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tv   Documentary  RT  February 10, 2018 12:30am-1:00am EST

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the court if you've ruled again in favor of russian athletes and i have been claims from the head coach of russia's news team that the i.o.c. was pressuring kath in this decision is that the case that the i.o.c. president thomas spock was certainly scathing about the decision when that came through it would have been viewed very much as a decision that on the mind of the i.o.c. or thirteen also very much put a spoke in the wheel of water their investigation at the mining also the credibility of the mclaren report because of the decision extremely disappointing and surprising for. the i.o.c. we would never have expected these kind of these decision of the church and the need for reform. in no the interludes structural failure because a lot was thought spock's reporter the original cast ruling which effectively upheld the principle of innocent until proven guilty saying that there was
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insufficient evidence that those russian athletes had been doping this was the original cast in twenty eight cases the evidence collected was found to be insufficient to establish that's an anti-doping rule violation it was committed concerned it's been such an emotional rollercoaster of ours and for these athletes the real saugor after months weeks years of preparation they had this glimmer of hope last week with the cast the solution that they could go to the games represent their flag their country their of them etc. although that's been overturned there are still legal routes appeals they could go down but of course the opening ceremony has now just finished the games are about to begin whatever legal options are available they simply won't have time now to budge them here somewhere actions from those athletes many of whom were hoping to even make a debut at their first winter olympics i have no words. i was hoping that cas would rule in our favor right. now i don't know what to do
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i'm disappointed but of course i won't give up on sport i've still got a lot ahead of me i will compete and win medals for my country. until the very end we were hoping that this is you would go in our favor now i feel sadness and sorrow but i will compete recompensation i can if i have enough strength in the opportunity to compete in the next olympics i will prepare for them. i had no emotions left we had all our bags packed and were just waiting for a decision i think such situations make you stronger emotionally. lawyer philip birch is representing the russian team he says the i.o.c. has failed to make any distinction between clean and guilty russian athletes play in a view those decisions are legally wrong and unjust yes i call them disguised sanctions because that's what they are those athletes are being denied participation to the olympic games when they are clean athletes in fact they are being put in the very
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same situation as athletes who have developed and who have been sanctioned and suspended when they are clean athletes they don't even know exactly for two reasons they were denied access and they were not given the opportunity to prove these allegations one so yes those or disguised sanctions. france is unable to confirm whether the syrian government has used chemical weapons that's what the country's defense minister said in a recent interview when asked about a chlorine attack outside damascus. well they're designed. by duke. absoute the french defense minister saying that there is no reliable evidence to suggest that korean was used in that attack contradicting what we heard just a few days ago from the french foreign minister who had stated that for an attack it been carried out by the syrian government.
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will be a turk of the ministers referring to allegedly took place on sunday and it's not the first time the syrian government has been accused of carrying out or in attacks in the areas in the country in january it was accused of doing so by a number of groups including the syrian observatory for human rights which some people have questioned the organization which is run by a businessman in the u.k. and also by the white helmet so voluntary group which some people have accused of aiding with the terror executions that have been carried out in syria by taking away the bodies at the end of the execution will the u.s. government has also spoken out about these alleged attacks in syria with the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson when he was in france last month same regardless of who carried out these attacks the blame was on russia whoever conducted the.
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russia ultimately burrs responsibility for the victims and. countless others targeted with chemical weapons since russia became involved in syria well the secretary of defense in the u.s. james mattis actually went even further than that suggesting that it's not just chlorine attacks but also that sarin has been used another chemical agent in these attacks although he did also admit that they will in your dreams the. could back up those claims now the u.n. is of course investigating the allegations all these attacks in syria on some of the areas in the country but it remains to be seen whether the probes will ever be able to identify any concrete evidence as to whether those attacks indeed took place in who indeed was behind them and of course whether they will be able to agree and find
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a result of ject of enough for everybody to agree on. the international probe into syrian chemical weapons stored late last year until november it was handled by a body called the joint investigative mechanism but that probe was shut down when russia vetoed a u.n. resolution to extend its mandate moscow criticized the body for using second hand sources and failing to send weapons experts to the sites of chemical incidents in syria back then russia drafted a un resolution calling for a new investigative body to be created the document says experts must visit the science of alleged attacks to collect samples and conduct eyewitness interviews but the plan collapsed after the u.s. said it would block the resolution defense analyst ivan eland thinks the issue has become highly politicized. the problem is with these things is that one never knows for sure there are multiple sides on the battlefield it takes a long time to get the investigations done in the astray should always likes to.
