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tv   Cross Talk  RT  February 9, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EST

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that they were indeed attacks while fighting isis to make up the right to self-defense well if you take them at face value you could think so but the people they just killed were also fighting isis and recently they had been making much against isis then the united states against isis then the united states led coalition or their partner forces the the s.d.f. the syrian government has of course called all of this an act of aggression unwarranted and unjust but just for you information all of this happened in there is or near a rich oil field and refinery conical it's called it was liberated last year by the u.s. led coalition very quickly and in fact the u.s. partner forces seem to have a knack for liberating areas with oil under them much quicker than they do those areas that don't have oil under them since since all the oil rich areas were taken
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in there as ordered by the s.d.f. progress against isis seems to have dropped to a snail's pace but you know regardless here america has said that it is in syria only to fight isis today isis has been all but defeated in syria but you don't see the pentagon packing its bags our military policy in syria has not changed our priority remains to defeat of isis whether it's in iraq or in syria that is our intent to defeat isis and not do anything more than that the united states will maintain a military presence in syria focused on ensuring that isis cannot reemerge total withdrawal of american personnel at this time would restore assad who continue his brutal treatment against his own people the principle of a lack of a fundamental commitment to our agreements that is typical of current u.s. diplomacy including the reasons why the americans. strain syria rex tillerson
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stated that their only goal in syria was the defeat of ice or now they've got farm when bush's plans would mark the most with the mixed messages here is the pentagon staying on general matters said that the united states will stay in syria we'll fight in syria for as long as the united states wants to fight in syria i mean that's you know pretty direct now you see how this might sound strange to syria and invite it and while there you start killing syrians in syria in self-defense. well regional experts told us that with islamic state practically gone from syria washington is now targeting the country's government instead. they are not just in syria to fight. a war but have been in syria for a long time because they want to throw aside as the spate of feeds as it becomes clear that it is the syrian forces themselves and largely defeated diet the
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priority of overthrowing assad begins to reassert itself in the pentagon and in the white coats so i think that's really the answer the question the overthrow of assad was always the prodigal prone the reason why the americans were in syria the army in treating these groups intervening with air strikes and so on they were diverted from that by no with the possibility of a defeat of diet inside syria that policy that reassert itself this is coming at the end of a long war the united states has taken about twenty eight percent of syrian territory and over fifty percent of its oil this is leverage in order to roll back you want and get rid of my side so i just i get it he wants that oil for himself there was a raise only a few months ago would get those fields and he's proving undoubtedly under the pretext the by the isis the united states didn't think it was so the united states
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is trying to lay down the law here and not let anybody approach and as we know the turks threatened and rendition to take on the americans over there so the united states i think it's very pages that both syria and turkey will begin to push america out try to push america out of northern syria but he likes their. new cheapass found no evidence that russia interfered in big you case brecht's that referendum that's according to the company's global head of public policy has testified in front of a u.k. house of commons committee. be looked at all advertisements with any connection to russia and we found no evidence of our service. being is to interfere and accept referendum but we don't look in a surly for the pay for advertising the election but actually the operation of channels or the films which are which can be linked back to russia nations who have
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a political purpose a message through the referendum would you be able to do that for us we are happy to cooperate with that investigation so it's yes yes despite these are endless attempts to accuse russia of brecht's that meddling in this pressure on online platforms to expose any shady business that russia might have been up to yet another revelation this time from you tube that nothing of sort had happened this indeed at yet another session of the u.k. parliamentary committee inquiring into feek news who this time traveled to washington to ask their questions but it has to be said that despite all of their hard work this inquiry has produced no results of substance so far if you remember previously this committee seems to have been sort of left hanging by twitter we found that one percent of the accounts in the data set were registered in russia could you confirm how many other accounts were being controlled from agencies in russia even if they were not registered there we do not have sufficiently strong evidence to enable us to conclusively linked them with russia the failure to obtain
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straight answers is simply increasing concerns about these issues rather than reassuring people well this as google also said they found no evidence of russian meddling in the brics that referendum as well as of course facebook following their investigation having said that they found that russia spent seventy three p. on any kind of posts related to bracks it. was meanwhile the u.k. campaign to reverse the brics it has received a hefty financial boost from american billionaire george soros the best for britain group has confirmed he donated almost half a million pounds through his foundation. george soros foundations have along with a number of other major donors also made significant contributions to our work indeed through his foundation he has contributed four hundred thousand pounds he's funding is one among many sources or best for britain is a pro e.u. lobby group pushing for
