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and here each year. in two thousand and sixteen the panda was removed from the red book officially it's no longer an endangered species but it is still vulnerable. building up the population is just a first step the toughest challenge for the breeders is still ahead. that will lead to your down so far for us yes there's work. here you're there. to do it. however years maybe even decades of work and needed to make that possible.
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now while you and i. say you know what i sense in your. comments. well then it's india. mortality rate is just one of them.
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so. the why. of how to die out. by the. pressures that by one interest in my mind. is only one way just. because it. was a you went home that's a good. idea that your heart still. here because bamboo is such a low calorie food to get the nourishment they need. and the other half digesting it. you really have to love pandas to do this from morning till night. the animal produces up to twenty kilos of droppings every day.
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for. the watch so we have. to whether to hold. or. percent of age or we are without eyes from pretty soon. you could make paper out of these droppings mostly comprised of cellulose so for now the. wouldn't be very profitable enterprise there are still a few pandas left and the pink really just might have been valuable information that might just help the enemy. so this stuff is this giant panda. oil collector this wild place all along the reservation. and then we want to study that got michael by out.
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of this bacteria bacteria you can see all of this goes this is not digestible and bugs inside of this there are a lot so bacteria us which kind of helps that justice and john and they need to all day long like. done and they need this help us that way extract d.n.a. from. the cell giant panda. first of. all. i would pick up. the solution and. go. oh. how long it takes to ronald is that where you figure it's like this is. this one here. and actually away already did this like for. us right yes. no we were actually on
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a glance and we never found out because of the down issue sit in the you know me down or so we see. when i first started this project i hope i can find a soundtrack to that because. john and to digest the silliness and that if i can do that. then i can't track that a spectator and. supplying to tell you they are for it and that will help them to the apparatus survive. but all that work by dedicated scientists will be for nothing if panda love can't be encouraged in captivity it's not as though they don't practice until the pandas do get amorous but in the same lazy way they do everything else this proud mommy gave birth to twins and has no
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idea that a special love potion this formulated just for. i want to show people of russia that there is another point of view of this is the goal of my campaign i know you can't win on the lax and where all the point i'm always waiting for there is no thought of talking what would be if i would win i will never win on the elections like in a country no where all always because we know we.
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two thousand and sixteen has been a pivotal year for the judge penda the change to center alone has already seen its population grow by another to. twenty three cubs. it's taken the breeding center more than fifty years to achieve the break for. the. i don't. dismiss it is. just mutiny. on this in a demigod want to show that those who. we don't wind up with. fines or simply don't
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understand what those who are. now think. of the mother to go it's just moments ago. do you. know when this is. that you would do or seriously go see a. question about. they've tried everything to increase the population there are even whispers of vice grip being added to the pandas feed. but every attempt seemed to go wrong one female and they're almost all heard off much to pieces then there was the male who was so enraged by the female chosen for him that stuff had to intervene and break up a fight. he would ask for more tolly you'll fight. your fighting. produce that we do it with our to our skins or your city to tell us what happened
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in a pile and see to eat here and then saying you didn't say you'd hear. the arthurs of our houses and then you can see behind you and your pothole i mean you're new to me means you'll probably not only do i reckon. that's not your intention you'll do it doesn't seem to just. grow will listen that type. since i will if she hasn't got a moment you can't even soon it. kiddo made. my day was the fact shout yes if you know how that was. just a little. bit up your own stuff you have got to get up that
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is your that's all right rob it's a. lot of love you know how. hard . it will make me. feel. to. share it should be there should. be. my name is james a. animal behavior researcher at the ching do tend to be. when people ask me this question like why i chose to work here why i chose to work as pandas it's a complicated question and i think the animal itself is very interesting they're very complicated and it's one of the only carnivores that's a vegetarian their whole lifestyle is based on. the
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panda is one of the oldest living. it's been evolving for you. so this is what we can check your teeth for dental exams. good girl. momo up. james idea there is an indispensable expert here at the change to center there's no way to undertake a fair examination without him the pandas simply won't tolerate anybody else. who are.
