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russian athletes there have been claims from the head coach of russia's news team that the i.o.c. was pressuring kath in this decision is that the case that the i.o.c. president thomas bach was certainly scathing about the decision when that came through it would have been viewed very much as a decision that undermined the i.o.c. or thirteen also very much put a spoke in the wheel of water their investigation at the mining also the credibility of the mclaren report because of the decision is a few extremely disappointing and surprising for. the i.o.c. we would never have expected these these sort of decision of the urgent need. for reforms in though the interludes structural failure because a lot was probably sparks reported out of original cast rolling which effectively upheld the principle of innocent until proven guilty saying that there was insufficient evidence that those russian athletes had been doping this was the
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original cast in twenty eight cases the evidence collected was found to be insufficient to establish that's an anti-doping rule violation it was committed concerned it's been such an emotional rollercoaster of ours and for these athletes the real saw grafter months weeks years of preparation they had this glimmer of hope last week with the cast the solution that they could go to the games represent their flag their country their of them etc. although that's been overturned there are still legal routes appeals they could go down but of course the opening ceremony has now just finished the games are about to begin whatever legal options are available they simply won't have time now to budge them here somewhere actions from those athletes many of whom were hoping to even make a debut at their first winter olympics i have no words. i was hoping that cas would rule in our favor right now i don't know what to do i'm disappointed but of course i won't give up on sport i've still got
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a lot ahead of me i will compete and win medals for my country. until the very end we were hoping that the decision would go in our favor now i feel sadness and sorrow but i will compete in every competition i can if i have enough strength in the opportunity to compete in the next olympics i will prepare for them. i had no emotions left we had all our bags packed you were just waiting for a decision anything such situations make you stronger emotionally. hundreds of supporters of a far right party have clashed with the police in the central intelligence city of matter out of just a week ago much rather suffered a racially motivated shooting which left six injured. was. the shooter was targeting african migrants police found
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a copy of hitler's mind camped in his apartment as well as a flag with a far right symbol the shooter said he acted after the death of an italian woman allegedly killed by an interior asylum seeker. before i shooter is sparking massive debate about the growth of neo fascist forces in italy italian as well as foreign media have weighed in on this issue the shooter's lawyer told journalists his client was greeted as a hero when he arrived in prison police say that racial and religious violence is something that saudi in recent years there are some shocking numbers that we've received from italian police hate crime tenfold in just four years and the issues raising concern at the very highest level italy's justice minister revealed he was threatened when he visited the matter out a shooting victims in hospital. i received threats against me and my firm but i was one of the first is to go away when the time comes to take action so i'm not on. videos appeared in the media showing the matcher are to
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shoot a shaking hands with the leader of. the right wing league ignored moreover the shooter stood as a candidate for the party at local elections last year we invited the legal council to debate the issue. if this guy did what he did he became a creaminess so we are very strict about it and our. we pons our pencil in the next election the people will use it to vote and this is the only way we act any violent act carried out by an immigrant it seems like the response is is also considerable surely this is not good for the country as a whole how do you feel about what's been reported the rise of nationalism and fascism in italy we are just telling you the people we need
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lo we need contrave account to be we cannot lose our identity because italy if this mood of immigration will rise and we will lose. a dainty ally of your party the former soviet belle is going to he's called migrants a time bomb now is fairly aggressive rhetoric is only going to further divide people you said your weapon is your your pension shouldn't be trying to bring people together we found always the right way to act together and when we have been in the government the last time in two thousand eighty two two thousand and eleven we practically stopped the arrival of illegal immigrants in two thousand and eleven we had only four thousand in one year in last year we had the more than one hundred forty thousand arrival of illegal immigrants in it and so you can see the difference and this is a bomb because the most of those people are illegal they will never go get the.
