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tv   News  RT  February 14, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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welcome back to our t.v. international our breaking news this hour or so a story coming from the u.s. where a shooting has taken place at a high school in south florida there are confirmed reports that at least seven people have been killed or at least fourteen total victims of the attack that's coming from local officials let's get straight into this with our t. similar account who's been following developments from the u.s. samir what do we know here. well the shooting incident is still currently under way at a high school about fifty kilometers north of miami florida ambulances police cars and even armored vehicles are still at the scene now the broward sheriff's office has confirmed at least fourteen victims who are being transported to nearby
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hospitals however it's still not clear how many of those victims were killed and how many of those victims were injured now the sheriff's office office has also confirmed that the suspected shooter is now a detained in police custody but the scene is still active now one student posted photos from his classroom where he and his fellow students were hiding behind desks florida governor rick scott said that he's in touch with local of regarding the incident and president trump has already offered his prayers and condolences of via twitter but according to this school official twitter students are now being reunited with their families now as i said before the exact number hasn't been confirmed yet but we'll get that to you as soon as we have it. bring us up to date on what we know at this stage just to recap seven people are dead in a school shooting in south florida fourteen people also injured in the shooting these are pictures from earlier in the day around what three hours or so
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now because this occurred right before getting time off about school around an hour it's believed around two thirty local time in florida would be a lot of students in the school thirteen hundred. students attended the school what you're seeing there are people is being told to flee and get away from the area well jennifer breeden is live on the program tourney specializing in foreign policy international religious terrorism and can join us for more on what we're seeing here jennifer one of the. latest lines in this. source on the a vent police said that this is possibly former students we don't know whether or not current or former somebody from the area. was found in mind what might trigger somebody like this to target children well many things can be
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a trigger again as you said there are some reports that have come out saying that this person might have been a former student police have only confirmed that this is not a current student so things are possible things that could trigger this if it is a former student and back can be certain things like unfortunately sometimes a romantic interest of break up having to have left the school perhaps some disgruntled student with teachers or certain things like that but i mean there are many factors here and perhaps this is a student that felt bullied at this school no longer go there in fact it's live a former student as it turns out to be so i'm bullying can also lead to this cyber bullying we've seen that on facebook and some other social media outlets these are the kinds of things that can lead to this inner rage that will lead to a school shooting when inside are the same things happen with workplace violence if it's either a disgruntled employee or somebody that felt they were wrongfully treated or bullied unfairly and and then they come back to take this out but again we don't
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know if this is a former student but it could be cyber bullying or bullying among some of the students that were in fact at that school but there are some students that are still on lockdown a lot of them very confused again this is a school of about thirteen hundred students total so reports are still coming out but they say one is in custody as the students continue to hide they don't know if there is more than one shooter but but they have confronted it's likely most likely one but again they still keep people on lockdown until everything can be cleared florida so it's florida has seen its for sure of shooting incidents in the past. we're just as you say we're putting together this as we speak jennifer if we ticket for red just for this next question that this was a former student possibly old enough to buy a weapon or get a weapon in any case he or she looks to be he was able to go into a school during term time a large high school thirteen hundred pupils as well is there ever enough security
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to stop something like this from happening somebody entering with a gun and carrying this or with the gun laws in the us that simply this kind of thing is going to continue to happen. well under the obama administration we had federal orders that were put down and and under the guise of gun control laws and things like that there were laws passed that on the federal side in order to really stop a lot of the gun usage by even school security guards things like that a lot of this goes to the state and so if they want to do more gun control laws it ends up sometimes targeting local authorities and that can mean school security guards or officers things like that so there isn't as much security in some of these schools as there could be you know given the fact that this person was easily able to enter the school i mean we're looking at a situation where there likely wasn't anything here at the on school campus and that students know that these people regardless of who this person turns out to be
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are easily able to get weapons one of the main problems i think with gun control now first there are loopholes in the system here in the united states they're called gun show laws and these are loopholes that you can get at but another loophole is just lack of security by parents so if the parents or if other people in the household have a gun and just don't put the proper security in a lot of times we've seen that unstable mentally unstable children children that have maybe separate with emotional distress or psychological issues have access to this gun and there aren't the proper placement and set because a lot of times these are gun violence act gun wasn't registered to the person who used it it was registered to somebody within their household so it's not only a personal responsibility of the family but also the government factions and self-sustained we need to make sure the protections are in place so that we can guard and protect the most innocent victims you mention the psychological issue of the of the gunman the actual of their pupils in the school we could imagine what
