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fleets have never tested positive as needed to have been doped wherever there are so many who would not have doped but they've been tarred with a brush that is completely wrong and feeds into this kind of geopolitical narrative that russia is bad and less beaten with stick which is going to ask you about you know when you when you discuss the political sides to this how do you discuss the political side of this how has it become politicized. very easily i mean like athletes russian athletes who are known juggling have said that when you get into a lift in the athletes village order athletes will get i would refuse to get on of the list because a they did make a joke are we going to be tainted ice how how does myself like you said to me by people you from art of from ing and jokingly kind of like you know all i could wish is bad and you know putin control nerves and so on so it's all linked and it all began when he said state sponsors and wanted state sponsored means it's a government controlled which immediately puts it on
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a geopolitical level and that's what we're just where we are now so it's clean athletes can get banned for doping issues that have absolutely nothing to do with them i suppose i should ask you what kind of president does it set for the world of sport. overnight so he was late last night a thirty two year old javelin thrower a quick good general from australia. dies. i know he had been you know kind of costs like three times that he didn't turn up for tests he had some issues around doping and so on so he died of an early age and he was never done for doping but people suspected he was doping a lot of even his friends people in the world of sports where we think he's doing something to stay at this elite level so i think what we what we can take from this in terms of precedent is that it doesn't really matter if you're clean or not it matters on first of all your passport that is what we're seeing now and we see it
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for a long time and also what the general narrative is because if it is that rush is bad and everything then they will be here and if russia is caught on the wrong side of a gang turf war which is happening right now in the world of anti doping which is a massive massive multi-billion dollar business and the i.o.c. which is a multi multi billion dollar business russia is on the wrong side of that war. unless russia kind of you know kind of reposition itself this will only get worse what about though when it comes to a broader perspective how big of a problem is doping across sports i mean is it just happening in russia is it only russian athletes that are reportedly allegedly doping or perhaps there may be other people involved you know i mean it's more is general i mean because i worked for a couple of years i worked for many many years in sports itself and the hardest job that i had apart from making sure sponsors paid up and close paid up was trying to warn athletes for the days of doping as we work with athletes from around the world
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not just in russia yes there has been a historical problem here in russia as in when your country's like the u.s. and u.k. there is a historical problem here and they have been working very hard to clean it up massive initiatives from the far east to here in moscow and even in our culture we're trying to educate kids you know if you want to compete compete fair and enjoy your sport. however it's not a russian problem and it's not just a sports problem. it's a societal problem where you have people who you know to give a very simple example i walk into a gym in germany last year and. i just went to the work of those in the hotel and to a guy who was clearly using some booster like a testosterone so that was was there bruce you know he's in his fifty's but he was there working everything weights far bigger weight and should be for a man of his age or more for his waist however he wants to look good he wants to like slow aging and so on and so this is
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a global societal problem in sports i firmly believe always said that in order to hit the very very top your sport and stay there for a sustained period of time you have to do something you can go do something recoveries and is most important do you think do you think the door is now closed on any more doping scandals with the olympics and john chang south korea that the door is closed now because i was doing a story in the past forty eight hours of norway was under suspicion for six thousand doses of ass medication being used when athletes don't even have asked him a but now now russia has potentially been made an example of do we expect any more doping revelations to come throughout the games where we can think of you know that's pretty impressive that we could think of the good news story kind of for this olympics that is north and south korea coming together to compete for example in ice hockey as one team the north korean ice hockey players have not been tested . the north korean athletes have had no testing taking place in north korea no one saying a word about that and they won't test positive and it's been shown time and again
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that when it comes to the games it's almost impossible to test positive unless you're very very stupid. and you haven't planned properly most people won't get caught in the olympics because they don't dope at the olympics or if they do they have medication as we see money athletes you know and this is the president's for us these from chris froome part of our lives on the day david beckham even that the norwegian skier nor the excuse that they have. this sudden development when you start competing at a high level and yet coach will tell you that a little puff of the inhaler will give you a little extra want to present when it comes to the crunch and you talk about a lot more the host of capital sports on moscow's capital f m thank you very much for that. however it is not only russian athletes participation in the olympics that has led to controversy the north korean teams visit to pyongyang has seen an angry reaction.
