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won't the horse to freak out at all freak out if they do what's really going on there's green energy in this world wait there's other alternatives for energy and we don't have to have you know or oil companies drilling off the east coast or pipelines crisscrossing the country and the idea is that the what the plan would george that george w. bush's plan was that it would this number of how much ethanol would be mixed and goes bigger and bigger and bigger the idea is we're all going to be i o. feel oh. come on it you know and that's the thing and that's what people don't realize about biofuels like look the world resources institute calculates the providing just ten percent of the world's liquid transportation fuel in the year twenty fifty would require nearly thirty percent of all the energy in a year's worth of crops. that the world produces today that's a ton of corn yeah that's a lot that's more corn than someone's feet that's incredible record but the goal for bio energy to me twenty percent of the world's total energy demand by two thousand and fifty would require humanity get this to at least double the world's
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annual harvest of plant material in all its forms that is a massive number that's impossible to reach plus we talked about earlier corn if i'm remembering correctly is not exactly good to the topsoil if you're over producing core you know and we already are over farming for industrial far you know we're going at things like that but tab of the big question is is it illuminates the audience of why is corde so bad i mean i love corn look i'm i'm all for it biofuel alternative unfortunately biofuels like this and which you can use any you that shop owner whatever you can do you say no soybean is another one but again these are things that keep getting subsidized by the u.s. government and subsidized and subsidized now senators congressmen love that because they go to washington these bring these big subsidies and you have situations to the point that we're paying farmers to not grow things so that the prices remain a certain so that the corn market says so according to the c.e.o. . biofuel production and the mandates are responsible for about
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a thirty five percent increase in corn commodity which here's the thing it's not that it makes corn more expensive because we don't really grow corn for food the majority of the eighty million acres of corn fields in the u.s. are made to feed livestock say so when the prices for a fee goes you have the meat corporations on these industrial farming corporations are hormel isn't tyson and perdue are going to ultimately have to going to pick up somebody is going to have to pay for that increase in corn for in the corn prices for commodities because they're going into biofuel so then you look at the fact that they're just it's not a very green alternative to gasoline so because of the use of water and fertilizer so. it's a lot of people say it's just about equal to to gasoline as far as greenhouse gas well really look at it there was a two thousand and eleven study from tepper school of business at carnegie mellon
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university and what they found was that using corn based ethanol resulted in a. twenty percent greater greater greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline and that's simply because you're using fertilizer it's the process and you're tearing up the earth which again brings out the c.e.o. too which makes mars a greenhouse gases we don't grow food anymore i would urge or we need to cheaper food we don't need cheaper biofuel they subsidize armors to make food to grow food for people so that poor people can have a vegetable once a very little record rodgers build a good point as a kind of record rogers don't forget to what is no use or good property over the place we're going to see our poll shows it all to dot com coming up america's lawyer himself like prefatory orders or let's push up some light on the new report by human rights watch highlighting law enforcement. shadow we practice something called her little instruction states. who looks.
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seemed wrong but old rules just don't hold. any new world yet to shape out disdain comes to attitude and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. days ago the u.s. secretary of defense james mattis updated in revised america's global defense strategy it is a dark vision of the world and calls for a massive defense spending what he calls a defense strategy critics say is a blueprint for without it.
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yes that was pretty good with a lark you can. help remove the last election i believe will do more to well mostly we're going to my wall so we will play you know one of the most often little pushes that show. you can't you . understand move you to the middle of this crowd move you the bluecoats believe you know who to believe you should reason you look good. you will know the little. look the secret of the armor issue you can you get other cool useful but when you. did somersault marsalis original post. then you don't. see the teacher to eye to get a clue what to do. what are the most true only ten steps to. make.
