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tv   Keiser Report  RT  January 4, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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interference. hello there welcome you're watching r.t. international this thursday morning where it's just gone eight o'clock am in moscow . now iran's military chief says the civil unrest which has blighted the country for over a week is now over it comes at a cost though at least twenty one lives as protests repeatedly turned violent despite that there were several reports of small protests overnight the unrest originally began as a working class protest against worsening living standards and unemployment as the rain in column e. continues to stagnate but they widened out into anti-government rallies u.s. leaders were quick to throw their support behind the protesters but is and see it your can and i reports they downplayed the key reason behind me i'm. when they ask
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for a better economy when they ask for the government to spend money on their own country as opposed to terror exploits overseas or in other countries sure we would certainly do when they say that to you i support matt i'm not going to go i'm not going to see that's why you're trying to trap me into something like that i'm not going to go there to try that is no that is not our that is not our policy but we hear what the iranian people are saying poverty corruption and economic uncertainty have the potential to trigger protests the world over. and they can quickly turn ugly. but the international reaction to such unrest seems to depend on the country and question this is the precise picture of a long oppressed people rising up against their dictators so with all the fun you know i mean in any country people can protest against high prices but when have a such to muster ations happen in our country opponents of the establishment come
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out and support them some western leaders are barely able to contain their enthusiasm for regime change and are rushing to throw their weight behind the demonstrators we are now seeing an organic popular uprising organized organized by brave iranian citizens on the largest scale since two thousand and nine the greats of rain young people have been repressed for many years their hungry for food for freedom along with human rights the wealth of iran is being looted song for change it is essential that western power was to bring to the. marriage of the west the power is. back in the arena. because it's only with. that being the iranian people will feel secure and can go all the way to securing their freedom in the of the previous regime but we've seen where this apparent pro-democracy fervor can lead. to. the
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american president says he supports the protesters but these protests are not protests against the government these kinds of demonstrations happen in any country and they are against rising prices but each time these demonstrations happen we see that the authorities opponents use them for their own purposes the majority in iran i believe want evolution not revolution he will. spring style which has brought so much suffering elsewhere on the other hand the west seems oddly quiet about the massive rallies that are being held across iran in support of the government to. the root of it is just a canard it's the problem of youth unemployment i personally haven't been able to find a job for a long time but if people have a job they don't have any problem with the government of course most of iran's economic problems are domestically generation but another reason why investment and
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thus new jobs have been slow in coming is that contrary to their obligations under the nuclear agreement western countries notably the united states have not taken sufficient steps to facilitate normal financial flows when it comes to iran the west says it's listening but clearly selectively co-opting democracy for its own ends is a difficult habit to break and associates are going to artsy london while another cause behind the unrest has been the slow revival of the iranian economy are the sanctions began to be eased political and economic analysts should be as the police the u.s. failed to benefit from imposing the restrictions. there is no doubt that sanctions have had an impact on the reigning economy because iran still has to import a quite a few products from overseas but i think the key to remember also is that sanctions
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also have an impact on the countries that are applying the sanctions to a particular nation usa i think one of the big sort of key angry aspects of mr trump's tweets is that the usa is not getting any business over the last forty years and it's not likely to do so because if they continue in the same manner so it's really sour grapes if you like that because u.s. companies are not benefiting therefore america feels more inclined to was using belligerent language and applying the sanctions more and more. now a rise in violent crime in germany's lower saxony region is being linked to an increase in migrants in the government back study but is poor a slayer report is not all that dried is there could be several contributing factors. why have reports of violent crime in one german state increased by more
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than ten percent in the last two years but this is exactly what a group of criminologist said seumas university of applied science sitar to find and what they established is that there is a link between the increased violent crimes in lowest sex to me and the influx of migrants but the authors say they are a number of important contributing factors the first and foremost is the age of the migrants most of men between the ages of fourteen and thirteen not generally speaking people in this age bracket are more likely to commit acts of a vine and nature than people in other age groups secondly where they come from is important migrants who come from syria iraq and afghanistan tend not to carry out the same number of violent acts as migrants for example that are coming from north africa and then third what is also relevant is the fact that there is
