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tv   News  RT  February 11, 2018 4:00pm-4:31pm EST

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i. so far.
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every hour of the day. alone while a plane with sixty five passengers and six crew members on board was crushed. shortly after takeoff leaving no survivors. we haven't seen him for three months he was working now we want. to cut it. wasn't where. i was a way to help. people like her also remember that when the same feel so sorry for
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the daughters it's a terribly sad. yes and my what i'm trying not to teach my sound. would cost me too i didn't crash. straight. always wanted to be a pilot he loved everything related to flying he was in love with the sky. well these are the first images of the crash site that emerged online soon after the tragedy the footage was partly shot by locals the plane came down near a village of beit sixty kilometers south east of moscow well the plane was traveling to or scase city close to the russian border with them it's been reported that there was no explosion midair only when the plane hit the ground now it took off from port in the russian capital before diverting east just four minutes in the
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air the plane disappeared from radar as investigators say the crew did not report any irregularities to that this before tragedy struck. the plane was a russian made until phone by surat off her lines on took its maiden flight back in two thousand and ten this specific model of plane can reach speeds of around eight hundred twenty kilometers per hour on this capable of carrying up to eighty passengers your line is now being examined by the authorities but the company claims it carried out all the necessary technical maintenance. let's take a look now a bird's eye view if we can of you here we go off the crash site now what you're watching here what you're seeing are rescue teams continuing their operations currently around six hundred people are involved in the search record snowfall over the past week has made the crews job difficult as they search the area our
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correspondent brought gusty of reports from the ground. rescue is working in shifts there are dozens and dozens of not hundreds of them but one part of one group works at the crash sites another group breasts and then the switch. to. rescue is a also making use of sumo beals ferrying supplies to the crash site itself because there's a lot of snow at the crash site that the jet crashed into a field more trucks and equipment to arrive every hour heaviest stuff the conditions of the crash site. because of this because they were. obviously they want to get this crash. quickly here is another ambulance moved likely carrying the remains of another victim
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or perhaps victims judging by the frequency by which these are passing the rescue operation is proceeding rapidly. i've also been describing what they've seen. my friend say the bang was so loud the windows almost shattered . killing the others but in the t.v. anaconda band paul everyone. yes i heard a loud clock i was line in the hole gladly and my cats hear it was a really long because of you i would see it sounded like an explosion our house bounced soon reports initially were contradictory some people said that the aircraft was. on fire while in the air others described a huge explosion when it crashed about a kilometer from here. tractors clearing away the snow and the roads there's
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already been a lot of speculation a lot of discussion as to the potential possible causes of this crash but investigators say they'll be looking at everything from possible technical malfunctions to human error to weather conditions and it's probably best to let the men and woman digging through the wreckage do their job and to give us a definitive conclusive answer as to what caused this tragedy. yes the investigation continues we discuss the tragedy with two aviation experts to share their thoughts on some possible causes. we are dealing with a great great tragedy i feel very bad communicating in such a context with the tragedy there are common protocols for an investigation through various aspects not security and safety factor. a few things really briefly
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would be the structural integrity of the aircraft the fuselage the engines and so on then you look at various energy through losses whether we're talking on electrical systems power for the engines things of that smart. brains are really anomalies external to any aircraft that could include anything from up bird strike a missile strike a collision with another your craft interaction with unusual weather phenomena and then lastly you have to look out about human issues that could possibly think the thing they call when shit where the wind just suddenly goes straight up and alters the kind of tryst the plane also we have to consider whether it is icing whether they probably the plane before it left. it could be that size built up quickly on the wings and that might affect the flying ability of the plane so these are all
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considerations that have to be a part of the overall investigation. the latest now from moscow is dull majed of her report from where the flight took off. the aircraft that crashed just outside moscow departed from this very airport the why did the east wind off this three major air transport hubs in the capital and after the tragedy remains fully operational but over and the small city of course the airport there tells a very different story the shock has paralyzed it most of the sixty five passengers on board of that plane were from that region dozens of family and friends were waiting for them there there are scenes of absolute grief a speak will come to terms with what has happened emergency crews are present at the airport and psychologists are ready to help those trying to cope with their loss the passengers
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who were due to fly back to moscow on the crashed aircraft are handing back their tickets and even here at this fast paced airport which is forced to keep moving this tragedy has hit hard. you know we saw pictures of the strong relatives and friends earlier one look on his side after he counseled his ticket one day before the flight. who turned thirty seven this sunday was due to fly back to celebrate his birthday with his family but changed his plans he said he still kind of grasp what happened. when i saw the news and what can i say i felt a chill down my spine and everyone says i was born under a lucky star that's not true it's just a coincidence i express my sorrow and deepest sympathies to the relatives of the perished it's scary. when over the past decade almost four hundred lives have been lost in accidents occurring in russian skies and on the plane crashes still weigh
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heavy for me. and just to recap now of events
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a passenger plane with seventy one people on board was crushed shortly after takeoff from moscow's del majed of her port leaving no survivors most of the victims were from the orenburg region of russia from at where the plane was heading because of the tragedy at this stage is so foreign no one there is of course an investigation on going we will keep you updated as soon as the information comes in and. was.
