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to call back specifically they renew if the company collapses well the problem is and i've said this before the british character views that type of fraud as quote unquote clever ninety nine percent of the british population if president of the fact that they've had their wallet stolen and beaten about the head by fraudsters will say they're so clever how do i get into. how do i steal money like this right they don't see this as a shortcoming they see this as the british character is right up there with bar might have bulldogs is theft so there's no outrage against it because they would be an outrage against the queen and the flag first of all the second of all they're going to have an inquiry to decide whether or not to have an inquest whether to form a committee whether to explore the possibility if in fact there needs to be a discussion about possibly prosecuting the alleged crime and that will go on for seven or eight years the statute of limitations expire and the clever robbers will you know run away and i want to say promo newsnight will be your clever little
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thieves we love you because you're so british you want to put the more money to push french saying it's finger like a canary because you're a fricken idiot. ok well again i'm going to read you this on the home quotes because it's quite important to understand the. you know the scale of what it has been don. and how. you know the language is and how to get out clauses are already in there so this guy roger barker he's the head of corporate governance at the institute of directors said that the collapse of the company suggest that effective governance was lacking at corralling them yeah that we must now consider if the board and shareholders have exercised appropriate oversight prior to the collapse i want to make a point about this is that the share price has been falling steadily since twenty fifteen and then it really started to crash in two thousand and sixteen and plunge
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this summer so who is short that's the whole time who is making money the whole time i guess max tell me who ga smart no no it was hedge funds hedge funds are shorting this they figured it out they knew it despite hedge funds shorting wildly it was the the most the most shorted stock in all of europe ok so how did the government not know how did in that condition the government continued to give them billions of pounds of new contracts because they're corrupt because it's a constitutional monarchy where there are no citizens there are only subjects of the crown and they wanted this to del boy economy you know member the show fools who are fools who are only whores only fools and horses only fools and horses where the that they hero is a schemer you know this is just on an epic multi-billion dollar skill that's the national character. that's churchillian churchill was a school schemer. awful guy and they make these great movies about him but he's
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a kleptocrat. well that's it for this half that chis report stay tuned for the second half a whole lot more yes stay tuned for the second half much more. closer . when you don't usually see these. two are. the most. space. let alone. said. no seven to see that. you speak french. new.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us is it just full on or still feel the show i go out of my way to launch you know what is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of party americans do the same we are apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of love right down to the night my president of the world bank so very. seriously send us an e-mail. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser initial coin offering you know i don't think we've actually talked about it this is going off on this show well let's get into right now arie you see the chief operating officer of storm token
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ery welcome thanks for having me one a pleasure to have you on i'm hearing great things about storm x. and the storm token so that a successful initial point offering in twenty seventeen tell us about the storm told. and game a five micro tasks what is it yeah so we've been in market for about three years originally under the name bit maker with just i'm told can we rebranded a storm play we're on the android app store and basically for trying out different products and services like hulu. games a final fantasy where you get paid in crypto whether it's a big and now storm took. it into the subtle bit more subtle game of five micro tasks and tokens and i'm earning tokens gaming all worked through that a little bit more for me and for the audience what does that mean so we're
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a marketplace so from the user perspective i get paid terry we're take winter storm we're trying out different products and services so that's a user perspective. and we came up by the experience of that. you sort of have this like journey so step one download the app stop to create a profile and each time you get paid say a dollar and then when you hit the final goal of trying out hulu for thirty days we'll pay you fifteen dollars in the theory and. so if i'm on a social networking site like that and i'm putting up content all the time i never get paid if i'm working with stone tokens and i'm interacting out there i'm going pay you're going to pay for my interaction micro tasks so you're. are you disrupting are you just something social networks first of all we're disrupting the way advertising works so from the other side of the marketplace there's advertisers pay for clicks and likes and downloads but if you're a store owner you want actually people to come into your restaurant try an appetizer and you know give you