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people are refugee because just the five maximum ten percent of them is a real refrigerator. three giants of social media have been grilled by a panel of u.k. lawmakers over allegations of russian interference on their platforms during the briggs it vote but there has been little if anything to back up those allegations. we looked at all advertisements with any connection to russia and we found no evidence of our services being used to interfere in the referendum a very small number of suspects its research agency linked accounts forty nine such accounts were active during the campaign which represents less than point normal some of the total number of accounts that these very low level thinkers from now until we complete this investigation we won't know but what we haven't had is. information that's enabled us to target on a particular page or
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a particular phenomenon despite all their commitment enthusiasm and hard work spanning over a period of really several months when this inquiry kick started it seems like the u.k. parliamentary committee that's trying to find out the truth about a russian any brecht that meddling they seem to be really hitting a brick wall this week they travelled all the way to washington thousand thousands of miles presumably having spent thousands of pounds to get there and what they ended up with while questioning the executives of twitter you tube and facebook was just a frustration it seems and that was thick in the atmosphere investigative journalism for instance as it led to suggestion that there are lots of campaigns going to have it looks like you haven't looked have you that's the thing you haven't looked this economy. going on in the horror like you just well it seems who did look with twitter and what they said they found was that they were only forty nine accounts
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connected to russia during the time of the bracks it referendum again i'm no mathematician so correct me if i'm wrong perhaps but it seems that there is and this is really nothing to write home about given that twitter has hundreds of millions of accounts and despite the chair of this committee damian collins saying that his quote instinct tells him that the number should be higher that did not turn out to be the case so despite this goes chasing continuing in the committee keeping asking the executives to look harder it seems no fruitful results so far. much of the media has seemingly been hungry for a scandal with the russian investigation is so far failed to provide has that affected the headlines make up your mind here's one that says twitter has finally conceded that russian accounts tried to influence bragg's it only a few small words at the bottom zero explain the stories actually about a few dozen accounts it's the same with the times headline which admits the
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existence of so called russia trolls but the first paragraph then reveals there were only forty nine such suspicious accounts and there's one more example for you here you need to look even deeper to dig out the actual numbers of this lengthy article radio host john gaunt told us the russian investigation is searching for a ghost this is a fast these employees went all the way to washington to question do they understand how the internet works they could've got them on a skype call and question them it's facile an issue a waste of my taxpayers' money and it served very very annoying it's a joke they act in an almost kangaroo court fashion firing questions at you and hardly waiting to listen to the answers you know or i don't think the british public care they know why people voted for it let's just get over it and accept democracy. woman in california who's been
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a prominent face of the anti harassment me two movement has found herself at the center of a sexual misconduct storm has been accused by at least two men of inappropriate behavior that is directly involved has the story. democratic assemblywoman christina garcia has a reputation as a fierce advocate for women and has gained national recognition for condemning sexual misconduct all over the place. hate you we should not be on your shoulders today but there are places where the powers that be can protect their time magazine's silence breakers issue centering on speaking out against harassment even featured garcia's face in the artwork and inclusion that garcia was humbled by posting on twitter that she was proud of the work being done and the issues clearly personal in october garcia revealed to the new york times that she has also been sexually assaulted by men in her workplace multiple people have grabbed my bottom grabbed my breasts we're talking about c.b. and o.b.'s. earlier this week garcia even helped pass
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a bill granting whistleblower protections to legislative stuff who are victims of sexual misconduct announcing after the bill's approval that you were not standing alone and yet news has now broken up two men accusing garcia of sexual harassment one of the alleged victims is a former legislative staffer highly ironic considering the bill she helped pass is meant to protect legislative staff probes already been launched into the incident alleged to have happened back in two thousand and fifteen after an assembly softball game danielle farrow claims that while she was intoxicated garcia rubbed his back and squeezed his buttocks before attempting to do more than reportedly quickly extracted himself from the situation and it looks like this may even be a pattern for garcia as a second accuser story is eerily similar an unnamed lobbyist alleges that a drunk accosted him last may making graphic sexual proposals while trying to grab his crotch she was whispering roo close and i could smell the booze and see she was pretty. she looked at me for
