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star garvey's they can enhance an athlete's performance by expanding lung capacity the norwegian anti doping agencies also admitting that the country has a problem with the over use of asthma medication it is common practice in norway to occasionally use assman medicine in major elements in the respiratory system even with a diagnosis vastly is not specific. on the latest revelation comes after the release of a documentary that alleges the existence of an organized doping system no way ski federation we spoke to one of the journalists behind. the ski federation is very angry about this and they don't want to talk about this problem and that's very sad in oregon and it's more. than ski federation doping program we can see that forty one percent of the middle east have normal blood it means i don't think this is clean competitions we will see there are
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skiers doping also in these competitions we've asked the international olympic committee whether it will investigate those doping allegations we are awaiting a reply but a sports lawyer we spoke to told us it's worrying that the i.o.c. hasn't publicly commented yet on the issue. what's interesting is you heard the outcry in the media about these allegations you haven't seen any action by wada as it currently stands i don't see there being an investigation which you know is in the light of everything we've discovered with regards to the russian doping allegations is troubling everybody where there is a problem should be investigated we need to understand that the doping is in fact a global problem is raised by this documentary we need to understand that doping as happened and occurs across the world and that this is not an incident slated to
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russia that this is a global problem it's a continuing problem and it's something we need to address seriously right now even the greatest anti-doping experts in the west as a lot of cannot currently detect doping in athletes that's a problem. each of us found no evidence that russia somehow interfered in the case breaks that referendum this is according to the company's global head of public policy who testified in front of the u.k. house of commons committee. we looked at all advertisements with any connection to russia and we found no evidence of our services being used to interfere in the referendum but we don't look in the survey for the pay for advertising the election but actually the operation of channels will go to the films which are which can be linked back to russia nations who have a political purpose a message through the referendum would you be able to do that for us we are happy to cooperate with that investigation so it says yes yes despite these and endless
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attempts to accuse russia of brecht's that meddling in this pressure on online platforms to expose any shady business that russia might have been up to yet another revelation this time from you tube that nothing of sort had happened this indeed at yet another session of the u.k. parliamentary committee inquiring into feek news who this time travel to washington to ask their questions but it has to be said that despite all of their hard work this inquiry has produced no results of substance so far if you remember previously this committee seems to have been sort of left hanging by twitter we found that one percent of the accounts in the data set were registered in russia could you confirm how many other accounts were being controlled from agencies in russia even if they were not registered there we do not have sufficiently strong evidence to enable us to conclusively link them with russia the failure to obtain straight answers is simply increasing concerns about these issues rather than reassuring people well
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this as google also said they found no evidence of russian meddling in the brics that referendum as well as of course facebook following their investigation having said that they found that russia spent seventy three p. on any kind of post related to brock's it. regarding campaign financing a u.k. campaign to reverse the bags of voters received a hefty boost from u.s. billionaire george soros for britain confirmed he donated almost half a million pounds through his foundation george soros foundations have along with a number of other major donors also made significant contributions to our work indeed through his foundations he has contributed four hundred thousand pounds he's funding is one among many sources best for britain is a pro e.u. lobbying group that pushes for a second briggs referendum one of their key ideas is quote lead not leave the
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european union campaign hopes the influence opinion of the public and politicians on the issue downing street was quick to react to them a spokesperson insisted there will be no second referendum because the country has already voted to leave the human and labor rights lawyer danka violet told us that the u.k. is now seeing the same kind of foreign meddling that happens in other countries around the world. we know that george soros and self has played a role in interfering in many country in some of the color revolutions so-called color revolutions in eastern europe for example and of course we know that the us government itself has and continues to meddle quite seriously in other people's elections with you know in other people's political processes for example secretary of state tellers and just were recently on a trip to latin america he called for the military in venezuela to overthrow their
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democratically elected president i think for countries like the u.s. the u.k. i think their view is they can mad on anyone else's political processes that will but other people can't participate in there so i mean it is a double standard clearly a double standard and i think again the u.s. will protect that double standard. to the hilt and we see that time and time again . republican lawmakers in the u.s. all threatening to cut funding to the world health organization's cancer research program and this is after the international agency for research on cancer said that america's most widely used weed killer may by monsanto is probably cost in the general. unsubstantiated claims i or your responsible handling of why should receive any government funding in the future they are disputing the organizations findings regarding its leading herbicide called round up and back in
