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hard to do one of the tasks was to install new and ten i had to maintain constant connection with earth will take them around seven hours there floating in space complete work hopefully they will get that done safely and on time. over to the us and a public clash between the white house and the f.b.i. o.c. in the us president accused the bureau of lacking investigative process this comes as donald trump looks set to release a classified memo that alleges the f.b.i. abuse that surveillance powers picks up the story. the pending release of a classified government memo is shaking up washington d.c. if indeed the obama administration used the department of justice and the f.b.i. to spy on trump during the campaign this could be quite a scandal it would discredit the d.o.j. of the f.b.i. as nonpartizan a law enforcers and destroy the democrats now the democratic leadership doesn't
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want to be destroyed so here's a few of their last ditch efforts to keep their boat afloat. but. now adam shift from the democratic side of the house intelligence committee says that he's preparing a counter memo he says the republicans edited the document to fit their political agenda he says he's preparing a memo of his own that will expose the misleading character of the documents. that the f.b.i. says that they haven't been given sufficient time to review the document and they have grave concerns about the facts that have been removed from the memo as expressed during our initial review we have grave concerns about material emissions a fact that fundamental that impact the memos accuracy. the. democrats say the document was altered before the president saw it they say that these changes were made without their knowledge so the vote to release it is
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invalid. discovered late tonight the chairman news made material changes to the memo he sent to the white house changes not approved by the committee the white house therefore reviewing a document the committee has not approved for release however some of these changes came at the request of the democrats and the f.b.i. themselves others included minor edits and grammatical fixes. but. now leaving house democrat nancy pelosi says that releasing the document poses a significant threat to national security intelligent. to me is that it's the cia the d.n.a. at the end i. national defense everybody has their element of it and sources and methods must be protected. and. if you absolutely cannot stand the message go after the messenger and it never hurts
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to throw russia into the mix is it possible that the republican chair of the house intel committee has been compromised by the russians as a possible nuclear try to rush to the agents running the house intel committee on the republican side i hope that's not the case i mean this is behavior speak of that i mean i'm not the first person who's raised this he's behaving like someone who's been compromised now keep in mind this whole big stir is over just for pieces of paper but those four pieces of paper contain vital information information with potentially enough voltage to light up washington d.c. for months if not years. r.t. new york. we spoke earlier to the executive director of the eurasia center in washington d.c. who believes the memos release could create. investigations. you know he's frustrated with the russia gate. investigation of which after a year and a half we have no evidence whatsoever and now what we've got is actually evident texas could have backlash on the democrats absolutely i think that's the primary
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that's the fundamental reason why they do not one to release it really puts in the question this entire investigation it shows at least indications that could be further investigated but from the initial appearance severe bias with senior levels of our law enforcement agency i think what he's concerned about here is i personally don't think anything in the memos probably is that embarrassing yes is that against will it threaten national security i don't think so so the classification is probably more because it sensitive information and the president has the authority to release that. at least five migrants are in hospital after being shot during a fight at a food bank in the french port city of cali another twenty two people have been injured extra police have now been deployed to the area.
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where the brawl reportedly lasted for almost two hours it's said to have involved over one hundred afghan and of a tree and refugees some of whom were using improvised weapons it's not known what triggered it but it is just the latest in a string of violent incidents in the city where eight hundred migrants and asylum seekers are thought to still be living following the mismanagement of the jungle camp french interior minister visited the city earlier called the violence there unimaginable. i came to carry because what happened here is extremely serious we have reached a degree of violence not known until today the government will propose a bill in the coming weeks to try and help asylum and immigration problems. we've got some reaction to the situation from residents of color many said they've lived in fear for years. well you could do i think we need a structure put in place to protect us there's a lot of delinquency here because get damaged every day we have issues young girls
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can't go out alone at night. because of the. population is at risk we have a huge problem. to put it in the home of course it's a catastrophe for the french and especially for the people of cali the violence is really damaging residents of cali have lived in fear for several years now. so. living together we migrant this complicated those coming here in our bit different from to refugees who were coming here initially they're more violent and aggressive we're vigilant. and the clashes come just weeks after the french president tomorrow mark korda proposed a draft bill that would tighten current migration policy that is just lation would make it easier to deport undocumented newcomers who don't qualify for asylum and also increase the length of time or thirty's can't attain illegal migrants for from forty five days to ninety four france receive the record one hundred thousand applications for asylum just last year. a campaign is
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a drawing attention to be controversial case of a leading moscow doctor found guilty of malpractise we'll have all the details after this short break. they are imposing their sanctions we just start developing our domestic capabilities and topping our internal resources to those who are the member how during the previous u.s. administration they said that the russian economy will be in shambles but pointing to falling oil prices and sanctions and all that stuff well are we in shambles now quite the opposite. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand on the lose business is just the dance the right questions and demand the
