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really that if they leave that is not very strong and very little crowd thick then they discard them and then look at them as if they're not good enough now on one hand. the russian are saying we need more of the local sea we need more openness we need more ability to participate but on the other hand the discouraging that because you believe that is open participative that discovered him so the us can for what to do with asking for is what the rejecting the most i believe that the russian leadership thought it was putting going all the way down they can not change their style if they wanted to change the style or they will be pushed aside and is regarded i know that you also and used to matter for also marriage in your speeches but i think in the russian context again a highly perturbed at least the context the parenting matter for is actually more political you don't want your children to endanger themselves but if you don't blab to make their own mistakes you will never see them grow into what you want them to
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be and i wonder how do you introduce freedoms into a society that has been so traumatized by both control and chaos like russia the key word that you use is with the children you can know the reason to be what you want them to be that's where the mistake is you cannot make your children what you want them to be they have to be what they want to be and you know to enable them and battlement within which they can become the best they can be without being look legitimate or were doing something illegal or something which is in danger in their health as long as i'm not doing that they can do whatever is good for them to be reflected i think the problem is with this culture is this potential is there and that is they live there no better than you and you better do what they tell you to do in medicine we say that to be held the you should listen to your body the program with the russian system is that the head is that us from the body you don't
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listen to the body you dictate to the body and that is where the disease is that's where the problem is well dr jesus i'm afraid it's easier said than done especially for. country with history like russia this year we are marking this in tannery of bolshevik revolution and this event changed not only the course of russia's history i think it changed the entire world history of the twentieth century and it was one in the in the series of events that made the russian people the russian authorities the russian psyche extremely risk averse you can see that in many studies russians still value security over everything else which certainly leads to quote unquote arrested development in both politics and economy do you think russians will ever be able to overcome it i don't think that they agree with you i think that the russians as individuals that are willing to bring the real you think to russia put
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them somewhere else and they will. it is the environment that doesn't allow the russian person the russian individuals to exhibit or the capabilities as you know i used to joke and say the problem is with the russians they're not giving a chance to use their brain you invent a lot of things you have innovations you have incredible culpability in the people with the system we settle katie now why is the sister suffocating is very interesting because the whole system is organised their own efficiency and not on the thickness you efficiency is everything so the planning the scheduling the organisation of the system of the zation they try to make it criminal in directed from the top down efficiency and by doing it so i fish and you make it so controllable that you lose effectiveness and you lose flexibility and you lose innovation and yourself look at the people from the bottom up now you asked me the other question before which i do not answer how do you make a change how do we change this culture because the russian people are not being
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used i'm telling you the only the things that are thinking of the leadership the rest of the people are not at allowed to think which means the company is subtle kate that if you want to move out of the gas and oil dependency to high tech and to some services you have to allow the rest of the body to interpret nerd to think to create to innovate rather than only at the center of making that change is very difficult i would give him only a bottom line at the election. the expression in all languages is the fish stinks from the head but you clearly it's from the tail we need to make the changes low down isn't possible we have to leave the changes bottom up well but he's actually i don't think you are contradicting anything that the kremlin says because president putin just the other day a meeting with german investors sad that the kremlin is actually very interested it has a goal of increasing the share of small and medium sized businesses in russia from
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a couple of percent to forty percent by two thousand and thirty and he actually asked for german advice on that i'm sure he would appreciate your advice as well do you think this is just a way of getting around the konami sanctions or do you think there is a potential for something bigger here a building that capacity that citizenry compasses you've been referring to. is. the truth russia needs economically. he can afford it politically is a different question because the moment you have small businesses you have small medium plus the movie a medium club you have a lot of political freedom which is going to bake a little bit problem for him to control the system so as long as you have big companies you have control well but i'm sure it's going to be a very interesting not only for him but also for for the rest of the society and i think it's pretty clear that the petroleum economy or the hydrocarbon economy that
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we have been enjoying for the last several decades has reached its limit it's no longer producing enough resources to sustain russia both domestically and internationally if the west is really interested in making russia more democratic wouldn't it make sense to take putin on his word and how russia to develop this small and medium business capacity as a matter of not only diversifying its economy but also making russia more open and more risk. possible more democratic i think that will be the ideal the lady says or the way the says idea lection but that means really changing the russian culture or the tendency on the classic leadership. to change the culture is the change in me you within which children is issues can grow today it's not that media does that exist. but i wonder if that is also
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a matter of perspective because what i sense here in russia is that the word freedom is becoming more and more to economic rather than political categories something that fuels sufficiency creativity flexibility innovation everything that you need in a society set to succeed in post-industrial an informational age i want you that could be the way just changing the perspective from you know west the west trying to preach as you know with its liberal ideas and focus more on on the economic angle but the day and the end of the day they all wrote seem to be leading in one direction that amanda's into the bend the civic tree and political and economic environments when you change the economic environment in the world and the eventually you have to change the political environment the they've been to china china will when they cannot take root decentralize market economy and know the political. pressure for the political power to change as well you cannot
