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not cool enough to buy a product. these are the hawks that we lost the ball on this one. here's what people have been saying about rejecting the night the sixties pull on austin the only show i go out of my way to punch it was the really packed a punch oh please yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than blue the things that i see people you've never heard of love attack the night president of the world bank so take. me seriously send us an email. back guys are financial survival guide liquid that does that you can convert music as quite easily. to keep in mind now as a team into a pleasure to watch guys are bored.
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and memphis no but then i'll follow in the shadow of this and just. days ago the u.s. secretary of defense james mattis updated in revised america's global defense strategy it is a dark vision of the world and calls for massive defense spending what he calls a defense strategy critics say is
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a blueprint without it. chose seemed wrong. but old rules just. the old get to shape out just because the educated and indeed trained equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. prescribe medication is widespread on the us market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit some site what or who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the
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doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects why . was this gently altered what i did was done on a cocktail of lethal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's same as rather stand here for all of. our goods that are a lot of trouble rather than a profit on the floor for the care of our. own lawyers political but i don't cut in there. and keep an eye on what i don't think is a channel for truffle. work then i want to show those. members that i.
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russia is complicit in the assad regime's atrocities in your judgment prosecutor russia is running from the facts. is your true motives methods for investigating chemical weapons in syria see the russian and american embassies go head to head the un is moscow is blamed for every incident regardless of who carried out the attack also to come this hour. the u.s. aid chief says the destruction in the syrian city of rocket is beyond description after america's devastating bombing campaign there against islamic state terrorists and berlin remained silent. after germany's foreign minister condemns to use offensive against kurds in syria. plus
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a platform for fake news the extremist propaganda a new survey shows most people in the u.k. on social media to be better regulated. by good morning it's just gone nine o'clock here in moscow you're watching r.t. international now there's been a fiery exchange between russia and america at the u.n. over how chemical attacks in syria should be investigated russia wants to ensure all future probes require experts to visit the sites of alleged incidents however that proposal was strongly rejected by the u.s. . russia is complicit in the assad regime's atrocities you are acting as judge and prosecutor russia is running from the facts your behavior exposes your true motives russia has the audacity to lecture this security council this is a long political spectacle for not going to accept any russian proposal that
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undermines our ability to get to the truth we should at least have taken a look at the draft before rejecting it russia all on its own killed the mechanism we had specifically tasked to identify those responsible q what do you need an investigative mechanism for before an investigation you haven't cuse the syrian government of using chemical weapons. well that came during a debate on how to tweak the so-called joint investigative mechanism a system used to assess chemical attacks in syria. the meeting was held after the us secretary of state claimed another attack took place in syria on monday and claimed russia should shoulder the blame for that and other incidents. whoever conducted the attack rochelle truly bears responsibility for the victims in these and countless other syrian targeted with chemical weapons since russia became involved in syria the problem is it hasn't even been confirmed that these attacks
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even happened let alone who is responsible and there are only two sources saying this and both are notoriously pro-rebel this whole blame russia game continued at the security council on that same nikki haley's statements were more about russia than anything else she even accused russia of killing the joint investigative mechanism but at the meeting russia said that the joint investigative mechanism became a political tool and called for an impartial investigation into all cases of chemical weapons use in syria including the joint investigative mechanisms new reports that we're not going to accept any russian proposal that undermines our ability to get to the truth or that politicizes what must be an independent and impartial investigation to naturism so the fact that the us dismissed all proposal right from the start reveals the truth that they do not need an impartial investigative mechanism so even though several other member states supported the proposal of a new impartial investigation the us rejected it saying that it's ready to bring
