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tv   Cross Talk  RT  February 12, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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was questioned when it was discovered that despite being part of the shell delegation he wasn't at the two thousand and six meeting and not only that he wasn't even in russia at the time when he was confronted about this he said he was lying to protect a source but then he also said that he regretted lying obviously this is the first instance of fake news regarding russia there have been rumors floating around that russia employs the briggs approach and then there's also been president micron's various attacks against russia during micron's campaign that he claimed that to russia did influence the election however this was later debunked by a french cyber security chief who said that there was no evidence of russian meddling and now in britain the british government is still looking for evidence of russian interference however you tube just a few days ago has gone on record as saying that there's been no sort of russian interference so it seems that in looking for news about russia they're actually just creating fake news about russia. us tycoon george soros is pledging
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a million. paying group despite soros being accused of meddling in british politics he says he's proud to be the cause i'm a proud supporter of best foot britain a group that wants britain to remain a member of the european union i consider brics it a tragic mistake well soros initially invested four hundred fellows and politicians in a campaign called the best for britain in the hope of drumming up support for a second referendum on the u.k. status in the e.u. a wave of criticism followed but the investor responded by donating one hundred thousand more work a sociology professor from kids university in the u.k. claims he overheard soros and is associates bragging about their meddling in politics in numerous countries we spoke to them and he says he heard the conversation frank furedi. do you know of course of the conversation they were going on about how much influence they've been able to exercise over events in the
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arab spring in cairo they were very proud of the role game played into newsier during the syria role there they went on about the create how much impact they were able to make on some of the demonstrators at the time and then finally they ended up by. going to their office critical for a very important role in the case of libya and the overthrow of the gadhafi regime and i kind of regarded the conversation as you know a bit of boasting you know where people get around a table they are you sure. an advisor to the polish president has come under fire for what some are calling and to us really comments he was defending a new law that prohibits punish people from being held responsible for the crimes of the nazi regime against the jews and to post sentiments in israel comes from the
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feeling of shame and the passivity of the jews too in the holocaust. the new law also makes it illegal to refer to nutsy death camps situated in the country as polish ones those violating the law could face severe punishment of up to three years in jail and the polish president's adviser went even further defending the legislation. the religion of the holocaust has become a symbolic shield for their country which is used by israel to create for itself a special position in many places in the world a shield which is meant to protect israel against any criticism many jews in gauged in denunciation collaboration during the war i think israel has still not work to throw. more than three million jewish people lived in poland before the second world war most of them were killed during the conflict the ice which birkenau camp which was built in poland during the nazi occupation saw around one million jews lose their lives there columnist for newsweek magazine mark shulman told me the new
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law will influence poland to relations with other e.u. member states. the problem with the law is not so much the fact that says you can't say polish death camps but the fact the law says you cannot diminish the role of the nazis which means that if you say that the poles had some part of it you are violating the war and by all accounts while the nazis were the ones who were ninety percent responsible for the holocaust and what happened in poland clearly the poles were involved and clearly there were cases where the poles were part of the part of the problem and so it's a real problem of course the question of freedom of speech as well freedom of people to study the holocaust to talk about the holocaust and not to mention the fact that thousands and thousands of israelis go every year to visit many of them high schoolers and the question is when their guides go to poland do they have to be afraid to speak their truth and speak of what went on in poland i think this will have an effect on poles relations with the western europe at this point i mean it's part of a series of actions that the polish government has taken their member of the e.u.
