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they can enhance an athlete's performance by expanding lung capacity the norwegian anti-doping agency itself has also admitted the country has a problem with the over use of asthma medication it is common practice in norway to occasionally use as a medicine in major elements in the respiratory system even with the diagnosis is vast and is not specific. the latest revelation comes after the release of a documentary that alleges the existence of an organized doping system at norway ski federation we spoke to one of the journalists behind the film the region ski federation is very angry about this and they don't want to talk about this problem and that's very sad in the region it's more. than a ski federation doping program we can see that forty one percent of the middle east have normal blood it means i don't think this is clean competitions we will
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see there are skiers doping also in this competitions we have asked the international olympic committee whether it will investigate allegations we're awaiting their reply however a sports lawyer that we spoke to told us that it's worrying the i.o.c. hasn't publicly commented on the issue. what's interesting is you heard the outcry in the media about these allegations you haven't seen any action by wada as it currently stands i don't see there being an investigation which you know is in the light of everything we've discovered with regards to the russian doping allegations is troubling everybody where there is a problem should be investigated we need to understand that doping is in fact a global problem is raised by this documentary we need to understand that doping as happened in occurs across the world and that this is not an incident slated to russia that this is a global problem it's a continuing problem and it's something we need to address seriously right now even
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be the greatest anti-doping experts in the west as a want to cannot currently detect doping in athlete that's a problem. he cheap has found no evidence that russia somehow interfered in the case briggs that referendum on this is according to the company's global head of public policy he testified in front of a u.k. house of commons committee. we looked at all advertisements with any connection to russia and we found no evidence of our services being used to interfere in the referendum but we don't look in the survey for the pay for advertising the election but actually the operation of channels will go to the films which are which can be linked back to russia nations who have a political purpose a message through the referendum would you be able to do that for us we are happy to cooperate with that investigation so it says yes yes despite these and endless attempts to accuse russia of brecht's that meddling in this pressure on online
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platforms to expose any shady business that russia might have been up to yet another revelation this time from you tube that nothing of sort had happened this indeed at yet another session of the u.k. parliamentary committee inquiring into feek news who this time travel to washington to ask their questions but it has to be said that despite all of their hard work this inquiry has produced no results of substance so far if you remember previously this committee seems to have been sort of left hanging by twitter we found that one percent of the accounts in the dataset were registered in russia could you confirm how many other accounts were being controlled from agencies in russia even if they were not registered there we do not have sufficiently strong evidence to enable us to conclusively linked them with russia the failure to obtain straight answers is simply increasing concerns about these issues rather than reassuring people well this as google also said they found no evidence of russian meddling in the brics
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that referendum as well as of course facebook following their investigation having said that they found that russia spent seventy three p. on any kind of posts related to brock's that. well regarding campaign financing a u.k. campaign to reverse the brig's it has received a hefty boost in its come from the american billionaire george soros best for britain has confirmed that he donated almost half a million pounds through his foundation george soros foundations have along with a number of other major donors also made significant contributions to our work indeed through his foundations he has contributed four hundred thousand pounds he's funding is one among many sources. or best for britain is a pro e u lobbying group that's pushing for a second briggs referendum one of their key ideas is quote lead not leave the european union the campaign hopes to influence the opinion of the public and
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politicians on this issue downing street was quick to react on the matter is i'm a spokes person says that there would be no second referendum as the country has already voted to leave the e.u. . the second speak now for a council for basingstoke that's paul miller joins me on the line that there's been plenty of people looking for russian interference in the brig's that referendum what about this which would appear to be u.s. influence on trying to reverse the decision of the brig's it referendum isn't that what this is a us billionaire contributing money to try and change the decision well he is certainly a billionaire he happens to be an american but i don't think it's a us. an individual who has an awful lot of resources. to contribute to what i can determine to very very and he breaks it organization and they want to then you are lobbying i have no idea what is the motives mr white when i
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heard the. we've also heard about the new party that lets a pro e.u. party it's a murder in the u.k. with support from french pro e.u. politicians again is posed the question is where where does the line begin and end of what is interference from abroad in british policies. i quite agree with your statement there were you in fact posed a question and. my view is this is a british issue it's an issue for the british people anybody from the outside stay outside this is something for us to determine both through the brics it wrote and then through the progression discussions and negotiations that we're conducting with you but you parties and the rest of the british government and the e.u. if you want to oppose it well that's what we call freedom of speech but to have
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external influence in terms of money from america or influence from the french that strikes me as being sticking a nose where it shouldn't very. greatly appreciate your time and you contribution been speaking to borough council for basingstoke in the u.k. that's paul miller thanks bill right now u.s. lawmakers threaten to cut the world health organization's funding this is after it found a top u.s. made weed killer probably causes cancer details after a short break. plenty . of.