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twenty fifteen the international agency for research on cancer concluded that roundups active ingredient life estate could be carcinogenic to humans now roundup is made by months santo and it's the world's most widely used weed killer since the seventy's it's been sprayed on corn soybeans cotton and other crops and republicans believe that the study was flawed and relied on cherry pick science accusing the agency of lack of transparency an anti industry bias they say that it's quite a status designated as carcinogenic it will require manufacturers and retailers to warn workers and consumers and plus it'll increase costs and instill fear in the public some have disagreed with republicans it is important that we review the methods and tactics that industry has used to influence this administration and attack independent scientific organizations like the world health organization's international agency for research on cancer or i would like to say that fundamentally this hearing is about the ability of a public health agency to call
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a carcinogen a carcinogen even if that carcinogen makes a huge amount of money for powerful corporations according to the center for responsive politics monsanto lobbied more than four point three million dollars in twenty seven team the environmental protection agency which is not an international organization concluded that the same ingredient does not cause cancer and i are says that they've been under attack ever since they published their conclusions against life a state at the same time monsanto has been pushing against these findings through several different means and the company is seen as quite controversial not only in the u.s. but all over the world president micron promised in november that life of say would be banned within three years inevitably modified crops have been banned in over thirty five different countries but not banned in the u.s. international organizations have concluded that life is it could be cancerous the so these lawmakers intentions are quite unclear. let's bring in de perkins dan's a radio talk show host and
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a political commentator good to have you on dave w.h.o. scientists saying that this weed killer the world's most popular probably more likely than not in other words causes cancer republicans don't believe it they say the claims unfounded who do you trust. well here's the thing a lot of people don't understand what the ingredient is used for glyphosate round up is used commercially as a weed killer but in farming terms it's very important for farmers to maximise the money they spend to get the most out of their money when it's harvest time and i am told this by farmers here in texas everybody knows a farmer too so you get the straight scoop from them you're not trying to kill weeds by spraying round up on crops like corn and wheat and that sort of thing what you're trying to do is rush and hurry the dying of the plants because some plants mature and die which makes them harvestable and others standing right next to them aren't ready to do that yet and to be able to harvest your crop all at the same time it's a big undertaking and they spend
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a lot of money the need to spray something on them to get them all in the same condition to get them all ready for harvesting is apparent and that's why they picked a good life estate fifty years ago and that's why they've been using it ever since the opposition to it has been largely fringe you know bloggers and people with anecdotal stories to tell people who have a an animist toward major corporations like monsanto anyway and are coming up with reasons to oppose them but now that american legislators have gotten in on the act it sounds like monsanto hasn't spent enough money lobbying and hasn't put enough donations and volunteers in spock it's yet or at least in the right ones this is a serious turn for the worst for monsanto but i'm not sure there is the evidence that everyone wants to see that the substance is plainly carcinogenic through to have that much influence you would have to have thousands or tens of thousands of cancer cases that were traceable to the use of the product and i'm not sure that kind of evidence exists there's always anecdotal evidence but i'm not sure there is
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convincing evidence that it is a carcinogen. i appreciate very interesting as well makes me think now the u.s. environmental protection agency said that roundup not likely to be carcinogenic but suppose that the question here is me and i'm not likely is that good enough i mean should it be shelved into people can find a definitive answer one way or the other or they just want to. my sense is there isn't enough evidence to lead people to believe that it is right carcinogenic that the stories are largely anecdotal and there isn't a bulk of data to be analyzed to make that determination and there should be because they've been using it for fifty years and it has been helping reduce the cost of the food that gets delivered to people's tables by harmonizing the harvest time and keeping that expense at a minimum and for that to be halted based on some arm waving and some accusations of cherry picking of course monsanto cherry picks every corporation protects its product you can expect them to do otherwise what i'd like to see and i've been
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looking at this for quite some number of years is the bulk of data that can be analyzed and give you a clear indication that it's carcinogenic and i have not seen that yet and i don't think the law makers are saying they've seen it either they just want to explore the possibility. we said republicans are threatening to cut funding from the u.s. for the world health organization how do you anticipate the w.h.o. to respond to that kind of pressure well when you are when you're a politician you have a toolbox with only one tool in it and that tools a hammer and everything looks like a nail when all you've got is a hammer cutting funding is the way that politicians cause people to jump and react and respond and i think there could be i don't want to call it a trade war because it isn't precisely that over trade but there could be some response from europe shall we say that might not be so good for america this is the first step on what could be a high escalation and i hate to see what's going to come from it first please data data first not action first data first yeah i mean you talk to the possible serious
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repercussions because you've got the likes of france saying that you know. this. could they send a mine thrusting u.s. products. i'm not so sure that doing that to monsanto undermines trust in general i think the whole world has a habit of not trusting companies like monsanto already and i don't think public opinion is getting terribly james by all this it's interesting to watch but i don't see it as a huge crashing waves more like a little bump in the road right now dave appreciate your time on your my guest day perkins radio talk show the school commentator thanks thanks neal now the republican seeking to cut funding to the world health organization sit on the u.s. house science committee but is expressed by current and former members of the panel of often brown's.
