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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  February 1, 2018 1:30am-2:01am EST

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i think from speech around the world we face rogue regimes terrorist groups and rivals like china and russia that challenge our interests our economy and i value us in confronting these horrible dangers we know that weakness is the surest path to conflict and matched power is the surest means to our true and great effects i was just a watching our mainstream coverage earlier in the only criticism big had wellies foreign policy wise was that he was apparently too soft on russia and you know the united states requires to have major enemies to justify the seven hundred billion dollar defense budget which is actually one point one trillion if you break it down so these are all important noises for the president to make the state of the union to sort of shore up support from the defense bloc as it were to chinese
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it does ring a bit cold war ish to russia however we're beyond cold in terms of the cold war the rhetoric is much more aggressive much more recent for us the agenda is much more pernicious and it's become a centerpiece of u.s. partisan politics the whole russia gate issue. trouble also announced he had signed an executive order to keep the guantanamo bay detention center open that is despite get mo becoming a tourist for various human rights abuses including torture trump's predecessor barack obama vowed to close the facility back in two thousand and nine but was blocked by congress and never able to deliver on that promise. in the past we have foolishly released hundreds and hundreds of dangerous terrorists. only to meet again on the battlefield including the isis leader. who we captured who we had who we released. so today i'm keeping another promise
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i just shot. prior to walking in an order directing secretary man to reexamine our military detention policy and to keep open the detention facilities in guantanamo bay thank when i came into power he said not only that he believes torture works he's going to throw the want on him up the only reason why i can say this is because there's no precedent for people being prosecuted for war crimes and i think it's important that this would praise the said the war crimes carried out in kuantan a move by graham and all the other detention for the cities by the americans in fact recently now for the first time i think in recent history the i.c.c. the international criminal court is finally investigating some of the abuses that the americans carried out in afghanistan and perhaps later in kuantan them and it's
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an unprecedented move so to be saying that at a time when this investigation is taking place that i'm going to keep want on a more open is an affront to the very notion of justice donald trump's speech to congress contained to some rhetoric about was on cannily rep met the little while i'm chemically reminiscent that's difficult to say of a previous president george w. bush but he's killed martin as more of that. trump is working very hard to convince us that he's not a bush era neo con war hawk republican obviously the war in iraq was a big fat mistake they lied ok they said there were weapons of mass destruction there was none and they knew there were none there were no weapons of mass ok all right. when it comes to north korea his state of the union speech sounded an awful lot like the leader he had previously denounced the regime has oppressed its own citizens for totally then the cruel dictatorship in north korea this is
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a regime that has already used poison gas to murder thousands of its own citizens north korea's reckless pursuit of nuclear missiles seeking weapons of mass destruction these regimes pose a grave and growing danger i will not repeat the mistakes of past administration i will not stand by as peril draws closer and closer we're going to read some key phrases to new yorkers and ask them was it bush or was it trump we need to look at the deprived character of the regime to understand the nature of the nuclear threat it could pose to america and our allies. actually trump talking about north korea. right now google bush so that. trump right that's trump trusting in the sanity and restraint of this world leader is not a strategy and it is not an option. it's actually bush somebody talking about trump
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. trump that's bush also yeah. bush actually trump said that he wanted to stop toppling regimes and start putting america first but with words like these a lot of americans have to be asking themselves are we headed for yet another big fat mistake this time with nukes involved tale of mop and artsy new york russian hacking group claims that the canadian olympic committee covered up and do. prior to the summer olympics in rio de janeiro we have that story and much more after a short break stay with us.