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what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president and she. wanted. to go right to be this is what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the water.
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ok to some of the week's big stories now run seven hundred fifty thousand children are struggling to get basic medical services in the war torn iraqi city of mosul that's according to the un's children's rights body unicef seven months after the euphoria that greeted the liberation of mosul from islamic state the iraqi city struggling to get back on its feet. that there are other shargel thank.
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the number of. health care centers or hospitals is very limited the extent of the damage has affected it i was there in one of the health centers the other day the one family came in with their baby is a two month old baby they wanted a vaccinated there was vaccine there was everything there and starts were seeing over one hundred children a day were able to vaccinate this child but those families have to walk far i also saw the baby unit there were nine incubate has six of which which were filled with premature babies who would not have survived unless those incubate as with their it's a wide area wide level of levels of devastation families have to walk enormous distances to be able to get the health care what we're saying is that the cumulative health care that is required of any child anywhere else in the world is not available yet
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in mosul. yeah this is the picture more than six months after the liberation of mosul the city remains strewn with corpses and a warning you may find the following scenes distressing the condition of many of the bodies is making it difficult to confirm their identities most of the victims appear to be civilians women children and elderly people residents are calling on the government to do something about the situation given the risks to unicef's representative in iraq peter hawkins describes the situation in mosul as worrying. i think what we need to understand is the extent of the problem this is a massive city mosul city probably faced one of the biggest urban warfare since world war two and. two point two million to two point four million people affected it's an enormous challenge for everybody to try and clear everything up and get the people working again. so if korea kicked off the winter olympics on
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friday with a loving opening ceremony close to three thousand athletes from ninety two countries took part in the event in piano chant however before the celebrations there were demonstrations and scuffled outside the venue people supporting peace between north and south korea had gathered for a rally while another group protesting north korea's participation in the games clashed with police. meanwhile back at the olympic stadium north and south korea march together in an iconic move to show their warming relations they also have a unified korean flag and the olympic torch together meanwhile to his side korean president says he's ready to accept an invitation to visit the north when the right
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conditions are in place that potentially sets up the first meeting between the countries in more than a decade it was the invitation was delivered by kim jong un sr was attending the games she's the first member of north korea's ruling family to visit the site since the nineteenth to the. russian hope through dust just hours before events could underway in south korea a last minute appeal from forty five russian athletes to coaches against a doping ban failed meaning they couldn't compete their lawyers branded the decision sanctions in disguise while this was the official announcement made by sports highest court. treaters of constitute the process treated by the i.o.c. to establish an invitation list of russian that leads to compete as olympic athletes from russia could not be described as a sanction first rather as an eligibility decision so there you have it according
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to the court of arbitration for sport ridding the russian athletes of their olympic invitations isn't equal to punishment and cas is perfectly happy with the criteria that the i.o.c. initially shows for these invitations the president of the world anti-doping agency is pleased he says that the timing is great and that all that clean at. should now be reassured the i.o.c. are happy to they have applauded the verdict as you can see and this tweet though the russians are obviously totally devastated i don't know what to say i'm really disappointed i can't understand the cast decision first they cleared the athletes and now they say sorry you can't go to the olympics this is some kind of madness it's terrible not just for our athletes but for all of international sport did i expect cas to reach this decision fifty fifty especially after thomas buck in one
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of his later speeches pressured the court of arbitration for sport after ruled in our favor he was literally threatening the court he was almost saying he would dissolve the court if it route again in favor of russian athletes. coach albert dempsey and co who was by the way one of those to sue the i.o.c. was referring to all the things that were being said about the court of arbitration for sport ahead of the hearings including these statements by the president of the i.o.c. kind of the decision is extremely disappointing this decision shows says the merchant the need. for reforms in the internal structure of the cause here thomas bach was referring to the previous cast's verdict and that requires a bit of background the forty seven russian athletes and coaches who were suing the international olympic committee were from two groups thirty two hadn't been
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sanctioned by the odyssey investigators as a result of the russian doping scandal at all fifty received lifetime bans their medals were taken away by the i.o.c. a few months ago but then the very same court of arbitration for sport last week cancelled these lifetime bans due to insufficient evidence held the sanctions and those individual results achieved in such reinstated so the decision that we have right now completely contradicts the previous one and this is a real disaster for the country the athletes both the ones who are still going to compete and be young chang under a neutral flag and those who are banned the coaches the fans they are baffled by how unfair it could get i have no where. i was hoping that cas would
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rule in our favor right now i don't know what to do i'm disappointed but of course i won't give up on sport and i still got a lot ahead of me i will compete and win medals for my country. and to the very end we were hoping the this. when would go in our favor now i feel sadness and sorrow but i will compete in every competition i can if i have enough strength in the opportunity to compete in the next olympics i will prepare for them. i have no emotions left we had all our bags packed you were just waiting for it is the only thing so just situations make you stronger emotionally. three of the world's biggest social media companies were grilled on thursday by british lawmakers they took the unusual step of conducting a parliamentary hearing side britain as they tried to pin down the organizations over alleged russian interference in the break said referendum but it seemed there was little if anything to back up the accusations. we looked at all advertisements
