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around the world we face rogue regimes terrorist groups and rivals like china and russia that challenge our interests our economy and i have advice in confronting these horrible dangers we know that weakness is the surest path to conflict and matched power is the surest means to our true and great effects i was just a watching our mainstream coverage earlier and the only criticism that had wellies foreign policy wise was that he was apparently too soft on russia and you know the united states requires to have major enemies to justify the seven hundred billion dollar defense budget which is actually one point one trillion if you break it down so these are all important noises for the president to make the state of the union to sort of shore up support from the defense bloc as it were to chinese it does ring
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a bit cold war ish to russia however we're beyond cold in terms of the cold war the rhetoric is much more aggressive much more ricin for us the agenda is much more pernicious and it's become a centerpiece of u.s. partisan politics the whole russia gate issue back to domestic policy and trump announced that he'd signed an executive order to keep the guantanamo bay detention center open despite get my becoming notorious for various human rights abuses including torture from speed assisted broke obama vowed to close the facility back in two thousand and nine but never delivered on the promise. in the past we have foolishly released hundreds and hundreds of dangerous. only to meet again on the battlefield including the isis leader. who we captured who we had who we released. so today i'm keeping another problem
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i just shy. prior to walking in an order directing secretary to reexamine our military detention policy and to keep open the detention facilities in guantanamo bay. when it came into power he said not only that he believes torture works he's going to fill guantanamo the only reason why i can say this is because there's no precedent for people being prosecuted for war crimes and i think it's important that this would praise the said the war crimes carried out in kuantan immobile graham and all the other detention for the cities by the americans in fact recently now for the first time i think in recent history the i.c.c. the international criminal court is finally investigating some of the abuses that the americans carried out in afghanistan and perhaps later in kuantan a moment of unprecedented move so to be saying that at
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a time when this investigation is taking place that i'm going to keep guantanamo open is an affront to the very notion of justice. the russian hacking group fancy bears is claiming the canadian olympic committee covered up a positive doping test of its national poll champion prior to the rio olympics earlier my colleague nicky ever discussed the details with r.t. easily. well it looks like an eyebrow raising e-mail exchange supposedly between the people from the canadian olympic committee and also their national body that is responsible for sports ethics some pretty disappointing tactics in there it looked like attempts to play down an anti-doping rule violation and some corkey damage control around the summer olympics in rio and here's the athlete at the center of this what can you tell us about him well it's all of the case of the former pole vault champion from canada his name is shawn barber prior to rio he had tested
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positive for cocaine but instead of being thrown out of the olympics after several and turned all disciplinary proceedings with that in canada he was allowed to go and moreover this case was hidden from the international olympic committee for a while he was not permitted to disclose shaun sue wish and prior to or during the games we do not condone this behavior sure has apologized for his mistake and poor judgment. now for a moment just bear in mind all the treatment that the russian olympic athletes have been getting and listen to how shawn barber was cleared basically what he did was claimed at the hearings that he had inhaled or ingested the cocaine during a sexual intercourse with someone he called a professional woman she found him allegedly on
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a craigslist ad and the cocaine was transferred when a kiss happened so canadian officials were happy to let him go and keep the i.o.c. in the dark about this by the way just for your information the pole vaulter came out as gay a few months after the olympics and said that he was proud of it very interesting i presume the i.o.c. has taken a saloon very seriously well i can tell you it was too late to take this seriously they couldn't do anything about that when they found out but apparently some people at the i.o.c. weren't so happy with the situation president thomas bought allegedly the called the ruling a decision that was influenced by national interests but in the meantime if we go back to the e-mails some top canadian sports officials appear to have been trying to do everything to make sure that this case doesn't get any further attention
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and clued ng legal attention and if you look at the wording it suggests that anyone who's concerned or anyone who's just even trying to ask questions about this is doing something terribly wrong it does not seem right that this is being suggested publicly but if an independent bruce is determined the athlete was at new fools in this case. and the i.o.c. had the right to appeal the decision of the time and none of them did well this is a point where i once again want to mention all the russian olympic fans well everyone has their own understanding of the words double standards. we discussed the issue with professor of sociology at aston university ellis cashmore he believes that there's an issue of double standards given that russia's athletes have been banned even without testing positive for doping what is novel of course
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is this apparent relaxation of warder's rule of strict liability warders premise with all its other rules regarding drugs is that the individual athlete is sol the responsible for his or her own bodies if your in a bar and somebody spiked shore drink your responsible for it even if you'd left your drink on guarded while you went to the toilet or something like that or turned your back your the perpetrator of the crime russian athletes have been banned from competing even without giving any kind of positive don't test at all being guilty by association so there is this kind of striking difference between the treatment that russian athletes are being given and those that have been afforded to north american athletes. the olympics are looming only one hundred sixty nine russian athletes will be invited to the games out of almost five hundred initially put on
