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thirty three billion dollars in aid over the last fifteen years and they have given us nothing but lies and deceit thinking of our leaders as food they give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in afghanistan with little help no more he is again and again venting his frustrations on pakistan over america's failures in afghanistan as they are trapped in a dead end street tribes tweet has triggered mass protests in pakistan people took to the streets to burn the u.s. flag and chant anti-american slogans pakistani said that they themselves did not appreciate it donald trump's comments. it's actually hard to make out that it's a. noise about a son. the president of us we've heard something. quite contrary to what is actually happening but you start yes pakistanis are spent billions of. years sacrifice the lives of many soldiers on the water. the water it actually was
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. the water which actually picked up the world it wasn't just hours. after a lot at the end of your treatment like this it means that the aids they have given us is nothing can pass one huge human loss is the time has come for us to be united they can't do anything against us this is just when it's trumped this the straighted this is about afghanistan he directs his frustration at pakistan. i don't fit in as a citizen i would say the real problem is our rulers accepting us aid we don't need they're a. white house has announced that in the us will continue to withhold military and financial aid to pakistan until country does more to combat terrorism retired lieutenant general in the pakistani army a lot more suited things blaming pakistan will not help the situation in afghanistan and that donald trump should be aware of that. he is just trying to sort of express his frustrations in fact he's trying to place blame on pakistan to
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sort of shift the blame on they've actually what the american policy has failed to do they think that by placing blame on pakistan they are going to solve the problem of understand they are sadly mistaken it is in the foremost interest of pakistan to have stability and of one his son because if there is one country which is most adversely affected by the poor conditions in afghanistan or instability in afghanistan and pakistan so how on earth do that think that pakistan would like to destabilize afghanistan and not contribute towards efforts that would really stabilize and make of understand the peaceful country. donald trump says that his nuclear button is much bigger than the one held by north korea's leader and if it works he issued that response to a new year's address by kim jong un who stressed that he had the nuclear switch close at hand but your time u.s.
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mainland is within the range of your nuclear strike and the button is always on the table in my office space you clearly know that this is certainly not a threat but rather a reality nevertheless south korea on tuesday responded to an overture from the north and proposed holding high level talks between the two countries on their border next week the day before north korea's leader has suggested that the country's open dialogue on easing military tensions and on the possibility of the north participating in the winter olympics in the south despite his nuclear threats our guest victor in international relations expert told us that north korea and the u.s. are locked in a stalemate. the remark by the leader of d.p. r. k. is highly irresponsible and is. described by old things y o d p r k has the right to defend itself is worried about threats from the united states in terms of regime change all assess
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a nation of its leader or simply invasion into its territory right now the situation is in a stalemate the d.p. r. k. has gained a time to develop the super weapon in a more and more sophisticated way and united states has not yet reached the point of deciding to use military means to solve the problem but i don't think everything has been exhausted it was stupid need to try their best even though all the likelihood of a diplomatic solution is becoming remote and that remote the standoff between washington and pyongyang that looks set to continue in two thousand and eighteen about the crisis has lasted throughout the entirety of the last year. q. europe strategic patience. with the north korean regime has failed.
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to. stop some of the corinthians behaved like the jews are free to him to go still. and we can have. out there shooting rockets all over the place he will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea's. rocket. his or her suicide mission so no one. is on the suicide mission. oh yeah i get. caught you get a lot of you know we need to pools we need dialogue. he is a sick puppy. ukrainian president petro poroshenko has hailed his country's
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receipt of new lethal weapons from the united states in a tweet prussian go said ukraine's military budget is increasing to a record three billion dollars also said that kiev would continue to strengthen its military with locally produced weapons besides those supplied by the us us state department previously announced plans to provide ukraine with lethal arms including javelin anti-tank missiles richard becker from the antiwar answer coalition thinks that washington's move has nothing to do with bringing peace to the region. the aim here on the part of the u.s. government remains the aim that it has had for several years and that is to attach ukraine not only to the european community which the u.s. doesn't care that much about but to bring the ukraine into nato as well which would pose a very great threat to russia if that were to take place considering that the i'm
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going to it's expressed from washington and from the nato headquarters is so prevalent so we can't really distinguish between or draw some sharp line between often said in defense of weaponry in this case it's all the offensive and defensive weaponry both necessary for any modern armed forces. in was a word we heard a lot in two thousand and seventeen well here is another story of alleged collusion this time though the characters are a little bit different wiki leaks has published an e-mail apparently showing that the new york times was providing the state department and hillary clinton with advanced warnings about potentially damaging stories to kill a mountain has commentary. now a new e-mail published by wiki leaks seems to show cooperation between new york times reporter scott shane and the press secretary of hillary clinton when she was