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put on a tough facades the one is we don't care who did this but the syrian government is responsible for it that's kind of a strange statement i think if they accuse russia and syria of something that either didn't happen or somebody else did maybe their evidence isn't that great that's probably the reason they don't have anything to back it up and they do it they don't want. any independent investigation a mosque in libya has been hit by a deadly bombing that story and more still to come and probably. very few not to speak more attention to. the north korean nuclear issue i really believe the us coming can come will be just solutions but. the us has been paying
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too much attention to military you know solutions but do you have to pay more attention to peaceful solution to the north korean nuclear problem. the bond market will not crash this time it will continue yields a go even lower and negative yields on various bonds will increase from the multi trillion dollars worth of negative yielding sovereign debt now to even more multi multi multi trillion dollars of negative yielding sovereign debt and we're going to go down the rabbit hole even further but it certainly smells like what the panic cash withdrawal in places like china and west sell off in all these various markets and what the oil prices climbing higher in gold looking better than we've got here fashion reversed.
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welcome back hundreds of supporters of a far right party have crashed with police in the central italian city just a week ago much answer suffered a racially motivated shooting which left six people injured. you know that they could hurt. the one you. like the. good. they did there you know the shooter was targeting african migrants police found a copy of hitler's mind counts in his apartment as well as a flag with a far right symbol the shooter said he wanted to avenge the death of an italian woman allegedly killed. by a nigerian asylum seeker. well the incident has fuelled concerns about the rise of neo fascist forces in italy national as well as foreign media have weighed in the shooter's lawyer told journalists that his client was greeted as a hero in prison release a racial and religious violence has soared in recent years well these are the
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shocking numbers from the italian police force hate crimes have jumped ten fold in just four years and the issue is raising concern at the highest level italy's justice minister has revealed he was threatened when he visited the matter on to shooting victims in hospital. even in control today. i received threats against me and my family but i was the first is to go away when the time comes to take action so i. meanwhile a video has appeared in the media showing the match at our shooter shaking hands with the leader of the right wing northern league while the shooter stood as a candidate for the party at local elections last year a councillor for the northern league told my colleague neil harvey that the party rejects violence. if this guy did what he did he became a creamy now so we. are very strict about it and. we
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pons pencil in the next election the people will use it to vote in this is the only way we act any violent act carried out by an immigrant it seems like the response is is also considerable surely this is not good for the country as a whole how do you feel about what's been reported the rise of nationalism and fascism in italy we are just telling it to the people we need lo we need. to be we cannot lose our identity because italy if this mood of immigration we rise and we continue we lose. the ally of your party the former soviet bellus going to he's called migrants a time bomb now is fairly aggressive rhetoric it's only going to further divide
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people you said your weapon is your pension should we be trying to bring people together we found always the right way to act together and when we have been in the government the last time in two thousand eighty two two thousand and eleven we particularly stop the arrival of illegal immigrant. in two thousand and eleven we had only four thousand a rival in one year in last year we had the more than one hundred forty thousand arrival over illegal immigrants in italy so you can see the difference in the this is a bomb because at the most of those people are illegal they will never go to get to . the. refugee because just the five ten percent of them is a real refugee a double explosion in libya has claimed the lives of two people and left seventy five injured bombs were set off inside a mosque during friday prayers in the city of benghazi according to the military
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the explosives were placed in bags and were detonated remotely using a mobile phone so far no group has claimed responsibility two weeks ago another twin bombing in benghazi killed thirty five people. now a woman in california who's been a prominent face of the anti harris meant me to movement is herself at the center of a sexual misconduct storm she's been accused by at least two men of inappropriate behavior r.t. jack interger reports. democratic assemblywoman christina garcia has a reputation as a fierce advocate for women and has gained national recognition for condemning sexual misconduct all over the place. a few we should not have to be on your shoulders. but there are places like the power that they can protect their time magazine's silence breakers issue centering on speaking out against harassment even featured garcia's face in the artwork and inclusion that
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garcia was humbled by posting on twitter that she was proud of the work being done and that she was clearly personal in october to the new york times that she has also been sexually assaulted by men in her workplace multiple people have grabbed my bottom grabbed my breasts we're talking about c.b. and o.b.'s. earlier this week garcia even helped pass a bill granting whistleblower protections to legislative stuff who are victims of sexual misconduct announcing after the bill's approval that you were not standing alone and yet news has now broken up two men accusing garcia of sexual harassment one of the alleged victims is a former legislative staffer highly ironic considering the bill she helped pass is meant to protect legislative staff probes already been launched into the incident alleged to have happened back in two thousand and fifteen after an assembly softball game danielle farrow claims that while she was intoxicated garcia rubbed his back and squeezed his buttocks before attempting to do more than reportedly quickly extracted himself from the situation and it looks like this may even be
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a pattern for garcia as a second accuser story is eerily similar an unnamed lobbyist alleges that a drunk accosted him last may making graphic sexual proposals while trying to grab his crotch she was whispering roo close and i could smell the booze and see she was pretty. she looked at me for a second then sit acidic. he says he adamantly rejected the offer at this point garcia's camp has only responded to the first accusation the details of these kinds have never. been brought to my attention and till today i can also say i have zero recollection of engaging in appropriate behavior and such behavior is inconsistent with my values but if we've learned anything from the me too movement it's that accusations carry more weight than denials and once one person comes forward the floodgates tend to open or we're back in just over half an hour with the latest news but for in the meantime.