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little. lead. on the idea that dropping bombs brings police hawks forcing you to fight the battles they don't believe that you stop spreading to tell you that they'll be gossip and probably by file for the most important day. telling me you are not cool enough to buy their products little. things all the hawks we live our lives leave. welcome back seven months after the euphoria that greeted the liberation of mosul
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from islamic state the iraqi city struggling to get back onto its feet the u.n. children's rights body unicef is ringing alarm bells warning hundreds of thousands of youngsters are still lacking access to medical services. and more than half a year after the liberation the city continues to be filled with dead bodies we have blurred the upcoming images but i have to warn you you may well still find these pictures disturbing and the footage in question was filmed by
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a ruptly video news agency the condition of many bodies is said to make it difficult to even confirm their identities however according to producer on the ground most victims seem to be civilians women children and elderly people residents are calling on the government to do something to try and resolve the situation considering the risks to the city's health and. police expect as peter hawkinson he's the unicef representative in iraq the scenes that we've just witnessed from our pictures peter i mean obviously hugely disturbing but it doesn't stop there because there's the health risk just take us through what is the risk that is posed by by dead bodies that on the ground are. well the the risk is very high but i think what we need to understand is the extent of the problem this is a massive city mosul city probably faced one of the biggest urban warfare since
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world war two and. two point two million to two point four million people affected and then enormous challenge for everybody to try and clear we thing up and get the people working again i was in mosul just three days ago to hand over some equipment for the public health of our tree and what i saw there was the resilience of the people the in food the eyes and dedication of the health workers to ensure that immunization and other primary health care activities are carried out properly but it is a massive problem for children and the health system to be able to respond to each other what is the state of the health care system there now just how damaged are the hospitals there how many the mr working how much health care is available. well it depends which part of the city you're in if you're in the on the east side it's much better on the west side the level of devastation was extraordinary but
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wherever you are the number of. health care centers or hospitals is very limited the extent of the damage has affected it everybody though is working very hard to ensure that the proper health care is resumed the ministry of health unicef w h o u n f p a u n d p are all working really hard but the problem is so massive i was there in one of the health centers the other day and one family came in with their baby is a two month old baby they wanted a vaccinated there was vaccine there was everything there and stuff we were seeing over one hundred children a day were able to vaccinate this child but those families have to walk far they have to be dedicated to ensure that they do get vaccinated i also saw the baby unit that we had just. opened in the hospital in one wing of the hospital because
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up stairs it was away from the major damage there were nine incubators six of which were filled with premature babies who would not have survived unless those incubate as with their the ministry of health unicef and the other partners are doing what it can to ensure their health services come back to normal there is great here there are people working hard to improve the situation but according to the unicef report three quarters of a million children still lack access to medical facilities this is seven months after the liberation anyone is a parent who hears that will understand what a traumatic situation that is what is going wrong here why isn't there more support who's failing you at this point in terms of offering support. i don't think anyone is failing i'm a parent myself and i am concerned for every child in mosul you have to understand the math of the extent of the devastation the massive extent of trying to get the
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services resumed again we're all working very hard and above all those dedicated those health workers who are so dedicated to their cause it's a wide area wide level of levels of devastation families have to walk in the norm assistance is to be able to get the health care what we're saying is that the cumulative health care that is required of any child anywhere else in the world is not available yet in mosul and yet everybody is trying to do its best the vaccination is happening pediatric ward has just been opened other hospital areas are functioning but they're sporadic over the city and the full service that one would expect as you quite rightly said of as a parent of a child is still not there we still got months to go to continue to try and get the health services up and running to the extent that we would all want to them
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to be peter really appreciate your time i guess peter hawkins unicef representative in irak. republican lawmakers in the u.s. a threatening to cut funding to the w h o's cancer research program after the international agency for research on cancer said that america's most widely used weed killer neighbor the agribusiness giant monsanto probably causes cancer i.r. action and substantially claims i r x you're responsible hamming again why iraq should receive any government funding in the future. smear conjointly from washington samir why republican so angry over this. well they're disputing the organizations findings regarding a leading herbicide called roundup back in twenty fifteen the international agency for research on cancer concluded that roundups active ingredient state could be carcinogenic to humans now roundup is made by monsanto and it's the world's most
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widely used weed killer and since the one nine hundred seventy s. it's been sprayed on corn soybean cotton and other crops and republicans believe that the study was flawed and relied on cherry picked science accusing the agency of lack of transparency an anti industry bias now they say that if a state is designated as carcinogenic it will require manufacturers and retailers to war workers and consumers and it will increase costs and instill fear in the public some however have dismissed those claims it is important that we review the methods and tactics that industry has used to influence this administration and attack independent scientific organizations like the world health organization's international agency for research on cancer or i would like to say that fundamentally this hearing is about the ability of a public health agency to call a carcinogen a carcinogen even if that carcinogen makes
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a huge amount of money for powerful corporations. according to the center for responsive politics monsanto lobbied more than four point three million dollars in twenty seventeen now the environmental protection agency which is not an international organization concluded that the same ingredient does not cause cancer and the arc says that they've been under attack ever since they published their conclusions against glyphosate at the same time monsanto has been pushing against these findings through several different means and the company is seen as quite controversial not only in the u.s. but all over the world a president promised in november that would be banned within three years but for some context monsanto also sells a genetically modified seeds that these genetically modified seeds produce crops that can tolerate life estate so that these crops can grow without any surrounding weeds but generally genetically modified crops have been banned in over thirty five different countries but they're not banned in the u.s.