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a lack of women among the migrants only a quarter of migrants are female which means that you have groups of young men without their wives their mothers will be sisters and they are more likely to carry out acts of a violent nature now these findings do reflect earlier reportings that suggests that there is an increase in acts of a violent nature that are connected to the migrant crisis since two thousand and fifteen more than a million migrants have arrived here in germany that's say that wolf is that is an important mitigating factor and misses and it could be that people may be more likely to report acts find in acts that are carried out by migrants than if they were carried out by local germans now criminologist believe that only integration isn't the solution and should bring down the high level of crime rates among my goodness kind of from. our point of view the study shows once again that it must
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not abandon those who come to us but actively provide integration it that means for example compulsory and comprehensive integration in the language courses places in kindergarten it's in schools let's ask people here in britain what they think other things i would say that this is coming from both sides and more people that come the more the dissatisfaction will be from those who have lived here longer i think that's something that should be driven by politics but then it at the end of the day it's to us as part of the society that we all need to change and integrate people better by about changing our behavior and that you can lose a really of it one of the more radical solutions would be to deploy the immigrants from germany interation stuff it's all day they need to work at some point being an immigrant and working it's a different story we're kind of try to to get them get them something worthwhile to do while a solution to the problem continues to be sort of a sad reality is that
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a violent crimes continue. our team. the chairman of the vice had me for integration believes the same behavioral problems can be found among any group regardless of whether they have a migrant background or not. what is written in the report is basically common sense people without any perspective and with the situation with living standards which are really hard are more common to go into the thinking about criminal activities integration if you talk about integration of immigrants is important not to see just one side we have also the other side it's a dialogue. from the wise for integration you have to build perspectives and give
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them the chance to be one part of this with sight but on the other hand you have to hear the worries about the germans who live here since so many years and take away their worries and find together with those people who have worries solutions which can help for a better future together now than i do u.s. national security adviser has knives out for the new year with a call to reveal what he describes as insidious russian meddling master here says that pulling back the curtain might be a vital step first step to prevent further interference the russian blaming trend from the year ago with the release of a us intelligence report that kept the momentum going throughout twenty seven tane with more his.
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arguably the biggest story of twenty seventeen was russia it was on the lips of world leaders and politicians but this wasn't always the case this was obama's analysis of the country back in twenty fourteen russia is a regional power. that is threatening some of its immediate neighbors. not out of strength but out of weakness regional power weakness well that was the past in the last year we've seen russia propelled to be the greatest threat on the planet in the words of the former f.b.i. chief what kind of threat do you believe russia presents to our democratic process given what you know about russia's behavior. well certainly that in my view the greatest threat of any nation on earth well here's how it all began on january sixth of last year u.s. intelligence agencies issued a report saying that russia had tried to influence our elections with this russian
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president vladimir putin ordered an influence campaign in twenty sixteen aimed at the us presidential election russia's goals were to undermine public faith in the us democratic process then the great secretary clinton and home her electability and potential presidency we further assess putin and the russian government developed a clear preference for president trump now the authors of the report at the time said they had high confidence in their judgments a few pages later they explained exactly what they meant by high confidence with a little disclaimer high confidence generally indicates that judgments based on high quality information from multiple sources high confidence does not imply that the assessment is fact or a certainty such judgments might be wrong well after the report the word got around that blaming russia was now a thing and that opened the floodgates in twenty seventeen hardly a lection went by in europe without russia being accused of meddling. the
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balance disruptor coover for in two thousand and sixteen covert disruptor. part of our responsibility to. the russian world about what's going on in the united states germany france the other one in montenegro. from hacking into the danish defense ministry to trying to meddle in the maltese elections russia has had a truly diverse collection of accusations thrown at it russia is accused of influencing the bragg's it vote through social media probably yes sure i mean i believe all of this it's russia they're crazy right russia was accused of intervening in the french election yeah you know why i believe that to the german
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election sure i catalonia separatism yeah yeah i believe that to all take oliver about sending bots after a star trek star trying to take him down with sexual allegations star check no star wars i would believe if i have my doubts about a box so i would say no. they were actually accused of that was. russia hacked into the u.s. irish and british power grids fake russia was influencing the braggs it vote through social media fake russia hacked into cataloging a separatism and was promoting cataloging a separatism in spain real how about buying ads on social media in order to influence u.s. public opinion yeah yeah why not make up the budget actually all of those allegations were leveled against russia do you believe that do you think that they're actually doing these kind of things from what the seventeen u.s.