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a real try likes and insults don't really do that and so we thought hey now business owner who what if instead of paying facebook or google for fifteen dollars and clicks and likes give us a fifteen dollars and we'll give it back to these or to actually try your product everybody wins all right so you're the. oh yes so the crew that's a pretty so you're up there on the c. suite so to speak and. so you're not the chief technology officer you know the chief executive officer the chief operations officer just for thirty seconds kind of break down what it does what i see startup so my responsibilities are the day to day operations of the company it literally is everything and whether it's resourcing systems processes payroll whatever it could be i'm responsible to make sure that day to day we're executing right so this is a very you know this is a heavy gig it's a variance and all kind of flows back to you and also if i had
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a lot of ways i understand of this it's rolling out of it in a fantastically successful let's talk about i said. for those who are uninitiated what is a nice ago so i c.f.c.'s for initial coin offering from our perspective it's more of a crowd sale so sort of like kickstarter and crowdfunding the world the masses you support projects that you really believe you put in a dollar you put one hundred dollars whatever it may be and you get a token that says i'm a believer in the store and coke and project i believe in every day micro tasks people being put in anywhere any time a device so what's the controversy with additional point offerings because. it's not equity as such it's not regulated some would argue by equity regulators. but then again it's not. there's a there's threshold in the i.c.a.o. market where it has to have a utility value and how cognizant of you are are you to make sure
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fulfills that role doesn't fulfil that role and how does it fill that role. very significantly you know where this is something that we think about all day and all night for us where utility took and there's two kinds of tokens right there is the security tokens where you actually are investment. into that company where utility token because we already had a product where the token was immediately utilised useable within our system and that those are the basic thresholds ok that utility not not to you can't don't go speak out of school or anything but i guess you know i just sent my following question so yes you see clearly they're on all their on this like you know. you know so so how much dialogue if any or do you have to do are you do you have dialogue with them or how does that work that relationship because they're clearly they're looking at this very closely yes they're looking at this very
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closely because with anything with this much attention and this much impact globally you want there are going to be some bad actors right for us we don't have any direct contact with the f.c.c. but we do pay for a very expensive partners you know the perkins kui firms and into lloyds who actually do have contacts with c.c. and are working very closely with us to make sure where we're going to step in where being very above bar above board but of course i guss lord in how we execute and operate the company justice you see seems like there are looking to encourage innovation at the stage of the game they don't they seem like they're really trying to sort through all the players of this and try to warn folks when they see an obvious. bad actor there they're trying to encourage folks that are doing doing what they were perceived to be innovative things and the money raised on this you know you're not going through the v.c. route and who might take equity so this is just cash how much money does raise let me ask so we raised it and this time we're at two thousand and seventeen and we
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sold about thirty two million dollars u.s.d. worth of stone pickens ok and so. how is a market for the spend of the next couple years what are you looking to do so right now it's really stuffing up the team we want from a humble team three four very scrappy entrepreneurs now we're bringing in you know very expensive chief of staff we would take technology sorry we're bringing in someone to really lead and to find a future where our products are going to be engineers who can do a lot of the heavy lifting and so really raising the bar on our team so that we can execute really fast and then not make the mistakes and you know we engineer it so bringing in the old with the new all right so bringing in some senior folks to try it so when you wake up in the morning and you head off to the center pod or the office or the you know wherever the all i or i or you look at it so we're working out of seattle washington right and it's basically two rows of that's true work
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side by side our little laptops all day long oh so what what what what do you what motivates you about this project i mean when i said game applied micro i mean i can see that this is kind of like a glimmer in your eye you really believe in this right so yeah tell us what your what is your passion about this because you know your passion is what's going to make this project you and your your colleagues what is it that really gets you excited it really is the idea of earth anywhere anytime from anybody with micro tasking technology we can actually really. it's a normalized i don't that's a good word. he used normalize how we are really a global nation so my my story and i often tell it on timbuktu maybe she earns twenty cents a day and that's her living but with machine learning task where she identifies one hundred oranges in photos a day she can earn a dollar a day so we can significantly increase her standard of living she can easily turn
