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well you know the snow was slow to softball. right. particular the last not only the general overload it was the king of pop i thought i would get them to push it over to put on a cup which did it because. i have a gold medal but never got much out. of . anything.
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but offloads on the. north pole sun did i want to know all of these fun slow season on the stage you see that almost child. i was i was at you but i don't know all of them some of them quoted here. by. say. to. yak. like. you i. tend to. come out. what sort of stray if there was that he could do that westy was just not yes gaff.
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depreciate i asked if that you can be sure this couple so kind of oily b.s. get more then. g.s. your best i could what did i want on the stove meanies to to give me what i want some jobs. should i not have that the most i you but i honestly i just i mean you know also you have a number you can give some kind of bone one a gift you can only have one now will say often you don't come and. by that i guess i've done just what hank said i even must know that it almost. but i do see you out . of the out asked mission out of the final budget probably not because but he also joined the. company k. dawlish told me i cannot afford. why i get out i was scared but in five days my boss can't pay the deficit as he has more than him because i want to have someone take she's. time
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graham care and someone that shall have come from me now that's our economy and i mean my son putting on my monitor that put him cushy scanner quickly this back when i get in my state i'll sign off for that he must it wasn't that difficult to do i want to say on that is i want to can was more than that i want to me quit him how that has more than push the was would on us push that was the boss i might be pushy as well as the neck out of any. more then you might strike a scale and nothing to what he she will be about thinking to how to get back to me when i spoke to the school was a double shock i have five. children football but it's not the fundamental problem i just saw going to the bottom. but as usual of all of the.
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so. the world. has mentioned the situation was going to show him and then his. quote is you know how to go wrong for the next hour of the world. from the right i'm to go to somalia on where they must have you on libyan. boy mode it was his son could talk couldn't hide so see at the oddest. cheez-it you would read exam on book to madam if it was on you tube a church should look there are messages in the queue for the for the show on and two for women when talkback the key quote of them has source. my brother caloundra has roots
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a kid they called land after another bomb. you had more moderate on two am wrong use more last. resort as a mock norad that says he got where they are stuck one would do so that rebound after all mother had docked at plessy the rocket after be afraid of us and of the last that often kind of fellows that make a shipment shall never sell here in. they any color one or they get as it should them talking a lot of what is the well of all that i was and i got them all as one hundred fifty don't really had the loaf was there if you're trying to guess don't nationals yeah global chillers are sad boards as far as your mad then. they seem would be charged up and there's certain. national you. can measure junk. plus any national.
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it. really was a critic i mean. your bonus is you referred to me. deliver because more than i she was a troll i mean doesn't it oh it is a tremendous thank you but remember as a. civic i did more for what he did i mean i know they got a good enough that didn't quite get it and was just sort of. god actually done quite a lot how much is behind are they don't know what a more. last option for those who doesn't think that all that think must miss that eventually and say say say what i don't say so shut up about a lot of us that's not what it once was off to answer. be.
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as one who would disagree. with. you don't push somebody. but change the balls between a total joke here was a vision both a vision for the bit about the body massive challenge of a little that was once us nothing and yes just an easy matter. to see my mom selling them one side they can't. understand and when they start the thing john and i think he's just not that back nancy jalen i guess that this is not as many coming out at my desk by the sam team. so how do you want to fight jon i'm. sure that each of us can either be out to. someone who can or that about of all meek and was misunderstood up taken in a normal battle miles but that's the but not with the better more on the but. what he had caught the ball more drilling the ball somewhat difficult more time but
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should be a special. little . more that was the how to enjoy the whole different but that's because i'm isha. sesay can be who i am you're on about it ok just lookin at me for what i did and i got it by going to see my god as well as to my god i am not a scapegoat for the baucus bill as i knew about all that i want to son doesn't if i got stuck at. that level i don't.
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the rule. if you go back forty to forty years back or fifty years back i've gone to. the open mind a country that had music we had seen. people dressed the way they wanted another thing to be. changed and they were there trying to enforce people into their ways of what baby want people to do. right now we are now a music studio and they actually have made a song for the football league in afghanistan i have to go and finish it.
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up who are really. into it world or really was a little bit of those over america you know they're going to. follow through on that i could see up close. the time when i was i was doing a show in afghanistan called the voice which is the international show one of the national team in afghanistan and they had gathered a couple of mo us to sit down and talk about me so basically build brainwashing people against the kurds who might soon amazon which is a holy month so ugly end of the show on the thirteenth nights one of them alas he says whoever cats will have a briggs that they will go to heaven and this was that i still get goosebumps when i talk about this. ordeal so you did what i'm sorry or the one i'm sorry.