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a second breaks at referendum one of their key principles is that lead not leave the e.u. the campaign hopes to influence the opinion of the public and politicians on this issue. or downing street was quick to react to resume a spokes person assisted there will be no second referendum as the country has already voted to leave the e.u. human and labor rights lawyer dan colleague says the u.k. is now experience in the case the kind of foreign meddling that happens in other countries. we know that george soros him self has played a role in interfering in many country in some of the color revolutions so-called color revolutions in eastern europe for example and of course we know that the us government itself has and continues to meddle quite seriously in other people's elections with in other people's political processes for example secretary of state
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tellers and just were recently on a trip to latin america he called for the military in venezuela to overthrow their democratically elected president i think for countries like the u.s. the u.k. i think their view is they can mad on anyone else's political processes that will but other people can't participate in there so i mean it is a double standard clearly a double standard and i think again the u.s. will protect that double standard. to the hilt and we see that time and time again . republican lawmakers in the u.s. are threatening to cut funding to the world health organizations cancer research program that's after the international agency for research on cancer is that america's most widely used weed killer made by monsanto is probably cost an agenda . i arched unsubstantiated claims i or your responsible handling of data why should receive any government funding in the future they are disputing the
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organizations findings regarding its leading herbicide called round up and back in twenty fifteen the international agency for research on cancer concluded that roundups active ingredient life estate could be carcinogenic to humans now roundup is made by months santo and it's the world's most widely used weed killer since the seventy's it's been sprayed on corn soybeans a cotton and other crops and republicans believe that the study was flawed and relied on cherry pick science accusing the agency of lack of transparency an anti industry bias they say that it's quite a state is designated as carcinogenic it will require manufacturers and retailers to warn workers and consumers and plus it'll increase costs and instill fear in the public some have disagreed with republicans it is important that we review the methods and tactics that industry has used to influence this administration and attack independent scientific organizations like the world health organization's international agency for research on cancer or i or would like to say that
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fundamentally this hearing is about the ability of a public health agency to call a carcinogen a carcinogen even if that carcinogen makes a huge amount of money for powerful corporations according to the center for responsive politics monsanto lobbied more than four point three million dollars in twenty seven team the environmental protection agency which is not an international organization concluded that the same ingredient does not cause cancer and i are says that they've been under attack ever since they published their conclusions against life a state at the same time monsanto has been pushing against these findings through several different means and the company is seen as quite controversial not only in the u.s. but all over the world president micron promised in november that would be banned within three years danetta clean modified crops have been abandoned. over thirty five different countries but not banned in the u.s. international organizations have to include at that like as they could that stance or as the so these are lawmakers intentions are quite unclear. right
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a talk show host dave perkins believes the w.h.o. scientists need to provide stronger evidence that the monsanto we kill causes council a lot of people don't understand what the ingredient is used for glyphosate round up is used commercially as a weed killer it sounds like monsanto hasn't spent enough money lobbying and hasn't put enough donations and volunteers in spock it's yet or at least in the right ones this is a serious turn for the worse for monsanto but i'm not sure there is the evidence that everyone wants to see that the substance is plainly carcinogenic to to have that much influence you would have to have thousands or tens of thousands of cancer cases that were traceable to the use of the product and i'm not sure that kind of evidence exists there's always anecdotal evidence but i'm not sure there's convincing evidence there isn't a bulk of data to be analyzed to make that determination and there should be because they've been using it for fifty years based on some arm waving and some accusations of cherry picking of course monsanto cherry picks every corporation
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protects its product you can expect them to do otherwise what i'd like to see is the bulk of data that can be analyzed and give you a clear indication that it's carcinogenic and i have not seen that yet and i don't think the law makers are saying they've seen it either they just want to explore the possibility. well republican seeking to cut funding to the w.h.o. are on the u.s. house committee but the views expressed by current tom foreman members of the primal have often raised. we don't know what those other cycles were caused by in the past could be dinosaur flatulence. what happened when the c o two was greater since then and now there's been any cycles of up and down warming the dinosaur flagyl.
