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tv   News  RT  January 2, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm EST

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the u.s. seek some emergency u.n. security council meeting on the on going protests in the run tehran accuses foreign powers of stoking the on rails. also ahead this hour teen use are wiki leaks accuses the new york times of giving u.s. officials damage control time over diplomatic revelations on the made to the media giant colluded with hillary clinton. migrant german m.p. is under investigation after a twitter post of hers is blamed for inciting muslim hatred.
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live from moscow to the world this is r t international my names you know neil hello and welcome to the program twenty one people are now thought to have died in clashes in iran after six consecutive days of unrest on monday night knowing people were killed six during an attack on a police station this is footage from the incident iranian media reported that the protesters were trying to steal weapons from the site in the last three days alone there have reportedly been more than four hundred fifty arrests in the capital of tehran the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has praised the demonstrators and called for an emergency security council meeting to discuss the uprising. it takes great bravery for the iranian people to use the power of their voice against their government so we are taught to tremendous courage of the iranian people so i think right now we're going to have conversations with the security council and see what
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we need to do to have an emergency session one way or the other we will have a meeting on what is happening in iran with the protests and their fight for freedom. iran's supreme leader meanwhile has accused foreign powers of fermenting the trouble. the enemy is waiting for an opportunity for a crack it can infiltrate look at the recent days incidents all those who are at odds with the islamic republic have utilized various means including money weapons politics and intelligence apparatus to great problems for these learning system the islamic republic and these like revolution that will shortly after that statement donald trump was on twitter commenting on a ventilator around just like previously he expressed his support for the protesters and lashed out at the uranian leadership weeping asking people in tirana what they think about the protests and the encouragement coming from abroad.
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i feel that if people's economic problems were addressed these accidents would never happen again if someone from the government came and spoke to them these incidents would not escalate. the cost of living unemployment a lack of attention to people authorities say that this problem started with a surge in the prices of basic food supplies. they need that person who says time for change should think and be worried about their own country and iranians should think about their country everybody should start by trying to make progress at home. i don't think trump should interfere in our country's issues i don't think our issues are any of his business. jacksonville going to looks at how iran's rivals have reacted to the protests what began as discontent over economic hardship and alleged corruption in the room has evolved into massive nationwide anti and pro-government demonstrations iran's president
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came out saying citizens have the right to protest as long as it's done peacefully you know. in recent days we have witnessed protests and everyone must be aware of this point that we are a free nation and according to the constitution and human rights the people are absolutely free to criticize the government and even protest the government will not tolerate some protesters who want to destroy public property will disrupt public discipline and create turmoil in society that's made hundreds of arrests violent clashes and even deaths and the conflict has now spread beyond iran's borders as international powers give their two cents donald trump unleashed a stream of tweets on the issue accusing the islamic republic of corruption human rights violations and squandering the nation's wealth on sponsoring terrorism hassan rouhani hit back at his american counterpart saying washington has no right to act as if it sympathizes with the iranians when trump not long ago called their
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country a nation of terrorists iran he cherished nation like few others but if you look closely trump has ever so slightly adjusted his rhetoric he shifted the blame solely on the government while calling for change of course we've known for quite a while what kind of change the trumpet ministration would like to see in the ram our policy towards iran is to push back on the show germany and telling their ability to develop obviously nuclear weapons and to work toward support of those elements inside of iran that would lead to a peaceful transition of that government those elements are there surely as we know so trump may be hoping these protests will be the perfect opportunity to achieve just that but he's not the only one charming in the israeli government. has voiced encouragement for the anti-government protests bravery rainy and poor into the streets they seek freedom they seek justice they seek the basic liberties that have been denied to them for decades and with this regime finally falls one dude will
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you indians and israelis will be great friends once again i wish the iranian people success in their noble quest for freedom and what's even more surprising is what's happening on his own doorstep son they saw thousands gather in tel aviv for a fifth week of anti-government corruption demonstrations just last week over ten thousand protests and throughout israel yet the media have all but ignored them you cannot compare israel to iran america like. a lot. always turn up blind eye to what is happening is even the record of human rights. by the studios and even this is of course backing protests abroad but ignoring mass demonstrations in your and your allies backyards it may be a new year but good luck waiting for a new approach from the u.s. or israel on that. collusion was a word we heard
