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ok because he doesn't have a work permit but he can still train since i came here he can do nothing to staying at home going out sometimes they keep him busy with my turnings google marco werman so human being. told you would be. overcharging. the work. should be all right but i have a full. view of the rugby world for a fling with the people we trust the rules. and if we. need above. all abdul can do now is wait for his final appeal against deportation to be considered by the home office the problems are five in afghanistan i have had the same because there was a big third for me the taliban and have i have
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a very bad depression day by day my depression is getting worse so i'm buried about my life and nothing could happen to me pretty boy i see greater manchester. now officially the u.k. government says it investigates every claim of intimidation and considers all cases on an individual basis. now we've been asking for reaction to abdel bari situation from a number of organizations focusing on human rights when we hear anything back from any of them we'll let you know what they say. a database of tweets allegedly sent by russia to influence the outcome of the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election has been released by an american news outlet i was supposed to provide a glimpse into the scope of the kremlin's alleged reach on social media and b c news says it managed to recover some two hundred thousand posts deleted by twitter claiming the information came from sources that asked to remain anonymous and it says everyone is free to source its findings and quote shine
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a light on the persistent threat to democracy correspondent jacqueline who joined me earlier to talk us through some of the tweets. for a while now social media has been wrapped up along with the allegations of russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election in the us cores of so-called russian took over twitter and facebook and all social networks in order to influence potential voters and sway the election that's what the idea is here and suffice to say u.s. politicians are more than a little bit concerned about this new film portaloos into our society russia has harnessed the tremendous and quite frankly to me frightening power of social media sowing discord in the us by inflame passions on a range of divisive issues truly troubling evidence. of the scope and reach of russia's interference in our last election i was clearly got the. dish the dirt what's in these tweets while of course there are
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a number of tweets on the list that either support or specifically against hillary clinton the opposite of that is also true you can find in the mix tweets in favor of clinton encouraging people to vote for her and support for bernie sanders the other democratic candidate was also in the mix but that also comes with along with attacks on trump himself so it's all a bit of confusion that it's all in their their support for all sides while of course there is a lot about trump as well but if everything's all about the election no many are completely off topic focusing instead on the hard hitting woes of sleeping in your contacts of the dislike for alarm clocks and because that's the internet there was also porn in there as well we've also been told that twitter bots have been used to promote inflammatory tweets to get messages to divide people in the country and yet you can also find among this database tweets that are calling for peaceful solutions for unity in the country referring to black lives matters protests so
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it's all in there but the real cherry on the top of this whole story is the fact that there are a number of entire. russia tweets in this list and a lot of them are really interesting they're going on about how russian hackers were involved in the election how heller warned us against trump russia collusion and how those ties must be investigated let's take a listen to some of the best hits of what they are to be found in there. to demand that house g.o.p. do its job and investigate don't drown brush this things you can't ignore irrational plant as you next by. some americans have been softly radicalized by hate groups russian propaganda to elect trump perhaps the biggest threat and those are supposedly tweets that are coming from accounts that are linked to the kremlin it just doesn't quite fit together and the internet is of course it's just a very divisive place everybody has their opinions and everybody feels free to post them there so this database really just does feel like
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a roundup of the typical things that you can find on twitter. separately n.b.c. news was recently accused of false reporting in its coverage of alleged russian interference the cyber security chief from the u.s. homeland security department who was interviewed for its report some the network for misrepresenting the woods we saw targeting of twenty one states and an exceptionally small number of that twenty one were actually successfully perpetrated. for a clearly says that hackers targeted the states and got access to an exceptionally small number of systems well n.b.c.'s headline read the russians had penetrated us voting systems changing how would that work stands by its report insisting it was accurate so it hasn't made any corrections. this is a spike in anti-semitic attacks in germany has prompted government action that i'll have the details about for you when we come back.
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to. put themselves. in big except the rejected. president. to go on to be this is what before. the. interest always in the water.