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around and teach uncle to do under fluorescent orange is the day so now they've doubled more than doubled their income for the family they can teach your entire community their churches whatever their it is it's a whole communities globally can rise thanks to my corrections actions most of our digital transactions to date are not built for transactions under five dollars and that's where block chain and the storm token particularly is built for micro transactions so we hear about the claim. with a lot of fees now that i know transactions are not happening to some degree soaks or getting it just saying can't come to us we got they were better for payments etc but you're really specializing that five dollars under not specializing but you have a sweet spot there i guess you could say so. the folks that are around the world that we're this could make a substantial difference to their lives right because people are living on a dollar a day five dollars a day ten dollars an hour they're very low income people and and if they have
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access like nations in africa for example have phones and things where you see growth in this work countries are growing up with this it really is more of the developing nations we are very popular in the philippines thailand indonesia of course mexico brazil but we actually have a very strong u.s. population as well so it's it's literally one hundred eighty some countries break and. in general so the trip the market you know we got very frothy twenty seventeen twenty thousand and it coined the whole market one hundred eight hundred billion eight hundred twenty five billion we've had a serious correction i guess you could call it you know back to fifty percent some of the smaller points. how does that impact your business if at all. it impacts us because our communities really care and it really impacts them but overall as a company we're here for the long game versus the you know the the bumps it's going to be a bumpy ride there's still a lot to be figured out about krypto and tokens and and block chains in general our
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business model was already we were already a growing company our own is actually double from last year so. if we continue to focus on the numbers that really do matter versus the short term ups and downs of the token and all the i guess angsty around that that's around the token yanks are going to hang in there we're just anxious token angst centered mostly i think it's you know there's a lot of new people coming into crypto and they see them outside of what could market cap nearly. it's ok it's ok so you're vice chill yeah long game versus short game there's a lot of things that need to be figured out a theory i'm sort of like dial up in you know fourteen point four kill a way dial up. the internet there's still some things that need to be figured out but it was. would it be fair to say are you out money i'm on the borderline after life coming after i am one because so i am one hundred seventy nine formally i'm
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neither millennial nor gen x. i'm. sorry and so we hear. this generation is now accepting crypto as really they they've growing up a criminal and they understand that banks are inferior in many ways and they are adopting and they're living just like people have become you know smartphone from you. know what about that is not true what you see that in that regard it's it's a whole nother way of living i mean you go out to lunch and you bend mower you know . jack's wallet somebody you know a payment and you're done that's it it's very fast and simple. and the banks are seen as dinosaurs. that's not really part of the necessary day to day life they're being distant immediate they're being destroyed yeah you don't have to go drive to the bank to make your deposit or pick up checks anymore like you know we did in the eighty's now it's. done with crypto there's an idea that you
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are owning sound money you are saving money in a way and that's very different than the generations we've just experienced end up going deep deep into debt. are you it's your perception of money big philosophical question but it's your perception of money it is that you think different with crypto versus let's say the outlay u.s. dollars and that bad russia did use credit cards and go into debt in certain generational thought about i think the younger generation say the millennial generation cares more about experiences that like the consumer he i need to have stuff so that's a little bit different and then one hundred fifteen c. and. valuing time very differently to how we work and live that's a box on the lottery every you chief operating officer of storm token thanks so much thanks but that's going to this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser stay here would like to thank our guests terry you oh still to look at
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joining us on twitter it's kaiser report but. as you understand. i know that i'm a. rather. those are the four for america. i'm going to let them but i don't question them you can keep an eye on my i didn't finish the china for the profile that it. was
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then. and let's. get this whole full place choice where you got the i knew where you're from and pay off the time in syria says. the issue. of a. mile farther off the shelf will fuck around with mr hate for jim and then lawyer for one of our freddie macor. days ago the u.s. secretary of defense james mattis updated in revived america's global defense strategy it is a dark vision of the world and calls for massive defense spending what he calls a defense strategy critics say is a blueprint for the u.s. without it.
