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hansal news roundup and i'll be back at the top of the hour with more. pressure on the stand t.v. hear from us and. move on what i saw. i know a good armor on our show i think that there are rather democrats that are for them because of that. i'm going to let them but i'm going to cut him then you cut him and keep an eye on what i don't think is a channel for truffle is not good and it never got. beyond what it was then i was going on the show a little it does show that they owned a lot of the. members of the hey how do you want to do it.
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and get this whole thing first choice for you john you say you didn't pay i think chairman terry has said larry please she ought to have a. model for that in africa where folks around her said it's it for jim and then boy i hope that our family for. the money. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest in the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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this is boom bust we're coming to you from the world economic forum at russia house in davos switzerland i'm partial to coming up it's not all traditional finance here in davos in fact we're going to be talking digital currency spend one hundred plus we'll discuss c.e.o. activism in our social media plus a lot more but first let's get headlines on today's business and financial news with ashley banks actually. now roger moody of india became the first indian prime minister to address the world economic forum and davos switzerland on tuesday modi defended corporate globalization while ignoring india's recent terror of so on many high tech imports disappointing some supporters and the business press will have
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more on the modi speech and an interview with one of the indian ministers adèle those later in the show. u.b.s. curve chairman and so weber told outlets that the swiss bank one it trade or offer bid points to clients webber cited fears that increasing regulation in the crypto market would have adverse effect leading to a massive drop and value south korea has been debating whether or not to ban bitcoin exchanges specific business says that handle the buying and selling of digital currency fears of money laundering and tax evasion where the main concerns and its peak bitcoin was worth more than twenty thousand dollars it's. well the blotching making a major gains over the past year cryptocurrency has managed to grab the eyes of many in the financial sector but topic has even managed to make its way to the
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world economic forum in davos this week are gay americans barred shelton managed to catch up with alexander burger at a big name and block chain we're here at russia house and doubles and we're with alexander to choose the c.e.o. of universal a block chain and as the name implies you're a block chain company you've just done a razor initial coin offering tell us about that yeah we actually were able to. crawl out seal called seal thought see if almost thirty million of us dollars unfortunately we governorate all their amount to increase the currency so i cannot tell you for sure how much money it is due to their actions rate of bitcoin in the film avatar days you are even less or marsh than twenty and nine a million dollars more than was at the end of the crossrail on your website
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alexander you'd say that you've invented smart money tell us about that i think that in the twenty first century one will have all those in our computer so laptops smart force we should have the digital cash and this digital camera should definitely understand that currently it's my money so if you will seal them you won't be able to spend them at the store because they will know for sure that that's actually a big should belong to me and due to the block chain it's pretty easy to create such kind of digital cash so in this case we may have like for example charity money which you will be able to spend on it for charity we may have their automatic taxation system when that your taxes will be automatically deducted from your accounts properly. without any news of accountants so in from these some of
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you we may call them as a smart money and block chain as we know it through bitcoin is fairly slow in the transaction you can't do a bit coin transaction very quickly you know why is that and how does universe are addressed speed i think currently universally is one of the fastest or probably the fastest book chain in the world because come through we have twenty sols and for us action per second while there between have just a couple of them and they fume half between ten and fifteen ten fifteen compared to twenty solvent and is ether since it's traded on a theory of its own block chain it is that's why the speed is faster than bitcoin i would say that the major difference between you new york and borth bitcoin in the film that they have mining as a procedure to generate the you know to sign the block and we don't have. so from this point of view we shouldn't wait until the block will be formed to sign it we
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are able to assign each and every transaction in the in the block chain so in our case it's sounds and sometimes faster and if you're a company and you're thinking about making a move to block chain is that an expensive endeavor is that something that you need a lot of capital to do i would this is sole actually the nodes those special service where the information about the block chain is stored there decentralized and they're public so it's not your infrastructure cost someone else will will pay for that and you will be only by transaction basis so in our case for example the cost of one possession of just one sound so for example in court it seems like you know twenty dollars per programs actually currently and which areas of commerce are most easily adapted to what jane alexander there are several