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secretary of state now we remember back in two thousand and ten in two thousand and eleven there was cable gate all kinds of diplomatic cables were being released by wiki leaks well according to this new e-mail released by wiki leaks it appears that scott shane of the new york times was warning the state department actually gave them the schedule of when cables would be released wiki leaks speculates that this was done in order to help minimize the damage and he says accused scott shane of essentially betraying them but. this is nonsense check with the wiki leaks volunteers who would turn this project we agreed on the consultation with the state department wiki leaks agreed to pose questions to the u.s. government forty eight hours prior to publication the new york times pushed for four days wiki leaks objected the motion to use the new york times betraying the entire day by day thematically publication plan to secretary clinton spokesman p.j. crowley not asking questions. now media outlets are already using the word
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luzhin to describe the cooperation between the u.s. state department and this new york times journalist if one looks over the words and the reporting done by scott shane in november four out of ten of his articles were about the issue of allegations of trumped russia collusion however there seems to be quite a record of collusion here between hillary clinton and the press if one looks over the fact that glenn thrush a reporter for politico is actually sending his articles to the clinton campaign for approval before they were published has been hired by the new york times and so there seems to be quite a bit of collusion going on between hillary clinton and the press there's ample evidence of that extensive evidence in the wiki leaks predestiny e-mails talking back and forth the you know the friendly journalist list that's referred to now it's virtually i think impossible to control it because you've got so many elements you've got to trump administration seated now with trump people in most of the key
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jobs you've got you've got now i think a newly energized maybe not mainstream press but independent journalist press going at this digging deep we not accepting the supposed facts that have been sold in the past and the conflicts are obvious. followers of the wiki leaks editor have been left scratching their heads over e cryptic and new year message left on twitter joining us on your post today seemingly indecipherable code and a link to a popular rap song has led to online debate over what the tweet could actually mean and there has been plenty of speculation.
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the nato mission in afghanistan has announced of that one u.s. service member has been killed in combat missions a statement adds that four more service members were wounded in the incident that took place on monday and province but no further details were given on what exactly occurred earlier a provincial spokesperson announcing that nato led the afghan forces had carried out air and ground operations killing over sixty eisel terrorists he added that because the militants were hiding in local residents houses civilians were also hit
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with at least one killed and thirteen more wounded here's what civilians were told or here's what's in the news there rather told us about what happened. a woman was killed two men and two others were burned there all the victims are here in hospital some most of the legs i was also injured got shot. over eighteen people were wounded and others were killed see the child here in the bed he lost his legs his mother was also killed in the incident say that it was kind of cocked his and jets hit the p. . some of them last legs through people were killed in their car which was used by villages destroyed are these american forces always say we can target with precision every little thing on the ground what kind of technology is this they can't tell the difference between militants and civilians we don't trust their technology because they see we don't kill civilians but this it was carried out on
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civilians. a member of the migrant alternative for germany barred years under police investigation for an offense of social media post our correspondent in berlin have the story for us when it all cocks back to new year's eve when the police in the german city of cologne posted on their official twitter account a new year greeting now they posted their message in four languages in german english arabic and french and the fact that one of the languages used was arabic so infuriated a member of the german parliament beatrix one daughter who is part of the right wing alternative for germany party the a if de that she posted on her twitter and facebook accounts and angry response she slammed the police's decision to post in arabic now although her initial messages has been deleted on monday she posted again and she said and i'm quoting that muslims are barbarians now she has been
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criticized both online and offline for allegedly incitement to hate speech as to be expected the leader of the f.t. has come out in her defense and she has said and again i'm quoting that the authorities are more committed to imported more raiding groping abusive and knife stabbing migrant mobs now at this stage posts are being investigated by the police she can become the first person to be found guilty under a controversial new law here in germany that went into effect on the first of january it's known as the emits dig a lot. and it aims at cracking down on social media hate speech now you'll remember that cologne back in two thousand and fifteen was in the headlines on new year's eve when more than a thousand men were accused of causing basic disruptions on the streets they were accused of financially harassing and attacking women now all of this comes at
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a particularly sensitive time for germany the parliament still does not have a ruling majority since talks collapsed at the end of last year. on tuesday officers from the national alliance of french police are gathered in front of a police station in the suburbs of paris they were there to protest against abusive treatment of law enforcement in the country after a video of an attack on two police officers surfaced on the internet just a heads up images that we're about to show you might be a bit disturbing. in the video if you male officer and a male police captain were knocked to the ground and then repeatedly kicked and punched in their heads and bodies they were responding to an emergency call at a new year's eve celebration that.


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