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the list russian president vladimir putin has apologized to the sports people saying the country failed to protect them. you know better than anyone else you know how hard it is to clean victories and how much it is that you need and it's two times harder when you score it is mixed with events unfamiliar to sport politics we apologize for not managing to protect you from that party talked exclusively to a number of russian athletes who were spoken to by the president. so you're going to sleep there is a certain amount of pressure on all of us of course it's quite a complicated situation are really want to do my best want to overcome my anxiety and distance myself from all the stir the media is causing around us now i want to address our fans i want them to be more kind and to keep supporting us no matter what i need to forget about our desire to win forget that everyone is against us and just continue doing our jobs. within ourselves we know what country were
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present it matters what we feel not what we wear just a story like we have hard feelings for those who weren't allowed to participate even though they were innocent and maybe we're still a bit angry about it. as afghan and u.s. forces have increased their attacks against militant strongholds in afghanistan civilians find themselves caught in the crossfire in their own homes. islamic state militants came here the government then dropped off a leaflet to warn us so we fled our village then the americans were martyred and destroyed these houses we demand the government help us. the three villages who were killed did not belong to i saw all the taliban they were in their houses during the bombardment a man a woman and their son were killed in that incident. we were on our way villagers said their u.s. forces were coming here then we continue our trip tour it's a central district here in this time they bombed us there were eleven of us and
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vehicle on the i survived theater ten people including my appearance in cousin who are killed. the latest statistics from the u.s. air force makes the situation abundantly clear to in the last year the united states dropped more than four thousand bombs on afghanistan since august the u.s. carried out twice as many airstrikes as in the previous two years combined american military forces insist that they take all precautions to avoid civilian casualties . while the value of bitcoin has been on somewhat of a roller coaster ride of late the future a virtual currencies in general seems to lie with its underlying technology blocked chain and in the russian capital one businessman is seizing the cryptocurrency momentum after turning a former soviet car factory into a mining farm with details his new girlfriend says santiago. welcome to our digital digest on everything exciting in the world of block change i
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mean your practice and go this is parties group tell the soviets ciphering technology may just be what the world needs for a global revolution in mining we're about to speak to the founder of the russian mining company and see what the multi-cell mind is all about big news from moscow as the russian mining company cone by dmitri marine shiv one of president vladimir putin's internet. plan to raise as much as one hundred million dollars in bitcoin and a theory i'm for their i c.e.o. the result was only forty three million but it was more than needed to go on with the production of the maltese cell miner see with mining it's simple a machine takes part in every day crypto currency exchange operations and gains the owner eight percent for each shands action the latest chinese bit main mining machine at twenty three hundred dollars will produce you around twenty five dollars worth of bitcoin daily r m c s two miners in the works with sixteen hundred dollars
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sunrise bitcoin miner that has more mining power than big mains machine that's producing thirty to forty percent more daily revenue and the multi-cell alternative coin miner that will be a breakthrough for the world's mining machinery but speak with himself and get the latest on the progress so you had a tough line which some deadlines were blown but everyone is eager to see the miner what's the progress so far the progress is good the sunrise mine is ready and as we speak we're beginning mass production of the factory while the multi-cell should be ready by august twenty eighth multi-cell is a microprocessor which routes deep into the soviet past when the multi-celled processing philosophy was created it was used in space communication and it is still used but it is basically a ciphering technology for communication channels using minimal energy consumption and at the same time. extremely failsafe because several cells allow the processor to keep working even if one or two cells have malfunctioned in orbit. or experience
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when we did the mathematical equations of experiments the results were standing as they were radically better and higher than for example the usual alternative queen mining through video cards by our calculations one multi-celled will produce up to four thousand dollars in revenue a day and that's where we got the idea to do an i.c.a.o. for the production of such unique products what's your take on the future of crypto in russia i think the russian government overall sees cryptocurrency is something positive there is an outfit that have yet to be established steps are being taken to govern crypto currency but overall the drift i'm getting is that even with future laws in place russia will be a very habitable country for cryptocurrency it is really mind boggling a machine that will produce four thousand dollars a day is that even possible while it's wait and see you can watch the full episode of our tease told him on our you tube channel stay tuned. and while
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a canadian based on trip in there is going green by finding an alternative use for crypto currency mining he's reciting the hate that's generated through big going mining for agricultural use the waste heat generated from over one hundred bitcoin mining computers is big recycled to grow crops and to maintain fish tank temperatures currently around eight hundred arctic char held in the warehouse the founder of the food technology firm explains how recycling waste think bring economic benefits to local communities. recycling that waste heat from data centers or bitcoin miners that's going to have a huge economic impact your wallet whether it's from strawberries or even. very specific plants and their environmental conditions the benefit is going to be felt by everyone what we do know is that. digital economy has a huge ecological footprint whether you're searching on amazon or on facebook even
