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we will not be embarrassed to speak about a denial of justice. and are banned from the olympics because they participated in the sochi games both have undergone hundreds of anti doping controls since two thousand and fourteen and dozens more in recent months control is carried out abroad controls carried out by independent bodies by federations and analyzed throughout europe never in russia the result over the last four years a biathlete has never tested positive. by athlete who brought a gold home from sochi and he and his team mates. are leaders of team russia and were both two main hopefuls for winning medals and south korea as well they're both world champions and in all of their years competing neither has ever tested positive for doping and that's one of the reason the the decision as an injustice. to. the tone of this editorial will not please everyone that's obvious but there
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are still questions about the integrity of the decision makers since when can we condemn innocent sportsmen to punish the guilty is obvious to ban the russians that don't also for the rest no. one will know who can actually compete. while the i.o.c. has promised to publish the full list on sunday just under two weeks before the games are start to start leaving the appeal of that decision unlikely and that means that a number of russian athletes who are still reeling from the decision that they won't be able to compete under their own flag will now be hit with another blow others said to be on the list include problems hockey players and figure skaters again all of whom have never tested positive for doping and yet they will not be forced to watch the games from the sidelines along with forty three other other teammates who have previously been hit with banned now another gold medalist said to be on the list. victor he south korean by birth which means that his dream. a
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comedian competing in his home and are now looking rather do an international condemnation is still heard about the decision that's unlikely to change the i.o.c. is mind. thanks for the update jacqueline berger reporting from davos in switzerland. a number of international athletes as well as heads of the olympic committees have condemned to the potential banning of clean athletes the head of bulgaria olympic committee says everyone who took substances must be punished but said that the measures taken against russian athletes have been politically biased. if someone asked you where are you from would you be offended that very question has to debate about racism after a social media campaign was launched in sweden he explains. where you from sounds like an innocent enough question doesn't it but it could land you in trouble here's what i actually have to explain that i first need to tell you
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about an online campaign launched in sweden to help expose racism hash tag no stranger we hope to raise awareness regarding the extensive issue of racism that actually does exist in sweden although many want to believe that we live in the world's most tolerant country the idea wrist shakespearean says of being subjected to racism turns out asking why are you from rep some people up the wrong way even though i was born here people always ask me where i'm from i hate it when they do that nobody sorry. where i come from doesn't concern you and. so shouldn't we ever ask people about their country of origin to be on the safe side.
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well here's some advice from a man behind the hashtag no stranger campaign you can also question just make sure you do it right it's ok to wonder about someone's country of origin but it should not be the very first thing to ask a stranger about because the reaction that follows is usually very stereotypical and racist like oh you're from vietnam i think it's quite terrible that you guys eat dogs so it's named first origin later and no follow up questions got it. more than two hundred high profile saudi arabians are at the forefront of the gulf states corruption crackdown dozens have been detained at the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh however all criminal proceedings may be dropped if they agreed to pay a hefty sum for their freedom.
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tolls for those suspected of corruption were expected to end this month with hoffa of the detainees already agreeing to pick up the check local media report that almost a hundred of those who didn't pay up will soon be referred to the public prosecution for trial so now in this hour took his use of german made tanks and syrian condemnation in berlin the details after this break. thank. you. with lawmakers manufacture come sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves.