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russia calls for a new international probe into syrian chemical weapons attacks after the us secretary of state claims moscow bears responsibility for all such crimes regardless of who carried them out. protests break out across which against a gathering of the rich and powerful at the world economic forum in davos. and the u.s. government confirms that several americans were among the twenty two people killed in a taliban assault on a hotel in the afghan. broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is our international i'm sean thomas certainly
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glad to have you with us now the u.n. security council has concluded an emergency session on the use of chemical weapons in syria let's across live now to our jesus. could you tell us what was said at the u.n. headquarters in new york well the u.s. accused the syrian government of using chemical weapons while russia highlighted that there is no solid evidence to substantiate any of these claims let's take a quick look. earlier this week we received yet another report that the assad regime has used chlorine gas against its own people. the timing of the announcement was very fortunately chosen around the time of the meeting in paris in the upcoming syrian national dialogue congress such a striking coincidence that the u.s. and u.k. envoys have rushed to accuse the syrian government for receiving any evidence and without waiting for the investigation to finish russia has the audacity to lecture
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this security council about how to stop the use of chemical weapons in the us we were the strongest advocates for an investigation a professional investigation not an imitation of russia all on its own killed the mechanism we had specifically tasked to a den of fire those responsible for using chemical weapons in syria knew the joint investigative mechanism which has ceased its work has failed in its mission the probe did not stand up to any scientific scrutiny it became an instrument for political manipulation it was russia's complicit in the assad regime's atrocities near that exhaust with some countries are still trying to force the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons or to put the blame on damascus they do not understand that in doing so they are undermining your thora city of this respected organization. this came after secretary tillerson accused assad of
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perpetrating a suspected chemical attack that supposedly happened on monday problem is it hasn't even been confirmed that these attacks even happened let's take a look at what tillerson had to say. whoever conducted the attack rochelle truly bears responsibility for the victims and he and countless other syrian targeted with chemical weapons since russia became involved in syria. there are only two sources that have even claimed this happened the syrian observatory for human rights which is comprised of one person based in the u.k. and the white helmets and it safe to say that the u.s. is ascribing blame based solely on online sources but russia also said at the security council that the joint investigative mess mechanism became a political tool and called for an impartial investigation into all cases of chemical weapons in syria as well as the new reports that came out of the joint
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investigative mechanism any russian proposal that undermines our ability to get to the truth or that politicizes what must be an independent and impartial investigation. to the us dismissed on proposal right from the start of reveals the truth they do not need an impartial investigation of mechanised humans when you go with us and let me even though several other member states supported the proposal of a new impartial investigation the us rejected it saying that it's ready to bring back the old joint investigative reckon is a but all other signal suggestions were unacceptable now what's interesting is that these chemical attacks allegedly happened right before the meeting in vienna as well as the summit in sochi on the syrian crisis that's set to take place in a few days so that that's definitely worth thinking about. samir khan force
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a line from washington d.c. sting across the story for us we know that as this story develops you'll stay on the details and bring it to us as they come in thanks all right for some insight on this story we can now bring in jennifer britton an attorney specializing in foreign policy jennifer thanks for being with us here on our to international as always. so russia is calling for a new chemical probe but the u.s. does not want this to happen why do you think that might be. the same thing i mean we've gone back to now this cold war mentality with some of the verbiage not only from jadis from x. tillerson our scene and others and so you know it's the same thing we look at all this stuff going on here with c.n.n. going crazy and so many others about russia's interference in certain things that would be analogous to us wanting to set up a chemical plant open syria where russia has had support of military presence against isis and with the regime it would be analogous to russia saying hey let's set up a program for the russia investigations in the united states of course russia is