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doing a google search that's equivalent to driving a car fifty kilometers that's a big carbon footprint now we can take that waste and then convert it into facilities where we're growing food and that food addresses real humanitarian needs like a food security and being able to have fresh produce throughout the year when i have a shot. it's really legal activists have filed a lawsuit against two new zealanders one of whom is jewish a self that's because they apparently influence popstar lot to cancel the planned gig in tel aviv these police leah's the story. late last year the new zealand pop star norden answered she was canceling a performance that she was scheduled to have given me here in tel aviv in june of this year now it seems as if her announcement was made following an open publication of acorn by two new zealanders urging her to boycott the country lord
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posted her response on her twitter feed noted been speaking with many people about this and considering our options thank you for advocating me i am learning all the time to now is really activists are suing those two new zealanders in what appears to be the first lawsuit filed under its controversial israeli anti boycott law the law goes back to two thousand and eleven and it could open the door to civil lawsuits against those calling for a boycott of his role including of lands it's occupied if it can be proven that that call knowingly lead to a boycott now the noise part of the israeli government's way to try and deal with the boycott sanctions and disinvestment movement there has been growing traction against israel in recent years it does allow the courts to impose damages against defendants now critics of the law of course argue that it stifles freedom of speech and freedom of expression. of the march to suppose him from football fans the
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for believes united unveiled its new birch only to receive floods of criticism the globe quickly caved in and is now living supporters choose a different design in a public vote.
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it is probably not funny surely it's fun you are up to date of the with more and often our. hearts. the released a memo moment this upon us republicans are billing it as some kind of silver bullet
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revealing political corruption at the highest levels of the department of justice and f.b.i. the democrats on the other hand and their supporters in the liberal media college of distraction finally the public will decide. they were going on the ground is to be you officials host an extraordinary session in brussels to discuss donald trump's plans to got aid for vital u.n. programs in palestine coming up in the show stories of may arrives in beijing today tory groan the u.k. lord select committee member called flight welcomes the government getting off its backside to forge a new post opportunities in the communist people's republic and what is the u.k.'s role in this month's massive civilian death toll in afghanistan we speak to form
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a new political advisor in afghanistan people get edwards about the catastrophic legacy of decades of anglo u.s. war there plus in the headlines if you want to find a secret u.s. military base just follow the dog and the man from the feds who's run out of time although some more coming up today is going underground but first who are the black hat and who are the white hats the u.s. and u.k. intelligence agencies and governments want us to be against and for thousands have been killed in the conflict between british baqir forces and those living in donetsk in the hands following the nato backed coup d'etat in ukraine in twenty fourteen and just hours before the pope appealed for peace in the eastern ukraine there has been renewed fighting in recent days one journalist who has tried to illuminate the real foundations of nato powers defacto backing fascism in europe's largest country is bob kerrey he died on. that's a day after a series of strokes and the founder of consortium news was always clear about
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ukraine being one of the front lines of what no i'm chomsky calls the manufacture of consent i've been to a journalist in the city since one nine hundred seventy seven. i worked for the so should press the newsweek and public broadcasting's front line as well as. starting consortium news dot com and as an investigative web site. and i have to say that in all these years i can't think of a time when there has been a group thing as single minded as the one we've seen over the past year or so regarding the ukraine crisis when accepting the i.m.f. stone medal for journalism at harvard perry was clear that after the pentagon papers and watergate successive u.s. administrations devise a strategy to combat so-called vietnam syndrome using black hatted villains to cajole a war weary us public and so wars would kill maim or displace millions across the
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middle east let alone us backed contra death squads attempts in the karada to exterminate the sandinistas black hats and white hats much of these same techniques used to create the black ones continues to the present everybody is how we treat everybody now saying was good we're seeing it with the saw it was you who we see over and over and over again where is there are people saying well yeah there are real problems with. the whacked out turned out there was much easier for black outs and white because why that sort of easy. part is for instance these guys aren't way out. but it was easier to demonize the nice. than it was to me pointers and angels in. manichean world given to us by elite media some stories are decontextualized for
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instance this month's mass slaughter in afghanistan catalyzed over decades by nature nations and their backing for islamism the mojahedin white hats would you don't we become blackouts when morphed into al qaeda after nine eleven today on the last day of january twenty eight hundred the black hats communists of china will become white hats because u.k. minority government needed to resume its flying there to find out more on why she's going to beijing i'm joined now by britain's former tory shadow paymaster general lord flight lord flight welcome back to why is it taken prime minister to raise a may so long since the referendum to actually visit china and start talking about trade when i put it the other way around and i'd say that brics it has stimulated her. to actually get on their bikes go out there meet the people and get some trade giving it hasn't occurred briefly the superpower of the century i think and she's had quite a lot on her plate as you will obviously be aware but i think the key point is that