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and yet they're testing the e.u. and its ability to accept a much more nationalistic government in poland. u.s. president donald trump has phoned in to express his condolences over sunday's plane crash in russia which claimed the lives of seventy one people cross slide and even watched over for the details of that media what more do we know about what was discussed between the two leaders. indeed the union russian president had a telephone conversation with his american counterpart now the u.s. president donald trump first express condolences to letterman pruden over the recent deadly crash of a russian passenger plane that claimed the lives of seventy one people also the two parties discussed the settlement of the israeli palestinian conflict now these details were revealed by vladimir putin the ring his meeting with the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas that took place on monday evening now also added that
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russia has always supported the palestinian people mahmoud abbas said that due to the recent actions of the u.s. side notably their recognition alpha jerusalem as israel's capital washington has been ruled out as the trust worth the mediator and the eyes of palestinians now he also added that if the u.s. wants to be a part of the peace process than it should not come alone but as part of a group now back in december twenty seventh team u.s. president donald trump formally recognized drool slim as the capital of israel that particular move was criticized by the majority of international leaders including the european union's foreign policy chief. ortiz. reporting from school thank you. nearly four months after its liberation
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from islamic state people from the syrian city of iraq are slowly returning to what's left of their homes but many buildings in the city remain riddled with lung millions on booby traps locals say they've been left to take on the reconstruction by themselves. it. was still a thirty year we were forced to leave our homes because when we returned we found everything we could use to look at all the devastation what rock is going to. diminish that we are living in the midst of destruction we feel completely abandoned everything around has been destroyed. in rubble that have to be to remove the debris with all money there's no running
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water so we have to vote in. the u.s. coalition cause the destruction of records and has a responsibility to rebuild the city we need to help with restoring the water supply and clearing the rubble. i found of mine on the streets near my house my friend and i tried to detonate it from a distance but it didn't go on we thought the mind didn't work and walked towards it exploded my friend was killed i survived. but human rights watch has called for international support in clearing the rubble and demining it seems almost five hundred civilians were injured in the three months after the liberation many were killed in its report the organization also highlighted the growing risk of more civilians being killed as people return to the devastated city well across the border in iraq civilians are also struggling to rebuild their homes but the
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country's second largest city almost completely razed to the ground mosul was liberated by the u.s. led coalition and iraqi forces back in july after months of fierce fighting under a strikes some forty thousand homes need to be rebuilt there or repaired a coup. adding to the united nations the government say's it needs some eighty eight billion dollars in reconstruction funds for areas devastated by the war a some of it aims to raise at a conference that's just going on the way in kuwait however the u.s. which is expected to attend sees it has no plans to come to butte phones but use the u.s. government in making an announcement time to vision if i am not aware of any announcements that we will be making and i can tell you overall. over the past few years we have spent the united states government has one point seven billion dollars in humanitarian aid in iraq alone. abdullah come from the pakistan
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institute for conflict and security studies thinks there is a high risk of a new insurgency if iraq is not rebuilt quickly. the sunni population already marginalized by the shia led government and they're directly in the previous some years they're led to the insurgency. because lives on that now there's another group recently we have some of the fourth of another group of them are doing just like i yes i yes in some parts of iraq saw. himself another insurgency that men are. another there is on their guard if the iraqi government as i'm able to rebuild these sunni areas which were badly destroyed during this fight. ok switching gears now are russian of pleats one their second medal at the winter olympics inside korea a silver in team figure skating with taking gold the u.s.
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bronze fifteen year old. whose dip in the olympics took place in the free skate section to ensure an overall second place finish but a fellow athlete not actually competing was far from complimentary on her twitter account twenty six year old american figure skater ashley wagner accused the russian teen of killing time in her program condemned her gold winning tactics in which she reserved her jumps for the second half of the routine on the remarks well they've sparked a furious reaction online i personally disagree that this wasn't the program it matches the belly of relatively well maybe you're just jealous you can't compete with that stamina and those jumping passes your face looks a big green with envy it's just your envy you can't jump like that in the second half and even in the first well we got reaction from russian coaches on wagner's comments who told us that it's points that wind prizes.
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ashley wagner has done a lot for figure skating she is an outstanding athlete the rules for the competitions have changed and it's like accounting they simply point it's not about beauty in order to win they need to do what. today put their social or as well as the competitive side there's also the social aspect of course to the games with most nations hosting their own hospitality hoess well russia isn't officially represented at the olympics rather alone pick up bits from russia but there's still a corner of pyongyang feels very much russian has been finding a. as usual there are all kinds of national houses at the olympics and young chang the likes of the hall and house near the coast the countries like austria and switzerland naturally settled a bit higher in the mountains and since team russia doesn't officially exist here the traditional russian house doesn't either or isn't that immature or sca.
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to make sure russian fans have a home in korea it took a few tricks after all the i.o.c. must be respected the place is called the sports house obviously you find wide blue and red in the design but never specifically and the recognizable pattern like here's white and black in between what could appear to be flag stripes no official russian symbols the mentors because i haven't become official right other than that pure i ration fun and spirit.
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among the attractions here are these hockey jersey from every year at the olympics that russia one goes but this one from nine hundred ninety two like here in korea you won't find the letters russia or the u.s.s.r. i'll ask the guests if they know why and why did russia compete under a neutral flag at the olympics twenty six years ago and see money was on own voice simply. was increased. and i don't know sorry. i don't know just i got some clues for you countries take turns with that well hey. i respect. you know i love you i think it's. funny and then i. thank patton as in the same reason.