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right answer. the. question. welcome back to r.t. medical professionals across russia have been left outraged after the conviction of around moscow he she was found guilty of medical malpractise that's after the death of one of her patients many doctors though as well as legal experts claim the case against had significant flaws r.t.c. to train the details it was dark very enemies you had a nose job to come to this clinic every day and work to save people's lives she was
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the mastermind behind this brand new unit which was meant to be the most advanced center for bone marrow transplant in moscow the plan was to open it in january but instead a court ruled that she must go to jail. this is mr irving i was office she has been gone for two weeks already we miss her she had a lot of plans and there are signs for the next week on her desk it all goes back to a tragedy that happened almost five years ago she was treating a patient with leukemia and that required a morning by obscene a routine procedure for a doctor me suited up it all went fine and the patient went off to work by evening he was suffering severe stomach pains and an ambulance took him to a private hospital then he underwent surgery and in two days passed away if
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a patient dies he is or her relatives always want to get justice when someone's life is taken due to somebody else i think that some punishment must follow but what caused the person's death the biopsy the surgery or something else it took the investigators and the court for years to determine that for now the verdict is that this office will remain empty for two years. but some of russia's top hematology called the ruling nonsense while dr misogynists colleagues and former patients were simply stunned now i feel that future is being taken away from the person who saved my life and lives of many others that's unfair i'm hit in the michoud in. every scene medic understood that a person who fully deserved to be acquitted was being put behind bars and that means all of us doctors may end up in prison where are you on the missile if we get punished just for following correct procedures that then will be afraid to do our
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jobs as doctors the support campaign online is gathering pace with asia's we starved hash tag. me suit in our social network posts profile pictures being changed as native wish there was that is so that did you know that in the courtroom after she was already handcuffed but the last thing she said to her husband was not about her child but about our patients that much she asked that they be taken care of so a doctor was already convicted who should have been angry had not cared but was still thinking about her patient we've tried to get a comment from the private clinic that carried out the surgery following the biopsy and the stomach pains but they're refusing to talk to journalists though in their online press statement the clinic stands by its doctors and their work the case is so controversial tragic and has grabbed so much attention the authorities are scratching their heads over what to do with the prosecutor's office request to
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overturn the court's decision the reason violations committed in the process of investigation. the prosecutor and nationally had no doubts and found no basis for an additional investigation request and only after a public outcry the prosecution appealed sizing violations of g. process the office his position casts doubts on the competency of its officers yeah i do not know all the details of that case i think it's the court's business and if necessary there can be a follow up to find out if there's a link between the doctor's actions and the death of the patient the staff at this clinic they want justice to prevail so as the relatives of the patient who want the person responsible punished we might never find the truth but after talking to people who work at this clinic i believe there is little doubt that experts should be given another chance to look at this case. clashes have broken out between
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palestinians and israeli security forces in east jerusalem after the p.l.o. called for a major day of rage. began in a palestinian neighborhood following friday prayers israeli defense forces a lot of smoke and stun grenades to disperse the angry crowds there has been a spike in violence in jerusalem as well as the west bank that followed the u.s. president's controversial decision to recognize the contested city as the israeli capital. it was a battle that turned the fortunes of allied forces both in the east and west during the second world war it also took the lives of over two million people this friday marks seventy five years since the soviet army's victory over the nazis at starting road after months of attrition.
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how are you do you have enough food. call and. so me a photo please and write to me as often as possible tell me everything i think about you are not my darlings i hope to return home safe and sound. your son but. the history of thought and write echoes across many parts of the world affected by
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the war in several cities in france including the capital streets and squares are named after the battle that's also the case in brussels even in italy in the ancient city of bologna and a street has been named after the great soviet victory. today in russia start about is called volgograd special memorial ceremonies are taking place over the course of today here are some pictures from the historic military parade if you can see troops and military vehicles are driving through the center some of the soldiers carried photos of their relatives who fought in that battle as well as some veterans from battle of stalingrad there were so many one of the heroes shared his memories with us. i was decorated five times during my service and received twenty five medals as well when i'm asked which of them is more important to me i answered the one for defending starling ground here during the battle for starting grad the fate of the whole soviet union was decided the
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whole world cheered our victory here after starting grad the red army never retreat we never doubted anymore that we would defeat the nazis and we did it. and set for myself in a team here at our team my colleague you know neal be with you for next hours global headlines.