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a lot of in twenty seventeen well here's another story of alleged collusion this time though the characters are rather different wiki leaks has published an e-mail and partly showing that the new york times was providing the state department and hillary clinton with advanced warnings about potentially damaging stories moping told me earlier about the details. now a new e-mail published by wiki leaks seems to show cooperation between new york times reporter scott shane and the press secretary of hillary clinton when she was secretary of state now we remember back in two thousand and ten in two thousand and eleven there was cable gate all kinds of diplomatic cables were being released by wiki leaks well according to this new e-mail released by wiki leaks it appears that scott shane of the new york times was warning the state department actually gave them the schedule of when cables would be released wiki leaks speculates that this was done in order to help minimize the damage but he says accused scott shane of
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essentially betraying them this is nonsense check with the wiki leaks volunteers who would turn this project we can leaks agreed on a consultation with the state department wiki leaks agreed to pose questions to the u.s. government forty eight hours prior to publication the new york times pushed for four days wiki leaks subjected the motion as the new york times betraying the entire day by day thematically publication plan to secretary clinton spokesman p.j. crowley not asking questions. now media outlets are already using the word luzhin to describe the cooperation between the u.s. state department and this new york times journalist if one looks over the words and the reporting done by scott shane in november four out of ten of his articles were about the issue of allegations of trumped russia collusion however there seems to be quite a record of collusion here between hillary clinton and the press if one looks over
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the fact that glenn thrush a reporter for politico is actually sending his articles to the clinton campaign for approval before they were published has been hired by the new york times and so there seems to be quite a bit of collusion going on between hillary clinton and the press there's ample evidence of that extensive evidence in the wiki leaks protest e-mails talking back and forth the you know the friendly journalist list that's referred to now it's virtually i think impossible to control it because you've got so many elements you've got to trump administration seated now with trump people in most of the key jobs you've got you've got now i think a newly energized maybe not mainstream press but independent journalist press going at this digging deep we not accepting the supposed facts that have been sold in the past and the conflicts are obvious meanwhile followers of the wiki leaks editor have been left scratching their heads over a cryptic new year message left on twitter julian assange has posted the seemingly
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indecipherable code on a link to a popular rap song beneath it it's led to online debate over what the tweet could actually mean there's been plenty of speculation.
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pakistan has summoned the u.s. ambassador over a tweet posted by donald trump on new year's day and his first twitter salvo twenty eighteen the american president accused islam about of quote nothing but lies and deceit picking up the story samir account. the u.s. focus on relations are at an all time low lately with protests raging on all across the country of pakistanis have taken to the streets burning american flags and chanting and slogans this is all after trump targeted focused on in his first tweet of twenty eighteen great way to start off the new year accusing them of providing safe havens for terrorists they're pursuing in afghanistan the united states has food usually given pakistan more than thirty three billion dollars in aid over the last fifteen years and they have given i was nothing but lies and deceit thinking of our leaders as food they give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in
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afghanistan with little hope no more but this is nothing new trump seems to be repeating his earlier statements from back in august when he slammed baucus on for allegedly sheltering terrorists and threatened to reduce aid to the country if it does continue to harbor criminals and terrorists at that time the u.s. decided to hold it two hundred fifty five million dollars in military aid until pakistan did more to combat terrorism and this is a policy that the white house just recently announced will continue foreign minister of pakistan khwaja aasif even chimed in dismissing the trumps twee as a political stunt saying that the u.s. is trying to shift blame for its own failures in afghanistan he's again and again venting his frustrations on pakistan over america's failures in afghanistan as they are troops in a dead end street and this isn't even it from islam about side the pakistani government held an emergency security meeting on tuesday and according to reports there will also be a meeting in parliament to craft
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a joint strategy over the issue now both the u.s. and pakistan have been embroiled in the war on terror since the very beginning and they formed a strategic alliance to fight the taliban and al qaeda a fact that trump seems to be ignoring but sadly u.s. policy in afghanistan has appeared to fail time and time again and it doesn't look like the u.s. has come up with a viable solution to the conflict so maybe trump should rethink stirring up trouble with a u.s. ally. you know it's been funny reaction to this many pakistanis themselves did not appreciate the american president's comment. it's actually hard to believe that it's a. noise about a sign that. the president of the us has something. quite contrary to what is likely but a start yes pakistanis are beginning. to sacrifice the lives of many soldiers all of the water there the water it was. the water which actually the world wasn't