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left alone they. said. cement claiming to know servant is just a letter to. alex you speak french and now. that same year he was sent down into new polls when he still could only busy cut the bill to discuss. in an age of constant political turbulence in the permanent outraged culture many of us often take solace in having a rather solidly written constitution that protects our speech religion voting rights and a right above all to due process. at least that's what they taught us in high
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school because apparently ideals and reality may diverge in today's legal world you see according to a report out this month by human rights watch the federal government is deliberately concealing methods used by intelligence or law enforcement agencies to identify or investigate suspects including methods that may be illegal and then creating a different story about how agents discovered the information leading to defendants going to prison without ever knowing enough to challenge the potentially rights violating origin's of the cases against them legal asked her to refer to this alarming trend as a parallel construction and it doesn't seem like her hyperbole to call it the single greatest threat to our constitutional right to due process to help us understand just how commonplace this practice is and how serious that may be we're joined today by my pap and tonio host of america's lawyer and veteran trial attorney welcome michael how are you could be here why did you know one of the doesn't see quite as simple as the nice clean cut investigations from say your law
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and order t.v. shows can you take us through this practice of water parallel construction what what is that what is that exactly but well the process they're calling pirlo construction is a very clear violation of a person's fourth amendment rights i think with the laid out very well our law enforcement and intelligence agency and that they seem so hell bent on sending people to prison that they've completely thrown out the constitution i mean there's no way to analyze this without saying it's violence of clearly violative of so many forms of the gun petition of the constitution when law enforcement or intelligence agencies break the law judges typically prohibit prosecutors from introducing evidence that was obtained is result of those illegal operations that's why we had so many stopgaps that developed in the sixty's everything from search and seizure laws. the mirandizing people all of these things were were put in place because we
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understand that left unchecked law enforcement seems to seems to devolve they fall they fall to the lowest operating level and so history history has always shown us that and so in the sixty's we've the supreme court had had to get involved and they had to say we need to stop some of this so what's happened here this is a throwback this is a throwback kind of approach to getting to creating a probable cause parallel construction removes an incentive for for law enforcement to play by the rules because all they do is they throw out a big net they listen to do they listen to telephone conversations they spy on you with cameras they've got tons of way that there's no limitations to how this is used that's that's the point you don't want to miss there's no there's no limitation that says well we can't use it for this device but we can use it for this device think of it like this if you were to take this into into account it's
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almost as if everybody right now i mean anybody with a brain is afraid to talk in front of alexa about anything that significant lawyers are having remove them from their offices for god's sakes ok so take private contractors that then become part of this is throwing out in that in saying ok we caught this person a talking to person b. and there they were talking about drug exchange now we weren't listening to this for that reason we were said that we were doing this because we're we're worried about terrorism but in that conversation they find out there's some exchange so what do they do they wait outside of b.'s house and then as b. drives away they try to come up with another element of probable cause to arrest a and b. together even though it was the probable cause that that exists is all based on what we what we call will that center the poison fruit which was the first time that. heard the conversation so i although this is just
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a back door way of getting round everything that's been established all the way back to the sixty's to protect american citizens and criminal conduct you know is this it is this that if this happens to someone you know regular citizen is this a matter of getting a really really good defense attorney who really understands and is competent in this field or in some ways are some of these tactics essentially unbeatable in court. well no they're beatable but it takes a lot of money the people who are most affected by this are people who can afford to go out and buy the best legal counsel they can to handle the probable cause the issue and to suggest that this is in the illegal search and that the evidence should be thrown out that takes a lot of work now when there's a pattern of practice like we're talking about here when this actually goes into full tilt you'll have police divisions all over this country all the way from the
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f.b.i. to your local sheriff's office that in some way are going to be using this information and they're not going they're going to know that billy bob down the road is involved in moonshining you know because they heard they heard some conversation between billy bob and somebody else so they're going to find another way to get the billy bob by way of probable cause here's the bigger picture and this is why your show can't overemphasize this i tell you this is sincerely as i can the issues that you talk about on your program about issues like deep state concerns what do we what happens when we have an f.b.i. that is spinning out of control and using thinks well clearly you know like this like this this very issue of parallel construction what what happens when we fail to do what we did in the seventy's with the church hearings it's time for more hearings like listen you have a corrupt agency name it not mean you know f.b.i. cia is there any one of them that you would say yeah they operate by the all the
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rules so you have corrupt agencies all the way down to the local sometimes depending on where you're located in the united states your local police departments that are corrupt in many many ways this is a tool that they have now to use in so many ways along with things that you've talked about on the show in addition to that but the point here's the point i'm making the point is it's time for church hearings to start again look what's in the news today the story stories achieve cover just in the last few days you've got the you know of course the the russian fraudster. the fraud about the hacking where did that come from the f.b.i. the f.b.i. story about about documents disappearing the g.p.s. dos years story the new news memo i could go on i've got a whole page of this stuff what does that tell you it tells you that it's not just a symptom anymore what's happening is this is fundamental and you have to have something that looks like the church hearings that where we found out this j. edgar hoover cat you know dresses up like carmen miranda lives with his mother nut