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i don't know i think it's. rather loose establishes a country so be unique left russia was just established as a country that's when the soviet union. had its break up so neutral flags weren't always down to the i.o.c. sanctions. have a drink o. r. t. . the welfare go well twenty eighteen is a landmark winter additional three lympics seeing north and south korea and joint team for the very first time but for many being or girl appearance of a unified korea was more about what was happening in the stands rather than on the ice. i was five yeah this is north korea is now a famous cheerleading squad in perfect unison throughout the months and other
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events they were in good voice singing and waving the united. meanwhile travelling to see one of the world's largest sporting events can prove to be challenging especially with some similar sounding korean cities.
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all right near time for us to be bella going growing shortly believe this edition with option coming up in just a moment and i'm back in one thirty minutes time with more often news affecting your world today this is martin. thanks guys it's my that'll survival. when customers go by you're just. did
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now well reduce the hour. that's undercutting but what's good for the market is not good for the global economy. everybody i'm stephen bach. hollywood guy. you know suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george marshall and r.v. to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru well just a little bit different i'm not. going to hire no no no no not with all the drama happening in our country i'm rude have some fun meet everyday americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american pill which.
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i'm afshin rattansi we're going underground as the managing director of the i.m.f. christine lagarde convicted of corruption in a paris court visits qatar in the persian gulf coming out of the show as u.s. drone strikes on the poorest country in the middle east triple donald trump we speak to a journalist on the ground in sun a about the saudi british and american bombs that are killing civilians in yemen and forget fake news what about fake history we speak to the director of earrings and forget about the real life rambo training the cia to kill innocent civilians in south america and expose the u.s. government drug smuggling in southeast asia plus why
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a british prisons less sure shangri jumps in and more monte python we ask a former prisoner what life is like in the u.k. jail system one which even tony blair's former lord chancellor charlie fork says is in crisis all the civil coming up in today's going underground. at first it's exactly one week since the death of a homeless man was reported in the center of the city of bristol in the south west of england found unconscious just outside a devon as department store emergency services including police and paramedics were called but despite their best efforts he died shortly afterwards reportedly he had suffered serious injuries and was in the doorway of the store the thing is that just over a year ago another homeless man michael angle was found dead in the same area it was again covered by the local bristol post newspaper with accompanying similar pictures front by emergency services attended to the man at the scene except things are arguably different today the favorite to be the next british prime minister to much criticism in the elite mainstream media not only questions minority government
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leader drazen me about homelessness in announced a policy on it in the last few days we would give local authorities the power to take over deliberately kept empty properties because there's something grossly insulting about the idea you'd build some luxury block it would have the pictures all around us here of london deliberately keep it empty knowing that with the property price inflation the investor is going to make ten twelve percent a year maybe less these days well maybe a deal to maybe a bit less money you know the you know make sure going to make a fair amount out of it surely we have to have a social objective in a social priority in our society but could democratically accountable politicians really take private property in british cities the e.u. documentation on human rights is so clear that it's even produced a paper explaining so called the european convention on human rights and property rights article one states that every natural or legal person is entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of his possessions no one should be deprived of his possessions
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except in the public interest and subject to the conditions provided for by law and by the general principles of international law wouldn't big multinationals use the european convention to destroy corbin's plans to recapture the rail. weighs the n.h.s. little homes under democratic control likely for corbin he has this politician who may well enable his plans to turn into action he or she is even while campaigning to remain in the european union arguing for britain to trash the european court of human rights easy h r combines the hands of parliament it's nothing to ask prosperity makes us less secure by preventing the deportation of dangerous foreign nationals and does nothing to change the attitudes of governments like russia when it comes to human rights so regardless of the e.u. referendum my view is this if we want to reform human rights laws in this country it isn't you we should leave but the c.h.r. on the jurisdiction of its court well u.k.