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have market economy on one hand and said there are less political power this will happen in yugoslavia he was living philip you cannot have this until his vision of the bottom is that there is asia that the so eventually if you open the market then if you open it for the market economy and a lot of middle class that's going to them that will lead to them across the nation of russia and i don't know what the will of the for that it's interesting you mention china but you know if you look at the chinese example there how has actually been a number of trance for example the chinese authorities efforts to make courts more independent as again a matter of attracting more investment into the country there's also been. a heightened concern about the environmental protection and environmental rights there has also been a growth in the number of small and medium sized businesses so i wonder if that is actually. because again we we we hear this argument that for and from there was
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that first you need to change the leadership on down everything will follow suit i want even if it's just the other way around first you change the system you build institutions and that you will get you will get the leadership that you deserve but i agree with you you don't just believe this should be able to change the system it's going to creatively the ship you want in other words real touch is a culture we have to stop you know what we really have to start to school for medication to change that people look only to know but how to learn how to participate we have to develop a culture when people can disagree without being disagreeable and resulting skill to being disagreeing and that's it that's just the stuff on the issue of the bottom up it is not going to happen but i mean the is the good to have been played to be the same from now on the environment is what to be open it doesn't happen but by the creed it happens but it took a show with really starting with from the family the families that if you said from the beginning of this interview already put the onus to cody it is autocratic
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stealthy for the family it does he will talk about the from the duke of system everything is sort of the bottom of the election in this in the election which is do what they tell you and don't discuss and that is a culture that if he does not change he will be able to diversify you will be able to develop a small businesses you will be able to get the independence from doesn't always well done said jesus i have to i beg to disagree with you because i actually live in this society i have a kid who goes to school and i don't know where the western westerners stay take this idea of everything being absolutely controlled in russia in schools in the media whatever this is not how i experience russia but obviously as you just pointed out we have to agree to disagree but for the time being we need to take a very short break and we'll be back in just a few seconds stay tuned. the
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biggest goal of this periodic album number seventy nine it has unique attributes that make it great for money they think a big point it with not more in a vacuum it has got forty years of history to it it's evolved through all these technologies it's a unique protocol and it's like gold it is attracting a huge amount of capital force for the for this achievement and you can't say that you can simply go out there and create another one there are competitors of course just like there are competing species on planet earth for energy and survival but there is only one the apex predator that is met at the moment before he dies from all the garbage. los angelos the sony of luxury and free but also an alarming number of people living in the streets . the simple fact in l.a.
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use there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's no where to come in and it's been a struggle. running into this man from his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle do the authorities accept such. a tiny house on a city parking space is not a solution you craft someone wanted touring the site otherwise it'll be a free for all the news there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. welcome
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back to worlds apart from if they decide i.d.s. is a bestselling author and management consultant says we've discussed russia's struggle with building institutions which among other things have to serve as a constraint on the executive and i think in the united states we have the opposite extreme institutions living too little if any space for the literature of president trump i know you have. a fairly negative view of him but do you think it's healthy for the system to sabotage an elected president to such an extent. to somebody does anybody i think the problem here is whether united states is on the lifecycle in my judgment about it a lot. every system has a life cycle and united states is on this declining side of the light life cycle is on the side of the life cycle it is too centralised too bureaucratic and now it's
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rules in its flexibility that you still have so no the problem is when you go down the system still falling apart and we see that in america when the republicans or democrats are this route then congress cannot make a decision they cannot close the aisle it's called to make a decision to get out and somehow decisions have to be made in that vacuum the executive branch is saying executive order we will make a decision and we will move and that's when you get the clash between the two the need for the seizure making on one hand and the effectiveness of the political system today because of the fight between the components because one of the in the life cycle well interesting just before the break you were telling me that what russia needs to develop is this culture of agreeing to disagree that you know you need to teach people how to accept each other's differences and in the united
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states arguably we have some of the best institutions in the world i'm not saying it ironically i think the united states could really be proud of the kind of institution is built and yet what you're saying is it seems to be exactly the same democrats and republicans people of various political persuasion simply not being able to stand to one another how do you explain this paradox you have strong institutions but still very very little in the way of balancing. as i was thinking before maybe it will make it clear enough. when a system starts to fall apart whether it's a car or a human being or a society and i believe that the americans these integration is occurring already not only in the political sphere on the cultural scene on the social scene we're already seeing anti semitism going we see the rejection of minorities we see the lake of tolerance in the past fair play was the culture today.