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we don't know what those other cycles were caused by in the past could be dinosaur flatulence. what happened when the c o two was greater since then and now there's been many cycles of up and down warming the dinosaur flagyl. all the stuff evolution in. reality. all that is. right. but if your ice cube melts your glass it doesn't overflow its displacement i mean this is the thing similar things that they're talking about mathematically the science of. the body of russian military pilots are mindfully buffers being returned to his hometown of our
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own ish major died fighting in syria playing was shot down by militants. the funeral for a major roman filipe of who died tragically fighting in syria takes place here in his hometown a fight on your earlier we saw hundreds of people attending the memorial ceremony as family members friends his colleagues people who didn't know him all came to pay their last respects and now the same crowd say here at this cemetery illumination to speak to some people who share it with us their memories of mine this is something which i just wanted to pay my respects to such a strong and brave man but i'm one of these people was my close friend he was kind and loved life every minute he was ready to help to support your few such people so we remember him forever the mood on one hand was a very kind. very fair person always smiled the minute she would not everyone can
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do what he did you should have a special understanding off on and duty just like he did the palace plane was shot down on saturday and the northwestern part of syria which is still controlled by the latest incarnation of the terrorist group oh no sra roman tried to stay in the air as long as he could he then managed to object from the airplane only to find himself surrounded by terrorist the pilot of the plane supporting role months shared the details of their last communications his voice remained calm when i. get out of the maneuver yes i see that was the commander's reply and then he said so evenly as if it was something ordinary and an important i got hit hard the right is on fire moving south the lives lowering don't to and about twenty seconds later he added. then he ordered me to gain altitude of course i didn't do it to leave my command is the last thing i would do i always tried to have his
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back during flights and now i have to do it on the ground while he was fighting i stood there and made several attacks to vehicles that were getting closer to the olive groves where room on touchdown i stayed until the fuel was extremely low i barely made it back to the airfield roman had waited for the terrorist to get closer to him and only after that he decided to detonate a grenade taking his own life but avoiding capture he even managed to shout this is for our lads what he did that russia's defense ministry released several facts about his life he left a wife and a four year old daughter behind he was an experienced pilot and it was not his first time serving in syria he was part of a dozen successful military operations and he died as a hero fighting terrorist at the age of thirty three. the pilot's bravery has not gone unnoticed r.t. received this letter from a veteran u.s.
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serviceman offering support and asking if there's a fund collecting donations for his widow and child with the russian armed forces if such a fun is being created we are waiting for clarification the man who wrote that letter steve solarz gave us his thoughts on major phillipa story he knew world as cherubs as war. and he knew what he had to do. and he knew he was never going to be captured. that's a decision he had to bake. very hard decision to break but. he did really have to do the most was a personal decision. he knew what could happen to him he knows what can happen to other troops and what has happened to our his comrades these are very important people to you. and you do most anything for them
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. even risk your life he had to die like this. here. i wonder if i would be brave enough to do what he did. he was he was a good shot you were. british newspaper the times has accused the b.b.c. of bias for renting out t.v. studios to our channel this is other times describe the situation the b.b.c. is making money by hiring out its studios to r.t. the television channel controlled by moscow the b.b.c.'s dealings prompted damian collins the conservative chairman of the commons media select committee to question the b.b.c.'s ethics the b.b.c. though says it has our studios just like other international media organizations independent journalist martin summers sees double standards in the times article. i think there's a general attack on a lot see in you know political attack in the west they don't like your t.v.