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south korean activists protested thursday as a north korean orchestra gave a sold out performance on the eve of the games they were holding reading. at the olympic. event is supposed to be about sport and peace it seems these days are these games are now becoming more and more politicized particularly when it comes to issues of the korean crisis. bit of a technical problem here will sort out the glitch on the program for the meantime though moving now to iraq around seven hundred fifty thousand children are
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struggling to get basic medical services in the war torn iraqi city of mosul that is according to the un's children's rights body unicef an estimated seventy four million dollars are needed to rebuild health facilities for children there seven months after the euphoria that greeted the liberation of mosul from islamic state that iraqi city is still struggling to get back on its feet. that there are other shargel police. the number of. health care centers or hospitals is very limited the
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extent of the damage has affected it i was there in one of the health centers the other day the one family came in with their baby is a two month old baby they wanted a vaccinated there was vaccine there was everything there and starts were seeing over one hundred children a day were able to vaccinate this child but those families have to walk far i also saw the baby unit there were nine incubate has six of which which were filled with premature babies who would not have survived unless those incubate as with their it's a wide area wide level of levels of devastation families have to walk enormous distances to be able to get the health care what we're saying is that the cumulative health care that is required of any child anywhere else in the world is not available yet in mosul. and more than half a year since its liberation of the city remains strewn with corpses and warning you
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may find the following scenes distressing of the condition of many of the bodies is making it difficult to confirm their identities and most of the victims appear to be civilians women children and the elderly and residents are calling on the government to do something about the situation given the risks to health unit representative in iraq peter hawkins describes the situation in mosul as wiring i think what we need to understand is the extent of the problem this is a massive city mosul city probably faced one of the biggest urban warfare since world war two and. two point two million to two point four million people affected it's an enormous challenge for everybody to try and clear everything up and get the people working again still to come here on the program on r t reports from singapore where the world's biggest investors gather to discuss crypto currencies
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miguel francis santiago discussing that every since. the bond market. this time it will continue to go even lower and negative you. increase from the trillion dollars worth of negative. even more. dollars. and we're going to go down the rabbit hole even further. in places
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like. these various markets with the oil prices climbing higher and. we've got. this right now tony twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow ten twenty am now on friday republican lawmakers in the u.s. threatening to cut funding to the world health organization's research program that's after the international agency for research and said that america's most widely used weed killer made by monsanto is probably cost and. cultural giant among strongly disagrees with the classification over. the international agency for research on cancer is part of the world health organization coordinates conducts
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research into the causes of cancer in addition it leads cancer prevention activities and helps to shape the international agenda with some u.s. lawmakers found the organization's findings. i understand claims your response and why should receive any government funding in the future they're disputing the organizations findings regarding its leading herbicide called round up round up is made by month santo and it's the world's most widely used weed killer since the seventy's it's been sprayed on corn soybeans a cotton and other crops and republicans believe that the study was flawed and relied on cherry pick science accusing the agency of lack of transparency and anti industry bias they say that it's quite a status designated as carcinogenic it will require manufacturers and retailers to warn workers and consumers and plus it'll increase costs and instill fear in the
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public some have disagreed with republicans it is important that we review the methods and tactics that industry has used to influence this administration and attack independent scientific organizations like the world health organization's international agency for research on cancer or i would like to say that fundamentally this hearing is about the ability of a public health agency to call a carcinogen a carcinogen even if that carcinogen makes a huge amount of money for powerful corporations according to the center for responsive politics monsanto lobbied more than four point three million dollars in twenty seven team the environmental protection agency which is not an international organization concluded that the same ingredient does not cause cancer and i are says that they've been under attack ever since they published their conclusions against life a state at the same time monsanto has been pushing against these findings through several different means and the company is seen as quite controversial not only in the u.s.