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it's a self-serving culture so this falling apart is what's causing these two to should not to be effective enough because the location of the life cycle and i don't think is not going to change very fast we're not going to change it easily because when we sell aging to reverse it is going to take a lot it will take another crisis a major major crisis the medical system is the engineering the motor city that was created in athens in a small town when everybody knows everybody is not a prick about today in a society that is an enormous was my original corporations multinational corporations business is you two should be extremely powerful it's a totally different environment for them across texas to top it now you often talk about trust and respect being fundamental for. good leadership but i think the american political culture at this juncture could be summarized by
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two words and those are mistrust and disrespect and i think on some level this attitude is increasingly becoming institutionalized you can no longer talk about trump you cannot analyze he's actions without expressing press down contempt for him do you think that will and with trump or do you think that will have consequences beyond him no i think. there is a trend look if you look at all the presidents of john f. kennedy. the popular. it is going down more and more and more and more this is because we're revealing the life cycle when they were going to zation ages they turn against their leaders they turn again silly that is the falling apart is not only horizontally but also vertical it by the way if clinton was elected she would be criticized not less the kind of companies that criticize because the system turns against its leader that's where we are in the life cycle i believe on the
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other hand. promptly accenture's is probably essential it's because he's a businessman it doesn't realize that when you get to a political position you need to be more mouth in this case he is a big mouth it's more it's of say down and that's why he's suffering through so much criticism and yes i know you have these your own system of classifying leadership styles and you suggested that all leaders could be classified as either producers administrators and turk printers or integrators you call trump a beat east somebody who is used to making his own decisions with very little regard for administrative constraints and he also said before that the bureaucracy in washington is also a fight to the extreme how do you make that system more agile without subjecting you to somebody like trying do you think trump as horrible as you may think he is
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could be a necessary wake up call for the aging system. the way you change the system and investing fifty percent fifty years of my life twenty three books about this subject how do you rejuvenate the bureaucracy you do not do it when you can do it which is your leadership but that's not good enough that's only a condition to make a change because you need a leadership that's willing to change the system you have to change the system and with those images the system is to shift the power structure of the company the power structure of the company gets very strong your own the financial people about the risk of those people about the control of those people that when the system will to change you have to open the system and the component to it the strategic planning the marketing the systems integration the system the innovation you have to go to components that don't exist in the company you know that to change the culture or structural changes don't just change you believe them but you know
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regardless of what you may think of. russia's role in the two thousand and sixteen us presidential elections i think it's clear that trump. bringing something new into the american political culture i mean he's still part and parcel of the american political system he represents certain trance he represents to use does he not qualify for the kind of opening that you have just laid out is definitely bringing you. new ideas you directions for the system but is going the wrong way about it if you go do what you doctor ok about this node while you do it but how you do it the ho is more important than the what and the and the was because the hope can undermine the work in a way is how he's undermining it it doesn't know how to do the political system it go to elected because of that this is this faction of the people who is a political system they want to change they want something different so they go something different now the question is what do you do with that is not successful
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to make a change because if you're not mobilized the political power is necessary to make the change is doing it in the vacuum i don't think you previously rode that you believe that secretary clinton would have been a last dangerous leader why why is that she would have been a less dangerous danger i didn't say that i said that she would be criticize the stump is going to yes but i think there were all you also wrote an article in which you were very critical. both in the run up to the elections and afterwards and i think in one of those articles you suggested that clinton for all her faults would have been a more i guess castle leader why do you think she would have been about our feet for this aging system the only reason why i thought so is she was not the perfect candidate is a for me i think with a really problem feel to select both of them were not very attractive but she has
