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artie's headline news the dutch foreign minister quits after revealing that he lied about a meeting with the russian president back in two thousand and six where he claimed mr putin spoke about a greater russia. a cradle of terror a report from a notorious paris suburb where dozens of residents of already been recruited by islamic state. and in russia for myself fighter has surrendered to security services after returning from syria he reveals details of his life under the terrorists' control. while i was lying in the hospital people came up to me and tried to convince me to become a suicide bomber. it's
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wednesday the fourteenth of february eighth am here in moscow welcome to r.t. international and your hourly news update with me called embrace first off for the dutch foreign minister who's been forced to quit his post after admitting that he lied for more than a decade about meeting president putin she explained a little she. meant. to be no i said in my state. myspace in my eyes. but in a full of. the. images that we both want to. evolve from this. an emotional resignation departure comes just a day before he was supposed to meet his russian counterpart in moscow let's look at whether those false claims were worth it. because. in early two thousand and
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six i was invited to move putin's countryside house but i stopped at the back of a room or a meeting was being held but i could hear very well vladimir putin talking about a greater russia he said this included russia roofs ukraine and the baltic states and that kazakstan would also be nice to have one of them. has now acknowledged that it was a lie and that he wasn't even in russia in two thousand and six and he said he did it to protect his source a person who was presumably attending a meeting you know describes it as the biggest mistake of his political career but he seems to have at least found his nisha on social media twitter exploded with the hashtags lying dutchman and hell but was there featuring photoshop pictures of him at some historic events and visiting landmarks and when he first made his planes no one question them back then russia was frequently accused of many things including aggressive politics author and russian analyst martin mccauley says false remarks
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were mirroring that time. there are two reasons why he made that statement one is that the projected him into the public newspapers the headlines and so on this was a sensational statement to make therefore the foreign minister was in fact a very important person and he was making a very important statement which would affect native policy and western policy and so on and the second thing would be that of course it fed into the need to. the native narrative of the narrative of the west that still is which is basically the russian sees the reporters as a threat to the national security and it fed into that and therefore for these two reasons then it appeared to be from the dutch point of view this is a very good very good thing to do. dozens of residents of a notorious paris suburb have been recruited by islamic state according to french intelligence sources sixty seven people have travelled to join the terror group
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shouted to bent's good report. a short train ride from paris is trapped on the surface there's nothing much to set it aside from the thousands of other towns in the country but you don't have to scratch very deep to see that trap is very different where you won't see any non how and butcher shops there are i think at the moment over fifteen hundred prayer rooms and five mosques if you look at people on the street you won't see couples holding hands you'll see the women are dressed in strict islamic dress. there's a lot of home schooling so you couldn't really consider trap. typical french town anymore it's a little bit like a state within the state for decades it's been considered a magnet for muslim fundamentalists hardline salafism and one hobby isn't a widely practiced and trap has become synonymous with joe hart ism. dozens of
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people. islamic state i was have carried out attacks on french soil have been linked. in paris in two thousand and six. while with her right appears to. think that. there is some plain white pride remaining bad but your heart is only a matter of time before we have another attack the basic problem is that the ideology that's driving this and this goes much deeper than terrorist cells planning and executing attacks that ideology is so ingrained that last year a poll of french high school students revealed thirty two percent of muslim students believed islamic doctrine was superior to scientific fact another in two thousand and sixteen showed that sixty eight percent believed islamic law was superior to french law there's also concern that in an area like this that was once
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. by the authorities that syria is becoming the law. the full veil covering has been banned the eighty's didn't try some women off the law yet the police are often reluctant to intervene of the riots in two thousand and thirteen when officers tried to i.d. a woman who was fully covered with a very very fragile situation which the government doesn't want to provoke urban riots which would quickly spread like wildfire all over france. president says he wants to reorganize islam in a bid to fight fundamentalism but some experts say that's a pipe dream radicalization in places like this they say it's already far too deep rooted to dick out jollity pinsky r.t.
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trap. for myself either has turned himself into russian security services after returning from syria yuri backlash in was raised an orthodox christian but converted to islam and in twenty fourteen he went to egypt to study it was there that he was recruited by eisel and went to syria. i got interested and started reading forums and watching video online i was given a phone number of a person who could help me get to syria here's sure me that those who came could leave at any time and no one would be careful there but they immediately took away our documents and telephones it was a shock for me i felt helpless everything was different from what they told me. in syria he lost a leg in an airstrike and finally decided to flee he returned to russia and surrendered himself to the security services yuri was one of the thousands of russians who went to syria and iraq to join eyesore. so there were.