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the release the memo moment is upon us republicans are billing it as some kind of silver bullet revealing political corruption at the highest levels of the department of justice and f.b.i. the democrats on the other hand and their supporters in the liberal media call it a distraction finally the public will decide. the currency market itself is still on track to eclipse the global banking bull adopt only which is what we need what we want and i've always said it's a bank starkiller that's the primary is a big point of the kurds. and welcome back this is hearty international now the russian hacking group fancy bears is claiming the canadian olympic committee covered up
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a positive doping test of its national poll vault champion prior to the rio olympics earlier my colleague nicky erin discussed in the details with parties. well that looks like an eyebrow raising e-mail exchange supposedly between the people from the canadian olympic committee and also their national body that is responsible for sports ethics some pretty disappointing tactics in there it looked like attempts to play down an anti-doping rule violation and some quirky damage control around the summer olympics in rio and here is the athlete at the center of this what can you tell us about him well it's all of the case of the former pole vault champion from canada his name is shawn barber prior to rio he had tested positive for cocaine but instead of being thrown out of the olympics after several and terminal disciplinary proceedings with that in canada he was allowed to go and
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moreover this case was hidden from the international olympic committee for a while he was not permitted to disclose shaun sue wish and prior to or during the games we do not condone this behavior sean has apologized for his mistake and poor judgment. now for a moment just bear in mind all the treatment that the russian olympic athletes have been getting and listen to how shawn barber was cleared basically what he did was claimed at the hearings that he had inhaled or ingested the cocaine during a sexual intercourse with someone he called a professional woman she found him allegedly on a craigslist ad and the cocaine was transferred when a kiss happened so canadian officials were happy to let him go and keep the i.o.c. in the dark about this by the way just for your information the pole vaulter came
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out as gay a few months after the olympics and said that he was proud of it very interesting i presume the i.o.c. has taken a saloon very seriously well i can tell you it was too late to take this seriously they couldn't do anything about that when they found out but apparently some people at the i.o.c. weren't so happy with the situation president thomas bought allegedly the called the ruling a decision that was influenced by national interests but in the meantime if we go back to the e-mails some top canadian sports officials appear to have been trying to do everything to make sure that this case doesn't get any further attention including legal attention and if you look at the wording it suggests that anyone who's concerned or anyone who's just even trying to ask questions about this is doing something terribly wrong it does not seem right that this is being suggested
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publicly but if an independent bruce is determined the athlete was at new fools in this case. and the i.o.c. had the right to appeal the decision of the time and none of them did well this is a point where i once again want. mention all the russian olympic bands well everyone has their own understanding of the words double standards. we discussed the issue of professor of sociology at aston university ellis cashmore he believes that there is a double standard at work given that russia has the athletes were banned even without testing positive for doping what is novel of course is this apparent relaxation of the warders rule of strict liability waters premise with all its other kind of rules regarding drugs is that the individual athlete is slowly
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responsible for his or her own bodies if your in a bar and somebody spiked shore drink your responsible for it even if you'd left your drink on guarded while you went to the toilet or something like that or turned your back you or the perpetrator of the crime russian athletes have been banned from competing even without giving any kind of positive don't test at all being guilty by association so there is this kind of striking difference between the treatment that russian athletes are being given and those that have been afforded to north american athletes with the olympics looming only one hundred sixty nine russians will be invited to compete out of almost five hundred initially put on the list russian president vladimir putin has apologized to the athletes saying that the country failed to protect them but you know better than anyone else how hard it is to gain victories and how much it is that you need and it's two times harder
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when your sport is mixed with events unfamiliar to sport politics we apologize for not managing to protect you from that r.t. spoke exclusively to a number of russian athletes who heard from the president. i. know you're going to sleep there is a certain amount of pressure on all of us of course it's quite a complicated situation are really want to do my best want to overcome my anxiety and distance myself from all the stir the media is causing around us now i want to address our fans i want them to be more kind and to keep supporting us no matter what i need to forget about our desire to win forget that everyone is against us and just continue doing our jobs. within ourselves we know what country were present it matters what we feel not what we wear it's just a story like you have hard feelings for those who weren't allowed to participate even though they were innocent and maybe we're still a bit angry about that. israeli it legal activists have filed
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a lawsuit against two new zealanders one of whom is jewish that is because they apparently influenced of the pop star lord to cancel a planned gag in tel aviv. late last year the new zealand pop star norwood announce that she was canceling a performance that she was scheduled to have given here in tel aviv in june of this year now it seems as if her announcement was made following an open publication of acorn by two new zealanders urging her to boycott the country lord posted her response on her twitter feed noted been speaking with many people about this and considering our options thank you for advocating me i am learning all the time to now is really activists are suing those two new zealanders in what appears to be the first lawsuit filed under it controversial israeli anti boycott law the law goes back to two thousand and eleven and it could open the door to civil lawsuits against those calling for
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a boycott of his role including of lands its occupied if it can be proven that that call knowingly to a boycott now the noise part of the israeli government's way to try and deal with the boycott sanctions and disinvestment movement there has been growing traction against israel in recent years it does allow the courts to impose damages against defendants now critics of the law of course argue that it stifles freedom of speech and freedom of expression. after much anticipation from football firms the english club leeds united unveiled its new badge only to receive floods of criticism the club. is now running supporters choose a different design in a public forum. i
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am. i that doesn't for me i would back in thirty four minutes with a full look at you as you watch international.