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just. how far along at the end of your treatment like this that the aids they have given us is nothing can pass while huge human losses the time has come for us to be united they can't do anything against us these are just when its trump is frustrated because of afghanistan he directs his frustration at pakistan. as a citizen i would say the real problem is our rulers accepting us aid we don't need their aid. retired lieutenant general in the pakistani army. thinks blaming pakistan won't help the situation in afghanistan and that donald trump must be aware. he is just trying to sort of express his frustrations in fact he's trying to place blame on pakistan to sort of shift the blame on exactly what the american policy has failed to do they think that by placing blame on pakistan they are going
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to solve the problem of understand they are sadly mistaken it is in the foremost interest of pakistan to have stability in afghanistan because if there is one country which is most adversely affected by the poor conditions in afghanistan or instability in afghanistan is pakistan so how on earth do they think that pakistan would like to destabilize afghanistan and not contribute towards efforts that would really stabilize and make of understand the peaceful country. a member of the anti migrant alternative for germany party is under police investigation for an offense of social media post our correspondent paul asleep in berlin as the story. well it all back to new year's eve when the police in the german city of cologne posted on their official twitter account a new year greeting now they posted their message in four languages in german
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english arabic and fringe and the fact that one of the languages used was arabic so infuriated a member of the german parliament beatrix french top who is part of the right wing alternative for germany party the a if de that she posted on her twitter and facebook accounts and angry response she slammed the police's decision to post in arabic now although her initial messages have been deleted on monday she posted again and she said and i'm quoting that muslims are barbarians now she has been criticized both online and offline for allegedly incitement to hate speech as to be expected the leader of the f.t. has come out in her defense and she has said and again i'm quoting that the authorities are more committed to imported more raiding groping abusive and knife stabbing migrant mobs now at this stage posts are being investigated by the police she can become the first person to be found guilty under
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a controversial new law here in germany that went into effect on the first of january it's known as the emits law and it aims at cracking down on social media hate speech now you'll remember that cologne back in two thousand and fifteen was in the headlines on new year's eve when more than a thousand men were accused of causing basic disruptions on the streets they were accused of violently harassing and attacking women now all of this comes at a particularly sensitive time for germany the parliament still does not have a ruling majority since talks collapsed at the end of last year. twenty seventeen saw a number of restive regions launching campaigns for a greater autonomy or independence were met with legal claim bones and sometimes violence. the referendums that made waves from europe to iraq.
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for hundreds of thousands twenty seventeen became a hero hope a year of promise and here of broken trust referendums a cornerstone of many democracies and the ultimate tool of transforming the will of the people into people power in practice has brought far more disenchantment than results. leading up to its vote spanish catalonia saw it all from countless walls sprayed with pro dependence graffiti two million strong demonstrations madrid has never approved of the referendum who ruled illegal under the spanish constitution but when a date was set anyway the future seemed bright for independence supporters and. the. you know that that ninety percent at the ballot box said catalonia should break away. we have the right to decide our future
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we've won the right to an independent state built as a republic. the outcome of the vote was hardly a surprise and neither was madrid's response. was. the catalan government was sacked by madrid independence leaders who accused of rebellion and sedition as they fled into exile were arrested december's snap election brought a slim majority to separatist parties but with the pro union party winning the most seats so almost back to square one and nowhere near the independence promised at the referendum bus alone or was even banned from lighting its iconic fountains yellow with the color deemed the session a symbol. iraqi kurdistan is another region that had a short of independence this year and miss two kurds came out in force and voted
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overwhelmingly to secede from iraq. now this is a new era for the kurdish people it's a turning point and we have to use that this is a big victory but despite the kurds saying yes to independence that's not what the referendum achieved. and those who once headed the push to breakaway bowed down. have informed the parliament that will not extend my term. although the brig's it voted to place back in twenty sixteen it dominated headlines throughout the last year. the sun has risen. in the band united kingdom jamie twenty third needs to become a national bank holiday we will call it independence day. briggs it was supposed to have moved far closer than it has by now but instead of peers to be if anything
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drifting further away and as if the divorce process wasn't painful enough prime minister may spectacularly failed to sweep two of britain's parliament into green lighting her briggs it plans. in july the international trade secretary said bracks it negotiations would be the easiest in human history. is the prime minister still agree with that assessment some created. but because he can be concluded quickly and finish the commission was trying to bully the british people about this resolution for twenty eighteen don't get your hopes too high for of randoms. the day in them is thrown out to people as a way of involving the mass of the population and an important decision but then what happens is after the result has been taken that's the process which is captured by politicians one of the things i think we have to address is democracy