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variants of course of course we think that the block chain will be next in a logical way for almost all in the system will will use it to some extent but from the very very forth users i think you may actually compare the block chain with their save where you have the special key which may open up this safe and you are storing their your personal information like for example health records and this case you would be able to provide an additional keys to the hospital where you would like to be treated and in this case and the doctor will have their full access to information about your health records but no one else and far i think their house in the studio will will definitely use them the supply chains where they have a lot of different companies who would like to have such. technological glue we should make sure of the information across the different systems but to make them available for example as if we have just produced. whatever
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pineapple somewhere and then we actually store in this pineapple the huge ship deliver into the europe from asia and then we went to the distribution center so we may store this there are those of each and every product at the blog share so everyone will be able to check the current status of the of those shipment and how about finance without with all the banks out there that want to look at watching in finance it was the actual of the first and actual uses of the blocks and when the beat corn and fear was created or created so from this perspective. the financial situations and banks may use their liquidity all shroom this digital cash as a. instant payments across the congress across the board us because in this case are such a system as. for example they're way slower and way more expansive
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so banks will definitely switch to to the block chain solutions as they did for example it was the people if you had to alexander make a decision i know this is a tough one between sort of which will be more about you will either block chain all of the block can't companies companies like universe are out there or digital currency is sort of a capital intensive endeavor blog chain all the digital currencies which one do you think holds the longest promise for value i think thrusts next couple of years the definitely of the cryptocurrency market will continue to born then but and their end of the day always for the infrastructure company has always been so we will see i think from on the horizon the five to seven the years that all those companies who will build up the next infrastructure products there
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will definitely when we will we may see it for example google google is current of them in the. whole i would say they're from the provider in the internet as a sort of was still there through his own smartphones. but they are i think of themselves as infrastructure company i'm curious how did you get involved in this whole thing doing a nice c.e.o. in being involved in the black gene i'm assuming they're poor but actually a couple of years ago i went to the venture and that's the point of my life and i was one of the most active business angelas in russia i have personally less than to a lot of companies and several of them war in the block chance here like for example shapeshifter on acquiring and i sold their growth during the several years and understand that it was. so enormously high so i could not awarded and i decided to jump in and fill this new need and build up my own company here
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it's very exciting it's a it's absolutely exciting and are you a digital currency investor yourself yes of course since to southern fourteen you must be in bitcoin yes at that point of time there was no affair i'm so actually in there i bought my first big quien it was like twenty twenty one hundred sixty years of dollars required and then during the whole two southern foreseen the bitcoin went down so i felt like like an idiot what what what where were the why did they such a mistake but at the end of the day currently it's about ten thousand the us dollars burglar alexander world its c.e.o. of universe of watching thank you for being with us. more coming up from the world economic forum here at russia house in davos but as we take a quick break here are the numbers at the closing bell.
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cops believe you know t.g.v. easy show treating you to judge. you is more than a billion dollar budgets. the proceeds go to the imus show do you can you get other counties something you. did to miss told me most of this mission. as we mentioned earlier in the show indian prime minister modi spoke this week and davos the first indian leader to speak in years chelton managed to catch up and
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speak with k t rama row a minister for the indian state of tele ghana for a look at how india's economy has expanded over the years here's the first half of that interview. we're here back in davos this time at the india house and we are with mr k.t. rama rowe of the state of talent guyana and india of course and mr minister i'm curious you are either got a big workload of things on your plate but you have put a lot of money into i.t. and information technology explain why that's so important to you and why you're putting your money where your mouth has been on this issue firstly i must tell you india's been in this trend has been human resources and your strength has been it's a large pool of young population which today in the knowledge economy that was. continues to thrive in i think is extremely important because the raw talent the
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absolute. you know have belittled to solve problems come up with solutions is what makes indian youngsters extremely special in the world is come to recognise it so therefore if you look at indian demographic more than fifty percent of india is less than the age of twenty seven so i think that's what that's what makes it extremely attractive for large enterprises to come in and set up their large development centers technology services centers and they in the idea neighbors services space and there's been extremely attractive for a large number of them so why is it important because it creates great deal of employment it creates create a great deal of value proposition for the large enterprises that i just mentioned and i think it sets of invented tuition for both the investor from a return on investment perspective and from a government perspective from the local government perspective creates employment on lot skitt and it also offers ability for indian youngsters to experience the
