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fireworks light up the sky over the kremlin as the russian capital welcomes in the new year. celebrations in iran are overshadowed by the country's largest wave of unrest since two thousand and nine and president rouhani urges protesters to stay peaceful. also in the headlines on r.t. austria's new chancellor calls for a rethink of the e.u. refugee policy saying migrant quotas will not solve the crisis. started broadcasting live director our studios in moscow in two thousand and
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eighteen already this is r t international and we're certainly glad to have you with us now russia's eleven time zones have now seen in the new year a couple of hours ago the fireworks went off over st basil's cathedral and the kremlin has been following all the action on red square for us i'm here in the heart of moscow right outside of red square and thousands of people have gathered here tonight to ring in the new year and see the fireworks display. and it was amazing and of course not just here in the center of the city where people are gathering and celebrating this points all around that are having the fireworks displays and everything because here and russia new year's is the biggest celebration of the year families get together and have a huge feast exchange presents and see in the new year to gather and i got to tell you this is the first time i've seen new year's and in the center of moscow and i have no regrets. happy new year's everyone well from moscow to berlin you can see
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behind me live pictures from berlin as they bring in the new year there in germany so you can see many people around the world it's inching its way across the different time zones two thousand and eighteen already bringing in a spectacular scene now earlier people in the middle east and asia were treated to some spectacular fireworks displays as well. i. was through our.
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cue. two thousand and seventeen saw plenty of new faces entered the political arena and they had plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with the old guard but things did not always go smoothly. i was that i was i. was right and. you. oh time to support her.
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mother. her her. her. her little. girl of the world you can't help but look up. meanwhile for kids here in moscow there are better things to do than follow global politics archies no dear a traitor asked some youngsters what they think of world leaders thank you but you are right in my domain and. you are going to say here. look at me look at me.
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i'm going to be. your clucking already we haven't got any questions. you're not right yet i'm going to show you a picture of k. they were doing. ok i'm showing a picture. oh of do you know who she is she looks like trump what do you think she does for a living off the next one who's our. only. one. that's going to be some kind of a former. acting or comedian. i think you experience these eight days of me. in the legions of that is a. credit yeah. who do you think it is.
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what do you think she does for a living. through again being and listening to music no one had so. what kind of music do you think she's listening to. chance palling. and i show. and leaving good morning. when i'm. on you miss me when i'm. in my. inner leader and i don't need to. if he's. dinosaurs what you think they're doing here. ducks. i know that i have to. question when to be important not
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to me. that's really. really good years and. i can't do that on the down. never. really where i am. well figuring out what politicians are saying is not always an easy task especially with the sound off so we asked people on the streets to try and get us. but. i'm stuck tough man i wrestle bad and you made me less really resolute is good though years big joke oh yeah very nice. they're talking about. but they don't talk about the takeover of the world i think it's cold yes i do have a cold and could even hear of this yes yes. i think you should take.
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this twice at night time we didn't really know but you know i was deluded. into her because she would not listen to me i have had the same problem she does not listen try and say something between you two important leaders so tell the future you are together with you in the middle. of. the job well done thing between the ruling. yeah i went i went on my lines couple of times i get good you sure you know what to say no that's ok i know you have stage fright ok. but i just just know ok i know i know you're. the one who's country i love. i well as we celebrate with fireworks and some light stories for some though two thousand and seventeen was a year of conflict and tragedy unfortunately our video agency replay picked out
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some of the darker and also some of the lighter moments tekla. led. the log perfectly. legal. pearl. the lead. here celebrations in iran are being overshadowed by political unrest that story and
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much more still to come you are watching our two international. lemme was telling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they believe that you saw the spread of tell you the gossip the tabloids by file for the reporters. as he tells me you are not cool enough to buy their product lead. these are the hawks that we along with all the walking. we have. doctors here who will never. care until a year ago they support their relatives would hate them and relatives love them and
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it just so. inspiring to hear something at a telephone call or a person coming actually i just had a man in my room most at the same where it says my wife has just died thank you. come back this is our international and as we do bring in the new year it's not all fun and games we do have some serious news to get to like the president of iran addressing the nation for the first time since protests erupted across the country hassan rouhani said people are free to express their views but must avoid violence he also hit back at president trump for accusing iran of supporting terrorists that was after their latest provocative tweet from the u.s. leader be brought us to iran the people are finally getting why is this to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism looks like they
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will not take it any longer the u.s. sees watching very closely for human rights violations. iran is seeing its most severe unrest since two thousand and nine it started as a protest over soaring prices and unemployment and spiraled into brutal street clashes two protesters were killed. in the west of the country on sunday but the circumstances of their deaths are unclear officials saying security forces cannot use lethal force on demonstrators and the local governor has accused foreign powers of stirring up trouble. that indicated hard about deploying we have found evidence of enemies of the revolution type fieri groups and foreign agents in this clash take phiri is a full sunni militants especially islamic states in this situation violent clashes broke out in the illegal demonstration in the road on saturday and unfortunately two people were killed no shots were fired by the police and security forces and
