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great to see you when you have your fiesta k. when you give us so we can link into services to open to dad for you why you've managed to raise ten million in twenty seconds or these guys from the world big caps saying they are looking to help emerging economies to engage in commerce through augmented reality allowing you to interact with any product or service created around you are better the world is an augmented reality block chain application that we use in to really help emerging economies what we want to do is we want to talk to the artists and the moms and pops of the world better in these emerging economies that don't get a fair shot at commerce and give them a tool to actually go ahead and reach consumers a farmer in the country reaching a potential customer in the city is now a reality then there are crypto venture companies that are literally looking for that special project that will decentralise and make the world's commerce more transparent when people venture is a company that he created to promote i. do have us intention to
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change the life of millions of people for the better we get involved very board and people with him to feel technicians ex-president politicians to really make him understand what these are all about that is here to stay that is not going to go anywhere but the leading crypto market analyst has a completely different view when i see oh i try to convince people to be very careful about investing in any i c.e.o.'s because it's other people try to convince you to give them your hard earned money as an unqualified invest their for their idea. of a coin or. getting a regulation but getting around regulation in a decentralized way that the government can not stop i suppose they're not that the central i think means to get around regulation which is sooner or later.
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so if you want to learn more about the new show to help you out it's called crypto liam and you can watch it online now it's on our website and artie's you tube channel in fact had online for more about top stories as well that's the news for this hour on call and right thanks very much for watching with me again in about thirty minutes. in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decades long debt. studying so hard it requires strong. going through humiliation to enter an elite society. and partying to death sometimes quite literally. wants other true colors of universities in the u.s. . everybody i'm stephen bob taft hollywood guy the suspect every proud american first of all i'm
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just george bush and r.v. enthusiastic this is my buddy max famous financial guru and we're just a little bit different i'm not a. lawyer no no no no the up with all the drama happening in our country i'm hitting the road to have some fun meet everyday americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people. tens of billions hundreds of billions probably a trillion dollars of u.s. government subsidies on the energy industry yes government can subsidize mining of big oil rather cryptic currencies and put those into a wall it's called american citizens going to each have an automatic wallet tied to this also security account. and they can get
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a daily and weekly or monthly air drop points that they can then years to god they let the government in as they did that. in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decades long debt. studying so hard it requires trying to. go through humiliation to enter an elite society. and parching to death sometimes quite literally. wants other true colors of universities in the us. was.
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i that. following welcome across the uk where all things considered i'm peter all about well washington's political elites chatter endlessly about memos the u.s. continues to deepen its role in the syrian proxy war of course there is no public debate about this and are the two koreas giving peace a chance. ross
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talking some real news i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have a he is a political analyst as well as a leading expert at the center for actual politics and of course we have a political analyst with international right gentlemen crossed the girls in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it let's first talk about what's going on in syria here. as a watcher cable news in the west and i don't always enjoy it but i feel obligated to watch it. the. coverage of syria is very interesting there's only one angle primarily and that's how trump is defeated so that is the when you hear about syria the president of the united states believe it or not. there is almost no mention of the role that russia has played since september two thousand and fifteen that was the tipping point but you know you know i'm quibbling i suppose
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but you know. i'm one of the programs i do like to watch is tucker carlson and i think he is a conservative i can identify with him on many issues i think he's right on someone disagreeing and he brought on a. talk about syria which was i thought was you know i was very happy to hear maybe you critical view of what's going on. he had a guest and well that gets repeated the usual bluster let's give it a watch but you've got bashar al assad is obviously a dictator but he was against isis too and now we're fighting him it seems demented to me and i bet you if you polled most americans they would agree with me well what i think ministration is doing now and what president trump is doing now is shifting from isis to iran you know and russia is heavily involved in there's a lot of people i think rightly asking why not just let the russians take care of it well i'll tell you a couple of reasons one the russians don't care about isis they care about defending assad to they're aligned with iran. iran has made more gains in the last
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decade under the obama administration in terms of advancing its had germany which is not in the united states' interest or israel's interest than they've made in the last thousand years and three i'll quote a former nato commander who said the russians have weaponized refugees pile them into europe allowed isis to infiltrate and have done more to destabilize our partners in europe and the warsaw pact ever did so i think all of those. with respect that's just pure propaganda in my opinion. picture react to that because i mean we could spend the entire program deconstructing only that one small part of that segment simply don't have to worry it's going to essentially michael's finds himself in the spot why because he has to explain he has to respond to to tucker carlson the simple question. assad is fighting isis the united states officially so that it's fighting isis so why is the united states.
