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the shift in focus is simply a facade. davos speaks to the zero point one percent of the people they have very little concern about or what the rest of the people are getting so it's one big club and it's to deal making club again all this other little things about you know gay rights equal pay all that's just a lot of nonsense and it's in the media to write about when they don't want to write about the hard facts of how the so few own so much and how so many own so little. and some today a taliban suicide bomber killed one hundred three people and injured two hundred thirty five others in the afghan capital kabul and those the latest figures provided by the country's interior ministry. and that you. have
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a store near the site of the blasts when the car blew up i fell to the ground my brother was injured i took him to hospital it was already overwhelmed so i put a bandage on my brother's wound and took him to another facility. lots of shopkeepers here were wounded and killed the attack was devastating i saw people's limbs line on the ground. so there is bombing in kabul is the deadliest terrorist atrocity in afghanistan since a truck blast they made last year claimed one hundred fifty lives and this comes as part of a recent upturn in violence that's cause much bloodshed on wednesday are militants attacked a save the children office in the city of jalalabad moments later
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a car bomb exploded outside the premises six people were reportedly killed dozens more injured islamic state claimed responsibility for. in france prison guards have been striking over conditions of agreed with the justice minister plan for improving security in jails some of the demands made by prison staff have now been accepted so just housing fifteen hundred radicalised in banks in special units nationwide two week strike began after an increase in violent attacks by inmates on staff or the hot spots in the protest is the theory merit jail near paris it's the largest in europe it holds almost four thousand people it's also used to monitor potential or suspected terrorists among them is. he faces trial over the twenty fifteen paris terrorist attacks and the staff walked out in protest clashes erupted with police just outside the prison.
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if we continue because today there is nothing the few things that have been announced by the chancery in the trade unions to staff the project entirely we're blocking everything with blocking the prison florrie we will block all of france in terms of security we want concrete things including materials that allow prison staff to work in safety don't usually it's dangerous for us to be around the inmates because for them we are everything they hate for them we are enemies by definition. protests were triggered by a scissors and razor blade attack by an inmate which left three prison guards
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injured a string of other incidents followed the latest of which left two guards needing hospital treatment so the attacks were reportedly carried out by radicalized prisoners. the number of islamic extremists in southeastern europe is being under reported by the german government now that's based on classified documents obtained by germany's left party and reported in the press this week peter oliver has the story. there's a growing threat from islamic extremism in europe based in the balkans and the german government is keeping it to itself that's according to a highly classified report that's being seen by some left party m.p.'s the media. the german federal government cannot discount the basic threat posed by individuals and splinter groups in the islamist scene in bosnia herzegovina the hush hush document goes as far as to claim that there's a direct link between radical islamic groups in bosnia herzegovina and people in
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germany but the true nature of what these heavily classified report says hasn't come out parts of it were redacted from the copy that was shown to the left party the federal government has been trying to downplay the growing islamist threat in public furthermore it's entirely unacceptable that the government continues to cover up the role of the gulf states my colleague charlotta bin ski travel to bosnia herzegovina back in december she witnessed firsthand the situation on the ground there regarding islamic radicalization the local imaam is telling me that some of the residents have joined islamic state in this when a lot of the looting there are people who went to syria and forty on the side of i still but we tried to stop them and. it looks like an ordinary sleepy village a few houses nestled between the hills not how you might imagine a cradle of terror. a local
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a mom says he fears for his life after speaking out against those who joined eisel really with these radical elements are always unpredictable these people prayed with me he added the same table as me and they want to shoot me this has been edited version of the report issued by the government raises a lot of questions over what exactly germany knows about islamic radicalization in the balkans and how bad the situation actually is as we see in the arts or to our parliamentarian question the german government gives the extra time it's expertize that it doesn't explicitly in the gate the possibility that single persons or groups be longing to the islamistic scene of bosnia or else the governor could be a threat to germany and europe but in the same time the government denies to speak about it financial transactions that are provided for example by the govt states or
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turkey to the bike and states as well as the sending of the moms. in contrary to the german secret service just now fish the german government tries to hide the fact of growing danger coming from islam is the groups from the public wave of bombing attacks on police stations trying to neighboring south american countries the lab astoria more after this break. one goodish man using a depressive rage but. it's james so let me say this next it is a goodie in this case since the see this. week on just shoot up. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to. have to go right to the press that's what i'm up for free in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the was about how. this should. come back supporters of russian opposition figure lexan of valmy have been gathering in a number of cities they've been protesting against the upcoming presidential election on things he's done of has the story. around a thousand people have been gathering here in moscow calling for the boycott of the