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station because they see it as competition for their own narrative about events of course there is a whole attempt in the west to the legitimate or the russian point of view and i think it's one of the strange of the times which is owned by rupert murdoch of course a lot of print anything it likes takes a particularly hard line for example on briggs it but they say the b.b.c. can't engage in commercial activities on the side which they've been doing for years without any interference whatsoever he's not impartial i mean he's got an agenda he's very definite go definitely go to his views and he uses his media to push those views now in a free society that's acceptable to a certain extent but it's a bit cheeky of him to start check attacking other people for expressing their views in a perfectly legitimate fashion and it just shows how twisted the debate about these things in the west has now become and you are right up to date that i am going to
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leave that's me done for this evening talk to said ok polish you'll be hearing you right up to date in half an hour. the pentagon recently released its new nuclear posture review its critics are stunned not only the use of nuclear weapons is now more thinkable but it's also been threshold for the use of dr strangelove would be is the world facing another game arms race. america as are this is the kaiser report we are going to delve into the outer shell
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the inner shell of the mega shell in the metal shell of who we are who we what is going on stacy herbert obvious here stacy herbert max kaiser how can that be. kaiser. talk to me now actually i saw this tree is hysterical human hoover developed in japan provides a way to attend events remotely using another person's body a surprisingly natural says this inventor gen reckon moto of so many now i don't know quite if it's a joke but the photos are funny and you know it is something like that was done on south park once so usually means some time anything marked on south park as a ridiculous thing that kenny. cartman would do well that usually becomes the future so that was the simpsons they predicted all kinds of things family guy oh yeah well i guess you know the way this would work as for example those glasses made by author of snap i mean you can have
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a video enable glasses you can go to the event wearing glasses with video cameras and then you can tap into somebody at the event and see the event as they're seeing it through their glasses or there's no contact lenses that are video cameras that you just click on with a blink of your of your eyes i mean you could rent into somebody's body into their presence watch them experience something in real time through that link well the image shown in this and i don't know if it's part of a fake story a fake news and funny stuff on twitter but it's just an i pad strapped to somebody's face and you max keiser would be face time and peep and somebody else is walking around as you want to buy one of those you know i pods honor i pads on a stick and we'll see you have a roll around so you can just park. no it didn't have appeared at events like that it's not a transplant right i mean you're not transplanting my head on to something another person and then sending that to see the hockey game i saw that i thought it could be applied to this first headline i have here dutch police to undress use wearing
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clothes deemed too expensive for them officers will target young men wearing designer clothes and watches they seemingly cannot afford police in the dutch city of rotterdam have launched a new pilot program which will see them confiscating expensive clothing and jewelry from young people if they look too poor to whom them well this is discrimination against crypto miners and crypto traders because you know there's a whole generation of teenagers and young adults to who are crypto millionaires and of course are out buying expensive watches and limburg a nice to reflect their incredible wealth there's a story a market watch dot com people showing the result of that for a one k. plans they are millionaires or for a one k. plans are riding the bull market wealth has become you know i was i was a kid we had a show called lifestyles of the rich and famous with robin leach the talked about all these celebrities and all the gold and gold and lifestyles they lead now strictly down to the twenty first century you see all these teenagers now multimillionaire perpetrators and yeah but this comes in a an environment and the netherlands was part of the u.k.