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with any connection to russia and we found no evidence of our services being used to interfere in the referendum a very small number of suspects its research agency linked accounts forty nine such accounts were active during the campaign which represents less than point normal some of the total number of accounts these are very low level things until we complete this investigation we won't know but what we haven't had is. information that's enabled us to target on a particular page or a particular phenomenon despite all their commitment enthusiasm and hard work spanning over a period of really several months when this inquiry kick started it seems like the u.k. parliamentary committee that's trying to find out the truth about russia and any brecht that meddling they seem to be really hitting a brick wall this week they travelled all the way to washington thousand thousands of miles presumably having spent thousands of pounds to get there and what they
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ended up with while questioning the executives of twitter you tube and facebook was just a frustration it seems and that was thick in the atmosphere investigative journalism for instance that is led to suggestion that there are lots of campaigns going to have that it looks like you haven't looked happy that's the thing you haven't looked this economy. going on in the horror well it seems who did look with twitter and what they said they found was that there were only forty nine accounts connected to russia during the time of the brics that referendum again i'm no mathematician so correct me if i'm wrong perhaps but it seems that there's and this is really nothing to write home about given that twitter has hundreds of millions of accounts and despite the chair of this committee damian collins saying that his quote instinct tells him that the numbers should be higher that did not turn out to be the case so despite this goes. i think continuing on the committee keeping
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asking the executives to look harder it seems no fruitful results so far but there is seemingly a huge appetite for it in the media but there is little for them to work with let's look at some of the headlines this one reads twitter has finally conceded that russian accounts tried to influence breaks it but there is only a passing mention to explain this story is about just a few dozen accounts the same with the london times headline which admits the existence of so-called trolls the first paragraph then reveals there were only forty nine suspicious accounts one more example you need to dig even deeper to find the actual numbers in this the article radio talk show host john go on top of this the russia investigation may be a wild goose chase after all. this is a farce these employees went all the way to washington to question do they don't understand how the internet works they're going to got them on
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a skype call and question it's far soko an issue a waste of my taxpayers' money and it's a very very annoying it's a joke they act in an almost kangaroo court fashion firing questions at you and hardly waiting to listen to the answers you know are i don't think the british public care they know why people voted for let's just get over it and accept democracy. let's get a reminder of some of these have big news story plane carrying sixty five passengers and six crew members has crashed outside moscow there are no survivors the aircraft operated by surat off airlines was heading from moscow to or ski a city close to the russian border with ken's extern three children aged five twelve and seventeen were on the flight emergency services are carrying out a role in the clock search operation so far they have found one of the flight data
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recorders president putin has expressed his condolences and ordered a special commission to investigate the crush it is still unclear what may have brought the plane down investigators say that all versions are being considered this point including adverse weather conditions human error and technical malfunction. ok i'll be back in half an hour's time with more developments on that story plus more of the week's big news stay with international. so my money and entertainment have become bluer that it in our culture and we have children grow up playing playing on the computer this one has somehow been to mystic cited as entertainment to rush this there's nothing funny about it is such a serious rush will be the last to give up nuclear weapons because russia regards
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nuclear weapons as the bow. of the against inflation the wolf but it's the purity of competition and. that's in american interest to not see any russians die in terrorist attacks as it is in russian interest to prevent any terrorist attacks in the united states or elsewhere in the world so i don't think there's any dispute on that in congress and i think maybe some of the posturing is frankly political as opposed to substantive . here's what people have been saying about rejected a night. full on awesome well the only show i go out of my way to logically but it's still really packed a punch. yampa is the john oliver of archie america's just the same we have apparently better than two thousand and six and see anybody you never heard of love
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redacted tonight was president of the world bank no hate but he doesn't write me seriously he sent us an email despite its tough going into history the soviet union i know has dominated international sport however this is not about the lives of those champions from the. right moment you're worth. more moved there with the border for me just remembered you three brothers described what were your mother's shoes the first three years after your you were both the first some of you to limp a team with nine hundred fifty two with some good seeds of ifas concentration camp prisoners and frontline soldiers for which they're currently in the us it's good to go from here with corruption because you are much more of an issue. because you're
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more smooth but you're in for the one for yourself or with or without a cross with you if you think that we are going to go with. the variations you'll push through for through personal bursting into shows you know when you don't when you're at the national borders and could be put in your car where are the workers here we are in the movie of guys you know can we. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that. water company is a profitable public firm that supplies cheap water more than half
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a million households a small percentage five point four six is already on by the french multinational suez. what it was like you might get this way as i said i was against and i guess of course i'm going to ask i don't that is the simple the message that he bought settles down to the i don't want to get them out of this only get the. money out of this and. then now come in and she has more so to float up top with elizabeth. betty maybe you can do that and if you feed. in a moment boy your kid then. eve you could be see it. plain and as an adult last suppose i should. go up it out is that i was upon a bit as you say that santa cruz of the ship quote if you remember.


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