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they are going through now. what happens with them they're going to need a lot of help to get through this because we've been hearing first time testimony about hearing gunshots go off in classrooms next to them they were fleeing from the school we're looking at pictures as you were talking jennifer it's going to take a lot of work to get them ok again isn't it. absolutely and that's why people counseling programs are so important but this is very important because you know we've seen this influx rise in and shooter games and things like that where students that don't have proper psychological or mental stability can almost be trained in learning how to do these things they see the news they see the gun violence happening and happening even whether it's terrorist groups or just a single shooter incident and so they see that it's more viable for them to carry out something like that so the students that are victims that have been hiding that event in the cafeteria or have been someplace where they're safe on lockdown right now they have to live with the fact that they heard shots coming into their school
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around their school mates some of these students most of them don't know whether they had friends that were victims or if they knew anybody that was a victim of this so there's a lot to cover with this and we don't want any of the students that are now victims to perhaps you know live in fear live with post-traumatic stress or even worse you know end up in a life where they're not treated not given proper counseling to get over this and perhaps might carry it out themselves down the road so it is important in the coming days to make sure they get the counseling services and make sure that the school and the state of florida provide the counseling services free of charge to make sure that those students can again have a stable life and not be afraid of school and you know i'm somebody who's worked in the middle east and i've worked with students who have been in schools heard bombs and guns going off outside and the students who want to learn are actually afraid of a school because they create their school with violence just as you're speaking a lot of new lines coming into us here we're hearing from the local sheriff's office the florida school shooter was around eighteen years of age not
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a current student as you're actually seeing there a moment ago jennifer was arrested without incident off campus these are the pictures on the screen a little bit earlier of all the students fleeing from the from the campus from the school all their students were still in their classrooms had been told. social media from from police at cons to staying in the room get on their desks and wait for other authorities to come and get them to all of the school which is what we're seeing. jennifer what would you say to the point of other people who say that incidents like this in school are going to happen. anyway with with that with a gun control because you've got somebody who is mentally unstable that they're going to carry on the attack but the obvious answer to that of course isn't that that they might not be able to kill seven people what we're looking at here with
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a knife or some other instrument it seems that laws are locks in this state in the us in general and that incidents like this keep pumping. that i would say in what i think to a lot of people you know we have had we have allowed to come into the hands i mean that is the right of americans in the second amendment if they have then use them responsibly and to use them for self-defense and for purposes like that not the care of violence but even if tomorrow the u.s. with that they know more gun they're all banned completely banned you still have millions of guns throughout the united states that the wrong person can get their hands on and so the most important thing right now is you said if i want like this can happen inevitably regardless of gun control laws it's to make sure that one people that have them are protecting them in their home keeping them safe to make sure that we have background checks security checks so they don't get into the hands of the wrong people and three to make sure that we set up to utilize funds to
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set up the proper defense mechanisms have the local police forces local law enforcement be able to bring proper security to the school be able to at least guard the school send a couple uniformed officers or at least keep an eye out on the school so there is somebody there says something like this doesn't happen again in order to to stop the threat of violence that people can just really go into schools or children are trying to learn so that's going to be the most important thing is making sure if we can't stop this or stop people from getting their hands on the weapons right now that then we have defense measures law enforcement set in place to at least protect the victims if this in fact does happen again ok jennifer breeden attorney specializing in foreign policy international law and religious terrorism jennifer thanks for coming on the program and giving us your take on what we have seen within the past hour of ours there in south florida just to recap as we said the suspect is now in custody i believe with the video that appears to be showing him
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there we go. detained he had been in a police car right before that it seems he has been transferred to a stretcher to a m. it's whether he is in the local hospital i'm not quite sure at this stage as the sheriff's office said he is a young white male around eighteen years old has not come being confirmed whether he was a former pupil of the school or not. whether it was a fun high school freshman at the school or would he be fourteen fifteen years of age tweeting of there as the incident was on folding he tweeted that he was locked inside because some of the rooms had been locked to stop what seemed to be the gunman getting into different classrooms he said he was scared from the pictures other pictures on social media that had been shared from inside the school we can see he was doing with other kids other pupils were doing and teachers as well
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hiding under a desk as they had been told to do and was actually asking everyone to pray for the victim's families we believe that he is now. being taken out of the school he is not as safe as we think that most of the people is it is still an active shooting scene although the main suspect believed to be the sole suspect is now in custody. just the overall picture of things so how will the history of us school shootings look like this there have been two hundred seventy five instances twenty thirteen an average of nearly one week and there have already been two shooting incidents in schools in the first week of this year twenty eighteen here's a look back at some of the most serious cases.