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upcoming this march presidential election they're saying that their vote is illegitimate since their candidate alexei navalny has not been allowed to run this because he's still serving a five year long suspended criminal sentence after he had been found guilty of embezzlement and a person like that cannot hold public office in russia now the location of this demonstration has not been approved by the authorities they had no problem with the protest itself but they offered a different place for it but the valley supporters decided to carry on with this place with this location literally hundreds of meters away from the kremlin now alexina valley himself as the you were going to of the event has been detained our own his way here as long as a bunch of his other supporters who try to prevent his detention. now the offices of his anticorruption fund have been raided by the police here in moscow as
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well but in terms of troubles with the law here in the russian capital that has been it also this action is not just in moscow demonstrations have been held in farias russian cities we know some people some protesters have been detained there as well but in general very peaceful people have gathered they have voiced their discontent and they have seemingly dispersed. families in the west african nation of mali seeking answers over a french airstrike which has claimed killed eleven local soldiers since being more than two months since the bombing raid and officials from both sides have given conflicting versions of what happened while he spoke with the relatives of one of the soldiers. my nephew was taken prisoner during the attack on the no power security post there were people dead people wounded and people missing.
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i ask for anyone who can help us get out of here don't leave us in this place. he saw the french intervened to destroy a jihadi camp during this intervention eleven million soldiers lost their lives. the operations are good so that sarah's training camp and at no time was the presence of mali soldiers established. that there were eleven hostages found on this site and all of them died during this operation one day they tell us that the hostages were there during the bombing and the next day they tell us otherwise. certain livia wanted to say that their levon mali and hostages that were at this site had joined the jihadi movement we consider that to be an insult to the memory of these men who lost their lives in the service of the nation. they were indeed
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hostages of terrorists and there should not be any ambiguity between our french friends and. how superior phoned me saying that after checking they found no evidence as to whether boubacar is dead or alive while waiting to receive news regarding our son. this intervention in mali back in twenty fourteen after islamist militants and seized parts of the country four thousand french troops are involved in the anti terror operation which is still ongoing and just a few weeks ago the u.k. agreed to bolster the campaign with attack helicopters. an explosion at a police station in northern colombia has left two officers dead and one injured according to reports a bomb went off close to the office the incidents just the latest in a series of bomb attacks on police stations in the country this weekend two
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previous ones occurred in the city of baton keeler the deadliest happened on saturday morning leaving five officers dead more than forty people were injured among them civilians another attack happened in a city in the north of ecuador close to the colombian border twenty three people were injured in a car bombing outside a police station thirty seven buildings in the vicinity were reportedly destroyed because laurean president claimed the attack was connected to the drugs trade you also declared a state of emergency in the city we can lease chief julian assange she was recently granted ecru in citizenship pledge via twitter a reward for any information about the attackers. have someone asks where are you from would you be offended that very question has stirred debate about racism after a social media campaign was launched in sweden and he said he explains. well from sounds like an innocent enough question doesn't it but it could land you in trouble
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here's what i actually had to explain that i first need to tell you about an online campaign launched in sweden to help expose racism hash tag no stranger we hope to raise awareness regarding the extensive issue of racism that actually does exist in sweden although many want to believe that we live in the world's most tolerant country they are dangerous to shakespearean sense of being subjected to racism and ten cells asking why are you from rob some people up the wrong way even though i was born here people always ask me where i'm from i hate it when they do that nobody put are you decide where my home is where i come from doesn't concern you and it shouldn't matter i say shouldn't we ever ask people about their country of origin to be on the safe side.
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well here's some advice from a man behind the hash tag no stranger campaign you can also question just make sure you do it right it's ok to wonder about someone's country of origin but it should not be the very first thing to ask a stranger about. because the reaction that follows is usually very stereotypical and racist like oh you're from viet nam i think it's quite terrible that you guys eat dogs so it's name fest all region night and no follow up questions got it. saudi arabian beauty pageant to sing competitors going that extra mile to win but has left some with the hump over changing.