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all the stuff evolution in. reality. all that last. think about if your ice cube melts you go out it doesn't overflow its displacement i mean this is the thing similar things that they're talking about mathematically unscientific don't make sense. the body of military pilot major ron paul has been returned to his hometown of bet on ash in western russia the officer died fighting in syria after his plane was shot down by militants. the funeral for a major roman filipe of who died tragically fighting in syria takes place here in his hometown a fight on your earlier we saw hundreds of people attending the memorial ceremony as family members friends his colleagues people who didn't know him all came to pay
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their last respects and now the same crowd say here at this cemetery illumination to speak to some people who share it with us their memories of mine this is something with and i just wanted to pay my respects to such a strong and brave man. was my close friend he was kind and loved life every minute he was ready to help to support your few such people so we remember him forever the mood i'm on. was a very. very fair person always smiled a lot not everyone can do what he did you should have a special understanding of on and duty just like he did the palace plane was shot down on saturday and the northwestern part of syria which is still controlled by the latest incarnation of the terrorist group. roman tried to stay in the air as long as he could he then managed to object from the airplane only to find himself surrounded by terrorist the pilots of the plane supporting role months shared the
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details of their last communications his voice remained calm when i. get out of the maneuver yes i see that was the commander's reply and then he said so evenly as if it was something ordinary and on important i got hit hard the right is on fire moving south the lift slowing down too and about twenty seconds later he added. then he ordered me to gain altitude of course i didn't do it to leave my command is the last thing i would do i always tried to have his back during flights and now i have to do it on the ground while he was fighting i stayed there and made several attacks to vehicles that were getting closer to the olive groves where room on touchdown i stayed until the fuel was extremely low i barely made it back to the airfield roman had waited for the terrorist to get closer to him and only after
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that he decided to detonate a grenade taking his own life but avoiding capture he even managed to shout this is for our lads what he did that precious defense ministry released several facts about his life he left a wife and a four year old daughter behind he was an experienced pilot and it was not his first time serving in syria he was part of a dozen successful military operations and he died as a hero fighting terrorists at the age of thirty three. the pilot's bravery has been noted worldwide r.t. received this letter from a veteran u.s. serviceman offering support and asking if there's a fund collecting donations for his widow and child we asked the russian armed forces of such a fund is being set up while waiting for clarification the man who wrote that letter steve solon gave r.t. his thoughts on major filipov story. he knew the world is chances were. and he knew what he had to do. and he knew he was never going to be captured.
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that's a decision he had the basic. very hard decision but. the actual order he did what he had to do most was a personal decision. he knew what could happen to him he knows what can happen to other troops. and what has happened to our his comrades these are very important people to you. and you do most anything for them . even risk your life he had to die like this. here. i wonder if i would be brave enough to do what he did. he was a he was a good bird we'll show you a. british newspaper the times has accused the b.b.c. of bias for renting out its t.v.
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studios to this channel this is how the times describe the situation the b.b.c. is making money by hiring out its studios to r.t. the television channel controlled by moscow the b.b.c.'s dealings prompted damian collins the conservative chairman of the commons media select committee to question the b.b.c.'s ethics well in response the b.b.c. says it runs out studios like any other international media organization independent journalist martin summers sees double standards in the times article. i think that there's a general attack all artsy in you know political attack in the west they don't like your t.v. station because they see it as competition for their own narrative about events of course there is a whole attempt in the west to deal with the russian point of view and i think its core of the strange of the times which is owned by rupert murdoch and of course a lot of print anything it likes takes
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a particularly hard line for example on briggs it but they say the b.b.c. can't engage in commercial activities on the side which they've been doing for years without any interference whatsoever is not impartial i mean he's got an agenda there is very definite go definitely go to his views and he uses his media to push those views now in a free society that's acceptable to a certain extent it's a bit cheeky him to start check attacking other people for expressing their views in a perfectly legitimate fashion and it just shows how twisted the debate about these things in the west has now become. well we'll be back in just over half an hour with the latest news but for more in the meantime. facilities water company is a profitable public firm that supplies cheap water some more than half a million households a small percentage five point four six is already owned by the french multinational
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suez. what it was like oh my god this is where i was asked and i was going so my guess of course i'm going to die so you know that is the simple message billy bob. doesn't get them out of this only get out of the money out of this and. then now come in and she has more should therefore up with elizabeth be a political baby maybe you know if you took the feed. in a moment boy your kid then. eve you could be the seat. they now as a middle class because i she's the. bit i was never jealous upon a better santa research record if you remember the. by d.a.p.
