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tv   Boom Bust  RT  February 6, 2018 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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much bigger than china's and much bigger than anybody else's and they want more they want to spend more money they want more troops more weapons more planes more everything evil it's a horrendous thing. i don't know what's going to happen but it's very very disturbing that these guys are talking openly about this kind of military escalation that can end the whole country is being destroyed in the whole planet being destroyed. human rights watch report has exposed how drugs are being misused in american nursing homes victims' relatives say strong anti-psychotic medicines are being are used to control residents with dementia the rights group has released some of their testimonies why are you so sleepy day. one whom he was. totally droned to you couldn't even talk to my mother's name is laura sprinkler she's seventy five years old when we went to see
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her she wouldn't talk she wouldn't laugh she wouldn't cry she wouldn't do anything she would just sit and stare like she wasn't even there if you have dementia and somebody in a nursing facility doesn't understand what your needs are you could be given an anti-psychotic drug and you end your life not being yourself not being understood and there's no reason that this should happen according to the study almost one hundred eighty thousand people mostly with dementia are given anti-psychotic drugs each week drugs are often administered without the consent of residence or their relatives patricia mcginnis from the california advocates for nursing home reform says the use of anti psychotic drugs poses a real threat to the lives of people with dementia. at least one hundred seventy nine thousand people every week who are treated and who have dementia who are
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treated with anti-psychotic drugs. it's easier to drug somebody up it's less expensive than having adequate staff we have very weakened force with system in this country certainly in california this week so one of the ways to control people and control behavior people who have dementia is to give them and i psychotic drugs even the f.d.a. has noted that your when you give somebody with dementia anti-psychotic drugs you have a two times higher chance of death it can cause people to like you said before to become zombies have and i psychotic drugs can cause death and i psychotic drugs can cause heart palpitations and heart issues with people we really have to look at what is informed consent and make it national make it at a federal level that this isn't form consent and unless and until you have that from every single person every single resident or their representative you simply
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cannot provide give anybody want to be is kinds of drugs and some of the most vocal critics of the memo have been the washington post and the new york times that currently the subject of a new film busses american explains journalistic values can change over time. the washington post and the new york times once established themselves as shining beacons of true journalism a brave group of reporters who would stop at nothing to find out as much as they can in their quest for truth but i'm actually talking about the seventy's back then new york times and poster as risk jail time by publishing classified documents on the vietnam war the new york times begins its explosive series based on the pentagon papers publication of a covert version of the war that ran counter to much of the optimistic talk that it permeated official statements for years now daniel ellsberg leaks the documents to the washington post you want to learn more go to the movies and check out the oscar nominated film the post seems like the perfect robot alter trying to talk on the
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media and according to the creators that was actually the intention one thing that both of these areas have in common that really attracted me also to tell this story is two presidents. declaring war on the news media i really feel that we shall overcome what all of us have been so subjected to over the past sixteen months while spielberg's political message is pretty difficult to miss even in the trailer you probably will be the screen court. we don't. we. why don't you going to do this is ok and what are those two newspapers up to these days well they're not exactly true to the idea of exposing the intelligence community the washington post was one of the loudest voices against the release of the nunez memo why because this classified document which alleges misconduct by intelligence services quote in danger's national security and wa po published a number of articles predicting devastating consequences from the memos released
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and slamming donald trump while they were at it and media who are in favor of the memos released got bashed as well they click on paid for fake news russian propaganda dot ca that of course was used by the obama administration to obtain pizer warrants to surveil members of the trauma campaign. and the new york times who exposed the pentagon papers back in the seventy's were also against it so the cia and f.b.i. went from bad guys hiding their secrets from the public to a pillar of society standing strong against the evil trump the irony today among many ironies is how the mainstream media forgotten their own history the new york times the washington post today when it comes to a songe and others call him the worst threat to our republic is that we've ever seen but just years ago decades ago the same behavior. now