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with the famous merry go round of lives only the one percent. nor middle of the room six. days ago the u.s. secretary of defense james mattis updated in revised america's global defense strategy it is a dark vision of the world and calls for a massive defense spending what he calls a defense strategy critics say is a blueprint for without it. vital program the world economic forum is underway in davos with some of the world's biggest players readying for talks at the luxury swiss resort and this channel's deputy editor in chief has been taking part in
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a panel on fake news during the debate the b.b.c.'s representative went out of her way to criticize r.t. and question our role as an alternative voice in the media. there's no equivalence argument you know the b.b.c. yes you so you are she's just a national broadcaster just like the b.b.c. is you know b.b.c. is subjected to. independent you know. regulator which is nothing to do with the with the government and the b.b.c. regularly makes reports and invest in vest occasions which criticize the government on r.t. we absolutely do that on our to we are regulated actually by off com as well all of our programming and just as joe was describing the process. of less than the be that the b.b.c. and never find like the b.b.c. has so this is but this is this is this is the problem very where you moving the goalposts we're constantly moving the goalposts something and this is the problem
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that errors that our team has made and of course we've made errors in our reporting and we've addressed them we've corrected with issued our clarifications to inform their audience but when it comes to r.t. or other alternative voices legitimate alternative was in the news media those kinds of accusations become a way of just summarily misrepresent the nature of what we do auntie's deputy editor in chief believes that despite hostility from certain quarters there is a clear why support for alternative voices in the media. i could see from the very beginning of the panel just how quickly the participants lost. sort of a common. a common target of what it is we're supposed to be fighting. the same journalists or media professionals who are very quick to for instance. pretty kewl or. pick apart statements by donald trump to ridicule his deployment of the
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term fake news as a way of dismissing any kind of reporting that he doesn't like are doing in fact the same thing themselves they are doing it for instance to r.t. and. completely wrong and baselessly accusing him of things that our network has never done does not do as a way of silencing an alternative voice in the news media space among the positive sign this was after the debate and we didn't get to see that the encouraging thing is how many people from the audience people from a wide range of countries from every part of the world cup approached me and told me how refreshing it was to see an alternative voice to hear a lot of ways to see an alternate perspective on a stage like davos and i think it demonstrates the real need the real demand for voices like r.t. . thousands of protesters across europe are rallying against turkey's military operation against kurds in syria demonstrations were held in athens in london as
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people waved kurdish flags and carried on to balance a similar protest took place in the german city of mannheim people there angry that german made tanks are being used in the turkish offensive his speech all of a. military operation against the kurds in syria house calls to some consolation here in germany however officials in berlin say that they're only concerned about the actions of bunker. the military confrontation between turkey and the kurdish forces carries rich in and the last thing syria needs is another standoff imagine the surprise when german saw the footage of turkey's military offensive against the kurds and they saw german made leopard tanks as the speed ahead of that offensive comes at a time when germany's foreign ministers the rio is pushing the upgrades for the tanks supplied by to ankara this includes things like upgrades to the mine
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protection abilities that they would have with rumors that other upgrades are in the pipeline for the hundreds of tanks provided by germany to turkey bases all scene is part of a charm offensive by the german foreign minister as he seeks to normalize relations between germany and turkey. they are disturbed when we speak about nazi mentality but you do apply this type of mentality in germany. does you know it's a fact without question turkish nazis comparisons must stop unfortunately we see that these comparisons have not stopped. however when it comes to questions over whether german tanks are being used against the kurds. answers from the german government the norm the ground there's no official stance from the defense ministry
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from the foreign ministry or from those who deal with exports at the ministry of economics here no tanks see no tanks speak of no tanks that's the lying coming from the german government at the moment but when it comes to the german people they don't seem convinced that they should be providing arms to turkey right now i don't think so why not. because war is bad and all. the harm has caused a disturbance in this region so i don't think we should sell him tanks but i think that's awful became for the turks a fighting against an entire people this should not be happening. it's terrible we should not be sending any weapons at all no matter who's behind them. at least two people have been killed and twelve more injured in the afghan city of jalalabad a suicide attacker detonated a car bomb at the office of the humanitarian group save the children reportedly up
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to fifty people in the building at the time of this temporary shutting down work in afghanistan according to afghan media i thought has claimed responsibility for the attack local journalists sorry reports. at least twelve people were wounded some of them include afghan employees of the organization but none of the injuries are life threatening the afghan special forces or attacking at least three attackers who are armed with rocket propelled grenades heavy machine guns and hand grenades we also know from very worried family members who are waiting outside and some of them have been touch with me looting my own relatives that there are a lot of people who are stuck inside save the children would invite their afghan employees from the districts and they would train them they would invite them for seminars in these afghans do very important work in many of the districts of
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our province outside of the city of jalalabad be it with the health education or shelter for refugees or internally displaced people so obviously a major source of concern is how could this attack of taken place because the office is only two hundred or three hundred meters away from a police station and i think that's what you're looking at for two thousand and eighteen as well these security and intelligence breaches continue to really undermine the confidence of the afghan people in the afghan government. at a time when major cities have been attacked time and again. around top stories don't forget to check us out on social media on twitter now website. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more of the latest stay with us.
