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tv   Going Underground  RT  February 12, 2018 6:30am-7:00am EST

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pakistan and russia increasing and i'm very optimistic that this partnership will continue to increase we like to be treated with respect and the people of russia and the government of russia have been very respectful to the government and the people of pakistan. but cohen's really out of the news these days given the roller coaster ride it's giving investors but the cryptocurrency underlying technology is also making waves it's called block chain and it's used to help verify transactions and prevent them being tampered with by linking packets of digital data in the process and for the companies behind it it's proving to be a boon with one recently raising ten million dollar investment in just a few seconds ago francis santiago met its c.e.o. at a blocked chain forum in singapore. the i.c.a.o. phenomenon is breaking records and finally we found three projects that claim to want to make the world a better place and raising funds one of them faced her on the last day of the conference got ten million dollars in twenty seconds breaking all us records they
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simply created a facial recognition surveillance software with artificial intelligence on the block chain platform creating something that is affordable and easy to use for the masses people can use this for just about anything our proof of concept is we've got a working centralized solution right now you can do anything like for example in a gaming institution you had the casinos say listen here the people coming in they want to ban themselves because they were gambling issues and then they come back in a gambling weed and haven't recognized them then they claim their money back because a big problem so we did proof of concept with them and even then in the low locking they really hitting ninety eight percent and i've got corporations around the world contacting me every day saying integrate with you when you have your previous decay when you give the a.p.i. so we can link into services to open to the ads be why you've managed to raise ten million in twenty seconds for these guys from the world bit app saying they are looking to help emerging economies to engage in commerce through augmented reality allowing you to interact with any product or service created around. arbiter the world is an augmented reality block chain application that we use in to really help
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emerging economies what we want to do is we want to talk to the artisans the moms and pops of the world that are in these emerging economies that don't get a fair shot at commerce and give them a tool to actually go ahead and reach consumers a farmer in the country reaching a potential customer in the city is now a reality then there are crypto venture companies that are literally looking for that special project that will decentralise and make the world's commerce more transparent clone picked avengers a company dedicated to promote i coach that. do have us intention to change the life of millions of people for the better we get him. very bored and people we seem to feel the technicians express it in the politicians to really make it understand what this is all about that is here to stay that is not going to go anywhere but the leading crypto market analyst has a completely different view when i see all those i try to convince people to be
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very careful about investing in any i c.e.o.'s because the other people try to convince you to give them your hard earned money as an unqualified of a third for their idea. of a corner of getting around regulation but getting around regulation in a decentralized way that the government can not stop. i suppose they're not that the centralized means to get around regulation which is sort of all later but. if you want to learn more we've got a new show to help you out. online now it's on our website and also our you tube channel and in fact head online for more on our top stories as well that's the news for this hour though i'm cold and bright thanks for watching join me again for more in about thirty minutes.
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in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decade's debt. studying so hard it requires trust to. go through humiliation to enter an elite society. and paci into debt sometimes quite literally. want other true colors of universities in the u.s. . i've played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside i. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch put the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending
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two hundred twenty million on one player. so it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful game great so one more chance for. a nice minute. i'm.
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i'm afshin rattansi we're going underground is the managing director of the i.m.f. christine lagarde convicted of corruption in a paris court visits qatar in the persian gulf coming on the show as u.s. drone strikes on the poorest country in the middle east triple donald trump we speak to a journalist on the ground in son about the saudi british and american bombs that are killing civilians in yemen and for yet fake news what about fake history we speak to the director of a reason forget about the real life rambo training the cia to kill innocent civilians in south america and expose the u.s. government drug smuggling in southeast asia plus why a british prisons left short shank redemption and more monty python we'll ask a former prisoner what life is like in the u.k.
