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tv   News  RT  February 5, 2018 7:00am-7:31am EST

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nothing she said get a lot of you know she knows the score on the surface of mars. what else is there to do in mosul watch the seven percent just a little hollow portion of the picture for me it's a chip but let's imagine. that was talking about the unthinkable revelations of the situation on the ground in mosul after months and the terrorists will. has requested a comment from organizations about the city's plight but so far we've received no response we did however have. an international human rights lawyer and peace activist most of all is destroyed first by a group of non-state actors that came in took over the city and then by the iraqi authorities and i should say even before that it was destroyed by force of those that invaded iraq i think they have not only a moral but also a legal obligation to be involved in its reconstruction but i think that it is one
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of the most striking examples where the allies who have been engaged in violence against the people there for more than two decades have really forgotten the people that the allegedly were coming to save or at least to assist and i think that if we're going to have any sense you already have any credibility in the like to call humanitarian interventions they need to be humanitarian in those instances and ensure that the people are provided a better life than what they had before in this case that has not been the case and i think that's quite unfortunate and shows a political is a sure. thing in iran now human rights watch is reporting that hundreds of families are being forcibly displaced the great claim iraqi officials are running up people suspected of having family that joined i sell. human rights watch interviewed twenty four people from one thousand families they said that an army forces rounded
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up the families with no warning and brought them to the camp after scream at military bases they said when they asked why they were being displaced soldiers told them they were innocent but had to move to the camp because their relatives had joined isis human rights watch say two hundred twenty families arrived at one iraqi camp alone in a period of less than three weeks all of them from villages west of the city of kirkuk we spoke to the organization senior research for iraq and qatar and believes this is collective punishment. these roundups and force displacement is being done by iraqi forces forces that answer to iraq's government these around it was done by iraq's army and with the collaboration of certain groups that also answer directly to the prime minister therefore you know what one can only presume that this is happening with the consent of the government even if it's not a strict government policy and therefore it begs the question of how the iraqi
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government can talk about any process of reconciliation if its own forces are participating in this kind of a campaign when i talk to security forces and account management and all of them were the first to admit these families these individuals have not committed a crime they haven't done anything wrong in the eyes of the iraqi legal system the only reason they're being treated this way is because they have had a relative who joined isis now that is collective punishment punishing a family an entire family for what a son or a husband might have chosen to do. and firefight footage has surfaced online allegedly showing a fight between the pilot of a downed russian jet and syrian jihad is it shows the russian pilot fending off his attackers before blowing himself up with a grenade to avoid capture we have to warn you you may find some of the up coming in which is to stepping.
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that video reportedly shows the last moments of a russian pilot's life he's swarmed by terrorists who are shouting at him and it's believed that at the last minute he set off a grenade taking his own life to avoid capture at this point it's unclear whether or not he was able to take any of his attackers with him or not it is being reported that he has been identified as major a month of and a document allegedly found in his pocket seems to show that coming in for completing combat missions in syria was coming his way the pilot's plane was shot down on saturday in a province in northwestern syria that's an area that's still controlled by the latest incarnation of the terrorist group and other militant groups the pilot managed to eject from the aircraft but was overwhelmed by terrorists on the ground where it looks like he went out fighting to the last photos have surfaced online apparently showing his weapon or one magazine is completely empty and two others have spent
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a number of unverified and rather graphic and disturbing videos and photos surfaced online quickly after the incident showing the terrorist taking selfies with the pilot's body and stomping on the debris from the crashed plane russia of course wasted no time in reacting to the incident and quickly carried out a number of persuasion air strikes in the area with the ministry reporting that over thirty terrorists were killed as a result we'll be back in a couple of minutes after this break. oh no appetite i mean for conflict is very very low these days public service much more eager to see economic improvement and they are to. actually get into a fight with a neighbor or or with other powers in the world. chose
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seemed wrong. wrong just don't call. me. yet to see how it does day become active. and engaged with equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. and back to the program a coat in a small german town has banned the muslim coal to press from its local mosque that's often elderly couple complained but not just about the new ones it's a kind of vocal chant in a tone that has
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a disturbing effect on us but we are mainly concerned with the content of the call this puts on law above our god of christians and as a christian who grew up here in a christian environment i can't accept that. the mosque was forced to stop its call to prayer after a complaint in twenty fifteen however the quarterly came to its final decision a matter of days ago and it could still be appealed we went to the town in west germany to hear how residents feel about the move. the ban in general is an exception at the time the court examined whether the noise was ordered from a distance to those not listening for it the people here said it wasn't possible to hear it. from me is quite separate from the issue of religion i'm very much for the just freedom but the people who live around there are certainly affected if the cries call out loudly in the area as they always do also there are quite a lot of mosques i don't know exactly how many mosques there are in any country in