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i get on to the olympics and there are two unusual teams at this year's winter games one is the united squad from north and south korea competing is one for the first time in twelve years and what's being widely seen as a positive sign that relations might be warming between them the other team is a limpid athletes from russia known as taking part under a neutral flag after the doping scandal that hit the official team. has been asking some spectators whether they recognize the rebranding of russia's athletes. it will take a long while for russian athletes journalists like myself that i can tell you first sure to forget the acronym o. a r after chang twenty eight thing well just before the winter games
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a group of russian designers thought they could take advantage of the international olympic committee's language sanctioned. i put one of those on myself and decided to walk around near the olympic park a little bit. what kind of team did people with this kind of sweat shirts or i'm sure. it's a limp ache really looking to get paid for the russian north koreans are doing north for russia the russians the food there will be here because they do that if you lose a limb and then something that a limping athletes of russia what would you chant if you were annoying our team supporter oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh we've come from really people on our.
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own. leg some people say a russian animal can make a sound like that bear the russian fair siberian tiger i fear was. fear will make it sound when it's hungry. for gold medals well judging by the first few days of the winter olympics the russian fans have chosen to stick to the more traditional chants and symbols. here we have a train go r.t. n.p.r. . thousands of french football fans rampaged through the spanish capital on
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wednesday ahead of a european championship match between parry sound for man and real madrid. the french fans set off flares and fireworks close to their opponent's home stadium the match was judged high risk so riot police were mobilized and mounted police escorted supporters to the venue the match ended with a three one win for the home team. there's growing concern among the jewish community in germany after more than fourteen hundred anti semitic crimes were registered there last year there's also been a wave of anti semitic demonstrations with protesters burning israeli flags and shouting anti jewish slogans.
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the german government says it is addressing the problem last month that launched a special commission to monitor anti jewish incidents it follows years of appeals from the jewish community to raise awareness of hate crimes we spoke to a rabbi in berlin who thinks people need to come together if the problems to be defeated. it has to become much clearer to people in this country especially to refugees that have recently arrived that we all share it personal responsibility and that it will not be tolerated whether burning or flags of israel whether the. attack on any community any child in the school will not be tolerated as years zero tolerance policy for anti-semitic attacks and the has to be clear it has to be not shoved under the carpet it has to be said loud and clear and
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then people will realize a recognize that if they want to be part of this country there is also a responsibility there is a personal responsibility of civil courage not only not to be revived in any any in any such acts but but also not to tolerate if you see something say something that we all have the personal responsibility to stand up for any minority and of course also for jewish people and jewish institutions. the french president is on course to take another campaign pledge off his list emanuel mccrone is promising to bring back compulsory military service and his party has been busy trying to whip up support because we call it the national service because it's the place where the youth of our country and the nation meet one another where they get to know the military service on the one hand and civil engagement on the other it's where one gives his time to the nation and to society. what about the age range
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it will cover all age ranges and both boys and girls will take part in the service will be obligatory polls three years ago suggested eighty percent of people were in favor of the move but now that's to end all to a little more than a half shell or do bent he's been asking people in paris what they think now. but you play as are you ready to serve your country yes i have even tried to get in the army. there are many ways to help your country and not in the army but it's not all about taking a weapon in your hands. army training is definitely way street sort of in the school curriculum but this experience gave me a new perspective on the fingers. as
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well i think military service is something good this creates unity around the country but serve and should be optional. at the moment seems quite crazy her as they say it will be obligatory this is them they say not. the french national anthem at all. despite all that patriotism french military expert hubby on the road told us that he doesn't expect my plan to work out. burn mark or is no paying you know one of it is an underwear listing proposals it did during a campaign talking about three or six months is a concentration and couldn't work because to teach the basic note ages to the basic skills to a soldier it needs many mom three months is it's impossible to make something
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useful for a. modern army like the french army where there is a many high technique all the systems and now you're up to date kevin owens here in just over half an hour to update you on the world's biggest stories from a column by on the news team found out by. in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decade's long debt. studying so hard it requires strange. going through humiliation to enter an elite society. and parching to death sometimes quite literally. want other true colors of universities in the
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us. palestine is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos a member of the commission to do loving you like you know that this isn't my cup of tea is going to study on me. no charge does. the only palestinians who gets the most help from its jerusalem counterpart i don't think there is another those ruined who were under the vision the only computers. i know there's a lot that's not as to how to display any of the muscle that you had i'm going to compete in the doesn't seem to do more of the most awesome companies on. a plate for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. the ball
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isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the shaper money billionaire owners spend spending to get to twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game but great so what more chance for. peace this minute. i have nice guys or this as they hire report yes we're back all kinds of good things are happening. so max we're back from the round table where we were
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down in mexico enjoying the sunshine we both looked a little bit funny and in the second half we have an amazing interview with patrick verne of overstock dot com he's coming out with some of the same exciting platform called tease erode you talked to him about that and that is a surprise setting actually for the second half get ready for that i shot it on my i phone i thought i did some pretty good camera work there but while we were in can tune on february eighth or february sixth actually twenty eighteen there was an interesting story that happened that was breaking while we were there and i was the price of being quite crashing down into the five thousands but there were testimony given by the c.f.c.'s sea chairman and the f.c.c. chairman to a senate committee and we're going to look at that headline as you see and see if to see hearing more legitimate i ceo's or if there was no bitcoin there would be no block chain the commodity futures trading commission and u.s.