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after an explosion i lost my sight and felt a sudden pain i realized my leg had been torn off i had surgery and went through rehabilitation at the same time they were making a prosthetic leg for me while i was lying in the hospital people came up to me and tried to convince me to become a suicide bomber because they said that i anyway had no leg what else could i do i couldn't refuse directly it could have caused a suspicion. i was first overcome with joy while on a bus in turkey and only once i was in russia did i realize i had managed to escape and sort of i went to the f.s.b. department and wrote a confession i decided that it would be better i was interrogated a lot and i told him the whole story now i have a new family i married a russian muslim girl i work at
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a construction company and still stick to islam but i don't want to go to mosques anymore i want to avoid questions. the pentagon has confirmed to destroy the pro-government tank in a drone strike in eastern syria on sunday calling it an act of self defense. we didn't song the the us. continued to so we did you consult of the rules of engagement to protect ourselves in the movie that was something that we always have the right to do a major do that and the us military personnel coalition backed forces were killed in the strike of the weekend the incident comes less than a week off to another major clash with pro-government forces such incidents could result in a dangerous escalation in the region samir khan that reports the pentagon says that it was an act of self-defense accusing syrian forces of trying to attack kurdish forces but apparently with u.s.
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forces embedded they were forced to respond now on wednesday the u.s. said it carried out defensive airstrikes in retaliation for what they saw as an unprovoked attack but according to reports more than a hundred fighters aligned with the syrian government were killed in the air strike now this latest escalation is definitely something to worry about on all sides especially considering that the syrian conflict has been a largely perceived as a fight against terror well against isis in particular which is almost wiped out but it's also opened way to a whole series of new conflicts we have the turkish kurdish conflict the tensions between israel and iran but even though isis is pretty much gone the u.s. is still wants to stay in syria with the secretary tillerson announcing plans to maintain an open ended military presence in the country some two thousand troops or so to prevent a resurgence of isis and to counter iran's influence. but
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surprisingly the u.s. isn't the only one just today the french president said that france will attack if they find proof that chemical weapons were used against civilians promising to strike where chemical shipments originated so the question is are we seeing the syrian conflict enter a second stage well that's all unclear now so we'll just have to wait and see until more activist richard baca told us that washington's continuing presence in syria could further complicate the conflict there were seen the intention of the u.s. government the pentagon to establish a long term presence u.s. presence in side of syria so it's clear that violation of international law
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because the u.s. has no right to be there the russian forces were invaded by the syrian government by the united states has no right to be there it acts as if it has a right to be there and because of the way these forces are station and the way its forces are moving particularly in the eastern part of syria near the critical oil fields. there could be more confidence this is a very very dangerous game that the pentagon is playing and they know what they know very well that it is there in kind of going ahead and trying to establish this long term presence and perhaps to partition syria. now you wouldn't usually expect a classic children's story about a family of rabbits to spark a boy called but a new hollywood version out this month has already got people riled. i just need to keep the wildlife out where they belong you're so damn right. he's going to go.