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for. her. it makes the head more inflated so when the camel comes it's like oh look at how big that head it's it has big lips a big nose. they are cheating everyone i find should be applied. i'm staying with the analogy to national this evening join me for the latest news headlines at the top of the and.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in the night was actually to pull on austin the only show i go out of my way to find you know a lot of the really packed a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than the blue. sea people you've never heard of love redacted tonight my president of the world bank so. i'm going to. send us an e-mail.
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about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last turn. to caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath . but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters my mind it's consumed with death this one different person i speak to now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker.
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of light for many clubs over the years so i know the guy even so i doubt. it all isn't only about what happens on the pitch but a final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just billionaire owners and spending two to twenty million one fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else on earth because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy my great so we'll all chose for the player. at least this morning to. play.
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i want to welcome to worlds apart in the twenty five years since the oath the process was launched it remains one of the most fruitful rounds of talks on the israeli palestinian issue not only because of the formal accords it produced but also because it managed to put the protagonist in one room and have them talk to one another and some believe these direct exchange was only possible because gay marriage comes out there as if another u.s. administration tries to mediate between the israelis and the palestinians how big of a problem is the mediation itself well to discuss that i'm now joined by guest in boston founder and cochairman of the israel palestine creative riginal initiative mr buskin thank you very much for your time it's great to have you on the show thank you now i know that you've advised many israeli palestinian international leaders on the middle east peace process and now that. the u.s. vice president mike pence has arrived to the region trying to restart this
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negotiating process once again i wonder if there is any advise that you would give him. advice i would do for vice president pence and in fact i wrote to president trump on the first day of his ministration is that after so many years of negotiations the israelis and the palestinians need to know the three need to resolve this problem themselves they need to sit in the room by themselves and how shouting agreement. states needs to inform the israelis and the palestinians that they will be there to help their free choir to provide bridging proposals to reduce international support and finance for a peace process. but if the israelis and the palestinians are going to be dependent on a third party mediator it is unlikely that we're going to find a mediator who is going to be able to bring the parties into the room and work out an agreement this is what we've seen over two decades already but mr barak and i think the end notable change over the past year is that it's true i know it please
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that you believe that the americans were never an unbiased mediator but at least they went to great pains to come across as such we each had a certain restraining influence on all sides the trying but couldn't care less about it and i'm sure you know that in the in this speech before. mr pan's didn't make a single nod to the palestinians he didn't mention the world the word settlements even once and i think it was quite clear that the his administration is positioning itself not as a mediator or pretend mediator but as a fully fledged backer of one side how does it change the negotiating dynamic overall well there are no negotiations there haven't been negotiations for more than four years so i don't think it really changes anything to be fair to vice president he did refer to keeping the status quo at the religious sites in jerusalem he called the temple mount to her almost surely from referring to that as being a place where muslims he did say that the israelis and the palestinians would need
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to agree on the borders and the sovereignty. in jerusalem and you did say that the united states would support a two state solution if the two parties agreed on that so i think that there was room there but i don't believe that the trumpet ministration can be an impartial mediator or bring the parties into the room at this time to meet mr bascomb in. fact if we compare it to the kind of overtures that he made israel for example telling the knesset that he's administration is going to expedite the whole process of moving american embassy to jerusalem i think it certainly doesn't feel like. much ever and extended hand to the to the palestinians i know that back in december you didn't read much into the. embassy moving proposal but now that the administration seems to be following through with that the standing ovation that it received in knesset as well as the netanyahu government over all efforts to get the
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most out of the trumps administration do you feel concerned i'm very concerned not because the americans are going to move their embassy to jerusalem they're going to move their embassy to west jerusalem and jerusalem has been the capital of israel for seventy years now it's not recognized by the international community because the international community has believed that the drill solution needs to be resolved in a negotiated agreement between the jews and the arabs the israelis and the palestinians but i don't think the american move or their embassy is really going to change anything on the ground didn't my mind what it does is it pushes up the urgency of reaching an agreement because the jerusalem issue is so sensitive and so much a core of the israeli palestinian relationship that we need to resolve the issue of jerusalem even in the knesset yesterday the arab public opinion arab members of knesset held up a sign which in english said jerusalem is the capital of palestine but in arabic it said east jerusalem they were very quickly whisked out of that room into which mr