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with coal make this manufacture come sentenced to public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the final clearing go round the sun be the one percent. tonight we can all middle of the room see. the real news real world.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm part sheltered. and coming off what is the likelihood that congress will turn a page and work things. other to do what the president calls for his state of the union address related to the nation's infrastructure we'll ask steve morrow to weigh in plus we look at some dire and some darn inspiring stories from south africa but first let's get some business headlines. facebook reported a sixty one percent surge in profits in its fourth quarter earnings this was in large part fueled by a massive holiday influx over the advertising season the q four percentage increase and profits does not account for nearly three point two billion in taxes almost two point three billion of that tax bite was due to changes from the recent tax reform bill facebook also reported its first quarterly decline in daily users that number
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fell by seven hundred thousand to one hundred eighty four million while the time spent actually at the site online is dropped by five percent or fifty million hours per day microsoft also took an offset to their tax cut windfall logging thirteen point eight billion dollars in tax payments in their q four earnings report the software maker suffered a net loss of six point three billion dollars if that tax change was set aside microsoft would have booked eight point seven billion in profits in twenty seven teens last quarter a ten percent increase compared to that number for twenty sixteen of. the european banking authority or e b a will investigate whether or how forty eight of the largest banks in the e.u. could cope if the e.u. exit from the european union causes a major economic slump the sorts of looks easer jungly called stress tests and
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lawmakers and regulators began requiring such stress tests after the two thousand and eight recession in which it was shown that the big banks are interrelated to one if one goes down well it's like a domino the others could follow the e.b.a.'s planning contingencies including stress tests and. barrios for significantly reduced e.u. economic growth in two thousand and twenty due to breakfast. and ireland's low tax strategy for luring jobs and core for corporate profits is coming under increased scrutiny the irish finance minister is khana mr recently said the ten largest corporate tax payers account for about six percent of the government's tax revenue and acknowledged quote exposure and vulnerability on that front last month facebook announced it will no longer book profits in ireland spurring fears that a corporate flight from the defacto tax haven ireland is sort of like the european cayman islands will continue while boom bust was at the world economic forum in
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davos last week irish finance minister pascal donohue defended ireland's tax policies denying that his country is a tax haven and also at davos economist nobel laureate joe stiglitz said ireland was leading a quote race to the bottom on taxes a day after french president mccrone complained of the irish tax policies saying irish corporate rate tax is only twelve point five percent which is so low that in twenty sixteen the european commission found ireland's tax benefits to apple constituted illegal state aid and later referred to ireland's case to the european court of justice by the way apple is just now reporting their quarterly profits will have more on those specifics tomorrow.
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infrastructure was a key component of president trump's tuesday night speech to the state of the union and he spoke about the infrastructure deficit but the nation has a budget deficit already of roughly four hundred forty billion dollars how does congress reconcile the infrastructure needs with the lack of available funding here discusses conservative t.v. and radio commentator steve walz for steve what's your take on on this there really is an infrastructure gap we know that they have this budget dilemma to what they can do well there were no details obviously there was a silent gas if you will in there in the chamber when donald trump said one point five trillion dollars in infrastructure i'm told it's going to be more like when push comes to shove one trillion with two hundred billion from the federal government the rest leverage from the states and localities private sector and impact taxes for instance they build a subway station in a shopping area will the property values go up in that area so they'll have to have
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an assessment there so but there were no details he didn't give any details it does seem like a lot of money and there are those you know and i don't necessarily disagree with them we could talk about this if you like who say infrastructure is not a federal government issue i mean if localities and states have a subway problems and bridge problems but the let the states and localities partner with the private sector but how about the interstate system i mean that well there are some there are certain but i mean you know there were not everything is the federal government's responsibility but how to pay for it i think that's the best from what i've heard that seems to be what the plan will be if and when there is a plan ok well there's so much there to unpack so one prior to the state of the union all we had really was a six page of bullet points about it that was the most details we have and now i go . we have this language around it but i do give the president credit for making it such a high priority it's what i said that i hoped he had done i quite frankly wish he
