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well the quantity of aslam medicines has raised a number of concerns most of these drugs contain substances banned by water the diapering watchdog argues they can enhance an athlete's performance by expanding their lung capacity the norwegian anti-doping agency has also admitted the country has a problem with the overuse of us medication it is common practice in norway to occasional use as a medicine in major elements in the respiratory system even with a diagnosis vastly is not specific. the latest revelation comes after the release of a documentary that alleges the existence of an organized doping system at norway's skiing federation one of the journalists behind the film told us there are major downs over many of the competitors at this year's winter games the region ski federation is very angry about this and they don't want to talk about this
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problem and that's very sad in the region it's more tradition ski federation doping program we can see that forty one percent of the middle east to have normal blood gives it means i don't think this is clean competitions we will see there are skiers doping also in these competitions well r.t. has asked the international olympic committee whether it will investigate these doping allegations and restore waiting for a reply however sports lawyer john larkin says it's worrying the i.o.c. hasn't publicly commented on this issue. what's interesting is you heard the outcry in the media about these allegations you haven't seen any action wada as it currently stands i don't see there being an investigation which you know is in the light of everything we've discovered with regards to the russian doping allegations is troubling everybody where there is a problem should be investigated we need to understand that the doping is in fact
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a global problem is raised by this documentary we need to understand that doping is happening and occurs across the world and that this is not an incident slated to russia that this is a global problem it's a continuing problem and it's something we need to address seriously right now even the greatest doping experts in the us as a lot of cannot currently detect doping in athletes that's a problem. you chief has found no evidence that russia interfered in the u.k.'s referendum that's according to the company's global head of public policy who's testified in front of the u.k. house of commons committee. be looked at all advertisements with any connection to russia and we found no evidence of our services being used to interfere in that that's a referendum but we don't look in a certain fool to pay for advertising to the election but actually the operation of
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channels will go to the films which show which can be linked back to russia nations his and have a political purpose a message through the referendum would you be able to do that for us we are happy to cooperate with that investigation so it says yes yes despite these are endless attempts to accuse russia of brecht's that meddling in this pressure on online platforms to expose any shady business that russia might have been up to yet another revelation this time from you tube that nothing of sort had happened and this indeed at yet another session of the u.k. parliamentary committee inquiry into feek news who this time travel to washington to ask their questions but it has to be said that despite all of their hard work. this inquiry has produced no results of substance so far if you remember previously this committee seems to have been sort of left hanging by twitter we found that one percent of the accounts in the dataset were registered in russia could you confirm how many other accounts were being controlled from agencies in russia even if they
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were not registered there we do not have sufficiently strong evidence to enable us to conclusively link them with russia the failure to obtain straight answers is simply increasing concerns about these issues rather than reassuring people well this as google also said they found no evidence of russian meddling in the brics that referendum as well as of course facebook following their investigation having said that they found that russia spent seventy three p. on any kind of post related to brock set well meanwhile a u.k. campaign to reverse the breaks it has received a hefty financial boost from american billionaire george soros the best for britain pass confirmed he donated almost half a million pounds to his foundation. george soros foundations have along with a number of other major donors made significant contributions to our work indeed through his foundation he has contributed four hundred thousand pounds he's funding
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is one among many sources. best for britain is a pro e.u. lobby creep pushing for a second breaks at referendum one of their key principles is need not to leave the e.u. the campaign hopes to influence the opinion of the public and politicians on the issue. well downing street was quick to react to resume a spokesperson insisted there would be no second referendum as the country has already voted to leave the e.u. human and labor rights lawyer don koblick says the u.k. is now experiencing the kind of foreign meddling that happens in other countries. we know that george soros some self has played a role in interfering in many a country in some of the color revolutions so-called color revolutions in eastern europe for example and of course we know that the us government itself has and continues to meddle quite seriously in other people's elections with in
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other people's political processes for example secretary of state tellers and just were recently on a trip to latin america he called for the military in venezuela to overthrow their democratically elected president i think for countries like the u.s. the u.k. i think their view is they can read on anyone else's political processes that will but other people can't participate in there so i mean it is a double standard clearly a double standard and i think again the u.s. will protect that double standard. to the hilt and we see that time and time again . us republicans also threatening to slash funding to a cancerous such body more on that after the break. that's.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to be rich. that you'd like to be that's what you look for three more people. i'm interested always in the white house. there should be a. welcome
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back republican no make as in the u.s. are threatening to cut funding to the world health organizations counsel research program that's off to the international agency for research on councils said america's most widely used we've kela made by monks some so it's probably cause no genic. unsubstantiated claims i or your response. why should receive any government funding in the future they are disputing the organizations findings regarding its leading herbicide called round up and back in twenty fifteen the international agency for research on cancer concluded that roundups active ingredient life estate could be carcinogenic to humans now roundup is made by months santo and it's the world's most widely used weed killer since the seventy's it's been sprayed on corn soybeans cotton and other crops and republicans believe that the study was flawed and relied on cherry pick science accusing the