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disease says holland kentucky. over all of this move them voices in the boardroom street fanny's. mean. a coma any city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the polis have said. that it was a live to see these people the survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and that and it's happened it's happened.
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but whole existence to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something i want to be honest i. have to do like to be press that's what the four three in the morning can't be good for i'm interested always in the waters of my house. i should. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that.
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ratings and sell you. well hark watchers we made it we survived our first state of the union brought to you by your favorite brand name in chief and mine president donald j. trump the the hour and twenty some odd minute long speech was the usual political theater that we've been subjected to time and again you know blah blah blah blah blah and clear vision writes this mission blah blah blah american heroes blah blah blah terrorism blah blah blah jobs blah blah blah evil terrorism blah blah blah time to wrap up guantanamo whoa whoa whoa wait a minute what was the last part about roll that back let me hear that last part of you to reexamine our military detention policy and to keep open the detention facilities in guantanamo bay.
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i'm sorry yes donald trump is bringing back guantanamo bay flexing his inner george w. bush the donald announced with glee at the state of the union tuesday night that he has put its signature on an executive order instructing secretary depends james mattis to once again. grade again the order and structure secretary maddest to develop in the next ninety days the new policy on the transfer of terrorists to our no notorious prison camp in cuba and on battlefield the tensions in the war on terror in general justified his good mold love by declaring quote terrorists who do things like place bombs in civilian hospitals are evil when possible we have no
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choice but to annihilate them when necessary we must be able to detain and question . i guess in a world of maga it appears to be two thousand and two all over again j z get shut out the grammys and get loans open for business and torture which is why you know it and i know it it's time to start watching the hawks. as it's at the bottom. like you but i got. to. leave the. welcome one and all the watching the
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hawks tyrrel down on top of the. back on the scene obama split all those years trying to close that kind of sort of that really. drive our. whole bunch of voters. that are. out of the. back. because what we need of more torture more prison can as it just didn't work right the first time not to pick up where george bush george w. left off and go carry that torch past the finish line now i'm gonna go out and i mean this is just all part of it from my from my personal perspective this is absolutely again this is the kind of militaristic nationalism that has led us into the war on terror that's very true you know this is the kind of militaristic nationalism that even you know bill clinton as spouse during his time in office and pushing this idea that we have to get evil and we have to go here and somehow if we
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have this magical camp in cuba we can bring them there and we'll learn so much to waterboard them hundreds of times and get them to tell us what we want to hear right when we don't we're preppers or waterboarding each other to train for the apocalypse this is not something it's not as if they don't know it's coming in front of the first of all it's against everything we stand for exactly justified continue went on in his speech very long. to say the union justified is most saying terrorists are not merely criminals they are lawful enemy combatants and when captured overseas they should be treated like the terrorists they are which i think clearly that was probably inserted by white house legal counsel because remember when all that enemy combatants learned by throwing them away in a hole for ten over ten years and not giving them any kind of due process or legal rights of the human being or anything like that that we just conveniently ignore
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because once you paint someone with the label of terrorist. their rights are thrown out the window they're no longer human beings in mass mentality and that thinking is pretty ridiculous isn't it. homer venters actually. director of programs at the physicians for human rights wrote an essay. and to the press that we strongly condemn president decision to pay attention center open the facility is a symbol of u.s. torture and injustice known around the world and that's true we've seen it time after time it has bad optics you're never going to fix the optics that get no it's not how we do things it's not how we should do and again this is sort of rhetoric that gets thrown around that's not really helpful no and it's estimated right now that keeping a prisoner in. keeping all the place open and all that mess is four hundred forty million. and i'm sorry i don't want four hundred forty million of my tax dollars
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wasted keeping one time obey open so we can torture and throw people in there and let's remember that a lot of the people thrown in there were people just going to handed over by local warlords they weren't even real high on the food chain of terrorism majority in there but ultimately at the end of the day most people were essential. people in their own country we picked up maybe terrorists maybe not never went to trial never proven if they were thrown in i know where we were going and they weren't all of this. but what's. the resistance that democrats put up to this. yesterday to. resist and i'm sorry what they did was act like children this is the kind of stuff that was you know everybody looked down the democrats down their nose out at the republicans for doing for eight years to obama and then they turn around and there they are they are pouting. and i'm tired whatever and all looking at each other you know a dramatic