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case a total nut case is running government out of fear and out of this very type of thing out of taking information and using it where he wants he's that's where we are now and for the american public not to understand how serious this is the only way they'll see it is massive hearings that look just like the church hearings where we start calling these people to testify about all parts of this because they're all connected well let me ask you this mike you know you bring up you know we need the churches and i love that idea and i think we need to start you know are really getting to the root of this and really saying let's let's do the reset button let's start over root all this out how do we get the ball rolling how does your average citizen get that ball rolling to start with judges does it where does the bipartisan work and be american law good attorneys where can people start really start making these changes and making that difference to make this happen. unfortunately it takes it takes people like church that had enough courage to say
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look i'm a i'm going to cross party lines i'm not republican i'm not democrat i'm just saying that democracy is at risk here so frank so frank church started off with hearings that at first looked innocuous and then as they grew we started finding out these different layers that are being unloaded not by not by corporate media these days corporate media is part of the problem but they're being unloaded element by element on social media on programs like yours programs like mine where we talk about it and of course you know. the corporate media says well geez this isn't something that we should be talking about well it takes courage you've got to find a senator you've got to find a house rep that has the courage to say that i'm going to go and i'm going to make this an issue that requires hearings and the hearings are just about any one of these parts they're not just about you know the missing f.b.i. documents now the it's a horrible story they're not just about that they're not just about komi or mueller
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or all the all the intricacies involved in those characters they're looking at the whole picture and saying we have a deep state that is worse than anything we've had in american history since the nineteen seventies in which time that we clean house again that's the point i'm making and it can happen with just a couple of senators with courage the same type of thing that frank church did and honestly i'll tell you this right now as our arcane as it may sound writers and constituents putting pressure on senators still doesn't work today they still get they will still listen to the people if the people besiege their offices with enough calls to make that happen and say hey let's let's do this let's get that foot forward let's do that and electing the right people as they are right here we got to start electing the right people to office throw out the democrat and republican to leave throw them out start getting in people who you know are out there fighting for you at the end of the day i think that's the most they give you a little bit of time left or about a less than
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a minute what's your final thought on the subject you know i want to i want my final thought isn't this an irony ok here we have the deep state that wants to target trump they want to dismantle everything that we've done in the democratic process in electing a president i did electing i didn't vote for him but he is our president so they go after him in the process all these layers are unfolding and every layer is uglier than the next one and so as these layers unfold be careful what you ask for democrats john podesta hillary. winton f.b.i. cia be careful what you ask for because in the end it might tell us an awful lot about what you're doing it seems far more significant that most employers might happen tony america's lawyer thank you for always coming on and illuminating us on this subject matter. thank you. on march twenty fourth one thousand nine hundred forty two a photograph of one may only parker freely appeared in newspapers as part of a story about how the women working at the alameda naval station during world war
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two were giving up fashion for the fashion of safety clothes on the job in it you know ms harris pulled up in a very familiar current chip and for sixty years naomi thought she looked an awful lot like the famous an iconic rosie the riveter it took until a decade ago to be proven by seton hall researcher and professor james campbell that naomi was indeed the inspiration behind rosie know me parker fraley passed away from cancer last week at the age of ninety six but her impact will remain she told people magazine once quote the women of this country these days need some icons if they think i'm one i'm happy naomi were thank you because we were happy to have her and she said rowe and all the other rosie as we thank you you stood up in a time of crisis and just showed exactly what women are made of really about is our show greed of behavioral remembered in this world we are not told that we are loved
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swords all you wall i love you i am tired robot and on top of the wall is watching those talks of the great big and. prescribed medication is widespread on the us market the frequent cause of death at that point in my life i decided like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit suicide watch all who has made it onto to prison sue commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and was there. real side effects why it was chemically altered what i did was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because
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something's legal doesn't mean it's safe. to. say i didn't mean it didn't even if it. was up. russia is complicit in the assad regime's atrocities it's. true. the united nations is the us claims russia has responsibility for chemical attacks in syria regardless of your current law and also this hour. the us government's
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a chief says the scale of destruction in the syrian city of raka is almost beyond description after america's devastating bombing campaign against islamic state. there's an outcry in the sporting world over the potential exclusion of a number of clean russian athletes from the upcoming winter olympics. and outrage erupts in germany offers discover the german made time to spearhead its military offensive against the kurds in northern syria. is. watching all t international live from our studio with me. welcome to the program there's been a fiery exchange between russia and america at the united nations over who is to blame for chemical attacks in syria and how they should be investigated moscow says
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future probes should require independent experts to visit the sites of suspected incidents but that was rejected by the u.s. . russia is complicit in the assad regime's atrocities you are acting as judge and prosecutor russia is running from the facts your behavior exposes your true motives russia has the audacity to lecture this security council this is a long political spectacle for not going to accept any russian proposal that undermines our ability to get to the truth we should at least have taken a look at the draft before rejecting it russia all on its own killed the mechanism we had specifically tasked to identify those responsible what do you need an investigative mechanism for before an investigation you haven't cuse the syrian government of using chemical weapons. came during a debate on how to tweak the system to assess chemical attacks in syria they met in same meeting was held after the us secretary of state claimed another attack took