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but all over the world president micron promised in november that life of say would be banned within three years inevitably modified crops have been banned in over thirty five different countries but not banned in the u.s. international organizations have concluded that like this it could be cancerous the so these lawmakers intentions are quite unclear. a taxi driver in new york has committed suicide right outside city hall he left a note on facebook accusing politicians of failing to protect his industry and saying services such as had financially ruined his life and reporting for us now wants he's kept up. douglas shifter took his own life after parking his car in front of new york city hall it wasn't hard for police investigators to figure out why the for his suicide intended to draw attention to the ordeal that he and other professional drivers go
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through he posted this on facebook. i want one hundred to one hundred twenty consecutive hours almost every week for the past fourteen plus years there are over one hundred thousand of us suffering daily now is the new slavery i hope with the public sacrifice i make now some attention to the plight of the dr uses and the people will be done to save them and it will not have been in vain shifter had been driving cabs in the limo since the nine hundred eighty s. however in recent years it's become a far harder job with far less pay at the time of his death he was facing severe financial troubles as well as clinical depression he blames city hall for ruining his industry for years he had been writing articles for black car news a blog for drivers his articles pointed toward some of the hard hitting truths about the vehicles for hire industry he cared about other people and cared about the industry that he worked and. i met him he had sent a letter to the editor
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a bunch of years ago and it was an angry tune and he said some things that i thought made sense so i invited him to write for me and he did that for a few years and generally his content was you know to help the industry you know all the people that were struggling the way he was struggling he wanted them to know to help them now shift or wasn't alone he's one of three drivers in the last three months to take his own life casting union officials say that boomer and other mobile app services have made a once well paying industry into a massive long hours low pay and economic insecurity now at this point in light of his death regulators are stepping up to help ease the problem. we understand to many of are in licensees have been under tremendous pressure due to this onslaught of competition from app dispatch services to despair felt so deeply by mr shifter has become a topic of daily debate and concern for us and while we lacked the jurisdiction to
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limited licensing of drivers or vehicles we are tackling the issue of driver earnings protections this year economic analysts have talked about a gig economy where workers don't have regular jobs with regular paychecks and hours but instead work here and there with irregular service and irregular pay back in two thousand and thirteen there were forty seven thousand vehicles for hire a new york city now that number exceeds one hundred thousand and the regular pay has dropped from eighty eight thousand to sixty nine thousand the business model which is to bring as many drivers on as possible. has ended up backfiring and so now the pie is spinning sliced into too many pieces and makes it difficult for all the drivers to earn a living keep in mind that yellow cab drivers have to rent their vehicles cover their own credit card service fees plus supply their own gasoline at the end of the
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day they're not left with much money to take home in the most expensive city in the country a little oppen aren't see new york. cryptocurrency is a not for the faint of heart since hitting an all time high last december bitcoin prices have been in freefall again from santiago tops the mood in singapore where some of the world's biggest investors have gathered to discuss all things crypto. well you know one of the only stop for everything hot exciting in the world of botching technology so parents this is our tease krypto. the price of bitcoin drops below six thousand and one streaks we go to the tokens twenty. four in singapore to get on the inside find out what's going on. make the world's largest crypto fun and tell me thinks the world's most accurate
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point price predict big. people think it's the you know the bubbles bursting that's it we're done and we're the point. what do you think all right here at a buy that got a five of them. i'm a believer of the point i just i really think it's really been going to be the innovation of the future because it has always reversed because some of the smartest computer scientists in the world are working on it making it more secure making it more usable making it cheaper which the trans are and will get them but i get that tomorrow but we'll get there when will the price stabilize because it's going it's going down so i think there's probably a strong support level at six thousand obviously that could be a bridge that we could go lower but it feels like there's definitely like ho dealers down there right and i think that's really going to produce that uplift that we need i do not see bitcoin going lower than one thousand three hundred
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dollars and i think that is actually the i feel point for the fall too before it goes all the way back to twenty dollars a bit more. sounds a little scary there's like a sometimes like a boss will pull over and then it will stoop down right the boss will kind of lower down so you can get any easier right so right now the boss is lowering now right so in a way like if you can get any easier now like it's a lot easier to get it now. you can watch the latest from a script holy of on our website or you tube channel new episodes out every friday. that wraps up the program for this hour here on r.t. international morgan friday will headline very soon. with nor make its manufacture come sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes to protect themselves. in the final
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merry go round to listen to the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. i mean real news. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to me to people this is the simple song alone even some company gets elsewhere though they invite private companies to take over their utilities anybody tell us drop of a lag from us you guys we got booked but you buy them the going to go buy been this is us to quote them out of it over or over some more you member of the left bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more than water it's about the hurt
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and the redistribution of our west girls and their debt downwards we want our water. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us exactly it's the law and author of the only show i go out of my way to talk to you know really what it is that really packs them how bleak yampa is the john oliver of party america is doing the same thing we are apparently better than bluegrass. and see people you've never heard. president of the world bank very. seriously sent us an e-mail.