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agency of lack of transparency and anti industry bias they say that it's quite a sadist designated as carcinogenic it will require manufacturers and retailers to warn workers and consumers and plus it'll increase costs and instill fear in the public some have disagreed with republicans it is important that we review the methods and tactics that industry has used to influence this administration and attack independent scientific organizations like the world health organization's international agency for research on cancer or i would like to say that fundamentally this hearing is about the ability of a public health agency to call a carcinogen a carcinogen even if that carcinogen makes a huge amount of money for powerful corporations according to the center for responsive politics monsanto lobbied more than four point three million dollars in twenty seven team the environmental protection agency which is not an international organization concluded that the same ingredient does not cause cancer and i are
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says that they've been under attack ever since they published their conclusions against life est at the same time monsanto has been pushing against these findings through several different means and the company is seen as quite controversial not only in the u.s. but all over the world president micron promised in november that would be banned within three years danetta clean modified crops have been banned in over thirty five different countries but not banned in the u.s. international organizations have concluded that like this it could be cancerous so these lawmakers intentions are quite unclear. radio talk show host dave believes the w.h.o. scientists need to provide stronger evidence that the monsanto we kill of course is counsel a lot of people don't understand what the ingredient is used for glyphosate round up is used commercially as a weed killer it sounds like monsanto hasn't spent enough money lobbying and hasn't put enough donations and volunteers in spock it's yet or at least in the right ones this is a serious turn for the worse for monsanto but i'm not sure there is the evidence
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that everyone wants to see that the substance is plainly carcinogenic to to have that much influence you would have to have thousands or tens of thousands of cancer cases that were traceable to do use of the product and i'm not sure that kind of evidence suggests there's always anecdotal evidence but i'm not sure there's convincing evidence there isn't a bulk of data to be analyzed to make that determination and there should be because they've been using it for fifty years based on some arm waving and some accusations of cherry picking of course monsanto cherry picks every corporation protects its product you can expect them to do otherwise what i'd like to see is the bulk of data that can be analyzed and give you a clear indication that it's carcinogenic and i have not seen that yet and i don't think the law makers are saying they've seen it either they just want to explore the possibility. well republicans seeking to cut funding to the w.h.o. are on the u.s. house science committee that the views expressed by current and former members of
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the primal have often raised eyebrows. we don't know what those other cycles were caused by in the past could be dinosaur flatulence. what happened when the c o two was greater since then and now there's been then the cycles of up and down warming the dinosaur flagyl and. all the stuff last evolution. in reality. all this last try to. think about if your ice cube melts your glass it doesn't overflow it was displacement i mean this is the thing similar things that they're talking about mathematically and scientifically don't make some.
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british newspaper the times has accused the b.b.c. of bias for renting out its t.v. studios to channel this is how the times describe the situation. the b.b.c. is making money by hiring out its studios to r.t. the television channel controlled by moscow the b.b.c.'s dealings prompted damian collins the conservative chairman of the commons media select committee to question the b.b.c.'s ethics well in response the b.b.c. says it runs out studios like any other international media organization independent journalist martin summers sees double standards in the times article. i think that there's a general attack on all see in you know political attack in the west they don't like your t.v. station because they see it as competition for their own narrative about events of course there is a whole attempt in the west to the legitimate place for the russian point of view
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and i think it's called the strange the times which is owned by rupert murdoch of course a lot of print anything it likes takes a particularly hard line for example on briggs it but they say the b.b.c. can't engage in commercial activities on the side which they've been doing for years without any interference whatsoever he's not impartial i mean he's course an agenda there is very definite go definitely go to his views and he uses his media to push those views now in a free society that's acceptable to a certain extent but it's a bit cheeky of him to start checking attacking other people for expressing their views in a perfectly legitimate fashion and it just shows how twisted the debate about these things in the west has now become. i'll be back with the latest headlines in just over half an hour meanwhile for more news go to our t. don't want.
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i'm completely confused about why a republican administration made a change that was essentially. part of the democratic philosophy i can only think that sound where the quid in what they call the deep state in the u.s. treasury there were left leaning bureaucrats who implemented this change to a territoriality based system of taxation without anybody actually being aware of what was going on. in america a college degree requires a great deal. pay a debt. it's only ten. studying so hard it requires. going through humiliation to enter an elite society. and dance sometimes quite literally. want other true colors of universities in the
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us. was selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chickenhawk forcing you to fight the battles that. you stopped by to tell you that will be gossiping tablets but i'll. tell you. it's like. all the hawks that we and all the boys good morning.