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global way of doing business in india has certainly changed a lot you've got bright brilliant people that are the envy of the world in many cases doing great a. things all over the world but a lot of people i think particularly in the states know that there are many call center jobs in india and is that shifted into more of a high tech area than just the call center jobs the back office jobs if you will absolutely in fact like i said you know india's biggest strength is its large think force and it definitely is an emerging trend that india and indians young indians especially don't want to be known as you know the back office of the world the tech services the call center of the world therefore you see a lot of product companies coming out of india a lot of new age tech companies which provide solutions not just for india but also for the rest of the world coming up out of india and they use
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a lot of startup sticking a great deal of. market space in countries outside of india markets outside of india so i see this as an emerging trend over the next one decade because i think what's extremely important for us to understand is if you look at the fortune top hundred of the forbes stop hundred between all of them cumulatively they're not going to be able to create a great deal of employment in the next decade or so in fact the next wave of growth has to come from innovation has to come from startups has to come from product companies who is who are going to be the large scale employment generators because if you think back to fifteen years there wasn't a global there wasn't a twitter there wasn't a facebook and these are the companies these are the enterprises that have created jobs by the millions today and the spinoffs and their developers etc etc but you've created a bit of spawned out literally millions of jobs so i strongly believe the next
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decade or next two decades are most definitely going to be the era of startups and that's where youngsters who have the ability to connect ability to compete across the globe are going to matter and that's what industry and. and mr minister you know here at davos the whole concept is about you know a globalized community trying to come up with some sort of consensus and in a fractured world given the what's going on in the world and the us a sort of taken a back seat to the more globalized harmonized effort do you think that increases the pressure on places like india and china that have had really robust g.d.p. growth over the last several years is there more of a an onus on them to speak up and sort of fill the void that was once filled by u.s. leadership the strength of india actually lies in our unity in diversity because it has always been of a heterogenous country you know it we've we are official languages are twenty two
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unofficial languages of three hundred you know the costs the communities the religions and the diverse composition of the country that we are in fact india is not a country it's united states of india it's actually a continent if you ask me so therefore with all of its heterogeneity with all of its diversity i think india india's been shining example for the rest of the world on how in spite of our differences in spite of our. composition in spite of our in spite of the number of things that separate us how we can move together as a nation as a as a as an entity i think that's what the world once today because there are number of things that separate us you know the color of our skin our religion opinions our divergent views our economic status as well i think end of the day we're all human beings and we're all booking towards one goal and that is a peaceful happy existence for our children and our future generations so that i think india's been a great example on how to forge ahead in spite of your differences in spite of all
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the other things that kind of separate you i think that's that's exactly what the world needs to do minister katie ram a row thank you so much for being with us sir appreciate your time thanks very much . well political engagement on the rise across many countries in the world we are seeing some of the activist communities who won it really expect and recent times we have seen even c e o's take to social media to have their voices heard the activist sentiment has even made its way to davos and has become a topic among the many at the world economic forum and managed to catch up with suzanne mueller rozanne top in davos who tells us what she thinks of the issues. and we're still here at the world economic forum in davos switzerland and pleased to be joined by suzanne mueller zantop who is the founder of c.e.o. positions agency suzanne welcome thank you very much for the invitation brad and
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happy to be here and let me ask you there's been this big increase in c.e.o. and c. suite activism around the world and why do you think that's occurring absolutely i think that as a pin a couple of things that that on top of each other the first thing is that you had a lot of political and economic major major events happening such as brecht said such as the european refugee crisis such as the temple action the us china relationships etc so it became increasingly difficult for see us to keep quiet to stand away from all of this because it was affecting their companies and their people now there's there's also a risk right to doing this or is that there's some negatives it's not just a positive right it seems to me that there is a risk which is to keep quiet and there is a lot of opportunity on the positive side if you speak up for instance there was this test being done of their people divided into two groups one group got