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the goal was for this rally to finish peacefully. the u.s. state department says it is closely following the situation in iraq it also condemned any arrests and claimed the protests are peaceful however the latest pictures coming out of iran seem to suggest otherwise and this video obtained by our video agency ruptly you can see a police station being torched so far we have no information on possible injuries now back in june the u.s. secretary of state made it clear that washington is going to support people resisting the iranian government. our policy towards iran is to push back on the show germany contain their ability to develop obviously nuclear weapons and to work towards support of those elements inside of iran that would lead to a peaceful transition of that government those elements are there surely as we know what they are looking for is the legitimacy in the iranian politics the uranium establishment as well as iran regional military build up and presence in
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syria in iraq and elsewhere in order to impose further sanctions on the country and also in order to build. systemize the iranian policies on the international scene in favor of the united states they day are trying hard through their media outlets and through some social media outlets that they are running and funding to politicize the unrest so into iran people are now angry at the administration because president rouhani had promised to strike a deal with the united states to resolve all the problems that was the wrong attitude he was already you know warned against giving such big holes to the nation because everyone knew that the united states would not remain loyal to the deal and this happened unfortunately the united states defied all its undertakings under the nuclear deal and the president has failed in meeting you know his promises now people are angry to see that they are angry that he has invested all the country's
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power and future in the united states loyalty to the deal and they have come to realize that this is not going to happen. austria's new chancellor says the use of migrant relocation quotas are not helping solve the refugee crisis smashing curt's believes the problem should be handled in the migrants home countries migrants who cicero for europe don't want to go to bulgaria were hungry they want to go to germany austria sweden they should be held in safe areas in their own continent the e.u. should support that perhaps even organize it and back it militarily and there have been a similar calls in the past from other european leaders last month french president ammonia micron proposed military action to help end people trafficking in libya but the bus blew up from the damascus center of strategic studies believes such an
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approach is deeply flawed. to send troops or european armies to protect these. very. safe zones i think it's not practical in first of all these armies would be involved in the internal affairs of this country and their reaction from the law people will be may be negatively they will lose a lot of. soldiers first so i think to be engaged in internal a verse of any account you would it would be reflected on their internal affairs and i think they should read very good the story of syria during seven years they should read the story of libya the story of yemen the story in africa. that this is a good approach these pictures show how desperate some migrants are they're trying to cross the alps from italy to reach france they are battling freezing
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temperatures and often inadequate clothing trying to seek a better life in europe european leaders are now increasingly looking towards the migrants home countries but but some. who just heard from believe that they are using the crisis to exert their influence on the region. you would you know the feeling that they are. outside of the political settlement now example. they started to go shit against libya then became not. the first of libya. yemen this maybe in africa we can all see that. all is very important because of the trying to. to. rule in the middle east. israeli court has extended the detention of
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a palestinian teenager and her mother after the girl was caught on video hitting two israeli soldiers sixteen year old timey confronted the two soldiers in front of her house in the west bank an hour after her cousin was hit by a rubber bullet a video of the incident when. the footage shows along with one of her cousins kicking and showing the i.d.f. shoving excuse me the i.d.f. soldiers mother can be seen in the video as well as a cousin was also arrested but released after forty eight hours the trio were angry after another of our heads cousins a fourteen year old boy was hit in the face by an israeli rubber bullet father has defended his daughter's actions. according to what if i thought for the
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listing that issue she believe that we must study that it or the time she needs to be the over the. in the. in the clashes with the me. this is what you believe in. for that when the is so when she saw. the me she became more of a more she one that he needed to apply the requested comment from the israeli defense forces on the girl's case the i.d.f. said she is being investigated for suspected assault of a soldier and also for throwing iraq's former i.d.f. soldier oriel weisberg gave us his views on the case what happened last week and the video that's gone viral with her slapping and pushing two soldiers. is not part of a protest it went much more viral once they showed up. later on a few days later early in the morning and arrested her a sixteen year old girl for pushing somebody who was without any sort of
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authorization standing on her property image of a fearless young woman she's sixteen standing up to fully armed soldiers and the soldiers if you notice they come into these villages and i did when i served in the i.d.f. as well fully armed for battle the heavy military presence which in palestinian communities is thirty years old the amount of force is overwhelming these soldiers are only partially trained for doing what are essentially police duties but you notice they are in full battle dress they don't look like police men i don't think that the i.d.f. sees itself as in a precarious position. tensions have escalated in the region since december sixth when donald trump announced that he would recognize your asylum as israel's capital in response palestine is now recalling its envoy from washington before we can
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standoff between israelis and palestinians has left more than a dozen dead and two thousand injured. if you feel. that.