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securities and exchange commission f.c.c. met the morning of february sixth twenty eighteen to discuss their roles and block chain virtual currencies and i c.e.o.'s set in washington d.c. at the dirksen senate building the committee on banking housing and urban affairs and open session for about two hours we'll go over some of their quotes but the shocking thing was just how positive in particular christopher john carlo who is the chairman of the c.f. to c. was about bitcoin he seemed to be a huge fan of his kids his niece everybody's involved in because in this family all the millennial is in the youngsters he says you know you know very positive stuff from those regulator may seem to be paving the way for a more positive disposition toward of oil and you know the world is clear of those who supported those who don't support it it doesn't seem to matter really who supports it or does the support of it as a life of its own and of the gender you know the protocol is high. coded to
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dismantle the world as we know it and those who try to get the way will be destroyed by it but those who want to come on board like a friendly regulator that's ok a bit wary though you know it's the classic good cop bad cop so there you go you know when regular anywhere from the government comes with a gift you have to be a little leery well he isn't in fact was saying compared to the internet development and the internet he said developed without regulation and he believes that this space should also develop without regulation his quote was during the oh most twenty years of do no harm regulation about the internet a massive amount of debt of investment was made on the internet infrastructure yielded a rapid expansion in access that supported swift deployment and mass adoption of internet based technologies internet based innovations have revolutionized nearly every aspect of american life from telecommunications to commerce transportation to research and development do no harm was unquestionably the right approach to
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development of the internet similarly i believe that do no harm is the right over arching approach for a distributed ledger technology yeah well then internet was destroyed with net neutrality a so-called laws so it was a trojan horse that brought in all of us a monopolist like jeff bezos and others who are now a dominating the economy in completely and healthy ways so yeah this regulator is all about come on into my warm fuzzy hot and we've got an agenda for you oh i hope the big i knew that big going has the strength to put these guys in their graves who are you know johnny come lately who are talking the good talk but we know from experience on the internet being an exact excellent example that they speak with forked tongue so again he turns to first of all he said if there was no bitcoin there would be no block chain so he destroys all that argument of the likes of jamie diamond and jim rickards and everybody. says well block chain technology is
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interesting he was asked by senators asking whether or not what they thought about a block without bitcoin and he said it's the value in the crypto currency which secures the block chain so there is you can't separate the two then he said as we saw with the development of the internet we cannot put the technology genie back in the bottle virtual currency is mark a paradigm shift in how we think about payments traditional financial processes and engaging in economic activity ignoring these developments will not make them go away nor is it a responsible regulatory response so again you know the likes of jim records had said and many others around him many other people like him many people who have gone on c m b c and bloomberg have said the regulators will destroy it and you know just get ready for the i.r.s. to crack down on you or you know regulators to squash you or the department of jet justice to squash you and the next episode we're going to talk about arizona and their tax policy but welcoming bitcoin as payment of taxes but in terms of this.