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a message that tim cook the c.e.o. of apple that speak out in favor of r.g.p. ts hughes and that control group didn't get any such message and guess who was more likely to buy a product this pride there may be adversity against algebra two issues they were the group who had known about tim cook's and last month was a much more likely to buy a product if you had just a couple pieces of advice for c.e.o.'s as they enter this sort of area what would you suggest i would say there's a couple of things you should do first i mean since we are in this alpine environment yeah picture a mountain it doesn't have to be the highest. mountain but it has to be a mountain that is worth pursuing and that is take one bite at a time and make sure that you can stick with that theme for quite some time second get your health check up get your analytics like what we do as
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a firm we provide analytics for c.e.o.'s to measure their exposure and their risk that they're at in terms of communication and that is super helpful also after a health check up you know that the smartest work for you and then get your gear which is set up your twitter account set up all the other channels make sure you have the right types of followers and then get going what are the communication channels that these c.e.o.'s are using are the is it facebook is it twitter what's the best way for them to get out there but activism as far as and it's global so what can he use a person who totally like twitter for it because it replicates a quickly and it's near real time and then of course t.v. and if you combine the two even better and i must imagine suzanne that some of these all star g. communications departments at some of the big fortune five hundred companies etc
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they must just be sweating bullets when their c.e.o. says they want to twitter handle how do they have to deal with this circumstance and how the c.e.o.'s deal with entering into the new social media world. it seems that there's two groups of people and some are a bit afraid of a c.e.o. being out of control which is a perception yeah and then there are others who are completely totally relieved that they now can work on the positive side of things seriously it has set a good thing you know out i mean you have excelled in crisis communication so hey let's make this a better world suzanne as you know. major theme here in in davos at the world economic forum is trying to get consensus in a fractured world and you've talked about the positives the bottom line for c.e.o.'s getting involved in social media but we've also talked about the social
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area and how they're doing things to be responsible around the planet which person or persons would you think would be sort of the number one tweet or facebook or who's followed both of these twin missions of dealing with socially important issues and with the bottom line of their business i would say yes and if you look at people like richard branson from virgin friends friends he promotes all these are environmental issues and goes for education then you have our child from starbucks who girls pro-immigration and even as promises to create jobs using social media to promote that message you know and i think that is a couple more if you if you dig a little bit deeper you see people like even not all from from g.m. from for it from companies who are you would not associate with technology in the
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first place but now mark moore who are taking on the medium until they're promoting their causes i thought that was my last question but i've got one more for you i think our boom bust viewers might think i was derelict in my duties if i didn't ask you what you think of president donald trump's tweeting habits ok. what i like is that he brings a very opinionated message into one hundred forty characters. i don't like is everything that happens at four am because maybe at that point in time your brain doesn't really work as well. suzanne mueller's then top founder of c.e.o. positions a.g. thank you so much for being with us. that's all for now from davos will be back tomorrow check out boom bust that you tube you tube dot com slash boom bust
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our teeth. you know one of the things we saw this entire campaign leading up to trump's election was very little discussion of the facts nobody said look you know you may be the smartest person in the world in your area of treating people in the real estate market but when it comes to actually understand economics you have no background i think any you know good economists could possibly have won that election. the press paid and attention to that. disease says harlan kentucky. overall in this group the voices of the people going street families leaving only.
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a co money since she was almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal mines are said. that it was a lot of to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened. next but it's been very. recently. the load.
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load. o. . donald trump arrives at the pro globalization world economic forum in the luxury swiss resort of davos seeking to promote his nationalist america first agenda. all these questions are why the president is coming also don't want to listen to him and you completely leave. he's foreign ministry hits us saying washington hasn't kept a single promise on the kurds and that there's no trust between the countries becoming the turkey pledges to extend its offensive against the u.s. backed kurdish militia in northern syria. the last go neighborhood stand off a model student killed his vote made and post the grisly details online before committing suicide.


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