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tv   Politicking  RT  February 8, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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the quantity of us medicine obviously has reigned raised a number of concerns most of these drugs contain substances that been banned by wada but open watchdog argues they can enhance an athlete's performance by expanding lung capacity the norwegian anti-doping agency itself has admitted that the country has a problem with the over use of us medication it is common practice in norway to occasionally use as a medicine in major elements in the respiratory system even where the diagnosis is vastly is not specific. or the latest revelation comes following the release of a documentary that alleges the existence of an organized doping system at norway's ski federation we spoke to one of the journalists who was behind that film the ski federation is very angry about it and they don't want to talk about this problem and that's very sad in the region it's more. than
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a ski federation doping program we can see that forty one percent of the middle east have normal blood it means i don't think this is clean competitions we will see there are skiers doping also in this competitions we've asked the international olympic committee whether it will investigate these doping allegations we are awaiting a reply but the sports lawyer that we spoke to told us it's worrying the i.o.c. hasn't publicly commented on the issue. what's interesting is you heard the outcry in the media about these allegations you haven't seen any action by wada as it currently stands i don't see there being an investigation which you know is in the light of everything we've discovered with regards to the russian doping allegations is troubling everybody where there is a problem should be investigated we need to understand that the doping is in fact
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a global problem is raised by this documentary we need to understand that doping as happened and occurs across the world and that this is not an incident slated to russia that this is a global problem it's a continuing problem and it's something we need to address seriously right now even the greatest anti-doping experts in the west as a lot of cannot currently detect doping in athletes that's a problem. egypt has found no evidence that russia somehow it defeated in the case briggs referendum that's according to the company's global head of public policy you testified in front of the u.k. house of commons committee. we looked at all advertisements with any connection to russia and we found no evidence of our services being used to interfere in the process referendum but we don't look in a surly for pay for advertising the election but actually the operation of channels will go to the films which show which can be linked back to russia nations who have
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a political purpose a message through the referendum would you be able to do that for us we are happy to cooperate with that investigation so it says yes yes despite these and endless attempts to accuse russia of brecht's that meddling in this pressure on online platforms to expose any shady business that russia might have been up to yet another revelation this time from you tube that nothing of sort had happened this indeed at yet another session of the u.k. parliamentary committee inquiring into feek news who this time travel to washington to ask their questions but it has to be said that despite all of their hard work this inquiry has produced no results of substance so far if you remember previously this committee seems to have been sort of left hanging by twitter we found that one percent of the accounts in the data set were registered in russia could you confirm how many other accounts were being controlled from agencies in russia even if they were not registered there we do not have sufficiently strong evidence to enable us
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to conclusively linked them with russia the failure to obtain straight answers is simply increasing concerns about these issues rather than reassuring people well this as google also said they found no evidence of russian meddling in the brics that referendum as well as of course facebook following their investigation having said that they found that russia spent seventy three p. on any kind of posts related to brock's that. well regarding campaign financing a u.k. campaign to reverse the briggs's vote has received a hefty boost from american billionaire george soros best for britain has confirmed that he donated almost half a million pounds through his foundation george soros foundations have along with a number of other major donors who made significant contributions to our work indeed through his foundations he has contributed four hundred thousand pounds he's funding is one among many sources best for britain is a pro e.u.