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back the old joint investigative mechanism quote but all other suggestions are unacceptable. this american reporting there well the mechanism she mentioned was established in twenty fifteen by the u.n. security council along with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons together they drew up several reports accusing the syrian government of being behind the chemical attacks including one of the deadliest in cancer in april last year however their conclusions were made despite experts not actually visiting the site where the mission's mandate did expire last year and russia is now proposing fixes to the floors it saw in the previous one in particular moscow insists independent experts must collect samples for testing directly from those attack sites the previous mechanism mainly relied on eyewitness accounts of moscow to see no problem with this method staying among the we are several experts for their views on the issue. i don't know why russia would have any interest at all in
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allowing assad to use gas as we can see from this incident and ones before every time it's used it's used to attack russia so it's just ridiculous instead of reaching the solution what tell us and should have done rather than saying that russia is ultimately responsible just creating yet again another verbiage another statement just to point blame at somebody else what tellers then should have done is say we're going to try to work together whether russians who have been in syria longer than we have and to really try to solve the problems here to try to find a solution if one wants to find the truth that it will take a serious investigation snap judgment is happening when serious investigations are done which does take time stakes on the ground. you know examination. not just rolling on the agents who are actually paid by the west the facts show on bet. and cascades when the armed opposition. well with rex tillerson then saying
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that moscow is to blame for the chemical attacks in syria our senior correspondent not against the evidence what responsibility washington should perhaps take its involvement in the conflict the end justifies the means they say some things no matter how horrible just have to be done these are hard core fighters they have to be rooted out this is an ugly business but it is necessary business it's only after when the dust settles and you see what you've done that you start having second thoughts this is when you say damn what did i just do. the devastation goes back as far as you can see it is almost beyond description how deep the damage is as many as a thousand strikes a month on record alone just strikes not including. tanks and all that
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more than eighty percent of the city was deemed unfit to be in by the u.n. a city hall but raised so let's start with the obvious incredible work has to be done just to get people back into their homes except we won't pay here is the disclaimer stabilisation not reconstruction the us will help fix the pipes but someone else is going to have to sort out the rest of this mess no sir the coalition freed you you do the rest we humanity ariens including the u.n. do not have access to iraq a city because of the presence of explosive hazard contamination which is endangering people trying to return to iraq a city and it's also endangering humanitarian access over two hundred people have died while trying to return to their homes and hundreds more have been injured from our understanding of the reports that we have only
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a limited number of neighborhoods in iraq a city have been cleared for returns and that's mainly in the outskirts. so who is going to pay to rebuild an entire city the guys who helped the straw it say they won't the civilians returning from tents in refugee camps the syrian government which doesn't even control raca who. were aghast reporting and i mean while thousands of protesters across europe are rallying against turkey's military operation against kurds in syria demonstrations were held in athens and london as people wave kurdish flags and carried antiwar banners similar protests took place in the german city of mannheim people there were angered that german made tanks are being used in the turkish offensive with more on this his way through all of. the turkish military operation against the kurds in syria has caused some consternation here in germany however officials in berlin say that
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they're only somewhat concerned about the actions of ankara the military confrontation between turkey and the kurdish forces carries ridged in and the last thing syria needs is another standoff imagine the surprise when german saw the footage of turkey's military offensive against the kurds and they saw german made leopard tanks as the speed ahead of that offensive it comes at a time when germany's foreign ministers the rio is pushing the upgrades for the tanks supplied by to ankara this includes things like upgrades to the mine protection abilities that they would have with rumors that other upgrades are in the pipeline for the hundreds of tanks provided by germany to turkey this is all seen is part of a charm offensive by the german foreign minister as he seeks to normalize relations
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between germany and turkey. to me speak about nazi meant. but you do apply this type of mentality in germany. does you know it's a fact without question turkey's nazis comparisons must stop unfortunately we see that these comparisons have not stopped. however when it comes to questions over whether german tanks are being used against the kurds and says from the german government the norm the ground there's no official stance from the defense ministry from the foreign ministry or from those who deal with exports at the ministry of economics here no tanks see no tanks speak of no tanks that's the lying coming from the german government at the moment but when it comes to the german people they don't seem convinced that they should be providing arms to.


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