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prime minister theresa may certainly appears not to be so concerned about human rights abuses when it comes to her selling arms to saudi arabia they're being used to bomb the poorest country in the middle east and the un has called yemen the world's worst humanitarian crisis thousands of children have been killed hundreds of thousands injured and millions are in need of humanitarian aid joining me now is a journalist in the yemeni capital of sanaa hussein carty who's in thanks so much for joining us it's been reported that a. cameraman. has been killed by a factor u.k. backed saudi bombing how dangerous is it to be a journalist in yemen actually is very very dangerous especially when the coalition use a technique called the strike they normally most of the strike they target an area either the military or as well civilians and they waited five five six minutes and then they targeted again and after ten minutes they do it again and this is always
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actually they try to get in. as who come to the safe who have who have been being killed in this system like. journalist there and you mentioned. this journalist is not the first one i think there are about a mine journalist who has been killed by the saudi director airstrike and i think this is the way because the saudi think that they can commit all this crime all this strike and the only thing that can hold them accountable a journalist so they try to target them again the targeted skewer to kill as many civilians as they can and not allowing journalists to come into yemen if they really. are not afraid of what they're doing in yemen then they will a journalist to come easily saudi arabia seldomly gives us a statement to this program they have denied to other sources they deliberately target journalists or indeed. there is double tap strikes well i mean people know
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maybe a bit about saudi arabia but what about any proof the british bombs are killing people in yemen of course amnesty international has released many reports one of them is about saudi strike in the outskirts of sanaa targeted in a set i mean a factory and they believe they have killed and injured some workers and it was used in british bombs have been as well like maybe six months ago with the irish a journalist to yemen demining. who have seen they have collection of u.s. made cluster bomb as well british made cholesterol money ask them what kind of cluster bomb you mainly find across yemen especially in the north region. near the saudi border they say they are if not u.s. made cluster bomb they are british made cluster bomb and this clearly that i
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believe that the independent newspaper or other newspaper in britain have said that you united kingdom sales of weapons to saudi arabia during the war has increased. five hundred percent just imagine they are actually making profit from this war the united states making but of it france making bit of it and the other hand they do want this war to stop this symbol it's kind of a business for them i will they stop the war in yemen. as well the saudi try to block donors not to cover this use of weapons and british made bombs and thanks to the united kingdom and us who are actually giving the saudi just six applies including g.p.s. coordinates and as well satellite footage and drones footage and fuel in the saudi jet on the sky of yemen if the saudi didn't have any of this they cannot conduct
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any airstrike on yemen they cannot have a blockade in yemen the british government denies exporting cluster bombs right into drone strikes which you mentioned drones qatari network al jazeera reported a u.s. drone strike at the end of last month killing six civilians in a cause leading to mass protests in shop were any confirmation of this because it hasn't been confirmed by other sources of drone strikes killing men women and children civilians of course they will deny that there are civilians being killed and it's really hard to prove that civilians are killed because they can call any civilian in yemen. al qaeda al qaeda member but that strike and the raid that have . been conducted i believe last year the target in that village in your region in. that area was under the saudi led coalition controlled so we show you how an area under the control of the saudi that as they say have al qaeda training camp so how
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come it that you have in that in that area and there were women and children killed in that strike how can be a child that's nine year old all twelve or six or seven be a member of al qaeda. only this track that the united states is conducting that was early on in the trump regime there u.s. servicemen was killed and was the first casualty of any water from the stream which he had been actively engaged in if you see in drone strikes numbers go up when strong trump went to the white house. the number according to like you as a newspaper would side have traveled during from the campaign and is not only a drone strike on as they say or as they call it al-qaeda or terrorist target the saudi newspaper called heart is one of the main newspaper in saudi. have conducted an interview with this book person of. the bin tackle called rankin allow he and
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he spoke about hundred forty u.s. a strike supporting the saudi led coalition and their money government which is based in riyadh those eight a strike drone strike or strike not. what they have declared before over two hundred forty strikes on al qaida members those strikes are in support of the saudi that coalition and there are fourteen thousand yemeni civilians who have been killed by direct saudi led coalition airstrikes it means that the united states is irresponsible of many death and i can say that the united states and britain is responsible one hundred percent of all civilians killed in yemen because thanks to the feuding jets thanks to the drone. footage and. g. b. c. code in it and laser target on all the smart bomb the saudis will not be able to target areas across yemen so they are responsible hundred percent and we remember on the twenty sixth of march in two thousand and fifteen the saudi war in yemen was
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not declared from riyadh or united arab emirates or any other country that and that over here in this coalition it was declared from washington d.c. by the saudi ambassador then who is the foreign minister of the saudi just imagine that first of all that's the. lead from another country against our third country on this show with a total involvement of the united states britain we're told the mainstream media in britain that yes there is a war saudis involved britain really isn't but britain and saudi are giving lots of aid there are million people living affected children affected by cholera we certainly know given this story you're giving me this how how in the west when they when they support a country in a war they will make billions of dollars in arms sales as i mentioned that the u.k. . says to the to saudi has increased five times today night out of emirate it could be as they say so they make billions of dollars in profit out of the other hot.


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