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this is boom bush coming to you from the world economic forum in davos switzerland i'm bart chilton coming up we have luca visentin who is the general secretary of the european trade union confederation plus alex behala bitch tells us what canadian prime minister trudeau is going to be doing here in davos and lots more but first let's get today's business and financial headlines from back in the studio in washington with ashley banks. and the eleven nations that remain in the transpacific partnership or t.p. have agreed to a new fallback deal that they call the comprehensive and progressive agreement for transpacific partnership canadian prime minister justin trudeau announced the resurrection of the t p p in his address to the world economic forum and davos switzerland now one year ago u.s. president donald trump pushed by a grassroots movement with it drew from the t p p. metron by ministration
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has announced tariffs on imported washing machines and solar panels the tariff thirty percent on solar panels and fifty percent on washing machine washing machines while phase out after three to four years of solar energy enter stres association says a tariff on panels could cost twenty three thousand jobs this year and the u.s. federal prosecutors have charged five former employees of the accounting firm k.p. and she and a former government accountant with plotting to get inside information on the regulatory review process they are charged with the actions the securities and exchange commission has compared to literally stealing the exam and order to influence review by the public company accounting oversight board.
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welcome to boom bust coverage of the two thousand and eighteen world economic forum here in davos switzerland on r.t. america and we are here to bring you a perspective on the world economic forum that you won't find anywhere else our team will be connecting across continents to bring the speakers the leaders and the events that will be making and shaping the news we'll bring it right to you on the air and online and we've got a really special week of fascinating guests breaking news and as you can see beautiful scenery ahead of us and we're so glad to be making this trip with you but before we bring in the players let's set the stage for this forum the world economic forum was actually founded by a business professor klaus shaab in one nine hundred seventy one first as a european management symposium here in the alpine town it's the highest town by the way in europe and that annual gathering became a forum for business leaders to learn about politics but also to discuss issues
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like inflation and while embargoes that were roiling global markets and the global economy and later it became more of a political discussion with political leaders in two thousand and eighteen in davos it's really a combination of both and this is the premier symbolic gathering of global business and political leaders c.e.o.'s and heads of state we're going to assemble the assembly are to discuss the future of markets and nations and increasingly to hear about how technology can help some solve some of the social problems that have been built over decades much of the consensus that you find here on the fundamental questions of political economy is being challenged almost everywhere around the world from the right and from the left even within the davos consensus it's not clear who is the leader of the forces. trying to maintain the status quo many think it's angela merkel the german chancellor who is on the agenda by the way to speak here this week and she sort of picked up that sword and then the leader
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particularly in light of donald trump who's sort of wanted to go backwards against the status quo ante but merkel standing has been undermined in recent years by challenging events such as the international refugee crisis the backlash and rise of the far right and of course bracks it that's led many people to chafe at both the current shape of the european union and the german dominance over the structure and while merkel will have a perfect opportunity here at davos for pushing back against the other surprise attendee us president donald trump president emanuel mccrone of france is openly promoting himself as the leader for the forces of stability that used to be seen as merkel's area will mccrone and merkel speak for europe will donald trump shout them out or push people out of the way to get a photo op and yes what about the role of the u.s. president as event over years well the first u.s. president participate was ronald reagan but he was via remote video the first and
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last sitting u.s. president to come was bill clinton in two thousand clinton had attended regularly since leaving office but bush forty three and obama did not attend the return of the president the world economic forum this week is a big story if not a side show time will tell and we'll be here to cover it all these stories and so much more all the booms and of course all the you guessed it bust at the two thousand and eighteen world economic forum this week we're just getting started. we are here in davos and i'm joined by luke of this and teenie who is the general secretary of the european trade union confederation mr general secretary thank you for being here and can you explain for our international audience who you represent and what your goal here in davos will. european trade union call for the ration was the can for the single confederation i will say gathering all the trade union configurations in the european union but also in the county the associated or