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place in syria on monday he said russia should shoulder the blame for that and other incidents. whoever conducted the. russia ultimately burrs responsibility for the victims of these and countless others targeted with chemical weapons since russia became involved in syria the problem is it hasn't even been confirmed that these attacks even happened let alone who is responsible and there are only two sources saying this and both are notoriously pro-rebel this whole blame russia game continued at the security council and it seemed to be highly statements were more about russia than anything else she even accused russia of killing the joint investigative mechanism but at the meeting russia said that the joint investigative mechanism became a political tool and called for an impartial investigation into all cases of chemical weapons use in syria including the joint investigative mechanisms new reports so we're not going to accept any russian proposal that undermines our
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ability to get to the truth or that politicizes what must be an independent and impartial investigation. of the fact that the us dismissed our proposal right from the start reveals the truth that they do not need an impartial investigative mechanism even though several other member states supported the proposal of a new impartial investigation the us rejected it saying that it's ready to bring back the old joint investigative mechanism quote but all other suggestions are unacceptable through our current us american reporting there well the mechanism she mentioned was established in twenty fifteen by the un security council along with the. for the preservation of chemical weapons together they drew up several reports accusing the syrian government of carrying out chemical attacks it included one of the deadliest inconscious in april last year however did not actually visit the site before reaching their conclusions the mandate for the joint team to
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investigation has now expired in moscow requests changes should be made particularly that signed visit should be part of any future invest. so that samples can be taken directly it also underlined the importance of eyewitness accounts which have been heavily relied upon in the past by the un extending from the syria solidarity movement points out that the timing of the new chemical attack allegations comes right ahead of expected peace talks we're seeing that in the past day or two before geneva but negotiations would start there would be so flame up an atrocity and that again is what we're seeing happen happen here so it's really sad the the it looks like there's a possibility of ending the conflict in syria but evidently there are some forces that just want to prolong it and keep it going it's really sad and just one five zero point it's pretty stunning hypocrisy to hear the moralizing from the united
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states which have actually just the only country use nuclear weapons and world war two that used. massive amounts of chemical weapons and in vietnam and massive amounts of direct you know iraq still the country that used chemical weapons to the greatest extent. among all countries it is in no position to be moralized. with the facts to us and blaming moscow for chemical attacks in syria senior correspondent and accent what responsibility washington to take france involvement in the conflict the end justifies the means they say some things no matter how horrible just have to be done these are hard core fights as they have to be rooted out this is an ugly business but it is necessary business it's only after when the dust settles and you see what you've
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done the to start having second thoughts this is when you say. what did i just do. the devastation goes back as far as you can see it is almost beyond description how deep the damage is as many as a thousand strikes a month on record alone just strikes not including hillary tags and all that more than eighty percent of the city was deemed unfit to even by the u.n. a city hall but raised so let's start with the obvious incredible work has to be done just to get people back into their homes except we won't pay here is the disclaimer stabilisation not reconstruction the us will help fix the pipes but someone else is going to have to sort out the rest of this mess no sir the coalition freed you you do the rest we humanity variants including the un do not
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have access to iraq a city because of the presence of explosive hazard that time a nation which is endangering people trying to return to iraq a city and it's also endangering humanitarian access over two hundred people have died while trying to return to their homes and hundreds more have been injured from our understanding of the reports that we have only a limited number of neighborhoods in iraq a city have been cleared for returns and that's mainly in the outskirts so who is going to pay to rebuild an entire city the guys who helped the straw it say they won't the civilians returning from tents in refugee camps the syrian government which doesn't even control rocka who. the doping scandal surrounding team russia has taken another twist just weeks before the winter olympics begin in south korea russian athletes will not be allowed to
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represent their country but will compete as new however the international olympic committee is set to release an official list of competitors that will be allowed at the games and it already looks bleak even for russian athletes who've never tested positive for banned substances. joins us live with. what can expect from this announcement. the tensions in the sports world are hitting another high right now and the i.o.c. has confirmed that the number of russian athletes eligible to compete in the upcoming winter olympics is to be reduced and that comes about warning or explanation and while the full list has yet to be published the russian olympic committee has already disclosed a number of names and those on it are ruffling feathers not only at home but abroad as well a french sports outlet has published an article online condemning the ban of two athletes in particular. we will not be embarrassed to speak about
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a denial of justice. and are banned from the olympics because they participated in the sochi games both have undergone hundreds of anti doping controls since two thousand and fourteen and dozens more in recent months control is carried out abroad controls carried out by independent bodies by federations and analyzed throughout europe never in russia the result over the last four years a biathlete has never tested positive. is a by athlete who brought a gold home from sochi and he and his team mates. or leaders of team russia and were both two main hopefuls for winning medals and south korea as well they're both world champions and in all of their years competing neither has ever tested positive for doping and that's one of the reason the decision as an injustice. the tone of this editorial will not please everyone that's obvious but there are still questions about.


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