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a french german u.s. you know. fraudster bank stirrer sort of people that destroyed the global economy and no banker jamie diamond and lloyd blankfein are still walking around they are rich enough to afford their rolex and expensive suits but only because they gotten gains so here they're saying if you look too poor like what is what how do you how do you look poor like what if somebody has a bad diet they too many type odds and they just look poorly like you don't look like you should be able to afford that eight hundred euro jacket they said like too many people have too many of these young guys who have no visible means of support well they're wearing expensive clothing and we're just going to take it we're going to embarrass them by underestimating the. and the middle of the street and taking their clothes isn't this just asset forfeiture well it made me think of the united states i thought like where this leads to is this next headline in the united states americans cut savings to
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a twelve year low the drop matters since consumers make up roughly seventy percent of the u.s. economy while american consumption continues to power their economy there's a cautionary signal the savings rate is falling in december the rate fell to two point four percent the lowest since september two thousand and five from two point five percent the prior month according to commerce department figures the dot matters because consumers make up roughly seventy percent of the economy and they can only push savings down so far before it impacts their ability to keep spending which in turn fuels u.s. growth of course there's a lot of civil asset forfeiture here in the united states and cops will shake down all sorts of young people so it makes sense and not have any savings or not have any assets because why would you because this is going to be taken so you might as well spend it consume as much of a tide pods as possible yes civil us of for churn extends beyond just minorities it's just all young people now are having their assets stolen but you know this is what i call the frying pan economy so you just consume your way up until market tops and then when the markets stop at a crash it's like hitting your head with
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a frying pan so it does ring the bell of your skull and your cranium is running out of there and you wait for the bailout to cap and it always does from the central bank and then you go back and showing again so it's a it's just a unconscious economy there's nobody ever tries to switch from having a high savings rate to switch to having a high paying job it's just consumer debt consumer debt frying pan pan because shimmered consumer to frying pan bam that's the a cycle of the economy right now until such time as the polarized caps melt and we have nothing but rising sea levels that are one drowns i saw somebody say philip k. dick if you're reading this tweet just kill all of us now we don't want to be in this like it's a philip k. dick dystopia nightmare we're living it in fees writing it somewhere in a parallel universe please stop. no and let us don't lie because this whole boom bust boom bust thing you're talking about are reminds me of like that side five series west world where all the characters on a loop but they feel very deeply in passionately and they feel love and they feel
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stress and they feelings i need for their loved ones and blah blah blah but they wake up every single day and their loved ones are slaughtered and killed and everything taken by these tourists it's like groundhog's day written by philip k. dick you know you're on this edition sloop where there's wake up every single day instead of some charming rogue in the lobby of a hotel trying to pick up a doll it's really just robust trying to kill each other for a few extra pints at the pub well that's what it seems like with these stories of the civil asset forfeiture you know every day you think you wake up you go work you go set up your bitcoin mining rig or your marrow or earlier easy cash and you think you're working in adding to your value net worth and some cop shakes you down and takes all your stuff and says go back to work and start over again the next day and then they run you loop the loop around the loop it goes the circus never ends the sideshows are now the main show on the mainstays with the pets of mine continuing indefinitely until you hit the savings consumer whole of the savings consumer end
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of the pothole that is. probably. oh well here's another headline that was out last week but i saved it for this one because in your second half you speak to the twenty year old j.p. beric just twenty years old he's already a big name in the crypto space into crypto mining not just in mining but marrow easy cash in others samsung south korea's largest firm is manufacturing chips for bitcoin mining samsung the largest company in south korea which is accountable for a large portion of the country's economy has started the production phase of bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining equipment and a second mining chips the biggest company in south korea a large portion of south korea's economy and people think these stories about south korea possibly shutting down big point you know that seems crazy because wherever
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samsung goes the economy of south korea goes there's an old saying about oh yeah well you know i got to give credit to my old pal rick fourteen year up there in stockholm who made the comparison with bitcoin and because of mining to the oil industry and i think a lot of people don't understand the fundamental shift of the global economy due to crypto mining is as significant as that which we discovered during the oil boom in the discovery of oil to change the whole global economy the combustion engine and all the huge wealth and influence that came with the oil barons and now we're in the age of the crypto barons and it's not just fluffy pony there are other crypto barons as well exactly well they're getting in on the game and i'll go into some of the details about how significant this is because right now by the way they're the real the only two. chip companies that control a large part of the market are a bit mean and then taiwan's t.s.m. c. so they control a lot.


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