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a second then sit acidic. he says he adamantly rejected the offer at this point garcia's camp has only responded to the first accusation the details of these kinds have never. been brought to my attention and till today i can also say i have zero recollection of engaging in appropriate behavior and such behavior is inconsistent with my values but if we've learned anything from the me too movement it's that accusations carry more weight than denials and once one person comes forward the floodgates tend to open. tensions already threatening germany's proposed ground coalition that's after the social democrats later revealed the longer be seeking a ministerial position for more on what martin short his decision will mean for the country's currently turbulent political scene his audience peter oliver in berlin. on wednesday it seemed we may have been getting to the bottom of germany's governmental crisis a deal had been hammered out between angela merkel's conservative bloc and the
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center left social democrats and it looked like martin shultz was set to be installed as the next foreign minister of germany friday evening and all that has gone out the window martin schultz has announced he won't be taking up that position as germany's t.v. chief diplomat and rumors are abound he's being forced to step down from that by some disgruntled colleagues high up in his own party who actually blame him for the party's current failure as well mr schultz put out a statement himself explaining in his own words why he wouldn't be taking up the post i renounce joining the federal government and at the same time i hope that this will in the personal debates within the s.p.d. we all make policies for the people in this country and my personal ambitions must be behind the interests of the party but it's a social democratic party that's in real dies straight at the moment earlier on friday we saw the current foreign ministers gabrielle lash out at martin schultz
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saying that all that was left was regret it how little respect there was between senior figures within the party couple that along with the youth wing of the s.p.d. a vocally campaigning against joining a coalition with angle and merkel they've been seeing around twenty thousand or certainly more than twenty thousand people signing up to join the party since january behind the slogan sign up and say no if the social democrats vote against the grand coalition deal it all falls apart and we started friday talking about the potential political future of angela merkel whether even if this grand coalition goes ahead she would stay for a full four year term we've ended friday it certainly isn't that low politically here in berlin event at friday's. saying could this be the end of the political career of martin short the former new parliament president well he still remains
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a member of the bundestag but what his future holds right now is really anybody's guess that's after he said he won't be taking a seat in a cabinet with anglo merkel should that coalition deal go ahead. human rights watch has accused iraqi kurdish security forces of mass executions of suspected islamic state fighters back in august and the report claims that the killings occurred near the town of zuma where an apparent mass grave has been found the iraqi kurdish government has denied those accusations and claims that the bodies belong to eisele fighters who were killed in battle with kurdish forces we discussed the findings with its author senior iraqi researcher for human rights watch belka swiller. since september we've been looking for an eyewitness who can testify to the fact that the men were captured they were captured alive and later they were killed by kurdish security forces b.s.i. huge and and what we found two weeks ago is the actual great site and now we know
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where the bodies. were after it was still and where the bodies were then furry what in the reports that we've been least today we include extensive material including photos videos satellite imagery of the straight sites as well as footage of my face and that we are the silts the coalition has demanded that the quickly regional government demonstrate that they are taking the furiously in that they're holding those commanders in place is that all it's really enjoyed on the international community take a very strong on this matter and make sure that the tonic that. was legendary rock band queen recently on it with a lifetime achievement award at the latest grammys auntie's of she returns we spoke to brian may he also happens to have a big stake in astrophysics you can watch the full discussion which ranges from the influence of music in science on our lives to fake news in the latest episode of
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going underground on saturday just for now is a quick preview. you said that one of the major issues facing humanity is fake news from wall street yes all of the big yeah i think so because you know as of i know you want to be able it will not say which world leaders but which were which were what it is what they want to exist is full of people there for the wrong reasons that's myself i spent a lot of time lobbying in our own parliament in england and i have to say so many people are there for reasons that you don't want to know and it's hard to find people who actually have a mission to make the world a better place and look after. people and animals rather than look after themselves i mean i hate to be critical but i do think the whole system encourages the wrong kind of people because it encourages people who want power and and make money for the themselves and their friends you know i would love to see it all shaken up.