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these basic training so we can control their movements and call them in position them and also build the report. this is also useful for veterinary examination so he has an injury you know the veterinarian can check his eyes in this position and they can check the ears of the panda and they don't have to worry about being scratched or bitten the pandas need to be examined daily stuff almost have to go through each individual hair because the pandas are at risk from so many dangers that the threads aren't always easy to find. your mother. she isn't on at. white isn't on oh it isn't on just isn't that she outta town you know just. like is unknown. to us a quiet as any and as
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a whole just. a year and the years in the what you know about. twenty years in the middle. of argument i'll get it i don't know he wasn't even. here yet i know you know you found. so we reward him two ways one ways with honey and the other ways tactile that he likes to have the inside iraq. so sometimes instead of just using honey would touch them to you it's good. times at this age de lay to grab your legs and try to bite you but this way we can get them to behave pretty. he doesn't want to bite my pants he wants to bite my flesh so he's trying as hard as he can to get flesh. and when he bites me too hard i. make. if it hurts them when they bite too much. scientists believe that as a species has stopped evolving as
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a direct result of human intervention. that's why people owe so much to this very special animal the family is endangered you know they just took it off the endangered species list. but they're still only about one thousand eight hundred sixty four pandas in the wild. during. their life with them trying to put them back in the wild to me it seems a little premature that they would take them off the species. but they're only just showing this. very vulnerable. seem a little premature for me to take. still a mystery help us manage to survive on nothing but bamboo the tallest and fastest growing grass in the world. is
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beautifully as it comes into flower groups and it comes in cycles of thirty three sixty six and one hundred twenty years. that natural phenomenon causes mass deaths among the pandas. but the breeding center plans around the growing cycle so there's always plenty of ships to feed the little ones. no. that it. had to be. on the stove richard nixon back in the seventy's and since then they've had and but. while the hundred they. were
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born there none of them survived. two thousand and five. there was a male pounder born to mother in the charlotte kitchen and he survived i was watching the relationship between. mother and. the couple. and it just touched my heart. the mother. takes care of the baby to go out. when i sure. was about four years old he had to go back to china. because that's part of their lease agreement because it's all china. no one has none has issues have been able to keep safe. and it really helped me a lot to come to china to see where he lived where. i volunteer
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i got to feed him i got the pieces enclosures. and i also volunteered to kind of a. permit handle topical to sing function film and you know kind of comedy and to simply know woman cool and all of this and then go. aboard investment kind of how many ten thousand a common made in. common this changing to that made him. on bushnell you mean to say that teachers are social no matter who does the new job. tripping on kind of true soul members if we default so we don't mean it's the
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energy chandran. jelly's that touches it just. doesn't listen. to adult then assuming joshi social. is sent.
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the released a memo moment this upon us republicans are billing it as some kind of silver bullet revealing political corruption at the highest levels of the department of justice and f.b.i. the democrats on the other hand and their supporters in the liberal media holiday a distraction finally the public will decide. i. was. i. i i was. that was.
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the b.b.c. is accused of bias is the u.k.'s house of lords questions the corporation's briggs's coverage following the release of damning reports we hear from one of the office. i think it's pretty bold that a public broadcaster skew. dramatically in this direction a look for political leadership. donald trump is saying that he'll definitely release the contents of a controversial classified memo alleging abuse of surveillance powers by the f.b.i. . it's really. more. i'm. on the list to new zealand this who allegedly convinced. the pop star lord to
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cancel her television concert. great to have you with is this our harvey this is r t international. the b.b.c. has been accused of bias in its brigs it coverage with the majority of its guests said to hold a pro e.u. stance and that's according to several recent reports which have prompted anger in britain's house of lords corporation's editorial guidelines however say that it must be inclusive and reflect a diversity of opinion making the whole spectrum of voices on the political stage but the reality of that appears to be quite different in practice. across our output as a whole we must be inclusive reflecting the breadth and diversity of opinion we
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must give due weight to the many and diverse areas of an argument. to leave has left us with a group of leaders who having lit the fire of all the while it breaks it is a historic mistake for as with if it breaks my heart i lie in bed tonight worrying about the outcomes of backset once again i'm the soul reaver on a v.c. panel. frankly the p.p.c. has become the supporter of a foreigner organization. called the european union of the brics it's true mr david did the city recently that his job in brussels this move even more difficult if every time he makes a small advance that is probably on the mind for the b.b.c. get sure that in order because you do oh a duty of impartiality. we
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spoke about little with director general of the institute of economic affairs which was behind one of the reports on the b.b.c.'s coverage. but it's true that we are no longer in a referendum period and it is true as the b.b.c. said in the statement that your phone is g. with that it's no longer a binary choice but the problem is this although there are a wide range of choices do we leave without a day old do we stay in with a transitional period do we stay in the single market do we stay in the customs union and if so for how long or there are now a wide range of options really those range of options are subsets of the remaining camp and the leaf cap i think is pretty poor that a public broadcaster is skewed that guess sometimes less so dramatically in this direction on the top political issue of the times. in general in britain the stagnation figures famous figures and influential people
