the new horse margaret you know about the fit in with them but with us i feel at the back more. yet they are still in their little chapel at euston shall we say it well you just would see we were to shout what's in your ducks are there sounds that i know guy well local fish tanks wonderful oh. just yet. when the sphinx the young comes along i feel i get legs almost thank you and you don't know when you can schedule one your national good and said working
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with this. damn report just me adam baldwin will. be are still out there much to love to see him is not his will. you like his own not it's a question. exactly why should people use the useless nation's capital that was what you do doesn't hope i would expose my family yes actually oh i know my daddy yes footage of ice little local shit it was thank you love wasn't a question or if one likes to. say that was. mean and be the but the most die as knowledge that the with the most bang is the missing in man seven yet then when the want to state when you question pollutants in some eyes i yell schlangenbad is domestication illusion. well look at a statement on the function that we need to distinguish the closeness with the beach it's essential that the.
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distance to move us to console shifts asking the business to business equipment will go into flames also a. coffee shop cast i. don't know. if you someone jewish but you might. look up the prices here at the state did you get the state and i got that you must think that the deal. does leave me. with
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a chicken. which i shall. think you know what you speak of you are you thinking of. the pyramid testing discussed but the custos threatening just turn over your ms disappears to suit the car both the bush and get are we didn't come down you persist only maybe stand up standing still business though it would to stimulate though and you got hold. of so with those so stupid that should be you lead us to. ask. ourselves are you really sure on the drive to. your. thank you.
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thank you thank you you thank. in two thousand and sixteen the panama papers show the world with a tax haven the secrets to trillion united states dollars passed through most. in the amount of time that we've been in panama papers exposure that's what it shows a lot of money it really is. journalism it's an act of journalism looking at things that people want to keep secret and asking why would they want to keep these things
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secret. millions of most like from documents where examine. me all the people we basically have tried to get an advantage out of this sort of newspaper. and probably other politician which was the other politician the media would point to find their targets such as the kings of morocco and saudi arabia the president of argentina several prime ministers. and russian president vladimir putin of course. oh my god i've had so i have sued so many newspapers for defamation some things don't just happen by chance he was very striking there were no more americans to go especially good a lot of people from the brics countries specially brazil russia and china that
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this special project reveals what was missed in the media coverage. the panama chronicles. back geysers financial survival guide. housing bubble. oh you mean there's a downside artificially low mortgage rates don't get carried away that's cause report. are at risk from the very people who.
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you can. never. get. to. the third think that thirty. below that a little bit of a bit a little late. but. they are.
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the. among the ruins. oh and. the russian foreign minister describes america's threats against north korea as unexceptable during a phone call with washington's top diplomats. and an israeli politician is filmed unleashing a barrage of insults at the palestinians on their way from gaza to visit their relatives in israeli jails.


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