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is well worth a watch as well as that you can get the very latest news headlines are back with those in just over half an hour together. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to me to peep out the cells with simple song. elsewhere they invite private companies to take over the utilities anybody tell us that. this is. for you bill brought up
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locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more than water it's about to hurt and the redistribution. downwards do you want or. don't want to off selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles. that you thought spreading tell you to be gossiping probably by falsehood the point is. that doesn't tell me you are not cool enough to fight. the hawks that we along with all the one.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered peter a little the pentagon recently released its new nuclear posture review its critics are stunned not only the use of nuclear weapons is now more thinkable but also the threshold for their use has been lowered dr strangelove would be proud is the world facing another dangerous arms race. across talking the nuclear posture review i'm joined by my guest michael o'hanlon in washington he's a senior fellow at the brookings institution also in washington we have kevin camps he is a radioactive waste specialist at beyond nucular and in london we crossed to add real because he is
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a foreign affairs consultant and analyst all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate kevin let me go to you first in washington you know i read the report quite thoroughly i was quite stunned as i said in the in the introduction i'll reach of my three takeaways here the report exaggerates exaggerates perceived threats to the u.s. number two it fuses conventional and nuclear war and pushes for the development of low yield nucular weapons i mean that's quite stunning if you look at the history of arms control and by the way it's going to cost about one point three trillion dollars what were your takeaways from the report kevin in washington. well i think your title for the show is very apt i mean dan ellsberg in his new book the doomsday machine confessions of a nuclear war planner said at the time that dr strangelove was released in the theaters in the early one nine hundred sixty s. that it was nonfiction so here we go again we're going to do this all over again a new arms race and that figure of a trillion three that's probably an underestimate anything that's anything that
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they do anything that they department of defense or department of energy touches the cost escalation factor should be referred to as going nuclear they often go over budget over schedule so what could we do with a trillion three in this country in the next thirty years infrastructure repairs paying off the national debt these are the kinds of things education social welfare that need to be taken care of well who is not a new arm who know who knows that actually maybe in more in the in the national interest than the national security even this new program we're going to go to michael michael you wrote an article for usa today trump's plan for nuclear weapons makes sense make your case real quick. well first of all it makes some sense i agree with kevin's concern about the money and in my article i did criticize the across the board modernization agenda which by the way is not new the president president obama intended more or less the same thing. and so and so in that regard i would like to see us prioritize things that we need for safety and reliability
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versus things that we need just to modernize the entire force that the nuclear weapons do need to be safe and reliable and i think we need to be twenty one bomber as well because we can we can use that for conventional warfare of the kind we see in the middle east for example but i don't think we need to modernize the i.c.b.m. like as much as the pentagon believes and i don't think we need as much new capacity for a nuclear warhead production so just to be clear the usa today gave a more robust sounding title that i personally believe my my view is more mixed on the review there are some aspects to it i agree with others that i think are excessive it really in london i mean i when reading the report of the you know we always say you know you don't think the unthinkable but this is thinking the unthinkable in actually making it possible when i'm saying first use of nuclear weapons under conditions against countries that do not have those kinds of weapons i mean that is really amazing ok and they throw in the cyber think ok so why one
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year ago russia you know was tampering with the utility company in new england is the president the united states post the press a button then and then you find out of the fabricated fake story i mean i find this a trigger and this in this is what the nightmare of the nuclear age was all about is that who's got their their thumb on the button here i mean so somebody's taxes impress structure and you use nuclear weapons is that rational go ahead. russian. my opinion it is a precedent that there's a person and where for the very first star in the americas explicitly in. trying to block my ass and saying that it will use a nuclear response to. attacks it is a precedent so when you look at the language how you know it is created the structure i mean in the sense of. you know what sort of threats