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to. share not say. between the north and south korea is becoming a possibility but will the american hard line stance hinder our help the resumed korean peace talks we ask special advisor to the president of south korea for foreign affairs and national security. nuclear north korea is now a reality despite the tough sanctions and international pressure. has managed to procure the bomb and it's testing its means of delivery but with the neighbor pursuing a policy using everything from source to support to avoid confrontation is there hope the crisis in the korean peninsula. can diplomacy offset a situation that looks poised for conflict and is washington saber rattling helping the process reeling it. chang going to a special advisor to the president of south korea for foreign affairs that national security welcome to the shows really great to have you with us sure enough korea
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will participate in the winter olympics and will put its team under one banner with south korea and it's clear p.r. move on the part of pyongyang to show that there are good guys who can be talked to what makes you trust kim jong. this is the notice made of trust it is a matter of trust building on this you have to do kinds of interactions with north korea you can the beauty trust with north korea therefore we are inviting north korea to come tell you not simply because we trust north korea but because we want to build trust with north korea so to feel like maybe north korea is using the south with this olympics business to just siphon arf more money and find a loophole through the sanctions. you know we can rule out the possibility but as long as north korea abide by you know nonproductive behavior. sure who.
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told that the new condition of north korea we would welcome north korea to utilize in the winter olympic. the two korean woman this ice hockey team will become by and much to the disappointment of some of the south korean team more than thirty one thousand people have signed an online petition to the president's office asking to scrap this plan we keep saying that politics and sports shouldn't mix so how is it fair to deprive some players to the opportunity of a lifetime for pretty much politics yes through to some polled element and as a matter of fact president when jane opposed to the players of no freemium ice hockey team the. kind of sacrifice on the part of south korean players you know you feel you know sorry for that one but still you know we have another important aspect that is well north and south korean please if you can together and playing
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together and i think it has some just simply the substance of many. yeah but it also has consequences for as just a south korean president's ratings have dropped sharply over the olympics if there is a public going to go along with moon's. policy towards the north but i was is a snowy to depose a temporary surprise but i seem to lose popularity will come back and if the pinch on winter olympics goes well and if the north korean players in government show proper behavior therefore you know i wouldn't say that it is the bring the. negative impact on president jean to be quite honest i was actually surprised that they a fact was dropping ratings for the president why do you think the south koreans
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aren't so keen on the two teams playing together coming together under same banner but it is something to do with the north korean behavior north korea has been undertaking nuclear publications and north korea has its own quest and confrontation therefore overall image of north korea has rapidly to prove in south korea and in a different post and in made the decision to have one single team and also have no one single you know team to know since i was in the area of. ice hockey team is why some young generation show the unhappiness of their kind of behavior but if winter olympic proves to be successful and i think that there are kinds of said it would be overcome. the u.s. and south korean military drills that have been a thorn in came side were postponed for the olympics but come on we all know that
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once to games are over the drills will resume and they include practicing the overthrow cames regime one that reverse any progress may. come tumbling would be a major challenge to push them but he's trying to work out some form of the. future tension and try to make huge the new momentum beautiful piece. if you to be seen we don't have to prejudge the. outcome. what is the outcome that you're actually hoping for what's this two teams coming together i mean you said it's really symbolic and it's all about grasping this opportunity to actually make this happen to come together under the same banner what is it that you want from this i mean we all understand the realities on the ground will understand how things will go down after the olympic games are over.
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what's your aim except if we put the symbolic thing aside. not the modest symbolic the present moment has a two goals with regard to who. will lead the olympic peace peace means what extend exchange in cooperation between north and south and trust building between north and south and hopefully resumption of dialogue will be can come here in washington and eventually mid making a major breakthrough to the north korean nuclear stalemate. in the making. he what kind of cooperation would knowingly exchange in a creature who we can engage in social in. control in cooperation with north korea interaction with north korea and we're hoping the north korea would have or that we have in mind so why do you think korea i mean this is pretty much
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to first step that north korea has made two words coming together with south korea it does seem like it's the south that is making the most effort why is it more important elsewhere want to take a more leading employer can role and most of the present mood what is why he's making every effort to momentum for dialogue you told c.n.n. it was trump's tough talk that brought the north koreans to open dialogue but say all that there was some kind of a combination in which trump closed the door there for the north koreans had to turn to. enrich north korea is coming to south korea but there's some other some other regions you know which you know north korea you know come to south korea because north korea might want to have some kind of economic cooperation with the south korea or maybe you know which solon washington but south korea knows all those in no intentions of north korea but the spy or don't.


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