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well on verified video has emerged on line appearing to show the moment of the shooting in the high school at we do have to warn you that you may find the video obsessing. here as we're talking quite disturbing to see that of course we're talking about of course the local sheriff airs office has been updating this story just
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a few moments ago and this is the reaction from the local authorities believe got more video here. i want to start out by saying this is catastrophic. and believably catastrophic day in broward county history it's devastating i'm sick to my stomach. we have multiple casualties we've had approximately fourteen people transported to area hospitals with varying degrees of injuries there are multiple casualties there are folks that have lost their lives i don't know the number right now it's a fluid scene right now. yeah the sheriff went on to say that swaths was still clearing the school if you're just joining us this is our breaking news this hour from site florida a shooting incident has unfolded on a large high school in the state at least fourteen victims have been confirmed by
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the local sheriff's office and local media are reporting that seven of them have lost their lives believed to be pupils or teachers within the school. according to senator bill nelson there are quote a number of fatalities as a result of the shooting on the suspected shooter being detained as well we had video of that earlier showing at that suspect as the sheriff's office said believed to be eighteen years of age. not verified but we think he was a former student at this school at multiple ambulances police cars armored vehicles we saw time they were deployed to the school which unfolded around three to four hours ago from the public meeting and parents have been describing well we can see their pictures a chaotic frightening situation as they rushed to to find their children in the front to get minutes after reports came in social media and local news of this
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shooting on the side florida high school at present all of true. spoke with the florida governor. in a tweet that the white house is quote working closely with law enforcement on the terrible florida school shooting a lot more reaction coming in spokes person. in the in the white house huckabee some are saying term has offered for deferred federal assistance as well if needed this is turning into a tragic day at this school with seven well looks to be pupil killed in this happening a run an hour before leave time around two thirty local time. the picture there appears to be we can actually show. the picture of who looks to be the suspect we had pictures there earlier of the suspect getting rid of a police car after he'd been up
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a handy look to have been injured whether it was in a shoot out or next and also getting into the ambulance he had this this is the video we have from a helicopter and what you're about to see is the actual suspect at what we said a white male if dean year old reputed to be a former student of the school he was opera handed. with violence with him putting up any kind of a fight by police in the in the area near the school and he was then transferred to a stretcher most probably and then to a local hospital where were other casualties of the tuc have been taking place so just to recap seven people believed to be dead in this breaking news from florida high school active shooter was opera handed at three sorry a number of situation going on at the school but the shooter has been upper hand so
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that is the news we have for now this will be continuing to return. right throughout the hour here on our. ok let's now get a check on all the world news this hour as we just recap what's going on in florida in a few minutes time the u.s. is joining in the chorus of growing concern coming out of europe over foreign fighters returning to their home shores washington urged its allies particularly britain to pay more attention to citizens who fled europe to join the terrorist organization earlier the u.k. defense secretary said they should not be allowed to return home i don't think they should ever set food in this country again they turned their back on britain values average and we stand for then the wars of the wars we're working with the coalition
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on foreign fighter detainees and generally expect these detainees to return to their country of origin for disposition. another british official suggested extreme measures be taken the minister for international development said that the only way to deal with returning fighters was to kill them for all terrorists of u.k. origin who come home are facing prison sentences while some other european countries have tried to reintegrate former fighters back into society in denmark extra even received apartments on jobs to promote integration. earlier we heard opposing views from a number of guests on how to deal with returning jobless. initially britain said we're going to make them stateless remove their passports not going to allow them reentry other countries then said let's take a more light approach some of the nordic nations said let's try to repack treat
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them have. programs which in part have actually been quite successful in some areas at the same time then the u.s. is now taking the lead and the u.s. defense said foreign countries need to repatriate their own citizens and deal with them using the rule of law and i think that's a sensible way to go they should not come back here it's as simple as that because they've committed the crimes abroad so why should the church. foot the bill for all this rehabilitation and all this. probably they do in jail for quite awhile the cost move only when these crimes have been committed of course let the authorities deal with it under the rule of law in them. you know there are lots of different stories about what happens to these people if we make them stateless stand simply they will stay out there they will keep breeding extremism terrorism and radicalization and they'll keep killing and they'll keep hating us so we have it's a problem have to deal with you can't hide from it you cannot fall back on this british passport so you know i committed atrocities abroad but all for we british
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passport into the mix so we get sent back oh no how do we know people have committed crimes without putting the evidence in front of them and putting them on trial just assume people went out there so we're going to go out of here in london and regularly on trial here and we go i mean we're all regularly caught well these are obviously the the un is so weak. the u. again is so weak just nonexistent the should have. should about the un peacekeeping forces making safe and so we could properly categorize these people rather than so ok these people go into fight whichever side these people fight. against but now because they fight for the kids to be classed here it becomes a ridiculous situation. let's see in the u.k. and it's planned exit from the european union the british foreign secretary boris johnson has been giving an update on divorce negotiations with the e.u. which many of criticized for lack of progress were