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brics it is a sort of huge stimulant to the city and other parts of the british economy to actually get out there and see what business they can do what we don't obviously gossip like other programs like individuals particularly you have already written about something pretty concrete in terms of suggestions for china style or short term visas visa free transit why are we not hearing this from the front bench but help. them actually rather agree i think is simply crackpot we haven't put it into practice you just as lonely figure in the us a let's talk about china can do it we can do it all i would say i'm constructive in the. hope that my having raised it will get it done is it because they just don't understand how business is done i think that they've got lots of things on their minds you said what about hong kong style movie. the requirements for a short visit so that british you can do it and you can do it
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a number of different ways it's obviously needed and i hope it will be something that comes out of the china visit is the real reason why actual concrete proposals have suggestions like that coming from you a member of to all of the delegated powers regulatory reform committee in the us the reason why we don't getting this kind of information is i spent forty years in commerce i went all through china in seventy seven million saw about a mouth so my history of commerce is perhaps a little wider than some others ok but why david davis liam fox these are people that arguably understand the point of bricks in the first place better than he should be part of the liam fox agenda i mean david davis is doing a specific different job but i'm sure it will be part of the fox agenda is the reason we're not hearing about it is because philip hammond injuries may remain oh i don't think so and i don't actually think the reason is really remain or how much i think it is but i don't think she is just free trade need a treaty at all i understand the point you're making which is just get on trade in
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to an extent and a lot of areas you can and it's interesting that america gets all of those of stuff to the you about the single market because it's not retail goods and if we ended up going to be a route we could simply. say whatever you want to call do that but i think the the basic underlying point to your question is that while it's free trade it still needs to be healthily policed and you don't want tree cheating going on and therefore you need some rules ok because to some the issues of sovereignty issues of free trade they don't seem to be discussed much at the moment it all seems to be about. various elements of britain trying to get some kind of deal with norway canada deal i mean sure it is a basic issues that are behind even there it's the other way around which is that while we are a member of the there are various countries that we actually can't do free trade
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with because the the we're bound by the rules and they're actually preventing us getting on them and free trade with a number of different countries i think there is going to be huge scope to increase economic activity with other parts of the world as a result of brics it now i know you've been been very optimistic about the city of london in the post-breakfast future for britain what did you make of this kind of revelation that the city were promised some sort of paper by the government by david davis as to what would happen to the city of london now there's not even a date for c.e.o.'s of a bailed out city of london getting a position paper on it you'll find that nearly all businesses of any size sit here . doing their own homework and employing their own experts to set out what the options are provided to leave the country and then also to all actually to actually how they should structure their business i mean the comment i particularly
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make to you is that when at the time of the referendum i was doing about fifteen different city seminars and things and i'm not surprisingly the organization is the j.p. morgans we're in they remain kept everything smaller than that was in the bricks at camp and they are being squeezed out of the single market quite deliberately because they can't afford the overhead costs of the regulation j.p. morgan and others who would remain exactly they can and the owner they've got a nice. ok well we're going to have jeremy call been much about saving the bailed out citi everything that it is going to. give anything from the labor party to get a long stay. and imposition of his as regards sovereignty to leave the european union how do you know that there isn't a great secret breaks it unsaid unsaid memo going around the city must not be allowed to zero tariffs it's coming from brussels as part of the brics and to go she ations after all these big banks all want to remain what do you call
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the city will get is not yet clear i certainly accept that my expectation is that it will ultimately be based on arrangements that opportunity. and there is a lot of regulation in place for that to be the case already the christmas regulations you will get taught one way talk the other way the french will say you know we're not going to wait in the city you have single market privileges i might add actually if you look at the city's business in the you completely misunderstanding i mean the single market is only relevant to retail the fund management industry everyone is already set up with luxembourg funds anyway it's certain aspects of banking but not particularly institutional banking and some aspects of insurance but it's quite a small proportion of the total amount of city business where it is wholesale just like america today we trade with the e.u. just as america trades with the ok well either way we're going to hear much from as i thought from the goldman from bench we also hear quite
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a lot about the european court of human rights however. find that surprising given that the left wing position believe it or appear in convention on human rights as people must enjoy their property because color it is exactly one of the first people to be asking about nationalism yeah my point is that b. is that the court of justice we didn't struggle to have our own democracy for a thousand years of executing a monarch to be told what to do by european institutional majesty is what i should say this is no main. reason the main reason for brics right so you're saying basically i'm saying must get through i want you are i want talk to i don't see it as appropriate for the u.k. to be bound by the findings of those courts we need our own courts to do that job david cameron of course announced recently that he's made his biggest career move and it's a chinese one billion dollar fund do you think.


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