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. intelligence agencies syndicate and the strong possibility that they did i feel it's just i knew that to sell newspapers people just wrote and one story then put it on everything else that listeners showed new yorkers is dwarfed from an actual file of things that russia has been accused of it turns out that if you point the finger at the kremlin you can find a convenient scapegoat for almost any trouble that you're dealing with they will mop. r.t. new york. germany has started the year by introducing a new hate speech law but it's already facing widespread criticism for getting a satirical magazines twitter feed brought to miss america now explains applying this kind of legislation is proving to be a legal minefield. well governments are now trying to regulate content on the internet by pushing the online world to crackdown on his speech extremism and of course the mysterious bots and trolls who somehow manage to elect presidents but so
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far there are attempts haven't exactly been successful for example in germany a new online hate speech laws only came into force on monday and twitter has already banned a parody account after users reported it as hate speech but under the law platforms have to delete violent or slanderous content by a certain deadline or face a fine up to sixteen million dollars well the first case a far right politician of the alternative for germany party had her twitter account briefly suspended after users flagged her tweets as hate speech against muslims now that's after she lashed out against german police for putting out a new year's tweet in arabic and prosecutors are now examining whether or not her tweets do in fact incite hatred then on top of that twitter banned the account of a magazine that was actually mocking her but in doing so repeated her line now the magazine's editor said he was shocked by the decision and the association of german journalist said that it qualifies as censorship adding that they've warned of this danger when the law was drafted last year
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a private company based in the united states decides the boundaries of freedom of the press and opinion in germany now this is even going on in the u.k. where twitter and facebook are facing sanctions after m.p.'s that said that they failed to thoroughly investigate how russia supposedly swayed the brig's that vote but the has to be them there's so much good news i'm saying if you fail to do that and if you ignore a request to aren't if you fail to police the science effectively and deal with highly problematic content then the has to be some sort of sanction against you so the only trace of russia that companies were able to find were three ads are worth less than a dollar however the idea that maybe russia didn't influence the election is apparently off the table so who exactly polices the internet is it a good government or is it the social media companies or is it the government through social media companies that's all very unclear at the moment. samir account i will radio talk show host state believes that such laws to go against the principle of freedom of speech the law is too serious and grim and rigid and
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humorless as are by the way the group of people they're trying to prevent from rioting by them be spoken of on social media and in the end it becomes a matter of law being inappropriate i think there's a definite intrinsic tension between freedom of speech and hate speech which is a very recent development that i saw coming a long time ago and protested from the beginning the idea that what you say is against the law is directly contradictory to the idea of freedom of speech. meanwhile the french president is trying to combat fake news within or to regulate media influence by foreign states in my new mac wrong and i'm still moved to journalists in paris. it was finished between fake news machines and the professional media we run the risk of losing the truth the barriers have been destroyed presidential campaigns and almost all modern democracies have displayed
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their weakness and our collective failure to come up with a response. well president wasn't specific about which countries he things could be influencing french media but russian media including r.t. in the sporting news agency have already been in crohn's firing line both were denied accreditation during his presidential campaign last year and were later labeled by him as propaganda it's because it is russia today kev been influential outlets which have several times broken mistruths about me and my campaign that's why they have not been invited in my headquarters all media including russian had access to my campaign russia today and sputnik have not behaved as media outlets and journalists but as organs of influence and false propaganda that the r.t. family did have a christmas present for the french speaking world with the launch of our newest
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channel r.t. france and it immediately ruffled a few high profile feathers to several french public figures published an open letter calling for r.t. france's license to be revoked they said r.t. has repeatedly faced numerous allegations from the u.s. and several european countries political commentator ivan yellen believes that mccrone should be careful about taking legal measures against any media. i think what he is now trying to do is to change the french civil code in order to prevent what he sees as a quote him from his press conference today i threat the democratic life of the nation he clearly sees r.t. and sputnik as part of that but i think that he also wants to change the merit of the conversation to make this more about the use the better what he calls false news fake news i think you need to tread very carefully i think it's a very thin line between exercising new laws that protect. people's rights and what have their their views challenged by untruths and actually clamping down on freedom
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of expression so he could find himself acting on constitution if you're not careful president is also facing flak closer to home at the moment there's criticism that his wife bridget is breaking protocol and behaving like a french queen because she stands next to her husband at events as opposed to standing behind him.