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welcome to the alex salmond show this week the six nations rugby football championship has opened across these islands today we present a story which is set against the background of these magnificent contests this really a story about cutting edge about how you face style and the challenges that life can bring i interviewed the wheel legend to scottish law forward who made no less than sixty one appearances for his national site now he faces his biggest match of all against the muscle wasting condition. that very special interview is coming up shortly. the first agoa special edition of the holocaust memorial excited a huge amount of interest so let's hear from ties with your e-mails your tweets and your messages. we've had lots of tweets and a response to last week's holocaust show first from fiona brian he says interesting
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show always informative today poignant and the specs will thanks what i branson says remembering the holocaust basho yet emotional humbling and inspiring and then from diane he says another excellent show very respectful poignant and should never be forgotten thank you alex and thank you diane for teaching us len finlayson says very moving show this morning well done alex wish you could be on for longer a lot pass out on telly says billy and show alex i particularly like your bits to cab at the end highlights of my week well that's great to hear teddy but i'm so sorry i'm going to have to disappoint you this week when i'll be closing the shoe then we've got a message from bev it he says love the show watched everyone so far just one thing hit us studios bricked up windows the post zombie apocalypse survive if so last season and all that i quite like it but will bear in mind for the future thank you
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once and for us to our brains edition when he says this the thing was named maybe could tweak the clip of him playing well taken but ryan just friends and hopefully can find all of his brilliant material online i mean trophic lateral sclerosis ls also though in this book you don't disease is a real and specific condition which causes the death of neurons controlling bones and muscles and then does characterized by step muscles muscle twitching and gradually worsening witness to the muscles decreasing in size as a condition for which there is no known cure. internationally one of the best known victims and long term survivors is a cosmologist and theoretical physicist professor stephen hawking and the publicity about him and he went viral on twenty fourteen for the ice bucket challenge in which both celebrities and ordinary people to park across the globe in point one scotland it is a year since the death of political activist gordon it was brave struggle focused
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attention on nursing provision for the condition of the un macdonald sent to the edinburgh university named after the long term stuff of the pioneers stem cell research into the disease have a right no the disease is both progressive and incurable and therefore when someone in the public eye opens up as a victim of m. and d. it generates sympathy and support one such person is dirty we're one of the most famous and best loved figures in international rugby he decided last year to go public about his condition i interviewed about muddy fields stadium the home of scottish rugby and seeding of some of his greatest games as a player. but the day we as women here that money feel this must bring back a few memories does your very much yet it seems such a long time ago now and is a long time ago since i was involved a player on the pitch and it's moved office in a new pitch now it's looking out splendid sixty one caps sixty one caps will
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scotland well yeah very fortunate yeah when those maybe elsewhere they were really high as high so yes exactly that's ok you say now very lucky to the ninety's but there's a lot of people who finally made life a lot easier for me and the likes of gentile for standing he's played in scottish rugby and a world of pain there was no i mean he was my coach it mellows and so obviously scotland in the baseline so he wasn't involved i probably would have been selected but they were others in the in the field that make you look better than you actually are so who coached through on the ball and they didn't get accurate and i would have been able to catch it as well so so i don't have a great time and what a lovely people have a good good memories as well as election day bill mcclaren disclaimed one of the authorities as like a mad general he also said leaping like a salmon its allies that's what you called to read about i think he said once or twice i was always and nothing else. and i occasionally he may be mentioned there
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which is useful as a lighthouse in a desert which has been also complemented it is sadly messy play the big pot it's reality and the make and the game of rugby exciting and i was watching this and my view is one of the the atmosphere stadiums of the world in the last stadiums look plenty but they have no atmosphere this is pretty n.s.a. and it has great atmosphere when we play in the big games like cisco in england young and a big of a map on the field we'll be as close to each other in the way now it's we couldn't hear the way no calls because the noise was just so great the field because of the bones of the roof on to the pitch and with that so my fear is why it was a success. no and it was this took it to the big board. and with is difficult to explain to people but that is what makes you enjoy the game and the you will miss a late night specialist i was basically because of the school team is bogus you are
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the one that caught the ball or you might not believe this behind the law to do i'm a junior junior year am i was involved in the horses and joy the pony club or used to ride horses and it was mainly for a while competed in the school championships and i think that helped me in the inner so when you get propelled by some double decker buses you've got to be pretty good in the quarter and understand how to move in the air and with the horses and stuff you get so a balance a good friend to help me in the game and obviously with the courses in the dressage test you go understand the reason behind their all and try and work out the quickest route in your brush line you went to a really bad injury and that was and as i said after the. main to seven just over twenty years ago now just part of the given me the lions is quite special it's the home the home unions to go to every four years