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lobbying group pushing for a second briggs referendum one of the key ideas is quote lead not leave the e.u. campaign to influence the opinion of the public and politicians on the issue downing street has reacted quickly to his amaze spokesperson insisted there will be no second referendum because the country has of course already voted to leave the european union human rights and labor rights lower down the volatile is when the light could speak to you down. keeps cropping up again this breaks it will be another vote what do you make of the fact that we've got a u.s. billionaire funding a group that's trying to reverse u.k. policy isn't that foreign interference well of course and of course we know that george soros i'm self has played a role in interfering in many country in some of the color revolutions so-called color revolutions in eastern europe for example and of course we know that the us
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government itself has and continues to meddle quite seriously in other people's elections with in other people's political processes for example secretary of state tellers and just were recently on a trip to latin america he called for the military in venezuela to overthrow their democratically elected president i mean. it's a joke frankly that the west accuses russia of somehow meddling. in era lections when in fact the west has made frankly a profession of doing so and it's not just soros we've got the real new party now as i understand that's bank by french politicians again they're calling for a change on the decision of bragg's it is not another example of foreign interference. well yes of course and you know i mean the interesting thing of course is we live in
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a global world and you know some involvement you know my view for example is that the united states which has troops in you know over one hundred thirty countries i think wherever they have troops those people should be able to vote in us elections you know i mean we all impact each other's lives and economies and politics you know what one person might call interferences other my just call lobbying or whatever i mean we live in a global world and there's always going to be some of this happening. but when russia is accused of doing it somehow it you know takes on this you know allegedly nefarious attribute which i just think is not fair you know so i mean the point i'm trying to make here is. where is the consistency in if it isn't there why isn't it so we've got the the u.s. government the british government looking in every corner to try and find evidence
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that that russia or interfered in this election or that referendum we've got quite clearly george soros is involved but quite clearly french politicians involved in trying to alter the democratic decision so are they going to be investigations into them is they going to be consistency. i doubt it i think again i think for countries like the u.s. the u.k. i think their view is they can mad on anyone else's political processes that will but other people can't participate in there so i mean it is a double standard clearly a double standard and i think again the u.s. will protect that double standard. to the hilt in we see that time and time again. don appreciate your time your thoughts my guest human and labor rights slow down thank you. thank you. republican lawmakers in the united states are threatening to cut funding to the world health organization cancer research program and this is at the international agency for research on cancer said that america's most widely
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used weed killer by the agribusiness giant monsanto probably causes cancer. i or unsubstantiated claims i or your responsible handling of why arc should receive any government funding in the future they're disputing the organizations findings regarding its leading herbicide called round up and back in twenty fifteen the international agency for research on cancer concluded that roundups active ingredient life estate could be carcinogenic to humans now roundup is made by months santo and it's the world's most widely used weed killer since the seventy's it's been sprayed on corn soybeans a cotton and other crops and republicans believe that the study was flawed and relied on cherry pick science accusing the agency of lack of transparency and anti industry bias they say that it's quite a status designated as carcinogenic it will require manufacturers and retailers to warn workers and consumers and plus it'll increase costs and instill fear in the
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public some have disagreed with republicans it is important that we review the methods and tactics that industry has used to influence this administration and attack independent scientific organizations like the world health organization's international agency for research on cancer or i or would like to say that fundamentally this hearing is about the ability of a public health agency to call a carcinogen a carcinogen even if that carcinogen makes a huge amount of money for powerful corporations according to the center for responsive politics monsanto lobbied more than four point three million dollars in twenty seventeen the environmental protection agency which is not an international organization concluded that the same ingredient does not cause cancer and i are says that they've been under attack ever since they published their conclusions against life a state at the same time monsanto has been pushing against these findings through several different means and the company is seen as quite controversial not only in
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the u.s. but all over the world president micron promised in november that life of say would be banned within three years dinette a clean modified crops have been banned in. over thirty five different countries but not banned in the u.s. international organizations have included that like as it could be cancerous so these are lawmakers and tensions are quite unclear. the body of a military pilot felipe of his being returned to his hometown of a rummage in western russia a major died fighting in syria after his plane was shot down by militants. the funeral for a major roman filipe of who died tragically fighting in syria takes place here in his hometown of earlier we saw hundreds of people attending the memorial ceremony as family members friends his colleagues people who didn't know him all came to pay their last respects and now the same crowd say here at this cemetery illumination to speak to some people who share it with us their memories of this is and i just
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wanted to pay my respects to such a strong brave man. was my close friend he was kind and loved life every minute he was ready to help me to support your few such people we remember him forever. it was a very kind very fair person always smiled and not everyone can do what he did you should have a special understanding and duty just like he did the pilot's plane was shot down on saturday and the northwestern part of syria which is still controlled by the latest incarnation of the terrorist group oh no roman tried to stay in the air as long as he could he then managed to a jacket from the airplane only to find himself surrounded by a terrorist the pilot of the plane supporting rome and shared the details of their last communications his voice remained calm when i.
