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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  February 7, 2018 2:30am-3:01am EST

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or money because they just want more money i mean this is what the government lives to do it lives to spend u.s. military budget more than ten times the size of russia's its of course the by far the largest in the world much bigger than china and much bigger than anybody else's and they want more they want to spend more money they want more troops more weapons more planes more everything evil. it's a horrendous thing. i don't know what's going to happen but it's very very disturbing that these guys are talking openly about this kind of military escalation that can end the whole country is being destroyed in the whole planet being destroyed. by human rights watch report has exposed hard drugs being misused in american nursing homes victims' relatives say strong anti psychotic medicines are used to control residents with dementia their rights group has released some of their testimony is why are you so sleepy day.
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one whom he was. totally dry and to you can even talk to my mother's name is laura sprinkler she's seventy five years old when we went to see her she wouldn't talk she wouldn't shoot with cries she wouldn't do anything she would just sit and stare like she wasn't even there if you have dementia and somebody in a nursing facility doesn't understand what your needs are you could be given an anti-psychotic drug and you end your life not being yourself not being understood and there's no reason that this should happen according to the study almost one hundred eighty thousand people mostly with dementia and given anti psychotic drugs each week drugs are often administered without the consent of residents or their relatives. patricia mcginnis who advocates nursing home reforms says the use of
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anti psychotic drugs poses a real threat to the lives of people with dementia at least one hundred seventy nine thousand people every week who are treated and who have dementia who are treated with anti-psychotic drugs. it's easier to drug somebody up it's less expensive than having adequate staff we have very weakened for support system in this country certainly in california it's weak so one of the ways to control people and control behavior people who have dementia is to give them and i psychotic drugs even the f.d.a. has noted that your when you give somebody with dementia anti-psychotic drugs you have a two times higher chance of death it can cause people to like you said before to become zombies and i psychotic drugs can cause death and i psychotic drys can cause heart palpitations and heart issues with people we really have to look at what is
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informed consent and make it national make it at a federal level that this isn't form consent and unless and until you have that from every single person every single resident or their representative you simply cannot provide give anybody one of these kinds of drugs. and that koreans rollercoaster ride continues falling to below six thousand dollars on tuesday down from twenty thousand last december but it's despite signs of a mass selloff the cryptocurrency continues to attract global interest. my. well rapid rise a bit going last year drew comparisons with the tonight bubble in the netherlands back in the seventeenth century the economics professor steve keen thinks there are
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major obstacles to bitcoin becoming viable as a currency people aboard n l a done very very well max cause i was recommending buying it at three dollars an avowed listen to max i want to show is a big i would have sold out quite nicely even at the process selling out now but ultimately the only long term value of it calling is if it becomes an alternative to currencies and so long as it only supports a trivial and i'd really mean trivial number of transactions per second it simply can't become money now in that sense it's a bit like a true one walking deal with children apart from planet no garden and what should get low look lovely and then slowly die and i think that's what's happening with that quite as well if i want to divide lithuania the corn will be a good way to do that but i can only manage twenty transactions maximum per second that is simply not currency it's only going to be there as an effective means of transfer transfer for extremely large transactions fifty million one hundred million dollars at a time the fact that it is so slow consume so much energy and handle so few
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transactions means that it can't also be what people are claiming it to be so another block chain technology may well succeed but i simply can't say because i'm being effective. us republicans have released a document claiming the man behind the trump russia dossier was not only funded by the clinton campaign but was also fed information by it mr steele's memorandum states that the report was information that came from a foreign subsumes who is in touch with a friend of the clintons it is troubling enough that the clinton campaign funded mr steele's work but that these clinton associates were contemporaneously feeding mr steele allegations raises additional concerns about his credibility. the so called trump does see a was compiled by former british intelligence officer christie to it claims to establish strong links between russia and donald trump during the twenty sixteen
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election campaign the still dustier was criticized for containing flaws and being unverified but it was reportedly still used as the basis to secure surveillance on trump's team and it became an important part of the investigation yesenia it was revealed the document could have been funded by the campaign office rival hillary clinton if the latest claims that clinton affiliates also fed information to still turn out to be true it could undermine the conclusion pro oh but did we catch them in the act or what you know what i'm talking did we catch them in the act they are very embarrassed they never thought they really get caught we caught them basically you have a opposition research which proves to be propaganda and not even factual information that led to the appointment of bob muller to investigate trump for russian collusion that appears not only not to have happened but to have been invented by