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this is peter rabbit it's a modern twist on the beatrix potter tale but there's one scene in particular that's infuriating parents it shows the rabbits attacking the human arch nemesis by throwing black crows at him but he's allergic to the fruit and starts choking having to inject himself to stave off a dangerous reaction scene has led some parents to call for a boycott of the movie claiming that it makes light of a serious issue and could encourage bullying yesman allergy foundation of america has also. sony pictures has apologized for the scene we got reaction from the president of the other g. foundation as well as hearing from a schoolteacher and a political analyst for their thoughts. well we believe that food allergies are a very serious condition again two people die daily from life threatening allergies and there are approximately two children in every classroom with this condition so making fun of it taunting bullying in any fashion due to a disability or
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a medical condition like enough locks those is simply unacceptable but wait a minute why does that assume bullying why do we assume that the consequence of showing this in the film is going to be bullying look we believe that again we understand you know that movies are to entertain but we just simply do not believe that entertainment should include harming another person making fun of one because of that disability or because of that condition or you know taunting or even putting them in that life threatening situation and making fun of it is really we believe irresponsible you know. they're watching these rabbits ganging up on mcgregor and throwing what they actively know is an allergen into his mouth and then celebrating that and i don't think that that's ok and i mean we can just simply not. take our children the movies we feel are inappropriate for them and furthermore the idea that we assume that this is going to lead to bullying is
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a false premise it's a false dichotomy i agree everyone has the have their own right to take their children to the movies that they choose to see if you choose to take your child to this movie that's your choice i simply hope that you'll use that to elevate the conversation in a positive way around food allergy awareness preparing miss an anti bowling behavior the big issue here is that hollywood license and hollywood values are not necessarily going to reflect those of the larger viewing public and it's incumbent on parents and it's their responsibility to decide not only what their children see in theaters but to explain it to them and to give them proper context if parents are bringing their kids to the theater and seeing this movie it's him it's you know it's a good conversation to have with them because it is important for kids to recognize that this behavior is not ok as a teacher in a school. bullying is something you know that is talked about
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a lot and seen in many different different ways and when you know these types of. messages continue to happen in movies it's you know really making it challenging as educators. the united states is marking black history month honoring events and people that influenced african-american development but opinions about who to own are proving divisive with police in boston facing criticism for the choice. around six thirty tonight p.p.d. post a tweet saying in armor of black history month we pay tribute to celtics legend red are about the first n.b.a. coach to draft a black player in one nine hundred sixty. couldn't think of a single black person to. know meets in the whole. parts
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of black history month don't you understand. realizes they don't know their tweet may have offended some and they apologize for that our intentions were never to offend. people of boston deserve an apology and now the tweet that says may have some. controversy over marking black history month goes beyond choosing who to honor summer complaining that febreze been chosen because it's the shortest month of the year human rights activist randy short things african-american should be acknowledged for their achievements more than just once a year. this is a cultural historical pattern of dismissal or false appropriation of whatever
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blacks do. blacks don't get included in things that are part of american history in general. people need to be understand that what has happened in this country with this group of people called african-americans as it they've made an impact on the world that's world history that we should be a part of and not just as victims but people who played a role that would make america more smart than to pretend that we're not here or that we should only be recognized one month in the year. former us president barack obama has reportedly received a letter containing an unidentified white powdery substance he's among a number of high profile figures to be censored smell in the last couple of days morgan has the details. now the incident took place at the office of former u.s. president barack obama this is his office on the northwest side of washington d.c.
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place he has been renting for the purpose of conducting business not too far from his residence now this comes just hours after a similar package with a similar suspicious white powder was delivered to the house of parliament in the united kingdom so questions are being raised about that individuals are trying to get to the surface of that situation in the u.k. it's being investigated and this comes just one day after on the previous day we have the delivery of a suspicious and lope to the residence of donald trump jr the son of the u.s. president now when the package was delivered we then heard that his wife vanessa trump the wife of the president's son that she was taken to the hospital preemptively in the concern that this is specious white powder may have actually contained a dangerous substance like anthrax or something like that it was tweeted out that this could have come from the opponents of president trump however it has now been determined that in the envelope that was sent to the residence of donald trump jr
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all that was contained was simply cornstarch now keep in mind a week ago a suspicious package containing white powder was sent to the residence of julian a sign she was hauled up in the ecuadorian embassy in the u.k. lot of questions are being raised now a lot of people in the united states in the united kingdom are observing these events as they go on but at this point we really don't have enough information to draw any clear conclusions about who is behind this or what the purpose of these suspicious envelopes really is at this point we're still waiting for the truth to come out. a virus that can access your computer and mine for cryptocurrency and send it back to hackers has reportedly infected thousands of government websites around the world it's even affected the u.k. data protection watchdog of the moa uses a technique known as crypto jacking where criminals high. the power of as many computers as possible it effectively hijacked computers the visit infected websites and covertly mines for crypto currency it then sends the coins back to the hacker