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not going to want a u.s. led pro there in the u.s. isn't going to want to russia lead pro there and so it is good that anybody comes out and says we need we need a probe is it jack to have something that we can go in and actually get facts on the ground not just from one state or nation but actually see what's happened get the numbers and get the facts so that we can actually find a solution to the problem rather than just pointing political fingers and blame well about those political fingers and that blame the russian envoy said that the u.n. o.p.c. w probe has been a complete failure and accuse western powers of pressuring the investigators to blame damascus what do you think about these allegations are they justified. i think they are justified i mean i think you know anything that comes out of the united nations anything that happens and we've seen that that's happened in syria and ends up being less about the people and more about the political parties whoever wants to take credit for whatever's happening in syria or whoever wants to blame somebody and so we see that going on and oftentimes you know countries will use some of these more crisis situations in countries in order to prop up their own
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political positions and this is no different you know we're seeing how any kind of blame that can be put on some kind of program even pressure on pros i think it is justified because you see that happening no matter what happens at the united nations there's always going to be closed door meetings with political powers and with these so-called probes or these you know side investigations it's all going to depend on which country has more influence over them and so if you want to truly objective probe or an investigative body from the united nations it's all it's obviously going to be very hard and it's something that happens in a lot of time on to make sure there was no political leaning no it's no secret that u.s. russia relations are really at the highest right now the secretary of state of the u.s. claims that russia bears alternate responsibility for all chemical incidents in syria because of its military role there but by the same logic is the u.s. responsible for everything that happens in countries where there are american troops and if that's the case that's a lot of responsibility. oh yeah there's tons of responsibility to go around just
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to kind of put this house there now that statement by tillerson right there shows what a novice he is in terms of government and quorum quality and that's just the truth because when you look at foreign policy things you can't go out and make these kind of statements first of all without having any kind of justifiable evidence from an investigative body from an objective third party we heard reports of a chemical attack the assad regime has been known to use it but again even if there was solid core evidence of a chemical attack it would still be there with the regime and not russia at all so to go out and blame somebody who's been in the region has been a stabilizing military partnership force there is really an oversight until or since part and so that's one of the worst things because you know the you what. are . you have different things many countries we've been in iraq we've been other places and tons of things have gone on so would be like russia coming out and saying the u.s. is at fault for isis because we backed out under president barack obama we backed out of iraq too early and we left this vacuum there so it's just ridiculous instead
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of instead of reaching the solution what tillerson should have done rather than saying that russia is ultimately responsible just creating yet again another verbiage another statement just to point blame at somebody else to go back to this cold war mentality what tillerson should have done is say we're going to try to work together with the russians who have been in syria longer than we have and really try to solve the problems here to try to find a solution to exactly what happened and hopefully work with the russians to make sure that they are to discussing with the assad regime if they were in fact responsible for this chemical attack what's that they're going to take to stop but it is interesting that the statements from killer sent have come out right around the time that he met with the turkish leadership after the offer and attacks where turkish forces were going against kurdish forces that the u.s. has been backing so you're wondering why you're not seen tillerson speaking out against these to this turkish military attack in syria again and. that now coming out against russia what kinds of conversations are you having and why is this his main thing to go out against russia who nobody says has any tie
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with any sort of chemical attack in syria all right interesting to hear your thoughts you and i could sit down and have a conversation about this for hours i'm sure jennifer breeden attorney specializing in foreign policy thanks for being with us here on arch international. all right the swiss mountain resort of davos has opened its doors for the annual world economic forum and this year it's pulled in a record number of world leaders including the u.s. president but many are determined to show that he is not welcome. around two thousand people marched through the streets of zurich to denounce trump's visit and the entire davray several smaller protests took place elsewhere in switzerland including in geneva or to jacqueline vogel takes a closer look at what is on the agenda at the dollars for the world economic forum is well underway here in scenic town of davos nestled in the swiss alps and the guest list is chock full of political heavyweights such.


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