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tv   News  RT  January 2, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm EST

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and hope that no one will be able to send a giant crane via the great powers to hoist them out of there because if at some future date some future government would like to negotiate the future off the territories occupied by israel for the last fifty years including east jerusalem these parliamentarians hope that it will be unable to do so but of course this is just a new lucian because if the reason some formula by which there will be a negotiated peace with the palestinians that the government of the day will change the law and therefore it will be able to split the jewish pop of jerusalem from the arab part most israelis especially those who leave until of even bigger city don't really care that much or would even prefer to have jerusalem split between israel and the state of palestine once it's established. meanwhile
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protests have been continuing over president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem and move the u.s. embassy there here is a look back at some of the disturbances over the last four weeks. was.
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and there has been outrage over reports that the palestinian leader's party is instructing youngsters on how to hurl stones at israeli security forces we've got reaction to that as well. all what we see now in india terri told us is permanent incitement for people to come and. and even the last. we saw when they explained to the children children you know what teenagers do to throw stones on the israeli passengers. innocent people
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in cars and they say don't underestimate the stones it's fossil damage please throw stones on the israelis and we're usually here is this an answer back listen it's not it's not proportional picking up stones and throwing at the occupier is not a palestinian invention and it's certainly not something that all of a sudden popped up in two thousand and seventeen the fact is palestinian protests throughout the past weeks since the announcement under islam have been peaceful there have been absolutely no use of arms while the israelis have used live there they have used tear gas this proportionately and in a manner that many have said is not in line with international law or the standards used usually by other law abiding states we are not waking up in the only group of followers palestinians to kill or to shoot what we hear on the palestinian policy
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no communication mean we hear every day incitement to kill israelis launching resize only exploding what do you expect us to do the fact that israel is the occupying power in palestine is a legal fact it's not up for debate this has nothing to do with opinion it has nothing to do. and certainly has nothing to do with what i what happens every day in palestine is the palestinian population confronting and millet. harry that is basically with the regional superpower a military that has control over every aspect of life for palestinians we confront these israel these soldiers at the checkpoints we have to deal with them when we need to move from one point to another in our own homeland they decide whether we can build our homes or not whether we can keep our schools the control
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is absolute we do not need any other conclusion for many bodies this is all capital and i believe that some do east policy will come to negotiate us instead of using terror against us they will have a couple in the model for the first time in history policy will ever state side by side by israel and this is what we aim to. meanwhile pakistan has summoned the u.s. ambassador over another tweet this one posted by donald trump on new year's day in his first twitter salvo of two thousand and eighteen of the american president accuses arm about of quote nothing but lies and deceit. the united states has foolishly given pakistan more than thirty three billion dollars in aid over the last fifteen years and they have given us nothing but lies and deceit thinking of our leaders as food they give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in afghanistan
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with little help no more he is again and again venting his frustrations on pakistan over america's failures in afghanistan as they are trapped in a dead end street. trump said tweet has triggered mass protests in pakistan people took to the streets and to burn the us flag and chant anti-american slogans pakistani said that they themselves did not appreciate that donald trump's. it's actually quite human and that is it. is a pox on. the president of us we've heard something. quite contrary to what is actually happening but you start yes pakistanis are spent billions of years sacrifice the lives of many soldiers on the water. the water it actually was. the water which actually kept the world wasn't just hours. after a lot at the end of your treatment like this means that the aids they have given us
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is nothing can pass one huge human loss is the time has come for us to be united they can't do anything against us these are just when it's trump is the straighted because of afghanistan he directs his frustration at pakistan. i don't think that as a citizen i would say the real problem is our rulers accepting us aid we don't need their aid like white house has announced that the u.s. will continue to withhold military and financial aid to pakistan until the country does more to combat terrorism retired lieutenant general in the pakistani army talat masood things blaming pakistan will not help the situation in afghanistan and that donald trump should be aware of that. he is just trying to sort of express his frustrations in fact he's trying to place blame on pakistan to sort of shift the blame on exactly what the american policy has failed to do they think that by placing blame on pakistan they are going to solve the problem of understand they
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are sadly mistaken it is in the foremost interest of pakistan to have stability in afghanistan because if there is one country which is most adversely affected by the poor conditions in afghanistan or instability in afghanistan is pakistan so how on earth do they think that pakistan would like to destabilize afghanistan and not contribute towards efforts that would really stabilize and make of understand a peaceful country. ukraine's president has announced he is bolstering his military with new weapons systems more than that and live russian after a short break you're watching i can trash. the.
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i. welcome back this is r t international now ukrainian president petro poroshenko has hailed his country's receipt of new lethal weapons from the united states and a tweet said that ukraine's military budget is increasing to a record three billion dollars also said that would continue to strengthen its military with locally produced weapons besides those supplied by the us the us state department previously announced plans to provide ukraine with lethal arms including javelin anti-tank missiles to discuss this further i'm now joined live by richard becker from the anti war answer coalition richard thanks for being with us here on our to internationalize always. so two thousand eight hundred not getting off to a really good start militarily i guess the u.s. claims the weapons it is sending to ukraine are purely defensive but does arming one side in an ongoing military conflict contribute to peace really. well of course it doesn't and the aim here on the part of the u.s.
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government remains the same that it has had for several years and that is true a catch ukraine not only to the european community which the u.s. doesn't care that much about but to bring the ukraine into nato as well which would pose a very great threat to russia if that were to take place considering that the i'm going hostility that's expressed from washington and from nato headquarters is so prevalent so we can't really distinguish between or draw some sharp line between often said in defense of weaponry in this case it's all of the offensive and defensive weaponry both necessary for any modern armed forces now richard the president has named a special representative to mediate in ukraine i'm going to put mediate in quotes here because it seems to me that the u.s. really can't act as an intermediary if it's openly sending weapons to one side
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supporting them no of course it's ridiculous i mean it's like the u.s. pretending to be a mediator in the israeli palestinian conflict but you were just covering and they're giving one side three billion dollars with the military equipment it's not quite as much military equipment in this case but just the fact that the u.s. would be announcing the sale of lethal weaponry to one side and pretending to act as a mediator at the same time is you know it defies any reasonable person's understanding i'm going to ask you to dive into the minds of some people that it might be a little bit difficult to do so but why do you think the united states has chosen to back new crane's military in this case what you think washington's end goal is. well i did their goal has. very much the same whether it's spend the obama administration or in clinton as secretary of state or the president where we have trump until they are sent in the others and that is really to change the dynamic i
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mean ukraine is. the ukraine russia relationship has been so important for so many years and the fact that the ukraine and russia have a very long border and the crimea issue that the u.s. keeps raising over and over again as if crimea was the fifty first state of the united states or something like that but if he planned to go in through back in two thousand and fourteen the real plan it would have been to take you create into nato and then that would have meant that create the crimea naval base would have then become a u.s. . russian base would have become a nato base a u.s. based and in fact against to be used against russia so if we look at the entire situation at the bigger picture washington and key have have both accused russia of contributing to the violence in eastern ukraine but there is
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such a thing as the agreements has ukraine as a government done anything to carry out their obligations under the minsk peace accords that they signed back in two thousand and fifteen no and i think it's just a completely one sided representation by the u.s. and by the ukrainian government and we have to remember that. this government as. opposed to violence. exists because of the violent the violent overthrow led by neo nazi organizations i guess the former government of ukraine that's not the present government came into being all right richard becker you're someone who i want to hear from when it comes to situations like that from the antiwar answer coalition thanks for being with us here on our two international thank you. that does it for me i will be back in about thirty two minutes with a full look at your news you are watching arch international and we're glad to have you with us.
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