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the democrats paid for by the democrat national committee in the clinton campaign and now they're investigating trump i still think the funniest part about this is they want to say trump well we couldn't find any collusion so it must be obstruction of justice that he fired the former f.b.i. director what was he obstructing if there was no justice to be served because what they were investigating wasn't even true i think that's laughable in the republican party earlier released a memo outlining potential bias on the part of the f.b.i. and the department of justice in its trump russia probe the document faced criticism from the democrats but republicans now say their investigations will encompass even more branches of government. yes so let me get to that so phase one of our investigation was just getting to getting at the pfizer. what we're looking at now is the state department and some of the irregularities there and some of the most vocal critics of the member have been the washington post and the new york times they're currently the subject of a new film but as
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a nice american explains journalistic values can change over time the washington post and the new york times once established themselves as shining beacons of true journalism a brave group of reporters who would stop at nothing to find out as much as they can in their quest for truth but i'm actually talking about the seventy's back then new york times and poster as risk jail time by publishing classified documents on the vietnam war the new york times begins its explosive series based on the pentagon papers publication of a covert version of the war that recount due to much of the optimistic talk that permeated official statements for years now daniel ellsberg leaks the documents to the washington post you want to learn more go to the movies and check out the oscar nominated film the post seems like the perfect robot alter trump attacks on the media and according to the creators that was actually the intention one thing that both of these areas have in common that really attracted me also to tell this story
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is two presidents. declaring war on the news media i really feel that we shall overcome what all of us have been so subjected to over the past sixteen months well spielberg's political message is pretty difficult to miss even in the trailer you probably will be the supreme court next. we don't. we. why don't you going to do this is ok and what are those two newspapers up to these days well they're not exactly true to the idea of exposing the intelligence community the washington post was one of the loudest voices against the release of the nunez memo why because this classified document which alleges misconduct by intelligence services quote in danger's national security and wa po published a number of articles predicting devastating consequences from the memos released and slamming donald trump while they were at it and media who are in favor of the memos released got bashed as well the clip on paid for fake news russian propaganda
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dot ca that of course was used by the obama administration to obtain pizer warrants to surveil members of the trunk campaign. the new york times who exposed the pentagon papers back in the seventy's were also against it so the cia and f.b.i. went from bad guys hiding their secrets from the public to a pillar of society standing strong against the evil trump the irony today among many ironies is how the mainstream media forgotten their own history the new york times the washington post today when it comes to a songe and others call him the worst threat to our republic is that we've ever seen but just years ago decades ago the same behavior. now lauded in the movies seemed to herald this particular brother being there showing again the unmitigated unbelievable hypocrisy that astounds me.
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so there you have it the same outlet that has democracy dies in the dark as its slogan would prefer its secret intelligence actions never see the light of day samir khan r.t. washington d.c. . turkey's president. has accused the u.s. of plotting against ankara in syria it comes amid a fall out between nato allies over turkey's operation against u.s. backed kurdish militias in syria. why does the u.s. continue to send weapons in syria even after i saw it's been clear my you still here why do these weapons derived you must be plotting against turkey iran and perhaps russia. and korea began operation olive branch in the african region just over three weeks ago and now it plans to expand into the syrian town of man beach the town hosts u.s.
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troops which helped kurdish forces defeat eisel in the region where the turkish president demanded washington withdrew its forces from man beach threatening to target the u.s. soldiers ankara says it started the military campaign in the region to defend its border it came after the pentagon announced it was training a so-called security border force led by kurds and though washington later backtracked on this announcement the move deepen the rift between the two countries middle east expert same bag chief says the crisis of trust between turkey and the us may have catastrophic consequences. at the moment the turkish government and turkish president seem not to be confident towards american policies probably this distrust this problematic understanding with me into a country will continue america is another. process. this is this problem turkey is getting more and more limited along and probably the americans will
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not withdraw their presence like that and will continue to support the girls and this will become a real conflict between turkey and united states of america. the developments are not good neither for talking of america. well meanwhile the pentagon has announced a new strategy in iraq and syria following the liberation of islamic states key strongholds enabled by exhilarated successes following the liberation of mosul because lucian will shift its focus in iraq from enabling combat operations to sustaining military gains against the islamic state of iraq in syria. well according to the pentagon operations in iraq will now focus on border control and strengthening the national armed forces r.t. has spoken exclusively to the iraqi officials they believe the u.s. has a responsibility to rebuild the country's ruined cities. for the most when many civilians
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have been killed in indiscriminate coalition air strikes most or most of those buried under the rubble civilians they call it collateral damage many of these casualties could have been avoided if they do better intelligence the return of refugees usually happens in three stages first stages the manager in efforts can return when the basic needs met including food and water and the second stage of providing public services including health care schools a police force and local governments only after this and we build in a process happen in the united states government better moral and legal responsibility to restore iran signed a strategic agreement we should by use it to support iraq in its reconstruction in reality we have still not seen much help from the us. could take up to six years to rebuild muscle and create all the necessary infrastructure we need to figure out how to provide a clean water supply and other services why at all for a big city the united states played