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lauded in the movies seem to herald this particular type of behavior that is showing again the unmitigated and unbelievable hypocrisy that astounds me daily so there you have it the same outlet that has democracy dies in the dark as its slogan would prefer its secret intelligence actions never see the light of day samir khan r.t. washington d.c. protests have erupted in gaza are over the killing of a palestinian terror suspect story and more still to come. local blogs show you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chickenhawk forcing you to fight the battles that. you stopped by to tell you will be gossiped about. i'm telling you all and i like. that
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we all know why. i'm here that muddy field stadium the home in the heart of scottish rugby i'm here to interview a scotland legend. a man who fought many great battles on this behind me now he's engaged in the greatest bottle of all his struggle against motor neuron disease. welcome back bitcoins roller coaster ride continues falling to below six thousand
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dollars on tuesday down from twenty thousand last december but it's to spite signs of a massive selloff the cryptocurrency continues to attract global interest. well the rapid rise a bit coin last year drew comparisons with the true net bubble in the netherlands back in the seventeenth century economics professor steve keen thinks there are major obstacles to be becoming viable as a currency. people who go to know it done very very well the next cause i was recommending buying it at three dollars in nevada listen to max i want to show is a big i would have sold out quite nicely even at the process selling out now but ultimately the only long term value for big cawing is if it becomes an alternative
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to currencies and so long as it only supports a trivial and i really mean trivial number of transactions per second it's simply become money now in that sense it's a bit like a true walking deal with a chip apart from planet my god and what should get lot look lovely and then slowly die and i think that's what's happening with bitcoin as well if i want to divide with the wind the corn will be a good way to do that but i can only manage twenty transactions a maximum for a second that is simply not currency it's only going to be there is an effective means of trans transfer for extremely large transactions fifty million one hundred million dollars that it's the fact that it is so slow consume so much energy and handle so few transactions means that it can't also be what people are claiming it to be so another block trying technology my will succeed but i simply can't see bitcoin being effective. crowds have taken to the streets of gaza or in a show of support for a palestinian murder suspect who was killed in
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a manhunt by israeli forces. he. is ready forces tracked down and killed after my job relieved to have fatally shot a jewish rabbi the islamist group hamas issued a statement declaring the suspected killer a martyr hundreds of people gathered in gaza on tuesday holding posters of general and denouncing the israeli military rabbi a thirty five year old father of six was killed in a drive by shooting outside his house on january the ninth near a west bank settlement. the pentagon has announced a new strategy in iraq in syria following the liberation of islamic states key strongholds. enabled by exhilarated successes following the liberation of mosul the coalition will shift its focus in iraq from enabling combat operations to sustaining military gains against the islamic state of iraq in syria well according
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to the pentagon operations in iraq when that focus on border control and strengthening the national armed forces r.t. has spoken exclusively to the iraqi officials they believe the u.s. has a responsibility to rebuild the country is rooted city's. remorse in many civilians have been killed in indiscriminate coalition air strikes most or most of those buried under the rubble civilians they call it collateral damage many of these casualties could have been avoided if they did better intelligence the return of refugees usually happens in three stages the first stage is the humanitarian efforts reviews can return when the basic needs are met including food and water the second stage providing public services including health care schools police force and local governments only after this can be rebuilding process happen in the united states government has a moral and legal responsibility to restore iraq signed a strategic agreement which applies it to support iraq in its reconstruction in reality we're still not see much help from the us and. could lead to shipping to
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take up to six years to rebuild muscle and create all the necessary infrastructure we need to figure out how to provide a clean water supply and other services why it all for a big city the united states played a major role in the destruction of muscle throw its indiscriminate strikes also low so it has a responsibility to help rebuild the city worker the math. they've been a part of the glamour of formula one for decades but the checkered flag has finally been waved on the iconic great goals. my james is with. the question. well for we do on this commercial director announced the decisions saying the grid girls no longer fit in with modern social norms he adds they are now irrelevant and inappropriate for motor racing fans across the world but british supermodel naomi