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america has obviously it is exaggerating the nuclear power cup abilities of of china obviously this whole report is aimed at russia you shouldn't be. other way it is aimed at russia is from the very beginning and we should know that even though that many proppants of donald trump were. supportive though it's him saying he's the man who is facing obstacles in the white house he's trying to you know the deep state or whatever no he's the man in the house he's the man who is over there and even though that you know the whole american system is broken it is the fact that it is you know disproportionate it is this proportionate how can you use the language of this sort of language i mean you know threats to the vital interests of the united states its partners and allies vital vital interests
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but what are these threats ok you know what kevin you know i mean one of the other things are you know it's it's really quite shocking is that using. this smaller weapons in their in their capacity to destroy i mean but if you're on the receiving end of even a. nuclear weapon half the strength of quarter of the strength of hiroshima but if you're on the receiving end of it you're not going to say well how should we respond because it was twenty five percent of the the the grade that hit nagasaki you don't you know one thinks that way no one thinks that way if you're. attacked with a nuclear weapon you are going to respond and you're going to throw everything you've got because that's an exodus tensional threat what are these people in the pentagon thinking and i want to talk about this guy keith payne about his article not in one nine hundred eighty i'll ask michael about that i'm sorry go ahead kevin well
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george shultz just days ago said a nuclear weapon is a nuclear weapon so thresholds being crossed i mean i look at the report called nuclear famine by international physicians for the prevention of nuclear war a nobel peace prize winner that said if just one hundred nagasaki sized bombs were exchanged let's say between india and pakistan that was the case study it would cause a nuclear winter that would starve two billion human beings so these are not games to be played with abolition is where it's at the nobel peace prize last december went to the international campaign for the abolition of nuclear weapons and the have the survivors of the only explicit use of nuclear weapons in warfare from hiroshima and nagasaki we had better abolish these weapons before they had kennedy said that in sixty two kissinger said that ten years ago in an op ed to the wall street journal we are living on borrowed time ok michael again we have to remind our viewers that under international law your first use of nuclear weapons is
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illegal ok unfortunately that wasn't even mentioned in the report ok i can point out one of the people apparently from what my research is kevin payne president of the national institute for public policy he was one of the drafters of this report and in one thousand nine hundred think was in foreign affairs he was to talking about winning in a winnable nucular war and i would like to quote a quote here where it could be limited to casualties could be limited to a quote approximately twenty million people quote a level compatible with national survival in recovery when in the world is this guy doing with this report. well secretary jim mattis the guy who ultimately authored it and let me explain what i think his thinking was i understand by the way i agree with a lot of the criticisms we're hearing here about where the state of play is between the nuclear superpowers today it feels like it's a throwback it's very regrettable this is where we are but there is a sense and with apologies to russian friends there is a sense that russia has been really throwing its weight around in the nuclear
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domain violating the i.n.f. treaty i know we could debate whether that's true or not but i'm telling you the perception from the pentagon violating the i.n.f. treaty having some new concepts like escalate to deescalate whereby russia would use a few nuclear weapons early in a war and try to prevent now what force that is you know you know michael that is and this is an area that is. scenarios those are good scenarios coming out of the pentagon i can tell you russia of policy on use of nuclear weapons is very very clear we had russia's foreign minister come out and i will quote him entirely defensive scenarios and i'll give him there are three of them in response to an act of aggression against russia and or against our allies if nucular other types of mass destruction weapons are used and also third with the use of conventional arms but only in case our state's very existence would be in danger so i don't care what the pentagon says in its report that is russia's policy ok sorry to interrupt is
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going to look this is ridiculous because the most recent international international institute of strategic saw these think based in london. published the assessment of this review saying that they don't think russia is that stupid to use the nuclear weapons so i don't know what. pentagon is having this assumption or is trying to put trade or implement and you know persuade the public opinion you know the russians or the people who are running russia you know the barbarians the madman who was trying to subdue the whole world in fact the way around ok michael i interrupted you and you continue please. well we do see russian military exercises that envision early use of nuclear weapons we do see. how we actually only lie and we tally.


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