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this is the floor it's friday rage actually palestinians all over gaza strip east jerusalem and the west bank are demonstrating and protesting against donald trump's declaration days right behind me is throwing tear gas canisters on the protesters as since the morning since that announcement was made. well you can smell the tear gas from here so those terms made that announcement fourteen palestinians have been killed and those figures according to the palestinian health ministry they also report that more than three thousand people have been injured it's escalating it's uprising but that is right the army has been
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at throwing tear gas canisters all the. testers are running away from the buffer zone fans and the israelis have been shooting live i mean ac and i probably it's because one hundred very very very close to where we were standing so. the situation here like it has been for the last month. quite tense and we can certainly smell tear gas every way does that mean nation there were at keast five ambulances that. floor are three injuries all right for those of us here in moscow we're about two hours and twenty three minutes and thirty four seconds into the new year two thousand nine hundred for those of you watching the past we can't wait for you to join us i'll be back at the top the hour with more news you want to.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. in some american cities the police have built themselves cling to reputation people who walk on the streets of the united states who are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect that poor people are no more afraid of the police than if. you can see something happening and this is
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like i don't want to call the cops. rather than call the cops in those young black men lose their lives chasing the with their fingers on the trigger you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to gun so yes unfortunately around here we end up killing our guns are stolen from such preclusion nice place to. put.
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a small room good. to come in your studio to eighty. thousand hours to. east oklahoma city mia in to pick up the song in the fall colors coastal. bomb. one of welcome to worlds apart that is the last thing one would want to talk about their new year's eve but in russia paradoxically it's also a source of hope and renewal palliative care barely existed in this country just
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two decades ago now provides one of the most inspiring examples of civil active is not only influencing governments but also becoming part of it how can that we people die change the way people believe to discuss the analogy joined by new defend their master had of mosco soundtrack for palliative care you do is great to talk to you think you very much for your time thank you for your time now. about a decade ago i used to volunteer first moscow hospital you want to go to. your mother there are millions you cover and i know that at that time there wasn't wasn't even the notion of failure of care in russia a lot i know it has changed is that but it's certainly not food or properly legislated i wonder if when you look back at what has been done and what still needs to be done are you more inspired or depressed. i think both because when i look backwards i get inspired when i look forward to depressed because there's still a lot of things to be done we still have lots of difficulties with pain killing and
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we still don't have enough forms of wolf and that would follow. the philosophy of police of kids who would mainly have injections and we've got to have pills we've got to have children we'll have to have sprays we don't have all that and. of course we could have bought it all abroad but policy. in drugs in russian federation doesn't lead us to this and it's quite a long time till we have it all produced here in russia i think that the first in that noninvasive. painkilling drugs for children from birth will only appear in russian federation in two thousand and twenty two we are used to a lot of pain for children. you mentioned this philosophy of the hospice moment and i think the slogan of the hospice moment here in russia if a person cannot be cured it doesn't mean that he or she cannot be held strikes at
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the very heart of just the distinction between medical and palliative care and i know that from personal experience that many ordinary people strongly effort that emphasize that but i wonder if the if the authorities have internalized it do they treat pail ative care as something that they are obliged to provide like medical care for example or still as a charitable activity. you are right when you say that very little time ago some ten fifteen years ago we had just a few hospices in this huge country and obviously little to have around a hundred or a shard yet we had about an hour hundred hospices but we also have a lead of care units everywhere and we have home care services quite a lot of them but a few years ago. this few activity is a really only existed. due to enthusiasm of their only duis and they had very scarce financial support from the government and even fuel money from
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charity. it was already after my mother's death my mother as you said she was a pious apostle who brought believe came to this country in its. social circle souness actually brought it from the united kingdom after my mother's day she died seven years ago. were thor it is the government have stated police of medical care in the federal law about. health. but unfortunately the understanding of elite if care to turn to medical care in this law very much differs from understanding of police of care in the world health organization in russia it only states that police have medical care to ease the suffering of the patient.


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