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was the commander's reply and then he said so even as if it was something ordinary and. important i got hit hit hard the right is on fire moving south the lift slowing down to about twenty seconds here i did google search. then he ordered me to gain altitude of course i didn't do it to leave my command is the last thing i would do i always try to have his back during flights and now i have to do it on the ground while he was fighting i stood there and made several attacks to vehicles that were getting close to the all of groups where room on touchdown i stayed until the fuel was extremely low i barely made it back to the airfield roman had waited for the terrorist to get closer to him and only after that he decided to detonate a grenade taking his own life but avoiding capture he even managed to shout this is
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for our of lads what he did that precious defense ministry released several facts about his life he left a wife and a four year old daughter behind he was an experienced pilot and it was not his first time serving in syria he was part of a dozen successful military operations and he died as a hero fighting terrorists at the age of thirty three the pilot's bravery hasn't gone unnoticed arteta received this letter from a veteran u.s. serviceman offering support and asking if there is a fund collecting donations for the victim's widow and child we asked the russian armed forces if such a fund is being created waiting for clarification in the meantime the man who wrote that letter steve solar gave r.t. his thoughts on major phillipe of story he knew what is cherubs of this war. and he knew what he had to do. and he knew he was never going to be captured. that's
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a decision he had to break. a very hard decision but. so actually. he did what he had to do the most was a personal decision. he knew what could happen to him he knows what can happen to other troops and what has happened to our his comrades these are very important people to you. and you do most anything for them . even risk your life he had to die like this. here. i wonder if i would be brave enough to do what he did. he was a he was a good bit of it i wish that you were. british newspaper the times has accused the b.b.c. of bias for renting out its t.v. studios to our channel this is how the times describe the situation the b.b.c.
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is making money by hiring out its studios to r.t. the television channel controlled by moscow the b.b.c.'s dealings prompted damian collins the conservative chairman of the commons media select committee to question the b.b.c.'s ethics of the b.b.c. though says that it hires our studios just like other international media independent journalist martin summers sees double standards in the times article. i think there's a general attack all arty in that you know political attack in the west they don't like your t.v. station because they see it as competition for their own narrative about events of course there is a whole attempt in the west to deal with somalis that are the russian point of view of things one of the strange the times which is owned by rupert murdoch and of course a lot of print anything it likes that takes a particularly hard line for example on briggs it but they say the b.b.c. can't engage in commercial activities on the side which they've been doing for
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years without any interference whatsoever is not impartial i mean he's got an agenda there is very definite got definitely got his views and he uses his media to push those views now in a free society that's acceptable to a certain extent but it's a bit cheeky of him to start check attacking other people for expressing their views in a perfectly legitimate fashion and it just shows how twisted the debate about these things in the west has now become and that brings us to the end of this news hour thirty minutes to go and i'll be back with the latest headlines. the pentagon recently released its new nuclear posture review its critics are stunned not only the use of nuclear weapons is now more thinkable but it's also the threshold for their use is been lowered dr strangelove would be proud is the world facing another dangerous arms race very few united states pay more attention to
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peace where the ocean of north korea nuclear issue i personally believe the u.s. coming can come up with just solutions but deicing the u.s. has been paying too much attention to military you know solutions but i hope the u.s. will pay more attention to the peaceful solution to the north korean nuclear problem .
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can you than psycho that any guests will say this could be. i think since i called expelled also there when they give you thing that you. feel there's a reason. it all one. hopes homicide is on the up. if you don't know. but if you take. this you dog the. dog. even.