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leaving the owner of the infected computer unaware of the intrusion. many businesses have been hit with similar mel way cluing video streaming giant you tube now we heard from scott helman type of security specialist and the first to notice this malware exists now he thinks that we're witnessing a new kind of crime the rise of crypto jacking is related to the value of crypto currency so as a crypto currency increases in value if you can steal it or obtain it illegitimately then then your proceeds increase and you know they're worth more we will see the rise of the market for jacking the tax like this partially motivated by the increase in the value of crypto occurrences and partially motivated right now by the ease with which these attacks can be carried out criminals of use cash for hundreds of years criminals will move to the next form of currency which is cryptocurrency fortunately this was a quiet mild example of what the attackers could have done but i think common advice still applies you know make sure that you keep your device up today if it's
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an i phone do the i phone updates if its windows do windows days make sure you're reading the latest versions of maybe you have antivirus programs on your computers all of the standard kind of advice still applies here. and you know that the wider industry just needs to react to this and start getting on top of these kinds of attacks. the current us administration isn't known for shying away from proclaiming its military might but last week it tried to show it was lagging behind its perceived adversaries defense secretary jim mattis presented this chart to congress as part of the nuclear posture review. you can see demonstrated in this chart the nuclear delivery system development over the last eight years shows numerous advances by russia by china and by north korea virtue of the near absence of such activity by the united states let's take a closer look at that chart according to it the u.s. has quite a modest arsenal however it doesn't show some of the missiles that washington has under development also it doesn't include american modifications of existing
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missiles plus it puts the countries on the same scale despite the differences in the arsenal matus used the chart to argue for increased u.s. investment in the country's nuclear program now the head of the nuclear watchdog the los alamos study group told us that some u.s. politicians consider nuclear weapons a political tool to be used against russia and china. there are those in the u.s. government who would like to increase the nuclear military capability of the united states now some of that is just posturing on their part and i wouldn't say that this is necessarily a majority view the actual military is not for the most part that interested in nuclear weapons but there is a fraction which is at the moment very powerful that you thinks nuclear weapons
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are an important symbolic tool for increasing pressure. russia and china. israel's prime minister could be facing charges over alleged involvement in corruption scandals on to america correspondent under prime pro has more on the political crisis confronting benyamin netanyahu. for over a year now tens of thousands of israelis have been rallying across the country on a weekly basis demanding the man who's now been their prime minister face some sort of accountability after the details of these corruption cases began trickling out in the media and we learned tonight israeli police believe they have enough evidence to open an official in the case against netanyahu for two cases the first one known as case one thousand alleges that netanyahu accepted lavish gifts such as
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champagne cigars jewelry and clothing for his wife sarah in exchange for political favors this includes apparently gifts from israeli american movie producer are known mil sean and in this specific incident and then yahoo supported the path the passing of a tax break even named. in mill shawn's name which. basically grants tax breaks to israelis who spend time overseas and then return to the country the second case case two thousand accuses netanyahu of making a deal with one of the main israeli newspapers that. you know. and it suggests netanyahu essentially spoke with the owner of that paper and agreed he would repress circulation of a competing paper in return for favorable coverage now netanyahu has already
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addressed this recommendation to the israeli public speaking tonight saying he's always served the country as responsibly and faithfully and dismissing this case against him as baseless he also said it's part of a wider campaign against him mostly from people who show me since the moments i was chosen to leave the government none of. them for starters ations it is now in the hands of israel's attorney general. mendel bleed to make a final decision on indictment. news pundit max blumenthal who's written a lot about the region since mr netanyahu is taking a page out of the u.s. president's playbook. you know netanyahu is opposed by that kind of metropolitan middle class very similar situation to what donald trump faces in the u.s. and netanyahu is tape taken trump in tactics of accusing his opponents of fake news
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he struck a very confident tone tonight he's the most sophisticated political animal in israeli political history he's going to fight this and you know if you talk to the man in the street in israel although netanyahu is historic unpopular by historic standards he remains the most popular figure in israeli politics today. that your new truck for the south thanks for watching holiday you again about thirty three minutes or so now with the winter olympics in full swing stay with us as we bring you all full exclusive interview with the head of the court of arbitration for sport sits next only on. the games have begun the younger sister of north korea's kim jong il has captured the attention of the media while u.s. vice president mike pence was mocked as it does even undiplomatic the two koreas or each other. in america
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a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decade's long debt. studying so hard it requires strong just. going through humiliation to enter an elite society. and parching to dead sometimes quite literally. want other true colors of universities in the us. hey everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy you know suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v.'s to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru well i'm just a little bit different i'm not a. good one of the well you know windows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the brood have some fun every day americans come home and
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hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people which. i. gave them a solution almost bust me i'm going. to snooze the first thing in the room with this stuff which is this mission on the new course is a. small office for. a little bit some of it is just some awesome trying. to put
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a script to gather some awesome. know. i . mr reback i'll be honest with you russia is baffled and this is how people see the story first the i.o.c. bans a group of russian athletes from competing ever again then your court says no the sanctions must be lifted but then chang cas rejects the appeals so i thought the sanctions were about competing in the first place how is that possible to summarize.


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