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as not. thank you all this you know more stuff. to push to understand is us. tens of billions hundreds of billions probably a trillion dollars of u.s. government subsidies a shot on the energy industry yes government can subsidize mining of big oil rather cryptic currencies and put those into while it's called american citizens give each have an automatic wallet tied to the social security account and they can get a daily and weekly or monthly air drop points that they can then years to boost economy with the government can easily do that. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to meet the people themselves with simple song alone even find company else with so they can find private companies to take over the utilities anybody
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tell of. a lag from us you guys we got. to go. i've been this is. just because i'm out. for you bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human rights of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more and more it's about the hurt and the redistribution of all or one of the birds. downwards we want or will. lose we wouldn't. even you don't. see the teachers. did it corporate it. what they did not through only ten. may. lead to no kill said. semana climbing to no seven did especially that dope.
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if you speak french. there's heard there's a while that same year he was sent down so it's a new president it has to look good so it's busy let not thought so at a cost. plus the action all. true but i'm not i'm not going to let you take it all you have to come up just either and or not come out or do you offer them one example of paul you've done live on cable meet or you know me. i got a job to eat more spock motion to muffle them or someone we don't know well because i make these shows up because you have a minute and i got a small enough closet it's just me but it was enough that it shall seem like one
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that's only much more with you or the more you call them but honestly i mean you feel that more than a month to that's when i'm off out while going on you know then tomorrow with your phone and you call for us how do you i don't you call for that status and you need a strong reach for mission it was just one question. the threat was so serious that that you know one of one of the days that we were we were we were shooting afghan star they actually. blew up one of our cars and they killed about nine of our colleagues who were working with that at the t.v. station for toller t.v. i get threats and my inbox saying go on went but asif you know based on. you you deserve to die all we could remember is war i was about eight years old my father decided to take us outside the country because our life was in danger and when we got to the border i remember there was like a bunch of people and it was. seems and people were trying to cross the border and
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expanded police officers there not letting them and they're having people with a piece of. thing that you have of course as well i remember and i was screaming you know crying get broken music you. know. it's all going to pakistan and we were living there for about four years and islamabad they were trying to take me out of the country this was possible and i was twelve by then and they had to send me alone and i had to pretend that i was back slowly because they had made a fake pakistani passport for me it was quite scary is that that was something that i would never forget that my life and what i had to go through you know if we finally got together after many many years but again i consider myself a somebody really lucky reward on the lucky ones who actually got out of afghanistan you tucked. them to work yes i came back with you
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of with a concert as soon as i got out of the airport and i saw people poorer than when the war years ago and the country being in a worse situation that i was i kind of he told my tears but i was happy i was happy to be home that i saw and decided that i have to come back to discovery and i have to work here have to do something for these people you know who are in need of these people need happiness these people need you know a moment of hope. and a particle robocall gobbledegook but got a high proportion of that vision i am quite of course iraq a room for peril there was you know more than that if all the building but when the taliban come in they broke into the cinema you know and after that it's become
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a mosque. in kabul only men who go to school the more they watch the show the feelings and thoughts you just felt just flown by dancing it when fighting and i think us. have. into trouble and suffer for the most you know you. know me that is true post keep a moral moral code for the care walk and a see no more going on there on about abortion. bush to. the head of casado that mitt on a bi i'm going to. say no more about my. batches indigo cornice in a cinema thomas in the u.s. what fans can make a motion from called for that stuff. we act at a lot of political the.
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serial killers. who are trying to cover a surgeon or yorkie has been worked out on a strong number of them in the business he was here but again. he no limitation east should have been there and then she. beat. me what has been crisis that i've called out produce this folks but partnership of . production and all over the weeks ahead how polls this fall. we last saw they spent more time this film is different carter was already. on the phillips off the short. run about it and in the motion but everything about should join me i
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just wanted. we can feel my. first feature film i want. to get. in touch with that and we'll talk about it and then most of the mission two days of planning for to have meeting bit security department about the scene i'm on this week with the screening for cinemas in kabul to be right for me to not only met. during this two years. but he's just waiting for one. day or night that he can sleep relax. but it's not. someone if i miss out on. a child or treyarch but i do politician. because we never saw us there in the full makeup of herself. but in
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my to do a body accent and. so on but i guess that us nor the film should be acted on as an art i guess we are totally for me to say filmmaker budget which was to make one of the. many dead according to me if i had twenty. but it's ok as a book to find we may question your first. not hundred. get the job done. but as fun of a sort of pass it was out of st cloud i have a mock. thief .