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have tended to be in favor of a you membership it's more the ordinary man or woman who rebelled against the political stabber sometimes believe side it seems to me that balancing all people's views on bricks it and making sure you have a fair share of voice from both ends and all ends of the argument should be a very very high priority indeed. i think the politicians on the leave side of the argument those who are in favor of projects that are beginning to lose their patience with the b.b.c. the baby see will argue that they always take flak from every side people on the center right compline center left people in the center left complain that the center right and if you are taking sort of equal amounts of flak your criticism from all sides of the fight for perhaps that's a sign that you have got balance but i would say that the baby say now should be concerned but there are politicians who are seriously raising in the british parliament in the house of lords genuine concern about whether the baby so you
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really can be considered a neutral broadcaster one that doesn't just show i tell you versatile your views but a proper balance and if the b.b.c. starts to lose the faith of politicians and the public in that key question of neutrality then i think over the longer term i have a great deal of problem justifying their present funding and possibly even the present basis of their existence. r.t. contacted various unions and organizations that represent journalists for their reaction for now we've only had a response from the o.s.c. which refused to comment the. white house says that it plans to release a controversial classified memo allegedly detailing abuse of surveillance powers by the f.b.i. an announcement comes after donald trump was caught on a hot mike saying the same when he was leaving the chamber following his state of the union address for a one hundred. police
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claim the document reveals f.b.i. abuse of the foreign intelligence surveillance act particularly with regards to claims found in the infamous trump dossier if confirmed it could damage confidence in the bureau and the ongoing probe into trump's alleged russia links the memo was drafted by the chairman of the u.s. house intelligence committee which voted on monday to make it public some house members who read that memo called it shocking and worse than watergate president trump has until friday to decide whether or not to release it and it's been a huge call to make the document public with the hash tag release the memo trending both on twitter and facebook but top democrats believe that this call is yet another kremlin plot they demanded that the social media giants reveal that it was russian bots promoting the hash tag twitter and facebook deny this democrats are now pressuring both companies to find evidence of moscow's hand your replies have
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raised more questions than they've oncet we cannot wait another year to learn how kremlin link trolls and boortz are currently exploiting your platforms to influence debates going on in congress today brian crabtree publisher of talk forty dot com and political talk show host believes that democrats profit from pushing a narrative that obscures trump's successes. our economy is on fire things are happening in america for the first time in a decade or decades in the democrats want to bet on the failure of america because that's where they gain power again if trump succeeds then what do they have to offer so they'll blame it on russia that seems to be the argument they fall back on it's all russia's fault from social media to the bots i can assure you there's lots of social media antics there's lots of bots and they're probably russian and american and check los of aki and every other nationality you can imagine and democrats would be well served to fight the bot armies on twitter and facebook is
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stead of crying about them i spoke to kellyanne conway today about this senior advisor to the president that's why i'm here in washington and she said the president is looking over this pfizer memo very carefully he's concerned about the classified data in it and i didn't leave that conversation in that interview thinking that this would would absolutely be released but i think this president has got to take the risk of releasing this because otherwise the democrats win this narrative by making up more and more stories about how there's this russian connection where there is no evidence the reaction to terms think of the union address it was mixed it was standing ovations and also the boos come was following the speech. on foreign policy there was plenty of american exceptionalism mixed with platitudes and clichés he introduced the subject by naming every so-called threat to the u.s. but in general it was all pretty vague he didn't go into detail explaining how he
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would accomplish any of these goals but beyond that trump took credit for eliminating isis and he seemed to have hinted at continued military presence in the region saying quote we will continue our fight until isis is defeated he ended it with north korea calling it the worst of all dictatorships warning that their pursuit of nuclear weapons could very soon threaten our homeland even though d p r k has never attacked another country before north korea's reckless pursuit of nuclear missiles could very soon threaten our homeland past experience has taught us that complacency and concessions only invite aggression and provocation i will not repeat the mistakes of past administration that got us into this very dangerous position while russia and china have been trying to reduce tensions between the u.s. and north korea and they even called on the u.s. to not provoke them anymore but somehow they were designated as threats and from
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speech around the world we face rogue regimes terrorist groups and rivals like china and russia that challenge our interests our economy and our values in confronting these horrible dangers we know that weakness is the surest path to conflict and unmatched power is the surest means to our true and great effects i was just a watching mainstream coverage earlier and the only criticism big had well as foreign policy wise was that he was apparently too soft on russia and you know the united states requires to have major enemies to justify the seven hundred billion dollar defense budget which is actually one point one trillion if you break it down so these are all important noises for the president to make the state of the union to sort of shore up support from the defense.


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