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total but i think there are enough. wells a gut reaction to the ballot from a number of experts. i think is of course a mosque has can can discuss the i think making the noise a little bit less discussing with the neighbors and and then themselves say they were not going to do it but just. asking the low and society that this is i think i think mr green doesn't know that europe has a history not only of christian and and but there are also history of muslims the muslims who are in spain longer than the catholics who have bosnians by the turks in europe so this is. a place what a lot of people believe as nonbelievers those who are faceless with no faiths who live in the united kingdom version of the good old of europe is founded on the bible as as a the lord jesus christ as the absolute foundation of our way of life. and
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to bring in the. form god such as the start of the god of islam is what this is really all about and it's about the. spread of islam over europe. and islams attempt to dominance in it and it always has been an expansionist religion for when it started the most noble so you know every religion is but it's not makes no bones about it and that is why it has to be another way that islamophobia thinking mr green is doing and still celebrating the kickoff of muslims in spain you know in austria there and their faith and they see the islamic faith was recognized since one thousand two with more than one hundred and and more than one hundred years it's a nice mother in pyar as an official faith religion the idea that the religious freedom in muslim countries is complete rubbish will even allow to have a bible in saudi arabia for instance and christians are persecuted in egypt in pakistan in malaysia in mauritania any muslim that for usually tonight is not
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a response to find a christian community and. so the. the argument falls flat we're being actually. the victims of our own tolerance in europe now that's true or not so true even there the indonesian ambassador his this is the largest muslim countries a christian who is here even in nigeria there was a christian president if you go to dubai if you go to qatar if you go to kuwait if you go to a man if you go to all these arab countries if you go even top to belize and they leave so that's really rubbish to say it's of a lot of a bible that is not churches. as brags it is negotiations continue over the u.k.'s exit from the european union britain is making strong moves to battle fake news which could impact on the talks a special unit will be set up to combat this information. and in case you've missed it artie's polyploidy code looks at who should be taking the initiative to find fake news in her new show it's now available on all our social media platforms
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here's a quick preview. in case you missed it fake news is everywhere but don't worry because the politicians are stepping in to. break news what is that election promises border walls extra cash paradise fake kind of great articles claiming you'll never guess what kids in college actually have done this time online five star reviews for hillary clinton's latest memoir break faith but you know all this the rest of us used to just call it bull. but don't trump. and now even the proof is condemning fake news you wouldn't believe the porky's head saying they were at the vatican and the british government which ways has everyone best interests at heart is actually setting up an anti faith news unit in other words. if there. is like these include shutting down all news papers t.v.
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stations the internet and i'm placing gagging orders on anyone with an opinion but there is another way they are human the majority of them contain the great many humans use them to think for themselves the bone detectives of pre-installed some still believe my stuff anyway but not full selection will sort out how to vent surely whereas these the politicians they will choose what news is fake i suspect you'll be amazed by how much they can change depending on who's in charge i mean he's paying the bills. and finally this hour an update from the world of cryptocurrency. is you guys. welcome to our weekly digest on everything in the world of blog this is our g.'s we told you i'm going to send john. this is the w.b.c.
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the world blocked chain and could still currencies summit here in moscow and this is exciting so many different people from all over the world we have presidential advisors of the russian president we have the lad martina from the theory him chamber in russia. some people call this guy the russian bill gates we have all kinds of representatives a lawyer is and private investors from europe and all and even american canada so let's see what this is all about and this is definitely a very interesting time for crypto currency here in russia let's go. and let's. use it or example i have twenty hives where bees are mining honey they do everything on their own and mine two hundred kilograms in each hive so as long as i just eat this honey myself and share it with my family and friends the government
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doesn't care about what i'm doing when i make a move to sell it the government immediately calls it a business i think that investments and crypto currencies are very risky is even worse than forex. there is a very strong government any government can rush into to get it on the control but at the same time the smart go to stand to stand first of all it will be extremely difficult close to but also. smart governments trying to understand how to to create a certain legal framework not to kill the mystery and then based on this experiment to really understand what's the real risks and as soon as we understand the real risk it will be much easier to introduce property just nation to manage the stream . ten times we need the depths and because there's a lot of hype and frenzy right now which is not healthy for the ecosystem and so i
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actually like this because i buy. index and then i told him and i think. we will probably see a light today at some point the i.c.a.o. crypto bubble will burst in the same when we had the dot com at some point but then you know those are really generating value will survive said to me sometimes those periods are cleansing and i like. the round up of our top stories for now i'll be back at the top of the hour with also do stay with us. with your make this manufactured consent stupid.


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