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a major role in the destruction of mosul for all its indiscriminate airstrikes also though so it has a responsibility to help rebuild the city will come out. now they've been a part of the glamour of formula one for decades but the checkered flag has finally been waved on the iconic grid girls. my james has a problem with. a question for you. not for me it was commercial director announced the decisions saying the grid girls no longer fit in with modern social norms he adds they are now irrelevant and inappropriate for motor racing fans across the world but british supermodel naomi campbell is among those who have stepped up in defense of the great girls she says the job's not remotely offensive and a good way for women to proudly represent their countries the great girls themselves say they're offended by the decision after years of service to the sport they claim
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their role is to promote the f one brand and it shouldn't be restricted by issues of political correctness. i saw my outfit before i agreed to do it i knew i was wearing i knew what was expected of me if you look at any kind of advertisement or branding these days you know you have beautiful glamorous hostesses working for the best talent in the world you have victoria's secret models who represent the brand so while they model for and so i don't think you can say that having great go and glamorous promotional models is in keeping with the times i am an ism shouldn't be a dirty word but obviously it could boil down to that sadly i just feel it's a bit of a backward step because if we want to say to women you know we want to feel empowered and we can do and be whatever we want to be i don't see a problem with promotional work tools we'll do it by choice and we're not forced into the was and or go supply for the job and all the guys i know absolutely love
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the job so i don't see that there's any soul problem with that school a lot of people do come to the shows over to meet some of the girls as well to get pictures with the girls that the parolees and some of my friends who work in the professional work they've met their future husband i don't know why they haven't said anything for it if it's because too many people would objectify and they probably didn't think that this much would happen so i'm not sure why they didn't consult with us. i'll be back with the latest headlines in just over half an hour meanwhile for more on all of the stories into what you don't go.
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thank you greetings and sell you teach us from the roller coaster ride of greed and wealth inequality on display every day in the world of wall street and big business to the unabashed corporate cronyism and gang land classism in the marble and stone halls of governments and capitals around the world add to that the countless wars and the daily celebration and exile taishan of ignorance all over intelligence on our televisions and computer screens and you've got yourself quite a downer of humanity cocktail all of this makes it not too difficult to imagine just how easy it would be to slide into a comfy sweater of cynicism and turn off your dreams of a brighter future and hawk watchers no matter how bad things can get here on the
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ground and they can get bad remember all we have to do is look up. throughout history it's the stars in the great wilderness of space that has inspired humanity to never forget just how far we've come and how truly magnificent we can be with just a little bit of hope mathematics and are met and imaginations on february sixth ilan musk and hundreds of thousands of others by his side have made their space x. dreams a reality by successfully test launching the falcon heavy rocket which of the new york times points out is the most powerful rocket in operation in the world today and on this historic day marks the first time that a commercial company has developed such a large rocket without any government financing. somewhere you can hear all the little libertarians cheering and while the one mosque is certainly a controversial figure and many question the integrity and reality of the billionaire's ambitions whether they be commercial flights to mars or an all tests
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lot of made of the automotive b. which are today let's just for this moment put down our cynical masks of adulthood and remember the pure childhood joy of imagination and discovery as we celebrate humanity's latest journey into the final frontier so let's look to the stars and start watching the hawks. but that's. the part of it. like you that i got. this. week. was the hawks i am so robot for and we start today with our own tabitha wallace was been down in cape
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canaveral since monday and had a front row seat to the historic lunch of speaks space x.'s falcon heavy rocket. just behind me we're about to see the very first test flight of the falcon heavy rocket from space x. from the launch pad thirty nine at the kennedy space center here in cape canaveral what we're about to see is the largest rocket the most powerful rocket ever launched we've got a seventy meter tall rocket twelve point two meters wide one point four kilograms of mass all of this with twenty seven first stage and and we are about to see seven million pounds of thrust shooting this rocket into the air hopefully to have a billion here a long trip through space what you can see over here is those last few moments and these. as we see it begins its descent this is the first time that we're
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going to see here it comes right past us now this is the most crucial moments of the rocket this is the moment in the next thirty seconds of max q this is the moment of peak mechanical stress that the rocket will see if we're going to see any problems it's going to be in the next thirty seconds here it is coming over the coast right down to these historic space coast. here we are you're looking at about seven million pounds of thrust that has gotten it into the air inside is a tesla roadster the payload which is right now playing david bowie's space odyssey . on a billion year ride into space so far we're looking good you've got. a few moments we're going to see booster engine cutoff in about a minute so far so good. morning to space x. the winds have gone down the sheer winds at the top speed so what we're seeing now
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is as close to a perfect launch so far as we can see and here it is coming right over us. south to just make it past max q the time when it would explode if it was going to happen that's the most stress so far we're seeing clear win and the perfect rocket launch. kind of amazing now imagine this is the equivalent of three falcon nine rocket. sensually strapped together in this moment. it's pretty amazing folks what you're looking at here is is historic this is the first rocket designed specifically for d.s. space if this works is this makes it all the way into outer space and on its trip to mars to mars we are looking at a complete change in humanity what we are able to do where we can travel this is the first step. and joining me now live from cape canaveral is my wife talks