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but it's interesting to note that while international organizations have concluded that life could be carcinogenic the united states environmental protection agency has found otherwise so these lawmakers intentions are quite clear. from washington. and you all right it tonight join me for the very latest in often on. national governments in various locations still don't even understand what crypto currency is how mining works what bitcoin does and that confusion and that learning curve that they haven't bothered to climb leads to a lot of missed policy choices messed up policy choices and it's just because of a massive confusion out there so little is known about bitcoin except our currencies at all levels of government most levels of the consumer world and even
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within the crypto community itself. despite its turbulent history the soviet union you know has dominated international sport however this was not about the use of those champions from but. you know. when i'm sure number one. more move the ball for me you're going to do three drove me to describe what ordinary workers has to do is to be reserved for your you were the first sort of you to limp a team of nine hundred fifty two with included siege survivors concentration camp prisoners and frontline soldiers which your current baby of you it's good to be here with europe sure you can you know much better than the ship because you're working for you're in for the one who through the door we're going to have
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a crew with you if you think that the area we're going to be very soon you'll push through for through personal or through into your as you move over when you do when you're at the ocean we're going to be putting your work the workers here we are in the book now as you can we. greetings and sal you take. from the balloons to the marching bands to the elaborate floats and maybe the occasional creepy clown or two who here doesn't love a good parade and you know who else loves a good parade apparently the president of the united states one donald j. trump yes the washington post and others are now reporting that the brand name in
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chief has asked the pentagon's top brass for a big time military parade like like the kind the nation of france speeches every year on best deal day according to the post they have begun planning a grand military parade later this year showcasing the might of america's armed forces this would mark a pretty significant change here the motif here in washington d.c. which has not seen the likes of this since just after the first iraq war back in one thousand nine hundred ninety one when close to nine thousand soldiers and weapons of war were celebrated for their victory in the gulf needless to say many congressional democrats and from critics were livid and crying dictator senator dick durbin the democrat my joint minority whip out of illinois told the media that trump's parade would be a fantastic waste of money to amuse the president. and retired general paul eaton a senior advisor to both told the guardian quote unfortunately we do not have
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a commander in chief right now as much as we have a want to be banana republic strong man. but you don't want to talk watchers you know what i'm all for this parade the bigger the better i'm i'm talking full on huge massive parade nuclear missiles predator drones apache gunships and the entire lockheed martin dance team let's truly put on a display and let the american people see the massive ugly violent power that trillions upon trillions of their hard earned tax dollars have paid for and the thousands upon thousands of children and families living in places that we don't like to talk about at parties have had to live in fear of. ra ra sis boom bang star watching the hawks. it looks like. it would be. as if you were the bottom.