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is greece's largest water company it provides five point five million people with water. by the loss of the afro. it saved up. by norse anything that's then. it's i look at it as the mean of us he should make his head of it on a barrel settlement with us you know i'm almost in my system of i can see the bottom up on but they just hadn't been a much more efficient goal as it became much. oh no santa i spoke of it is a strong last bus goes just in our senate by the nativity. purity just on the last at least reste so the parking lot off at least it ought to shade dallas fed. up of them up to c.b.s.
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i said this is your particular about our. own keys that our dad was a power fashion across your. there's a. still decision. if you know fifty. and what's a privatisation officially it's not the commission's policia mississippi state however it's true if you look at the troika it's and if you look at the memorandum of understanding between for example the troika and portugal the commission a spot of the troika is asking to further privatized across the book to go so in the troika the commission is still pushing for privatization so if it is really a human right if you really are serious to the citizens at today's initiative we
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should start acting on policies instead of. seem able to do this although i wish was sitting. on until you were. simply. put in see if appropriate even. put us as you go what fundamental means. that i can push you. each could have. told us but if it is a so you could if you had. concerned about the pressure being put on southern countries european water movement activists ropes to read. they highlighted to the european commission as part of the
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troika so to force southern european countries mainly greece and portugal to privatise that was. the services they say that is unacceptable and must stop. a few months later the commission's reply leaves everyone speechless. the commission believes that the privatization of public utilities including water supply firms. can deliver benefits to society when carefully made. to death could appear at this one as i was privy to it and bunches was as they counted a duffer to cosign. such nice bets on i consume of accepted on the city by screw it would put out if it was something i want. to do i could do so much and
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also did some enormous economic every nothing yeah if it's out of the depths of a thought about it that you've already goes a little behind me see me but i shifted you all know gosh but it could be so open and not by deed. to dismiss your brains you know that. is a week's pay minimum opinion centers extreme events you can you could feel secret got lucky let me be the last minute did. you not look at dog ac your salaries do result was that his comment a very serious one to be because. when detroit became to ireland they wanted to privatized the water utility. but there was no water utility. the water was sprayed in twenty seven
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local authorities so they were told or government by the troika to build all the areas government at. company called irish water. which began installing meters. side to people's homes. the first protests took place. in the scats of the city of clock loreal woman went out into mani and said you are not putting up be the outside my house. i told him they were coming to this station with vision one of the water meters and that was asked. what he and i were to there was a mass of supportive people here to stop them. and this was the first time that the irish people had taken a stand on any issue since a steady had begun says to troika write to toes in the not. knowing.
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i thought i thought it was my. i think for some people it probably was the straw that broke the camel's back. i know out of a sudden move in the street together. and people are joining the docks and you know what has the water meters got to do. with the fact that you can't see a doctor should go to hospital what the water meters got to do with the banks coming in taking people so this. you know this is a sewer only little bit of power you can cool and fun to cheika but you can stand to thank your folks. there's a polar and and it like it might be traders and we're still not finished but people are still resisting this because it is the one thing that they have ponies and they're never going to give them.
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and we knew that this is being something different to stop. it's about water forced to foremost but it's also about much more than war it's about to hurt to be trailed. the surrender of sovereignty. and the redistribution of our west operatives and their debt downwards. there is a problem with the leaks and we couldn't find them until we have brought in some measures so if i see my solution suddenly it says million liters a month for a couple of days in my house i call that temperature so that's reason for. an island there were no meters because they had
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a completely different system of water charges. the irish paid through general taxation. over one billion euro was intended for the maintenance and operation of the water system. some people think those people water through taxation is a little bit crazy we really only country in the year we see the that has zero war poverty and we're the only one with the a lot of poverty because we only want appears richard progressive general taxation that's the one thing we got right and we'll keep it and the rest you should look at for follow us listen to us because it all my irish got this one right. we really need to modernize our russia structure so now we really have to invest. so we need a structure to invest we need to wage borrowed money and then we need a way to pay for it paying out general type stations people who work would probably
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end up paying more tax. we are losing forty seven percent of our trees and walk into the ground and leaks before it gets to the top. no billion new rock to spend do i choose to spend it on reduce or do i choose to stand up billion euro in fixing the leaks and building a new one structure. despite the water having been paid through general taxation. no tax exemptions were planned to offset the new charges. for civil war the murder. was worse as. the threat of paying for water twice led most citizens to regard the introduction of meters and charges as another austerity measure and the establishment of irish water as the first step towards privatization.


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