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campbell is among those who stepped in in defense of the great girls she says the job's not remotely offensive and a good way for women to proudly represent their countries the good girls themselves say they're offended by the decision after years of service to the sport they claim their role is to promote the f one brand and it shouldn't be restricted by issues of political correctness. i saw my outfit before i agreed to do it i knew i was wearing i knew what was expected of me if you look at any kind of advertisement or branding these days you know you have beautiful glamorous hostesses working for the best talent in the world you have victoria's secret models who represent the brand so while that they model for and so i don't think you can say that having great go and glamorous promotional models is in keeping with the times i am an ism shouldn't be a dirty word but obviously it could boil down to that sadly i just feel it's a bit of
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a backward step because if we want to say to women you know we want to feel empowered and we can do and be whatever we want to be i don't see a problem with promotional work tools we'll do it by choice and we're not forced into the word and or go supply for the job and all the guys i know absolutely love the job so i don't see that there's any saw a problem with it too a lot of people do come to the shows over to meet some of the girls as well to get pictures with because that's a parolees and some of my friends who work in the professional work they've met their future husband i don't know why they haven't said anything for it if it's because too many people would objectify and they probably didn't think that this much would happen so i'm not sure why they didn't consult with us. i'll be back with the latest headlines in just over half an hour meanwhile for more on all of the stories going to r.t. dot com.
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hey everybody i'm stephen bob taft hollywood guy the suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. news this is my buddy max famous financial guru and he's a little bit different. though no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm hitting the road to have some fun every day americans. and hopefully
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start to bridge the gap this is the great american people. to america's two intensely charged in opposing news narratives to cable news networks reflect these divisions or rather function as triggers intensifying cultural divide also what has happened to journalism is it now a profession inhabited by hacks and the politically possessed. doesn't know as i'm going to let you.
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it's always such serious security you know like all wastes always a couple dogs show your face and told the students oh i don't actually it's easier you know like that i don't want to watch attention. i'm. singing into jane and you know for a lady to go on the stage and perform from people openly it is considered a taboo in afghanistan and iran i just don't look. at it the best out of georgia if you'll go down there with them. look for mother. daughter mary brown are. you making film in the country to go and see them or you know we don't have foam in this studio we don't have a studio this country was. really good so don't say. so we'll see if getting. your way modelo i'm going to go to just and commit. this film called the mother to deliver their fish must. cover that
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crew that remark that is going to bring him back that record high peter barber can be tiresome had asked me which at that time can tell me so they can say john made the kindest back and that is the one to be good our discussion on drugs and he cut it gently that's a card that was decided we couldn't care act a playwright dressed like a kid and giving them a tour would be done from the stuff you know that could call me in the. last names and let's have no fear at all you want to put on a tragedy with a whole edition of us who remember us from the. west side of the mouse club or you know the snowy what then as long as both.
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right. but i'll give you the last not only the general after the voting was in the king of pop i thought i would get them but you never took them a couple didn't. have a go but up like i said. but off loads. more for the sunday times and the nominees on the slow season on the stage you see that almost as a child and i'm good i'm slow to set you but i don't know all of them some of them
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have to hold up it. by. say. do. yeah. i. can i can. come back. from. what's on the tray if there was that he could westy it was just not yes get to depreciate last week tell it shift education. couple some kind of oily b.s. get more then. you believe you g.s. you all must think of what it is that i want on the stove meanies to to give me what i want some jobs. should i not have that the last i you but i only say i
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just you know will say you have a number you can give that kind of bone one a gift you get bored me out one now will say i've found you to come in the last. by that i guess i've done just that hank said i even must know that you know most people. but the book i do is to you out. of the how to ask that of them sort of i just hope you don't think anybody else i join the. dawlish time i can out of all. why i get out i was scared but if i raise my boss to pay my death as i say he has more than think of what i want to have some wouldn't think she's. time graham care of someone that shall have from me now that's our economy and i mean sometimes. bad for them cushy scanner kind of quickly such outback. steakhouse when i was four they busted it wasn't that difficult to do i want to
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song. i want to come was more than that i want to so new york me quit him how that has more than pushed the was would on us push that was who she has. as well as the neck out of any. more then you must like a scared and nothing to what he she will be about thinking to how to spot me when i spoke to the snow was a double shot five i. love you so much football but it's on the windows problem so i like going to the bottom. but as usual of all of. my. they are so. weak that the world.