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had started with this a year ago and lead with it instead of health care but regardless be that as it may here we are and he's got this budget problem and to me. and by the way it was a trillion dollar plan originally during the campaign right and then when he was elected he said well it's a trillion dollar plan but it's only two hundred billion. federal money we're going to leverage the rest that people that wait a minute so now he's saying one point five trillion how much of that if it's two hundred billion or if he cuts it back to a trillion overall so he's trying to as you say leverage state and local but state and local governments steve they've got a tough row to hoe also so where are they coming up with the money is this just more bonds that is putting future generations in debt could be by. working with the private sector which a lot of people on the left jet to they feel that they should be government run and government funded and government done but i don't know i mean again it's going to
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it's going to take a lot of guidance is going take a lot of specifics there are more specifics in those bullet points to it to an extent as you alluded to than we got from the state of the union so and both parties are saying where's the money coming from i mean they're asking the same questions or asking the same questions i'm asking republicans democrats senators congresspeople they left that state of the union saying where's it coming from we need to know so i would assume there will be more details forthcoming eventually so years ago there was a toll road that i'm familiar with and i want to get in to specifics pacific because i don't know when or if it's still owned by a foreign company but it was a toll road at least in the past and it's owned by a foreign company is that something that republicans might be amenable to to essentially leasing out licensing the toll road revenues to a foreign country as a way to pay for this stuff. if they do that i would hope that they would follow
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the requests made by donald trump that all foreign aid goes to friendly countries and countries who have our back and so to speak and i would hope that they would. contracted out not to china and not to other countries that don't have our best interests at heart i don't know if that's an interesting proposal but again if canada is real and if it's leaving out from the countries you know i don't have a problem with that part so let's look at it will really hone into your expertise here we know the process on capitol hill is going to pass a bill in the house got to pass a bill in the senate that doesn't just happen that takes a little bit of time months i actually worked at one of these by the way when i was working for tom daschle the majority leader and we got to pass the senate and then it died but getting it passed the senate getting everybody to yesterday was no easy feat and it was about getting republicans and democrats together because these
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issues are not often they're not really that partisan except on the funding it's more about urban versus rural but look into your crystal ball and tell us where do you think we will be at this time august when the congress recesses for that break before the midterm elections i think this year is for the most part a dead year i don't think you're going to get anything passed you're never going to get immigration i don't know what's going to happen in a week or so a few days when the budget deadline comes up if it's if it's reliant on an immigration deal that's not going to happen i just think the democrats are putting all their eggs in the basket that we could wait long enough that donald trump gets his report comes out and he's charged with obstruction of justice the midterms are coming up we're going to portray trump is not getting anything done why would we give him a bipartisan feather in his cap when he already has a feather in his cap and a tax plan for his base i just don't see anything i think the patriot i mean some of the democrats it's a mess. the congressional black caucus who went to the state of the union some of
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them who didn't boycott said i'm good we're going to go we're going to stare hatred in the face i mean that's the that's the tone that's that's the feeling towards donald trump and by many on the left i don't see deals being cut this year at all where you're you are. you're probably right but it's such a cynical view. but but you know that's what we've seen your absolutes a polarized people have dug in heck they don't even listen to each other not talk and it took a lot for some of the democrats last night to you know clap for the for the flag i mean not that they're opposed they are they love america as much as any republican but i mean they were so upset with the press in the other leg and the anthem they couldn't bring themselves to clap for anything hardly and i mean joe manchin was the lone you know democrats they fell that time but again i think it's all politics and this isn't to say as much as i just don't agree with the democrats i'm not saying this is the republicans will do the same thing they're holding out hope that
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donald trump will be impeached when they take over the house so what why why would they why would they want to go cut a deal now with the guy way i mean it just when i know i know what i know what the answer should be because it's the right thing to contradict or beyond that unfortunately really i think we've reached a time in a place where we're beyond that i'm pollyannish on it and so you think it's not going anywhere by august i think that we're going to have a bill out of the senate and the house but it's not going to be reconciled and they're going to talk about getting it done in september that may be a pipe dream but i hope it's a case conservative t.v. and radio host steve malzberg i thank you for being my pleasure shit. time now for a quick break but stick around because when we return we get the latest on what is being called day zero in south africa as they head towards a time when they will actually run out of water plus i sat down with them.


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