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jail system one which even tony blair's for the lord chancellor charlie for says is in crisis all the civil coming up in today's going underground but first it's exactly one week since the death of a homeless man was reported in the center of the city of bristol in the southwest of england found unconscious just outside a devon is department store emergency services including police and paramedics were called. old but despite their best efforts he died shortly afterwards reportedly he had suffered serious injuries and was in the doorway of the store the thing is that just over a year ago another homeless man michael angle was found dead in the same area it was again covered by the local bristol post newspaper with accompanying similar pictures front by emergency services attended to the man at the scene except things are arguably different today the favorite to be the next british prime minister to much criticism in the elite mainstream media not only questions minority government leaders resume about homelessness in announced a policy on it in the last few days we would give local authorities the power to
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take over deliberately kept empty properties because there's something grossly insulting about the idea you'd build some luxury block it would have the pictures all around us here of london deliberately keep it empty knowing that with the property price inflation the investor is going to make ten twelve percent a year maybe less these days well maybe a deal to maybe a bit less money you know they you know make sure going to make a fair amount out of it surely we have to have a social objective in a social priority in our society but could democratically accountable politicians really take private property in british cities the e.u. documentation on human rights is so clear that it's even produced a paper explaining so called the european convention on human rights and property rights article one states that every natural or legal person is entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of his possessions no one should be deprived of his possessions except in the public interest and subject to the conditions provided for by law and
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by the general principles of international law wouldn't big multinationals use the european convention to destroy corbin's plans to recapture the railways the n.h.s. let alone homes under democratic control likely for corbin he has this politician who may well enable his plans to turn into action he or she is even while campaigning to remain in the european union arguing for britain to try. the european court of human rights the z.h. are combined the hands of parliament adds nothing to us prosperity makes us less secure by preventing the deportation of dangerous foreign nationals and does nothing to change the attitudes of governments like russians when it comes to human rights. so regardless of the e.u. referendum my view is this if we want to reform human rights laws in this country it isn't you we should leave but the c.h.r. on the jurisdiction of its cause well u.k. prime minister theresa may certainly appears not to be so concerned about human rights abuses when it comes to her selling arms to saudi arabia they're being used
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to bomb the poorest country in the middle east and the un has called yemen the world's worst humanitarian crisis thousands of children have been killed hundreds of thousands injured and millions are in need of humanitarian aid joining me now is a journalist in the yemeni capital of sanaa hussain carty hussain thanks so much for joining us it's been reported that a. cameraman. has been killed by the fracture u.k. backed saudi bombing how dangerous is it to be a journalist in yemen actually is very very dangerous especially when the coalition use a technique called the strike they normally most of the strike they target an area either the military or as well civilians they waited five five six minutes and then they targeted again and after ten minutes they do it again and this is always actually they target in. this queue others who come to to save who have who
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haven't been killed in this strike will journalist and you mentioned this journalist is not the first one i think there are about a mine journalist who has been killed by the saudi director airstrike and i think this is the way because the saudi think that they can commit all this crime all this strike and the only thing that can hold them accountable a journalist so they try to target them again the targeted askew or to kill as many civilians as they can and not allowing journalists to come into yemen if they really. afraid of what they're doing in yemen then they will. journalist to come easily saudi arabia seldom really gives a statement to this program they have denied to other sources they deliberately target journalists or indeed. double tap strikes well i mean people know maybe a bit about saudi arabia but what about any proof that british bombs are killing
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people in yemen yeah of course amnesty international has released many reports one of them is about saudi strike in the outskirts of sanaa targeted in a set i mean a factory and they believe they have killed and injured some workers and it was used in british bombs and i've been as well maybe six months ago with an irish a journalist to yemen demining. you are to have seen they have collection of u.s. made cluster bomb. british made cholesterol money ask them what kind of cluster bomb you mainly find across yemen especially in the north region of assad and near the saudi border they say they are if not the u.s. made cluster bomb they are a british made cluster bomb and this clearly that i believe that the independent the newspaper or other newspaper in britain have said that you united kingdom sales
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of. to saudi arabia during the war has increased five hundred percent just imagine they are actually making profit from this war the united states making but of it france making bit of it and the other hand they do want this war to stop this is a symbol it's kind of business for them why would they stop the war in yemen. as well the saudi try to block journalists not to cover this use of what been british made bombs and thanks to the united kingdom and u.s. who are actually giving the saudi. supplies including g.p.s. coded. it on a little satellite footage and drones footage and fuel in the saudi jet on the sky of yemen if the saudi didn't have any of this they cannot conduct any airstrike on yemen they cannot have a blockade in yemen the british government denies exporting cluster bombs right now
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into drone strikes which you mentioned drones one of qatari network jazeera reported a u.s. drone strike at the end of last month killing six civilians in the core leading to mass protests in shop any confirmation of this because it hasn't been confirmed by other sources of drone strikes killing men women and children civilians of course they will deny that there are civilians being killed and it's really hard to prove that civilians are killed because they can call in a civilian and yemen al qaeda member but that strike and the raid that have. been conducted i believe last year the target in that village in the region in. that area was under the saudi led coalition controlled so we show you how an area under the control of the saudi that as they say have al-qaeda training camp so how come it that you have in that in that area and there were women and children killed
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in that strike how can be a child that's nine year old all twelve or six or seven be a member of al qaeda. only that's the fact that the united states is conducting that was early on in the trump president i really think the u.s. was where was killed and it was the first casualty of any war don't trumpets in which he had to be the actively engaging have you seen drone strikes numbers go up since donald trump into the white house. the number according to like you as a newspaper site have to double to do it in combat and is not only drone strike on as they say or as they call it. terrorist target saudi newspaper called as one of the main newspaper in saudi. have conducted an interview with this book person.


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