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a. book it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy but great so what more chance for. peace is going to. be everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy you know suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and our visa to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru and well he's a little bit different i'm not. going to find no no no no no with all the drama happening in our country i'm hitting the road have some fun meet everyday americans . and closely start to bridge the gap this is the great american people.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. times bart chilton coming off the winter olympics has begun in south korea will talk about the economics of the olympics with alex the haleigh bitch and with professor brad humphries and will discuss worker wages and focus in on a new rule proposed by the department of labor that has many workers worried plus first let's get to some headlines. nearly all global stock markets from asia to europe had a down day friday following yesterday's one thousand point drop in the dow jones industrial average and for most of the day u.s.
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markets moved up and down around where they closed yesterday and we are officially in the u.s. markets ten percent below market highs last month which mean we're in correction territory markets which move down twenty percent or more are said to be in bear territory we have the specific numbers at the break. european banking sector has made positive progress based upon italian german and french institutions which have reported better than expected earnings reports battered by bad loans and low interest rates european banks have made little progress in the last decade but the fourth quarter for italian bank unicredit was the best q four in ten years the german commerzbank while below last year's results still beat expectations and french bank society general soc gen also reported better than predicted results even though revenues were somewhat down. the bank of england citing stronger than anticipated growth is has signaled that the bank is
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keen to raise rates at a swifter pace than expected just months ago the move appears to be in accord with where the us federal reserve is headed this year. and justin trudeau the young canadian prime minister has been in san francisco promoting canada as a tech and making pitches to tech companies including a direct plea to amazon's jeff bezos to locate the new m is on ed borders dubbed h q two in canada last month and was on narrowed the possible locations of h q two to twenty including toronto which is the only city outside of the u.s. on the list. and we now go to toronto that city and alex mahela that should talk about the economics of the olympics and and alex before we get started any thoughts on that story about the prime minister pitching amazon headquarters to those in your city there. well it's
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a big deal for toronto look we're talking about a five billion dollar investment fifty thousand jobs and this is in the states we're about ten percent of your population so when you look at the number of fifty thousand jobs is a lot of jobs and never mind the money that would be coming in so for canada that's a big deal you know one things strike against us right now is what's happening with nafta a little bit not sure we're which way we're going i think we all know how it's going to end but we don't have to get into that right now and what side of that though can is a really great place especially when it comes to tech companies like amazon because we're pretty easy letting people into the country and especially when it comes to high tech we like to bring in the best from all over the world and amazon knows that so they're looking at toronto looks like quite seriously and when you have a prime minister of our country also backing it you know that we're ready for the deal that's for sure alex a sounds like maybe you're asking you know jeff bezos could call call me here if you're good you're a good surrogate for the prime minister there so let's get into the cities that might actually be second guessing their opportunity to hope to host the olympics so
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what say you. yeah look at the olympics i mean it's something that we both grew up with i'm sure many of our viewers did you know we used to be sitting there watching it very intently on our televisions but as time progresses what we're seeing is that cities are waking up to you know that it's beautiful to bring countries together and to bring that national pride up but it's very costly in a lot of cities have suffered by bringing the lympics to their homes so let's just break this down and it really gives you a sort of a good idea of what i'm talking about when you really look at the numbers so montreal i mean really what city obviously in my country here. cities are probably more than anybody from a limpid games this is back in one nine hundred seventy six the budget went seven hundred and twenty percent over so that's a massive number thirty years later they were still paying for the olympic stadium the main stadium that they had there look at lake placid three hundred twenty four
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percent over that was back in one thousand nine hundred sochi games the most expensive olympic games ever two hundred ninety eight percent over budget rio you know fifty one percent over back in two thousand and sixteen that might not seem that big but it's huge for a country like brazil and a city like rio where you have such poverty and that money could be invested someplace else so now tokyo two thousand and twenty that's a city that we're coming that's coming up tokyo people are complaining there once again things are going over budget this is something i've never been able to understand why these things happen to go over budget anyway you should know what amount of money you have you have your contractors and somehow they're still able to get away with asking for more again this is money that could be better spent in cities are actually seeing that there's meant numerous problems there always count that they're going to have more tickets sold than they really have and just the whole fact that these these buildings that they make like it happened in athens like we saw with a very kind of that massive stadium in brazil used for the olympics and then just left there to rot so it's