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forces instead of isis the simple question no simple lesson well one that we got a non answer we got it we got to do exactly that inflection it was it was a deflection because he did not want to see the troops the official american policy is very different from video policy that bush use and the real policy that the washington press use. is that he that of syria that's and that's one of the reasons why the way that isis florist is syria without the support that the assad forces initially got from the u.s. from britain some other countries some other allies of the us i says would not have flourished i mean if there had been the illegal invasion of iraq in two thousand and three of course and you know. show that's what you say as you know iran has been gaining more influence you know spread it here july that is why it might be because of one week because it will not be able to speak clearly clear to our viewers if we. it isn't because of what iran is doing or what other actors are
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doing because well obviously it is other well if it had not been for the us invasion of iraq in one thousand nine hundred one you know if it had not been for the us invasion of iraq in two thousand so we iran would have not been so influential it's a simple as that even the mainstream media it constant attempts to combat what they ludicrously call iranian had gemini where you were just simple the fact that iran has some influence against the overwhelming middle east germany of the united states israel and saudi arabia this this tripod alliance. they refuse to allow any other country particularly a weak country like syria to be allied with iran the us decides who is allowed to be allied with who and who isn't allowed to be allied with you and they never notice that all their attempts to roll back some fictional iranian influence only
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increased really in iranians had gemini i mean just think about it out who's really the hedge i'm on here not only that but their continual efforts in syria and directed against iran they have pushed russia and the rawness of i'm sure iran and china closer together russian the russian government years ago wouldn't have wanted to be caught dead in bed with the iran now they find they have so many geopolitical interests in common and they can deal with them so professionally compared to the westerners that you know we're looking at another de-facto strategic partnership it's interesting that when you have to when you compare maybe russia's relationship with the rand and how it has to negotiate honest baby step level with turkey for example it's russia that both was iran and was it really can you not. of course it's do more but it's that is growing in the one nine hundred ninety
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s. when the western u.s. the olson was the president of russia it wasn't because he also was intimidating he wasn't it wasn't because his administration was somehow against washing it wasn't it was because it was a natural relationship the united states pushing backs america wanted to be the only superpower in the world and i think anyone else have a voice it was can saw that you think their powers you know this fight that i mean whether you actually look at it because with the end of the communist ideology. actually began realizing its own real national interest was a blinding blinded by ideological goggles you're going to turn into this here where it's i mean when michael waltz says that we've asked you raney and influence who kidnapped the lebanese prime minister had kept him against his will in riyadh for several weeks iran oh no it happened to be saudi arabia but we forgot about that who had just bought the syrian forces clearly in one hundred ok syria i thought
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alex was where i want to go here i know but the dovetailing into them and mark we have this israeli jet that crashed we don't know exactly what happened to it but it was really fascinating. predictable how the israelis and washington mimicking television talking points where it's all about a rant ok here here is a country that you know the united states tax pro government forces in syria over one hundred people are killed and then we have this goes down we don't know exactly what the circumstances are but then the talking point is it's a brand's fault to be going after assets in syria israel has admitted in recent hours that it was brought down by syrian air defense yet it is real present and so is their justification for their most recent attack on syria and let's be clear.
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when we're talking israel uses the excuse of defense self-defense and everything well because madison is saying also interesting. militarily invading and occupying syria israel has attacked syria over one hundred times since two thousand and eleven in fact they call it the problem of not the idea of the israeli fighters just own syrian airspace and fire on any other means and do whatever they want there to whether this is come to an end as of yesterday. is that victory is this an escalation or is it sending a very strong signal and what is russia's role in this because there is some kind of debate here. and one of them is that damascus has had enough considering what mark just said there that they are going to start reacting here or is it the russians in the radiance whispering in your i tend to think the the the the syrians are saying enough is enough they will strike back when the syrian civil war started
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two thousand and eleven in there and then spread to other regions of syria with the support of the west with the support of the united states is that no and these are the only additional sure that the opposition would win and that assad would lose he would he would go and then pro-american he would. come in in that moscow and some conflict would be just right here i'd like to go to iraq for years but is it ok. islamic for me. this is not that she can't even newspapers like her outs have written about islamic fighters being taken to. see indeed and other groups too and. and now in the last few years after. tearing the tide in syria and it is now obvious to everyone in the field that assad is going to stay he is. being to go no matter how many pronouncement that they're
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going to be made by panspermia tillerson or anyone else for that matter israel is now faced with a very different situation so israel now understands that the country to what have you expected iranian influence in syria is now going to decrease and somebody who is going to increase you know what and israel now wants a stake in the future of syria and that's why the us to stay in there because they want to stake in the future before we go to the break let me just look at it from another angle i mean they keep talking about israel's security well before the syrian war the golan hates was the quiet backwater always israel to lose groups want to take the syrian territory. the israeli occupied you know anything about it by israel by talking about israel's security tourists were taken there it was the safest delegation in israel no it's a was or why because the israeli government together with western governments
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decided to do some regime change in syria i don't know there crying in iran is split in its influence and mr netanyahu comes to what's called to negotiate that russians will somehow pressure iran not to spread into that area they have themselves to blame for that in that war if there is any you know julian here gentlemen here and we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news with our.


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