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of. the day like you know that i got. this. one of them on the watch of the hearts of the tyrol the answer and joining me today to talk popcorn parades and bombs is conservative commentator steve malzberg steve always a pleasure thanks for having me great to be here so i got to ask where do you sit on the parade issue the dominated the talk waves you know will it end up being this kind of self aggrandizing display of military military fetishism or the you know the heartfelt unifying display of respect for current and former u.s. military personnel were it where you said well i think it's it's a great thing i mean donald trump loves the military i don't think anybody can doubt that even the media which you know despises every time he opens his mouth
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can't question his love for the military and i think this is his way of honoring the military as the white house has said i mean he was at the steel day in france as you alluded to he saw the display saw the fanfare the pageantry the honor and he you know was in fact weighted with it you want to bring that to our military here now. to what for those who want to read into this that he's this is a dictator wannabe baba blah it does it doesn't matter what they say because even today when they reached a budget deal in the senate both party leaders praised the military. because the budget will address the military needs and expenses and the budget both of them schumer and mcconnell heaped lavish praise on the military like it or not the military is loved and adored and respected by i don't know ninety five percent of
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this country and believe it i believe it's actually about seventy two percent. who have faith in that institution where all the other institutions like congress and even the presidency in the media down around like ten. they are going to be great this is going to be clear that this is going to be great i mean you know that those who want to be negative about it will always be negative about it but i see nothing wrong with this let me ask you this you know based on our last kind of military parade which was you know all the way back first iraq war drums parade counting inflation and i think i saw numbers around you know early twenty million dollars or somewhere in that range twenty twenty four million and and that is the big criticism coming from congressional democrats is that you know it's wasting money but steve isn't that rather how we say rich given that most mainstream trumper existing democrats in congress routinely vote to pour money into the black hole of spending that is the pentagon i mean currently the u.s. military budget twenty eighteen is eight hundred twenty four point six billion
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twenty million for a parade seems kind of like a drop in the bucket compared to what they constantly vote i mean if any be military program comes along it's like here throw money at it. well i disagree with your characterization of throwing money into a black hole i think it's whatever it takes to support our military and give us the defense that we need. i'm all for it and i think again most of the nation sold for it i find that it's rich to use your. term there because there's so much waste in social programs waste and fraud and abuse and they're crying over what is a drop in the bucket in terms of the overall us spending of this country a few million to honor our military i think they're being very selective in their outrage i would agree but i disagree i think the we could use some accounting at the pentagon a little bit better than we have a mean just kind of throwing money over there is you know you have to have proper
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accountability there and so i'm with you i'm going to enrich spend more money on our military than what the next six seven eight countries combined i think that we could actually look and say you know maybe maybe it is lockheed martin and boeing and all the others kind of bilking the public trough and putting in the hey this hammer needs to cost eight million but you know this hammer needs the cost seven hundred dollars compared to the four ninety five that we pay for let me ask you this republican congressman justin amash tweeted i'm all for a parade if it's to celebrate bringing our young men and women home from these unauthorized wars overseas steve i want to ask you are are we not risking the honor and safety of our servicemen and women by continuing these seemingly endless wars that congress has not authorized or is using like you know there was a map from way back in the bush days shouldn't we do that proper procedure to to give the soldiers respect to say here these are the proud we're given your full authorization to go fight these wars or we're taking you home and getting out of harms way. well i think if you ask those who were there they would say that they're
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there are appropriate circumstances they belong there they believe in the mission and i think what donald trump has done to make our troops safer has taken the handcuffs off of our men and women in places like afghanistan and they can now defend themselves and not have to have rules of engagement that are worse and more restrictive that police officers have in this country in a war zone so i think down shop has got a long way and making our men and women safer i don't think any of the people who are there voluntarily view themselves as being an illegal war in an illicit war or a life that they shouldn't be lastly you know it seems to me that military parades especially in washington and the folks that usually put them on are less about honoring soldiers and veterans that might be what they kind of put up on the you know on the banner and more about kind of cleaning the conscience i believe of many of the washi of many in washington especially defense contractors think tanks and
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politicians who pound the drum a war all the time whether we need to pound it or not are these grades really all about the photo op rather than than the actual care especially when it comes to politicians and honoring our soldiers you know they get up there shake their hand but then forget about veterans for the rest of the year. well like you said we haven't had one since one thousand nine hundred one so how this one will work out in its aftermath i don't know and plus is going to be a nightmare of logistics because even some of the tanks that we would roll off can't with a concrete the streets can't maintain or survive the weight of the tank so i don't know how they get to work that but look again i don't going to bring up infrastructure actually like hey remember redo our infrastructure we can even have the abrams down the street but i believe that donald trump. and the congress has got a long way veterans are going to have if they don't already have a choice of health care not just have to go to v.a. hospitals so donald trump is reaching out to veterans at many many ways and i don't
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think there's anything nefarious about this at all he wants to on of the military bring them the respect that he thinks they deserve and the pageantry because yes at heart he is a showman in addition to everything else and i don't think there's anything evil intended here whatsoever well steve i think that we might disagree on a lot of things but the end of the day we will agree on taking care of the bedrooms we come home and i can do a lot better than just parades good good spending that thank you as always to you for coming on my pleasure. well hark watchers according to the old saying only two things in our lives are certain and that would be death and taxes but after decades of deliberation we can probably i dare say tragically had another war chaos and bloodshed in the middle east yes despite many attempts the grand bargains and many more attempts of quick and easy regime change solutions that we've been sold it is safe to say that violent turmoil is tragically guaranteed for the region's inhabitants probably ranking.


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