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a lot of experience you see she was a first lady for many. and she was involved in the political system she understands the political system and she can maneuver the political system while he can look because he is no longer standing on the political system you know so to run a business is a real estate developer he makes decisions on that is seldom right but never in doubt that's a totally different system that somebody was running a political system should have hillary clinton is somebody who is most famous quote a secretary of state was we came we saw he died hahaha and that was about the brutal murder of another had of state i understand that she would have been more likely to play by the administrative proles of the american brought prosy but why do you think that in and of itself the compliance with those rules is somewhat less dangerous especially if he if you take into account her role in for example libyan
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affairs she may have been better for the american system but with she have been better for the world i work is a lot of prime ministers i work with prime ministers in my consulting profession i work with c.e.o.'s of the largest companies on earth and i can tell you one thing many of them follow the shooter's story over the. new clove if you know the story of the children's story. this story but there are this is oh what a wonderful close many of these leaders do most of the power of the project do they have this is the is becoming far too big and far too complicated so that by raising like the control people expect them to be in control they're five still the most in control if you think this you can she could have gone through whatever the in libya will dreaming she will do to go through all of this is the but she has to act like she's just go through the system that's why she was accused but the real issue of
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conduct of the of the thing about it well then i don't understand how your argument for her being a less dangerous leader would have. hold but anyway can i finish our conversation of it once when one more question and that takes us back to russia because the russian leadership the russian president i think is more in control of what is happening in this country than many other leaders in many other countries but i think he really needs to change his leadership style right now if he really wants to more than right modernize russia to the extent that he's asked you once can you do you believe in leaders ability to change their leadership styles at the prime of their careers if he was let's say an integrator or an administrator his entire political life can he all of a sudden become that producer or an interpreter or i believe that putin. wants to change he wants to change russia i have no doubt about that i've been watching
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his actions and by the way i lecture. to all the governors of russia before him so that i've been i've been watching him and i can tell you one thing he wants to change his program is it doesn't know how to go about it because changing a system takes more than just talking about is changing the power structure was over losing control changing the power structure was old losing control look at my hands there is always a conflict between flexibility and control ability if you increase schools rodeos flexibility if you. will control the national system is to control the flexibility the medical system has a lot of flexibility losing control it's a thing falling apart how do you bring it together that's where the problem is and that this change in the power structure and he has to do that and i don't know i think he doesn't want to worry about it that is his problem is intentions are good
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but he does a lot to go about it well doctor and he says i guess time will tell but for now we have to leave it there i really appreciate you being with us today and to our viewers please share your comments on our twitter facebook and youtube pages and i hope to see you again same place same time here on the walls apart. hello my name's peter and i've been living in bushnell for about seven years and this is a film about just some of the crazy things i've got in the time. i
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mean because it has been there still are doing it because the pilot's. license is not a significant. level was selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they don't. produce offspring to tell you that let me gossip in public my file for the most important news they. tell you i'm not
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cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with our. i had a great education a good job and a family that loved me. i never had to worry about how i would eat and where i would sleep. i'm facing christmas alone out on the streets of london. well you'll not be able to pull up a clump of italy like you will you know to slip in the still give up food for the home the so. that you don't really feel next a human being in that. and then. the guy just came over to me saw me and gave me a change of this book. iran's
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military chief declares that the week long anti-government uprising there is over we look at how the protesters were encouraged from abroad also to come a rise in violent crime in one of germany's regions is linked to an influx in young male migrants according to government backed. and the u.s. national security adviser says washington should reveal what he calls insidious russian meddling to prevent interference.
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hello they're welcome you're watching r.t. international this morning where it's just gone eight o'clock am in moscow. now iran's military chief says the civil unrest which has blighted the country for over a week is now over it comes at a cost though at least twenty one lives as protests repeatedly turned violent despite that there were several reports of small protests over night the unrest originally began as a working class protest against worsening living standards and unemployment as the rain in column e. continues to stagnate but they widened out into anti-government rallies u.s. leaders were quick to throw their support behind the protesters but is and see it your can and i reports they downplayed the key reason behind.


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