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the c.s.t. seaguy. chairman was very very positive he's now got a huge following on twitter of all the twitter folk. folk but then we'll go into the f.c.c. guy he was he was positive but not quite as positive you know ok so i mean he's making some correct noises about the relationship between bitcoin and the block chain you know there was an attempt to split these two and say oh the blog change is great i don't like bitcoin. stands that you can't separate the two that in fact the block chain is enabled by bitcoin not the other way around so it makes it secure and so now bitcoin one o one again but you know i remember the regulators like bart chilton who looked at the server market it was given ironclad evidence of manipulation and somehow he overlooked that and somehow didn't call time on that scam
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later we found out that the market was being manipulated but by the time he was gone so will this guy be thrown to the wolves i mean you know the force of the banking industry jamie dime is not going to go away just because some regulators you know sway is singing a sweet song you know i don't think jamie dimon is hiding under his bed you know he's reloading you know this fight is going to be ramped up this is not going away it's important to note for those out there in the rest of world who might not know understand the american regulation system c f t c is basically regulating commodities and futures markets out of chicago is the primary center for that s.b.c. is you think of wall street and even though they cover the whole u.s. you know it's mostly wall street and wall street banks so the f.c.c. guy steps forward with his he also says disembodied technology i block chain of bitcoin are ok there are new developments we're going to see what happens with them
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whereas chairman jan carlo of c f t c mentioned i. scio's initial point offerings only once of course j. clayton the seat chairman of the f.c.c. mentioned it one hundred thirty two times and he says simply said we should embrace the pursuit of technological advancement as well as new and innovative innovative techniques for capital raising but not at the expense of principles undermining our well founded and proven approach to protecting and best fares and markets so we did have a lawyer at the event who spoke about after watching this testimony and this lawyer said that clayton was essentially putting the gatekeepers on notice that the way the f.c.c. regulates is they regulate through lawyers and accountants who are supposed to guide their clients. about the correct procedures.
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clayton says when he looked at every single ses every single i.c.a.o. he looked at was the security none of them did register a security maybe one or two of them did. so she did that so this lawyer did mention that there will be enforcement action some enforcement actions coming soon probably against some exchanges and probably against i.c.a.o. is initial quite offerings that we're offering steep discounts to certain insiders and people oh yeah i see no market the initial coin offering market is a distinct market and it does come under the purview of the f.c.c. as a security that they would monitor closely as a securities offering those comments did overlapped somewhat with crypto currencies like bitcoin and the theory i'm they were talking about bitcoin when the question came up well would you start to be taking
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a more aggressive stance toward bitcoin and they said well we're not sure because they don't have anyone to talk to it bitcoin there is no one eight hundred bitcoin to call there's no headquarters there's no person like of a taluk at a ferry i'm so again so my point here is a regulator talking tough there's a regulator talking sweet kisses good cop bad cop this is what cops do this is what the government does big coin itself is on an agenda it's has a rock you know i love this story that the british banks are being hacked into and people are mining big coin because if anything you can do to destroy british banks and wall street banks is a positive toward a better humanity they are the pox on our civilization big coin will attack them in many different ways if you're going to undermine them by mining and basically collapse from the inability to have the energy to survive then that's another good
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. a way to destroy. this playing this this locust this infestation called you know the banks. of course i c.e.o.'s have nothing to do with bitcoin or theremin other than riding on top of it they are financial offerings and whether or not ever anybody was trying to pretend otherwise in the second half you do talk to patrick byrne about regulators and his he is doing an i.c.a.o. but as a security so he's doing above board with it when it comes through the whorehouse they take the piano player and i'm saying so they'll come in there are still these i.c.a.o. zone they're also curious you're all going to jail and by the way are you guys in the bitcoin camp come along with us real some questions for you right so i mean this is a war this is the war that we are been born to fight this is the worst toshi put us in the playing field to do battle this is so i mean this great that this guy's speaking nicely but i don't trust him as far as i can sit at home while we're there
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another fake so she came forward by the way by me and said toshi i wrote this blog post dot com and that was referring to so she roundtable which is the true vision of soto she's vision which which is that we're ever we are now where big coin is now is suppose she's vision it doesn't matter what she was thinking nine years ago it's what has developed now and the overall conversation there as to toshi roundtable were these are like one hundred two hundred of the. top engineers investors and developers in this space and lightning network was by far the largest most important technology being developed around it coin the other big issue was speaking of regulators and financial stuff was tether and other the guys from both annex did talk about that. are opinion and we are investors in but for next i must. but our opinion was that the market just like the market told us
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mt gox is going to collapse the collapse the market said says about tether at this point anyway that it's all there and it's all it's well i have my own version of because what i find has the highest fertility to that which is presented in the white paper which is about unifying the world's collective unconscious and that's what this technology will do to usher in a new universal consciousness as the best of the best that's all we can expect and there's no room for pigs like jamie dimon. we got to go the second half don't go away much more coming your way. about your second passing i phone we just learned you were yourself taking your last one.


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