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a walkout doesn't tell me that you actually care and i think that if the democrats want to win back liberal voters live quote unquote liberal voters they're going to have to change their tactic because what i didn't see was resisting i saw temper tantrum. nancy pelosi and they're like regular. little school children do the work because you told everybody earlier oh you should be polite and just sit there lately and then shoot the biggest means of the morning. in the face of what some are calling unprecedented opposition from residents conservation groups and business owners washington state governor jay inslee denied a proposal from vancouver energy to build the united states' largest rail to marine terminal in vancouver washington along the columbia river governor inslee noted three major reasons for the rejection first that quote in the event of an earthquake seismic conditions at the site present an unacceptable and potentially catastrophic risk to the public second that the impacts of
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a columbia river oil spill on water quality wetlands and fish wildlife would not be significant and cannot be sufficiently mitigated and finally that the council found that emergency responders are under likely to be able to successfully respond to a major incident at the facility he made the decision based on a recommendation from the washington state energy facility site as alue ation council who recommended denying the proposal vancouver energy however think that their recommendation is faulty and stated in an official statement that quote rejecting essential infrastructure on the basis of risk the evaluation council found to be extremely unlikely is no way to govern the extremely unlikely risks earthquakes which are not extremely unlikely in the state of wisconsin small or out earthquakes actually occur there every day and in fact according to the washington state department of natural resources due to its geological setting washington state has the second highest risk in the u.s.
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for large damaging earthquakes the other respond to very unusual things is unlikely . train accidents and duran on the same like they should have educated themselves on the news or on the twenty six scene mosher oregon train accident that spilled over fifty thousand gallons of oil in and around the columbia river it took twenty eight local and regional fire departments and as much teams from two states to control the spill and fire and they're still cleaning up after it maybe it's time to tell big oil they better get with big safety if they want to do business in washington state to the future you know it's interesting too that i like the bob wow look at a politician standing up for his constituents and actually saying no to big money and big lobbying and big oil with all of that and saying you know what the cause. the negatives like it is a dangerous thing i don't want this in my state no you can't put this by those. who
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can't transfer this oil through here no i haven't yet and the idea that it's essential infrastructure is ludicrous it's essential for them to make money that is not an essential infrastructure and they sort of play this game of of being like it's great our dependence on foreign oil which is already going down so they're not saving us from anything that's the same in washington state from anything and the railroad tracks are six hundred feet from the columbia river this also which leads out eventually into the pacific ocean there's so many bad things but there isn't and as you were telling me earlier words like when you look at the old spill and look at like you know the impact it had on that island it's incredible exactly so june it was june third twenty sixteen a union pacific train carrying oil from north dakota derailed in the columbia river gorge in oregon and fork four cars caught fire. the same amount of cars leaked about forty two thousand gallons of bach and crude from north carolina such crude
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oil morris about one hundred ten thousand gallons of that were recovered from the town's waste water system lee and the bob schwartz is a project manager manager of oregon's department of environmental quality had told n.p.r. that while drinking water in the area is fine that the concentrations that we found of benzene was eighteen hundred parts per billion which is approximately ten times higher than a screening level for what we would concern us what would concern us for animals living in a wetland so it's horrible for the environment and it's a positive story this is this is people stepping up and saying we don't want this and then put down this a good happy story that way yeah of course you're going to have people who are going to complain about it because well because you know we're breeding job grooming jobs like look at melvin who are energy you know good because they got to get on the tip of like well no harm. just doing we're big oil we don't do anything
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bad. and look at all these jobs that we could bring like that and trying to sell people three hundred twenty full time jobs during the terminal construction which is one time all the jobs going to build one hundred seventy direct onsite jobs one hundred seventy. four hundred forty direct offsite jobs ok for talk about maybe six hundred seven hundred jobs so far and seven point eight million in tax revenue annually compared to water you can't drink soil that's totally destroyed and polluted how many millions and clean up that you have to get to i mean it's incredible when you talk about the money in the spent on cleaning up these messes when they occur and that seven million dollars a year isn't going to cut it when a spill happened the average cost me united states of cleaning up after a spill just stopping the spill and then cleanup and mitigating all of that damage is at least sixteen dollars per gallon.


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