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has mentioned the situation was going to show man down his. facial rule quote as you know how to go wrong for the next hour of the world bullish from the right i'm to go to somalia on where they must have you on you be then. what it son could look couldn't hide so see at seattle's. cheese if you will fareed is i'm on board to madam if it was on you tube a church should look there are messages in the queue for the who the sean and or woman when talkback the key quote a man has for seattle as you watch my brother caloundra as they call shrew kirkland after another bomb. yet more moderate on to i'm wrong nice more last. resort as i've mocked norad that says he got where they are
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stuck one would do so gotta live under after all mother had at last in iraq after be afraid of us and the last that often got a fellow that may question i shall never shall again. they any color can either get as it should them talking a lot of what a shia really was and i was one of them well as one hundred fifty don't really had that i was there if you're trying to guess don't nationals yeah global chillers are sad boards as far as your mad men. they. charged up and their son. national you. can measure junk. and possibly national. we're going as a critic i mean. your bonus is you treat me. deliver
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because more than i she was a troll i mean doesn't it oh it has a tremendous. civic i didn't do it for what he did i mean i know the job got a good enough that didn't quite get it and was just sort of. god that was a lot how much is what i enlarge it on i quite a more widely last option more of those who doesn't think that that's not think much of much then eventually say say say what i don't say so shut up about a lot of us that's just what it's going to offer to answer. be. as one who would disagree. with. you don't push on to things. but what if you just here was a vision both of you should have
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a double body that shot down have a little at most once us nothing it doesn't seem easy matter. to see my mom selling them one hundred nineteen even cent and when they start with john and maybe he's just not that back missy jalen highness that doesn't mean i'll make out for him why that's my that's damn him i thought so how do you want to fight jon i'm. sure he took another girl to. someone who could want that about of all me come with my submission up make a name and know about all my ass but that's the but not with the better not more on the butt but i would've just needed when he had caught the ball more darling good will come i did if i should just go swimming. but i don't wish any.
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more that was the how to enjoy it the whole different but that's because i'm a shop because they could be afraid of me on about a foot of a judge looking at me for what i did and i got it by going to see my god as well as to my god i am not asking because it was the same as i knew about her that i want to sign as i never got stuck at. the level of a lot of stuff there. ja rule.
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forty to forty years back or fifty years back i've gone to. the open mind a country that had music we had seen. people dress the way they want to know everything but today the. change is done there they're trying to enforce people into their ways of what baby want people to do. right now we are now music studio and they actually have made a song for the football league in afghanistan i have to go and finish it. up who are really. into it world or really was a little bit of those over there because now they're going to. follow
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through on that i could see up close. the time when i was i was doing a show in afghanistan called the voice which is the international show one of the national team in afghanistan and they had gathered a couple of no asked to sit down to talk about me so basically build brainwashing people against me to mike's children amazon which is a holy month so at the end of the show on the thirteenth nights one of them allows he says you have a cutter have a briggs at they will go to heaven and this was i still get goosebumps when i talk about this. ordeal so you did what i'm stronger or you know sorry trust me you know. as knows that are you. thank you.
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here's what people have been saying about redacted in. the show i go out of my way to. the really. the john oliver of americans do the same. apparently better than. i see people you've never heard of. the night president of the world bank. send us an e-mail. i'm here at money field stadium in the home on the hop. i'm here to interview. a man who fought many great battles on this behind me. in the greatest bottle of all his struggle against. disease.


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