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co-host of the wallace who had spoke the afternoon watching the falcon as it were. yes no talk today just falcon although there was a hawk flying around the hotel or earlier so it was a good sign. that was occurring you can use. the verge but it can you describe the feeling on the ground there in cape canaveral as the falcon heavy took off what was that experience like did you feel it when the when the boosters had. first you didn't hear about jet first that first two minutes but once it made it into just past us and made it past that box q when if it was going to blow up at what a blown up once it made it past that point about three minutes after lift off we heard a series of sort of low looms which is the sonic and what happened was even here we're talking we're about thirty miles down the coast from the from the launch pad
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the windows on our hotel were rattling for a couple of minutes kind of rumbling as it went past it's pretty amazing i mean people here were out of. the beaches there were people of the roads to cape canaveral were packed this morning you couldn't get anywhere near there if you weren't there about the day before it was it was pretty amazing it's just it's sort of unbelievable when you see something this massive that has been years in the making so many minds so many people all coming together to create it. there is a moment of humanity has to cut to go wow where we're doing ok if we can do that let's why one of the students actually is what you know what about this law and makes it such an important moment. not only the history but also the future of space travel with you know our journey into the stars. one of the things that's really important to notice here is what these rockets have meant to the space
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program and to our sort of travel into outer space beyond our planet when you look back at the rocket that we've used so pioneer one was back in nineteen fifty eight that was the first major rocket that held the first spacecraft that was launched then you moved on to the freedom seven rocket which is the rocket that took the apollo mission and alan shepard or i'm sorry took alan shepard in one nine hundred sixty one into the atmosphere that we lived on to the apollo eleven trip in one nine hundred sixty nine where they landed on the moon piloted by buzz aldrin each of these rockets got bigger then the shuttle program came along this is really historic because it's the first big moment for space travel for the space industry since the shuttle launch and the shuttle program and so those two big major things were columbia and challenger which sort of in two thousand and three and one thousand nine hundred six respectively those two moments made us wonder if we'd be
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able to go back and now when you look at this rocket it was specifically designed for deep space what this rocket means as that we have the ability to send. lots of machinery lots of equipment lots of things we would need to colonize space or to go explore mars. wow and then the other amazing thing about that too is that it's reusable although all the pieces come all the way back down and then the landings i believe were successful today as well the three of all the pieces that's fantastic now yeah this is sort of the amazing thing a reusable rocket usually you have throwing away tens of millions of dollars but having those rockets build to come back down and reuse them is to close definitely is no speaking speaking of history i understand there is a connection between the falcon heavy and me god botherer in the u.s. there was space industry vrba brought in like correct. correct we've learned
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from braun was a german american scientist he sort of like the godfather of the space program and the shuttle and the rocket launch rocket industry what sort of a back in one nine hundred forty nine braun wrote a book called the mars project was a nonfiction book that explains how we would use reusable rocket a large rocket with lots of rockets strapped together to go to mars and in this he actually talks about colonization and in the book interesting is a quote and this was confirmed in the original manuscript that it says the martian government was to be directed by ten men the leader of whom was elected by universal suffrage for five years and untitled he launched the vernor dr braun in sort of a stroke of strange genius actually sort of foresaw the idea of iran must being will not be on my specifically but he name this idea of a president of mars would be called that you want so there's this strange
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connection between this man who actually was the designer of the saturn five rocket that's the rock that's the rocket that took the apollo thirteen apollo. eleven put those into space it's so important it's sort of the beginning to know that it's all sort of coming around and putting us one step closer from fiction or from fantasy it's reality. around the nose predominance of the rocket industry. you've been down there for a few days what what has been the reaction to the launch to you on muscular normally this would be a nasa enterprise how how is that playing with the people of cape canaveral for many years up until the columbia this is a part of their everyday lives. you know it's sort of strange because space coast we're looking out right here from about melbourne florida all we have to cape canaveral about a forty mile stretch here it was all i mean it's known as space because for
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a reason back in the day in the sixty's and seventy's i mean it was all about now it was all about astronauts here and business is booming for everybody since the shuttle ended this is the most historic moment since the shuttle program and they saw about one hundred thousand people from out of town and over hazar half a million people total that came out to see it people are excited because to them it means space coast is coming back that people are getting excited about space and aerospace again and potentially jobs i mean if this becomes a regular around you know a regular industry that are going back and forth between the moon and mars and all of that this will get very quickly going to finish up well what would you know what the next step is now now that they've successfully done this what's got up is up the sleeve. well you know over the last couple weeks he's still a flame thrower if you send a car into space playing david bowie i think anything is possible.


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