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donald trump has publicly lashed out at his former advisor steve bannon the spat is over what bannon reportedly revealed to the author of a new tell all book on trump's presidency and the white house press secretary just added fuel to the fire. i was curious what you were pretty much borders so. i think furious discussed it would probably certainly fit when you make such outrageous claims and completely false claims against the president his administration and his family in a statement the us president didn't mince his words he said that bannon had lost his mind and had only worked for his own interests and was never part of trump's in a circle steve bannon left the white house in august a year after joining trump's election team as his chief strategist mainstream media suggested that bannon was a pivotal figure for the president but that was before his comments in the new book called fire and fury inside the trump white house band and reportedly says that the
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meeting between members of trump's camp and russian lawyers joining his election campaign was treasonous and unpatriotic he also allegedly hits out at the president's daughter ivanka trump legal and media analysts line all things that trump reaction is par for the course. there's a simple rule if you don't go after trump he doesn't bother you go after him in any way insult him criticize him take him to task and he's on you with a death grip you've never seen does anybody think that anybody in the drug administration cares one i ota about this i mean it's what it does is it throws the mainstream media the washington press corps and the mainstream media news troops and throws them into disarray which trump thrives on and after he's done with the band he's going to say something about france or italy or or some of
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his neighbor has someone this is his pattered does anybody not pay attention trump for arrives on this he loves this son of history in office coming up the u.s. president has been his economic record in typical trump style economic miracle created more than two million jobs unemployment is under seventeen years economy or economy has already already at the top quite well depends on down yes an individual can feel very good if they have a line of credit to the bed a great deal of difficulty is last eight years trying to get out of the recession and i see everything we do is a big bubble and almost we have dealt with in these last eight years have just created a huge bubble and everything is in excess whether it's our military budget our overseas gauge runs whether it's the welfare state and that bubble will come to an
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end we're going to have a sudden cataclysmic again which is sort of what happened to the soviet system it's not going to be a demick oh and our states aren't probably going to break up but i do sincerely believe that we will no longer be able to afford our empire around the world. ron paul speaking there that's how the news is looking so far this morning here on our team will be back with more for you just over a. double walk saw you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle for the dog. to do stop spreading tell you that so
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because of the public by itself the supporters. off the advertising tell you on the whole and on and let's go buy their products. these are the hawks i mean i'm on the board worth watching. thank you. i live you would live you should i. love you out of five children i do. believe the. league was. going to vote. for
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ok. hello my name is peter and i've been living in a bush now for about seven years and this is a film about just some of the crazy things i've got soaked through in the time. thanks to me i will shift to who will be the first one was fulfilled which can be for good only way to me if you believe that. you wouldn't believe it but cite the area a place called surely you do you might expect to see a bed or maybe a minor it would definitely help people in the swimming pools will be a new way people feel kids to ski don't monks in your class. it's almost
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impossible to get any would still be them so she only a couple use the usual thanks to all the kind little. girl you see me this is your business you will get my best out of this exactly exactly as if you are going. to do so it's because. i'm. so. just behind the site so we're just behind the stuff that's good. fun you could get yet but you're more. yes i'm sure your new link it's him you i saw it doesn't know it yet the seriousness. only comes to show you that you just don't there's still a duty of pride because that's why it's got to. start in the teens that it's wrong to do it. i don't have a clue what they're wrong about but just saying it's russia seriously explain
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anything out of the ordinary. with a like russia on this russia and that russia isn't bad either. frankly people are really very great yeah ok it was interesting to me for i think the area. ok yeah i think in. this case a period just have to leave in such payment so used to use three excellent well it looks like the event starts english i want to start you thank you very much it's nice to me and i could look at my feedback and. kitchens out but always keep the bikini's and screenshots and shit yes but such a large scale of it starts of thanks to crazy russian.
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he's going to blow up a minimum of as evidence that he was a salesman i want that will send me yet a kenyan crucifying where you got to be the chief theory here for. a lot me why did i shoot c.s. . lewis that in the place you lost them where you are going to. but. your schedule beginning stella even actually might. appeal to them when you're wrong about. this if this is. me on the bus. and i'm crazy good to know your kids will tell you right the teachings easy. when you cheated we should cheer or sing this song but i don't want you to see.


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