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candidate to enter the european union so we have a few dates from more or less for thirty five thirty seven countries ninety affiliates they are the considerations in these countries the main and most important considerations and we represent more or less forty five medium warchus in the european union in india around the european union well regarding doubles you know inequalities probably is the top topic. on the one side in terms of wages and over distribution of wealth about also profits and the fact that the european international economy is facing finally some kind of growth he's even if it's mainly jobless growth or very low quality jobs being created but anyway there is some kind of sign off change i mean in the in the prospects of the economy but this is not being reduced to that tall i mean to people to walk in people into the city this morning general so this is i think the major topic also because these
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generates a poverty social exclusion and margin nation i mean of people into society is and these again creates then settle for be a populism and a lot of mistrust and anger among people and does exactly what we would like to address i mean we all have that hold the big players i mean the international finance and economy would listen to that and so you do represent more than as you say more than thirty five countries and forty five million workers but part of those are in the u.k. right of course of course they are still part of the e.u. for the moment you know for one year or less if for only one year more or less with regard to brics it you what you said back then and i want to read it so i have it for sure is that. we are the ones with high poverty exclusion and unemployment behind the xenophobia and the populism that was an economic problem that politicians weren't able to solve that's what you said with
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regard to bret's it how do we solve those problems even if you analyze the regions of the u.k. that the voter for bracks it or against blacks it the ones that voted for blacks massively are not the ones where you have more migrants you know migration was the burning topic i mean at the base of the company for blacks it we need to get help to these migrants aiming and to recuperate our solar tea etc etc so so for an easement was more or less in all the red line i mean the discussion but actually the regions that voted for rex's are the ones where there are less migrants but at the same time more poverty socialist collusion and more unemployed people so the people it by globalisation financer is asian that cetera are exactly the ones that have been left behind that feel to be left behind and so they voted for brakes it thinking that this way probably tickled recuperate some all for the future actually does exactly the opposite that is happening because if you look at the economics of the u.k. even now they are still in the negotiations in the middle of the negotiations while
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he's going down and down so it's absolutely off to win when mr general secretary can you explain how we deal with these problems of refugee immigration and at the same time native workers and them wanting jobs these two things really you're saying aren't mutually exclusive it's not just refugees or native jobs right well you know we have to have a step back because the do regional problem is that the political shows particularly reach politicians and the ones that are on the right side of this expect from i will say they are cheating people because they are the ones that create a d.c. to ation with no liberalism a fight and so it is a show no rules timing and all profits concentrated in few hands i mean. this is exactly what is reaching the roots i mean of this situation of eye level of unemployment of social exclusion certain low wages and no. fair share in the economy etc etc and then it seems they have created this but they have now to fix
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the problem because of course this this kind of an unregulated and unmonitored globalization has really it people and created incredible social unrest now they are simply looking for a scapegoat and this cable are migrants you know the problem is not that migrants called to steal their jobs or our jobs the problem is that we didn't create jobs enough for everybody and we did a create an economy that benefits people interest instead of only corporates and profits this is the problem if we don't change democracy. all beyond hold the well really the migrants will become the scapegoat but you know when the then we will look for another scape scapegoat and song and so on and so on but this is not the solution to the problem mr general secretary it really is about a widening wealth gap and that's happening all around the world and i want to read a quote of yours again with regard to immigration welcoming
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a couple of million migrants is not a problem on the contrary you said if you were able to provide both refugees and native workers with new and better jobs the problem will be solved so this really is a macro economic determination in your view the first element is to change the macroeconomic model of course we need to move from austerity nearly broke my meaning i concentration of wealth if humans as they say to do something that is more a sustainable growth from all that i mean this is possible because these exists if we take for example one european continent the sweden in the last five years they increased public investment up to three percent of the their internal g.d.p. they have increased wages by up to thirty percent in the last five years they have rainfalls the social protection system so this doesn't create a tall i mean unemployment or economic. cetera.


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