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a massive problem and cities are recognizing this for the first time alex. my wife and i were driving from i think chattanooga back to d.c. last summer and we went near a site for the then elliptic in atlanta and they had all these river slalom courses for the kayaks accept and it was a really long and a big project you can tell and still had the parking and everything but nobody was there it was perfect whitewater time nobody was there so they spend all this resources on the infrastructure hoping i assume that later at some point that it'll it'll make good but but it hasn't in a lot of places so what does the future hold for the olympics alex looks like cities and countries are smarting up because not sometimes not only to cities suffer but nations suffer poor nations to bring in the lympics that's a very costly thing to do so look now we're talking about looking into the future and what's happening here we know that lympics bring in about five to six billion
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dollars every time that they happen oh i will see the international olympic committee takes three billion of that most of this is made off of t.v. but they still take that money so what did the city see in the end very little so for the next big games that are coming up there's a really interesting two thousand and twenty four games happening in pairs only pairs in los angeles actually bid and the olympic committee thought that oh my gosh what's going on quick let's give a two thousand and twenty eight games to los angeles because cities aren't bidding anymore they see that it's something that's just going to cost them in the long run there is really no benefit to it in the long run to talk about all those beautiful in structure infrastructure that's built that infrastructure can be built without the olympics and when you see these budgets time after time after time going over hundreds of percent it just it just doesn't make sense anymore so it will bring forward it's really sad because i think it again is something important to world to bring nations together and to bring up the national pride but when it cost so much
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and when the i.o.c. is taking so much money it just doesn't make economic sense. r.t. correspondent algoma hale of it thank you so much for that report we'll catch another time thank you thank you. for joining us now to dig a little deeper and further discuss the economics of the olympics is dr brad humphries associate professor at the regional research institute at west virginia university professor humphreys thank you so much for being with us i don't recall that it was a lot of it was made mazing in your opinion how much can a city that is hosting a winter or summer olympics expect to actually pay or did any of them ever make any revenue is to host these games. well it's doubtful that any games have been profitable since the los angeles olympics in one thousand nine hundred four so
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cities as alex pad listen to it all and not of my head the whole time alex is right now cities pay a lot because they have to build facilities and the huge costs are associated with these giant white elephant facilities that the i.o.c. demands that cities build and the benefit to cities is going to be primarily from whatever tourism dollars that they would get for people visiting the areas where the games take place. ok and so if you look at this upcoming olympics what do you think that they should expect in terms of you know how much they're going to spend i mean it seems like it's going to be as extravagant as as ever professor. oh it is they've they've built the main arena where the opening ceremonies and a lot of the premier hockey and skating events are going to take place that was one hundred million dollars and they're going to knock that facility down after the
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olympics are over so that's basically one hundred million dollars for a facility that's going to be used at most about a month between the regular olympics and the paralympics and it's good it's a tremendous amount of expenditure for a region of korea which is which is not well developed right right amazing you're going to tear the thing down a professor at our lunch in the university of calgary school of public policy told a group of people there that were they to host the olympics they wouldn't see many games at all anyway what are your quotes here there's not a huge amount of evidence supporting the idea that professional sports or mega events are huge drivers of local economic conditions unquote it isn't there is there any data at all to show forget about the overall expenditures but about the individual businesses that are in the area in the country or in the city that they might actually benefit even if overall the venture loses money. sure well
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you look let's take for example calgary because i think it's a great example that's already a major winter sports skiing destination and there's going to be a lot of people who are going to go to calgary because it's right at the rockies and beautiful city it's got a lot of great natural many of these around there when the olympics show up in a city like that you get a different group of tourists but it's really just replacement tourist one group of tourists coming in and another group of tourists that don't show up in calgary then there's also this idea that a lot of the locals want to get out of the city because they don't want to have to deal with the crowds and the mess that goes along and security that goes along with the modern olympics so maybe they could make a run out there replace it with twenty thousand dollars or v.r.v. or something professor. well they certainly could and there's no doubt in my mind that many people will do that especially now when in the gig economy where they're being bees are common but that that that the three week benefit and it's not like
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that creates any long term lasting economic growth in a community that host these games didn't didn't the olympics used to be funded back in the day when was that and when did it change and why. it. may be a very long time ago when the olympic games were first beginning to be held it was funded by the i.o.c. or by the other organizations but the olympics have really exploded in terms of their sagas and their lavishness and the abilities that the international olympic committee once built and now its local governments who are expected to foot the bill in fact there's the i.o.c. requires any hope.


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