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my issue was that the supposition that he. was using was that he. was. go to set the second vomiting and that's a bush league celebration well that's. what i'm supposed to. do with the bush. i had. a funny we all wouldn't get. that between us when i would have called me cannot have my dish crissy in my house to see exactly the it has to say has any afghanistan has a critical so that would not just want to bloody done it and still map the market
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as you go you hear what i would. like us to show them my. the f.b.i. study and the law to ask that he will go on holiday though leckie a talk show about economy economy as. national into sas fit. in a cost of last half if it was. in the cost of grab some of the sticks. with that because the submissions are some of your they were at high school not be sure but that's all for the man this is what you planned. i met with a bang and. imo best fun album to. not put it at that. point to some. i don't care. that
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har so now why that india that i am when i want to go back i'm so sad i'm like a lab in the motherhood that has a kid from the junior side since i was and has a song by one of the boys look at god i'm good when i want them from love and i would leave no more sour the festive caravan has done well we're not many from what trollish life at hand you and i know you were last month and i'm not going up sunday. mass with me or tell me i'm away at their business and. plus another couple got them my bet in that they're. younger than himself we're diaster we got them up as you know on the ass so stunned that we said this and the more money claimed before the name wasn't even that actually a sob but then i see now why and when the sun about it so the web was really a different man but it was there and. so we could see it was it only. when you get to the real thing and i.
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like years when. i go with something extra. hand feeding my time i can be good and i'm good as long as you mention. after all like that. first if that's your choice for the actual result that's what us that was love to me was good i do not shocked if she goes from zero but this is just to do a little astonishing a book where you need someone to help get you in there or when you introduce of. the most work and this is just from the conduit in this link between cell phone and we just was with you for this image and later from there after all so it was lovely while i suppose one weekend that we get this late. this year because. he. was. going to get that should she do she says. super bowl
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of the team was meant to be he was eager. to get out of the not figure out how it must. be but in business of moshe's to watch. what. he. wants their vote for. let's have a power but what are you scared of. what is it going to. underwrite . a month or so we're going to try to organize a concert in a big stadium in kabul and they're actually taliban used to execute people a night before the concert. we got a message from government officials telling us there's a serious threat against this concert so we can take it risk like that
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anymore because of people so i decided to go ahead and. hold the concert somewhere else somewhere smaller but the funniest part is that we even have quite a few protestants against this concert which gave them a last card that was us was. was was the core of that was that i was on the now was it was the day of the concerts that i was preparing to perform i have actually have myself to die i actually prayed. i. said to myself you know what today can be your last day and all the people who came to attend the concert specially the ladies there was so many ladies that was unbelievable they have come to support me there you know and they have all. except
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that anything can happen to them and discount it shows you know the reality of afghanistan the reality of afghan people that they are completely second and tired of you know a life force. but the national. mood it and sent me. ask you this. was. my. despite its time going into history deceive us union i know has dominated international sport however this is not about the motives of those champions from
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the. sort of you know. that you're worth. more member of the border for me you're going to get your druthers this guy is from the lord and if you look irish there's three years after you if you were to the first some of you to limp a team of nine hundred fifty two when she did seeds of life as concentration camp prisoners and frontline soldiers which still think maybe even though it's good to go from here with europe sure you get a much needed new ship because you're bursting with but you're in for the month over there shall go a bit of a cross with you if you think didier. deschamps you'll push through for through personal personal enthusiasm group will you do when you're at the national mourning putin you're there with the workers here we are in the group now as you can we.
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that's in american interest to not see any russians die in terrorist attacks as it is in russian interest to prevent any terrorist attacks in the united states or elsewhere in the world so i don't think there's any dispute on that in congress and i think maybe some of the posturing is frankly political as opposed to substantive . i.
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think. in the stories that shaped the week the twenty eighteen winter games kick off in south korea dozens of russian athletes have their hopes dashed just i was before the opening ceremony as their appeals against a doping related ban are rejected. strikes by the u.s. led coalition had syrian pro-government forces reportedly killing nearly one hundred people pentagon claims it was carried out to defend an american backed group. british m.p.'s just how to washington to hold the biggest social media firms over the coals over suspected russian meddling. but they come away empty handed.


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