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a smith reports. this is the first in a series of six speeches to be made by cabinet members in the next three weeks boris johnson has opened this series of speeches in titled road to bricks it and it was an address aimed at persuading people who do think that leaving the e.u. is a very good idea that it's actually all about hope and opportunity but in the same breath saying that reversing that decision would be a very bad idea here is a fear that some people are becoming ever more determined to stop brics it to reverse the referendum vote of june twenty third twenty sixteen and to frustrate the will of the people i believe that would be a disastrous mistake that would be to permanent and in the radical feelings of betrayal he's identified three main fears that people who don't want to leave the e.u. have they talk about security the fear that it would cost the u.k. address to fend for itself they talk about it being a pulling up of the drawbridge that breaks it is synonymous with xenophobia and
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also of course economic worries that britain would be worse off outside the single market and the customs union so johnson this morning tried to address those fears in turn the consensus is a speech that as i say was long on what full and slightly off color jokes but very short on detail which is arguably what might make some remain as change their minds about bret's it on twitter of course opposition m.p.'s were very quick to point this out yvette cooper said that with thirteen months to go what we need is this is a not bluster and david lammy made a similar point we've heard it all before a few bad jokes and a few long words even boris himself was sounding a little bit desperate by the end he hears under a hail of questions from journalists enough of your sweet nothings with the clarity do you think that you are the right person to be reaching out to to those remaining do you worry that this uncertain approach to break search there with reading this country is because we have a pm who weren't so sure vote for it today some of the anger that
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a few. remain is has come from your own government i except this morning i'm not going to. persuade everybody but i've got to i've got to try and i've got to make the effort because in the end these are people's feelings and people's feelings matter to questions remain that well also today's media conference and that is whether boris is the man to deliver this message and of course whether it's actually too little too late. america's top diplomat intel is assured his middle eastern country parts that double trumps the citizen to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital will not affect the city's borders or holy sites rex tillerson gave those assurances on relations building tour across the middle east to important to note that when president truman made his decision regarding drusilla he also made two very important points as well one of which was. where
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he was not advocating for any changes to the status quo is to oversee the holding holy sites and secondly he made clear that the positions on the final boundaries are borders of jerusalem is that is a matter that's left for the parties to negotiate and discuss but back in december president trump threw his support behind israel's planes over the city of jerusalem saying that the u.s. would move its embassy there from tel aviv the move this condemned by world leaders and the u.n. unstirred violent protests around the globe. was . was. really.
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well we spoke to palestinian politician dimitri delany he tillerson strip will help improve relations with countries already younger by trump's move. this is doesn't go beyond a public relations effort after the the mess that was caused by trump's decision on declaration on drugs from back in december i don't think he will be successful he's known to be a lightweight in the us foreign policy especially pertaining to the middle east as he admitted himself the peace plan that he talks about and it's only he have seen it he have seen points of it and that these are his words so in other words the secretary of state has no idea what he's talking about. also another side reno that how the donald trump runs his white house there was it like
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a corporation and he is only one with the ideas he's on i want to take credit for everything but he will push fairly on everybody else and i believe that tillerson his involvement at this point that just in case something goes bust which things are going that way in that direction in the middle east this really comes to the peace process or the nonexistent peace process i think tillerson is here just to get the blame later on that's all. inference of almost two thoughts and no one citizens who travel to join islamic state in the middle east intelligence sources say that sixty seven came from one particular part a suburb charlotte tube and ski traveled there. a short train ride from paris is trapped on the surface there's nothing much to set aside from the thousands of other towns in the country but you don't have to scratch very deep to see that trap
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is very different where you won't see any. butcher shops there were i think at the moment over fifteen hundred prayer rooms and five mosques if you look at people on the street you won't see couples holding hands you'll see the women are dressed in strict islamic dress. there's a lot of home schooling so you couldn't really consider trap. typical french town anymore it's a little bit like a state within the state for decades it's been considered a magnet for muslim fundamentalists hardline salafism and one hobby is a widely practiced and trap has become synonymous with joe hardison. and dozens of people. islamic state i was have carried out attacks on french soil have been linked. in paris in two thousand and fifty while with her right appears to. think that. there is some plain white
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pride remaining bad but your heart is only a matter of time before we have another attack the basic problem is that the ideology that's driving this and this goes much deeper than terrorist cells planning and executing attacks that ideology is so ingrained that last year a poll of french high school students revealed thirty two percent of muslim students believed islamic doctrine was superior to scientific fact another in two thousand and sixteen showed that sixty eight percent believed islamic law was superior to french law there's also concern that in an area like this that was once granted. by the authorities that syria is becoming the lands. of. the full veil covering has.


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