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if the last fifteen years increase in their release we could call a spontaneous emergent track global track of water and its policy which goes in the opposite direction taking water back into the camp it's only a few years ago. it was the only game in town. has recently. come up but each year lein. from four found the. basis will be. to thank you to. make peace but. it's becoming more and more. highly profitable to trade those people who see everything as
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something to invest they want. they want or. water is the driving force of life. a scarce natural resource to which one out of ten people on earth have no access. to the scarcer it becomes management of it that is who provides water to big cities becomes more significant. for more
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than half a century this was a domain of private water companies however since two thousand things have begun to change. ninety four cases of this awful fronts and i think that this is quite important as a trend especially because france is the country that has invented water proposition as we know it today the country that those water brought i was a should best. be and yet look at all this summer resorts. heat up your community saw him enough not to provide you eat. good. it's just you you have enough to do is bunk you don't. know what if i don't.
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have a dish each year and that easy. shruti haasan live are you separate a party or. the successors to that era are today's french multinational companies veolia and suez two of the world's largest private water corporations. do you see. this just say a lot. stoic and say in. boston is. this your. look for more lessons scenery.
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this was all cindy looked more. developed morsels or. was bought out but i put it on the full issue and it was for me to call them what would you have been to call all of these. is to start a near earth. object a dead world only breed you should have. a fair good libby did know our. fast. a precaution. or really be due should. be full of you very excited about it all that doris to show us you he circled back to marbury.
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to leave it was a trade unionist and veolia when he started to publicly condemn company practices. that cost him his job and led to a long legal battle that ended with him because owner rated and rehired by veolia. continuous i don't want to mak video eve did you daily mail for decided to mention last year extraordinary something to me on the all very demo i think the fuel shows you're getting there is a stronger party. if you just go on that. it include moon do look i'm going to start with all i've seen all say by like top. of it all very proud. of that it would sound people who are morse truly
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wrist astraea liverpool or the neon i phone. is sassy should pose as physics for around thirty two complete pandemonium that they get their t.v. call charges on the inside. loop on see. them postpone or do it courses from. new or not but pretty you she owned one back when you're ready that's when the only person. i miss when i. was no sis all same cool or in new for i've watched of one pretty bleak in the bay in the biggest show of beauty cuts. here they've gone into this or not don't lose each see just.
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the b.s. you know there is no unit out there that pounding we. went missing. when he's not on the. poor wait. in that side one nine hundred ninety nine annoyance just as in the lean and in the only possible guy and mitt yeah. political satire. it's nice good. do this fun get. this to do such and this must be done. as a display towards women or men had. between us and sledged kernan i know this all does lidy want to we once lab are going to meet him but if you see
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ads if you. can barely know has a pretty rigid preventives it wouldn't and i would ask him. who could be never to after tuesday and does not believe in up the first one out there does not believe. for sure that it lies at this fair for infant i see. sure written why does indelibly expect when they shouldn't and wish to put it back to seattle next militia. kalinda sharma the social democrat m.p. in berlin's parliament asked for and was granted permission to read the contracts
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between the state and the two companies. she was led into a windowless room where she wasn't allowed to copy anything more. even bring a pen to take notes. alters look i'm out there and you can. no matter what in public private partnership or traffic. that's is in marble p.p.p. it's all. ready there even now they can barely manage good move by said league michigan who was out of how is can this didn't work then given these the first one had been undecided how that alley it went on in and she had skittish and behind those sheets get placed under the as indecent to typify taking all kinds of beers and sheets chemist on disk attacked we'll see how from atlanta they're lean and feel and gallant a given and i call it back as i can cliche i can tell on youngish slow under
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their skin color and for a tough. one as a decision are often prima shift is would it make is that. currently is it can i'm going to ask cone dia of the nation on her name or here what. can happen nor are these equal by these unfair dark does guns of these eco lark only cross the line by broken. beyond the course of the initial impetus are you suppose i'm to come to a spot where self negotiation is. the all the smears of an omnipotent all across this while sparing will click on the wall without a bullet burka.


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