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a bit like the olympics and so to get away at all through which it was created to go on the tour and the enforcer to be enjoyed it was david be able to to witness for spain was pretty special for myself and the family of all the moments you had what was your favorite moment a little bit i think is probably so when you first asked you the same question what's your favorite part and so politics i've had such a great time over twenty thirty years travelling the world to mean a lot of people certain games you remember the ten time when the main two main tickets argentina here was pretty special for me i mean involving three world cups so numerous rugby. numerous rugby games see this well and with everyone's kind of special on the back of rugby as well. to try and find santa clause with the b.b.c. question of sport so again. for some primitive times i just find them and they just
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for scotland to win them a small club i did ask of him but i didn't find them i just phoned the self-serving he was crazy busy. going but what a great. country that was as well to go and visit back to the rugby world cups maintain one we've got managed to get every final which was great for scotland a ninety five again in the world cup you won't believe i scored two tries or one match emilie's made it to school tries but if you kill a key try school of the team that was the your job there were germany in one match she must either feel a bit of fun with some of your colleagues after the game did because it was quite unique given surrounds it against new zealand didn't mean i had a very good try scoring record when you mention of scored for sixty one so the. spells but yes as a forward you know they have to try and win the ball to me at least for the box to the pretty boys of the team to school tries to make the points and they take over
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go to the haystacks s. i mean i've been in school history. to go all over the world is well but justified because the good players so you're. newcastle and then back to the. new york clear when when did you decide. to hang up your boots and you couldn't jump over suppose the thing that i had did you feel when you said that's the last game of rugby i'll be playing competitive level well i think everybody knows when the when the and this insight of themselves were able to me the decision to come back to the board because i've always been one to be quite loyal for the chelsea so i possibly could have gotten played in five years others. club's. a little difficult but again it was it wasn't what i wanted to do get paid for playing for a club i didn't know so the clubs i did was involve mallows and newcastle on the board this was very special and with that thought it was a help to me in the end and with that belief. it discover it to c.d.'s they may be
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difficult to save you've got to enjoy what you do and i was training five times a day in the later years and people who know me know that i don't really enjoy training and with that i just was it was an enjoyable and when you don't enjoy something you've got to get up and move on it's going to do and it comes an end and sometimes you know that yourself but i had a good innings that if i did all this when i finished and and that was it an unknown enjoying jointly and on the plate you played against the great players of the us today which which which was your the one that really stood a few paces the one who spent it past you can you give me a little well there was quite a lot of him i was not fast. i think i want to spend so i was probably join a little. he was just standing just a great huge powerful hard skills his legs were massive this to touch him was it was pretty impressive to try and tackle him was even better but
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not many people did that and seen him run through so many people honey when he played against england was it was quite special remember that. in the moment it was like i love you all over the world well as well but sadly not here anymore but he was quite phenomenal too just to be involved and it gave me propelled the game that we had but it is now a look at the left scotland team leave that disappoint little last. but what do you think the prospects of the side you see developing in scotland where i think they've done very well fortunate last on the villa gigatons and he knows you knows what to do the team performs well so moving forward aggressively to. there were i'm fortunate in some ways because of the fantastic autumn test so whether weighed in a bit confident it's always difficult to tell because scott would always prefer going as the underdog and the moment to win and it's his favorites to do quite well in the performance against australia new zealand so. the regroup they're going on
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to i think unfortunately live lost a triple crown in a few other bits but they're going to hold their heads high and perform well in the rest of the six nations and i think you talk to legal aid sort of quick saying you think we could do some damage in a little cup come with a shot over there oh yes before said a few injuries have happened at the moment to scotland squad with any luck they can get get better get back playing again but it's a very exciting site i think it's something that he tries or gives a sailor was just outstanding and that shows the ability to have to score which has not been president and recent yes so everyone the statism in sold out for many a month already and just shows you the support of quote because the way the players everyone's behind them home games are going to happen amounts what really people would like to see and support me can you see that make you money feel them some nice going to be a war show squat sponsoring the french and some exciting time and. here's
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what people have been saying about rejected in the us it's the law in austin the only show i go out of my way to lunch you know what it's really packed. yeah it's the john oliver of auntie and mary to see. apparently better than to. see people you've never heard of love jack tonight the president of the world bank . because he was. seriously sent us an e-mail. manufactured consent sixteen public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the final the merry go round lifts only the one percent told. us time to ignore middle of the road signals.


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