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actually function there's a problem with our democracy there's a problem with we are. in our society. israel has passed special legislation on jerusalem meaning our of neighborhoods could not be separated from the ancient city called the unite unified jerusalem amendment that legislation also requires two thirds of parliament to approve any decisions being made regarding jerusalem and its territory ok let's get further into this now because i'm here or in a senior for a spawn of the columnist for the israeli newspaper ha'aretz joins us live always a pleasure to have you on the program what is the purpose of passing legislation of this kind. you know the coalition now governing israel is composed of right wing and further right wing parties and they are competing with each other while appealing to the domestic electoral base because
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they see the election coming soon and therefore they are all self-styled harry houdini who try to tied around their hands and. put themselves into a box and then jump into the river and hope that no one will be able to send a giant crane via the great powers to hoist them out of there because if at some future date some future government would like to negotiate the future off the territories occupied by israel for the last fifty years including east jerusalem these parliamentarians hope that it will be unable to do so but of course this is just a new lucian because if the reason some formula by which there will be a negotiated peace with the palestinians that the government of the day will change the law and therefore it will be able to split the jewish part of
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jerusalem from the arab part keep west jerusalem for israel and turn over is jerusalem including those neighborhoods which you mentioned to be. do you see this as a green light do you expect the israeli authorities to take action now is sooner rather than later that the new law has been passed or is it simply that the fence mechanism for themselves. well up to now the israeli authorities under prime minister netanyahu have been quite fearful of global reaction including president trumps and they have not tried to go for any settlement activities not only in the west bank but even in east jerusalem they know that if the security council. to convene and act on a resume lucian's against israel doing anything the united states will not always
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to be to such a resolution so they speak quite harshly but do very little and what kind of reaction are you expecting could palestine are they looking at retaliation measures politically is there any way they could overturn the decision what does ramallah to. jerusalem has become a code word in israeli politics. for the last twenty one years ever since natanya beat she one paris was digging combin prime minister by accusing him of. hoping to split jerusalem for some reason most israelis specially those who leave until of even if you don't really care that much or would even prefer to have jerusalem split between israel and the state of palestine once it's established but
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apparently for the right wing voters he's a rallying cry so every once in a while when the polls show that netanyahu is quite low. there you go again shouting jerusalem and forth draping the flag over him self and apparently his voters obediently follow but because no bearing on the reality of international policy thanks here take this hour great to have you on the program as always i'm your or and senior correspondent on columnist for the israeli newspaper ha'aretz meanwhile protests have been continuing to say we were just actually speaking of it over the u.s. presence recognition of jerusalem and i see israeli capital less than a month ago. i
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think i. figured out how. little. live . live. live. live . live. live live.
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live live. there's been i trade over reports that the palestinian leader's party is instructing extras and how to hurl stones at israeli security forces we've got reaction to the. all what we see now in the territories is permanent incitement for people to come and convert to use and even the last. we saw when they explain to their children children you know what teenagers do to throw stones on the israeli passengers. innocent people in cars and they say don't underestimate the stones it's fossil damage please throw stones on the israelis and we're usually here this in a i'm gonna answer back listen it's not it's not partial no picking up stones and
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throwing at the occupier is not a palestinian invention and it's certainly not something that all of a sudden popped up in two thousand and seventeen the fact is palestinian protests throughout the past weeks since the announcement under islam have been peaceful there have been absolutely no use of arms while the israelis have used live fire they have used tear gas this proportionately and in a manner that many have said is not in line with international law or the standards used usually by other law abiding states we are not waking up in the only group of followers palestinians to kill or to shoot what we hear on the palestinian. communication mean we hear every day incitement to kill israelis launching. exploding what do you expect us to do the fact that israel is the occupying power
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in palestine is a legal fact it's not up for debate this has nothing to do with opinion it has nothing to do nothing for specially it certainly has nothing to do with god what happens every day in palestine is the palestinian population confronting. harry that is basically with the regional superpower a military that has control over every aspect of life for palestinians we confront these israel these soldiers at the checkpoints we have to deal with them when we need to move from one point to another in our own homeland they decide whether we can build our homes or not whether we can keep our schools the control is absolute we do not need any other conclusion for many bodies this is all capital and i believe that sunday is policy students will come to negotiate us instead of.


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