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pamphlett sad that he believed that that was a sign of democracy believe it or not that those people were forcibly taken out of their own out of their room don't you think that they trumpet mr issue which is very unabashed and unashamed about its own tendencies is going to bring out the worst from the israeli political class i don't have any expectations that the trumpet ministration can play the role of mediator we don't know if the trumpet ministration is going to present some kind of peace plan the ultimate deal the deal of the century that he's been talking about i think it's very unlikely that he's going to put something on the table that both the u.s. . when the palestinians can agree to it is likely to be like prior american proposals much more bill are used to the israeli position than the palestinian position in which case there won't be agreement and the israelis and the palestinians won't be able to reach a negotiation that will enable them to sign on the bottom line and find a solution for jerusalem and the two state solution the issue of borders the issue
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of settlements the issue of refugees the security relationship the. ownership and the management of the water resources all these issues need to be negotiated between the israelis and the palestinians and it's unlikely that the trumpet ministration is going to pull the the rabbit out of the hat and find an agreement for all of these issues i don't have those expectations now i heard you say before that the american mediation historically lad to both these rallies and the palestinians talking to the americans rather than one another and if the americans are sidelined for one reason or another and at least for now the palestinians are refusing to talk to the americans could that facilitate a more direct exchange bit been going to ease of if of course those talks ever commands perhaps but i don't think there's much of a chance of talks plea taking place between the israelis and the palestinians before we have changes of leadership in israel and palestine it seems that not to
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know binyamin netanyahu is moving closer and closer toward an indictment interest he's going to be challenged by the israeli legal system in the israeli public of whether or not he can remain prime minister and i think we all recognize that president abbas with all due respect to him is in the twelfth year of a four year term and lux little legitimacy on the streets of palestine even though he is the president and the leader most palestinians want new elections they want to be able to choose their new leader i don't see the dynamic where not in you know in abbas under any circumstances we'll come back into the room but we also have to face another reality these two people are here they exist side by side there is communication going back at a different funk. technical levels electricity water taxes movement of goods movement of people there is always going to be some relationship taking place between the parties and we have the occupation which continues in israeli settlement building and palestinian threats of use of violence it's not a good situation we need to find
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a way to talk i don't see where the entry point is yet you said it's not a good situation and it hasn't been good for many many decades and i think you would agree with me but this conflict has long needed some sort of a shakeup that's what joel de teesside out of their complacency could be chump administration with all its controversial and very divisive decisions be that agent of change that would hasten the expiration date for the status quo i wish it's unlikely but trump could surprise us as i said his team his son in law. and jason greenblatt and other people in the in the administration are working on a plan i think that from what we understand their plan is going to be based on a wider circle of regional cooperation with jordan and egypt in the saudis and the emirates and the kuwaitis and other states in the region and certainly bringing in more players into the states from putting more goods onto the table could create
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opportunities for both israel and palestine but the core of this is israel and palestine the core is ending the israeli occupation the chorus two capitals in jerusalem and a two state solution that has to be resolved and then supported from the outside i think that other international players such as russia and the european union the united nations also have a played a role a role to play here and they could make a contribution as well well let me ask you specifically about the european union because instead of meeting with fans mahmoud abbas the palestinian authority president traveled to brussels and it's clear that the europeans who also happen to be the most generous donors to the palestinian terror. quite in sounds to with what they see as trumps recklessness but they are also being that true self in a sense of being very slow very careful about what they say and what they do you do you think they will ever have and that in themselves to mosques or that courage to recognize a state of palestine as abbas has been pleading with them it seems that they won't
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be able to do that the european union is a complex body of twenty different twenty eight different sovereign countries we will see a process of individual countries perhaps recognizing palestine there are talks that slovenia might recognize palestine soon sweden has already done it certainly some eastern europe european countries have done it in the past before they were members of the european union there are parliaments in the european union countries that have called on their governments to recognise public. i think this would be a positive development but i don't see it happening very quickly i ask you speaking here on russia today would would russia recognize the state of palestine would russia declare use troops on the capital of palestine well i'm pretty sure that russia will not be the first power to do that and that's precisely because of what's happening across israel's border in syria because for russia the greatest stakes are there and risking the relationship they have at the moment the prime
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