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but there were would. like nato forces. if you were. back in afghanistan abdul was a professional boxer he can't compete in the u.k. because he doesn't have a work permit but he can still train since i came here he can do nothing to staying at home going out sometimes they keep him busy with my turnings googlebot market the woman the human being. told you would be. sure of a challenging part. of the work that the world. should be all me but i have a full. view of the rugby. afoot we should look after people we would trust the rules. and if we go we need
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a bus tour all abdul can do now is wait for his final appeal against deportation to be considered by the home office problems or fight in afghanistan. or the same cost there was a big third for me the taliban and have i have a very bad depression day by day my depression is getting worse so i'm buried about my life and nothing could happen to me pretty boy i see greater manchester. officially the hugh k. government says it investigates every claim of intimidation and considers all cases on an individual basis we asked for reaction to our bilberry situation from a number of organizations focusing on human rights though there's far no response back if we do get something but we will of course let you know. that american news outlets released a database of tweets allegedly sent by russians to influence the outcome of the twenty sixteen us presidential election n.b.c. news boasted about recovering some two hundred thousand posts deleted by twitter it
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is crusade against the kremlin this alleged reach on social media claiming it did the information came from sources that asked to remain anonymous it also gave an open invitation for people to use its findings to quote shine a light on the persistent threat to democracy jacqueline my colleague colleen bray to investigate how malicious and for studious the russian scoop really was. for a while now social media has been wrapped up along with the allegations of russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election in the u.s. scores of so-called russian bots took over twitter and facebook and also networks in order to influence potential voters and sway the election that's what the idea is here and suffice to say u.s. politicians are more than a little bit concerned about this the film portals into our society russia has harnessed the tremendous and quite frankly to me frightening power of social media sowing discord in the us by inflame passions on
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a range of divisive issues truly troubling evidence. of the scope and reach of russia's interference in our last election i would have clearly got the. dish the dirt what's in these tweets while of course there are a number of tweets on the list that either support or specifically against hillary clinton the opposite of that is also true you can find in the mix tweets in favor of clinton encouraging people to vote for her but that also comes with along with attacks on trump himself everything we've worked towards comes down to today retreat this if you're voting for hillary big ego trump gets called to yet another line this time about his inauguration but if everything's all about the election no many are completely off topic focusing instead on the hard hitting woes of sleeping in your contacts of the dislike for alarm clocks i fell asleep with my contacts in had to get up to take them out right quick now awake. alarm clock.
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what's happening in genetics is jaw dropping we've also been told that twitter bots have been used to promote inflammatory tweets to get messages to divide people in the country and yet you can also find among this database tweets that are calling for peaceful solutions for unity in the country referring to black lives matters protests so. it's all in there but the real cherry on the top of this whole story is the fact that there are a number of anti russian tweets in this list and a lot of them are really interesting they're going on about how russian hackers were involved in the election how heller warned us against trump or russia collusion and how those ties must be investigated let's take a listen to some of the best hits of what they are to be found in there. to demand that house g.o.p. do its job and investigate. this things you can't ignore irrational plant as you
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next by. some americans have been subtly radicalized by groups russian propaganda to electronic perhaps the biggest threat and those are suppose to be tweets that are coming from accounts that are linked to the kremlin it just doesn't quite fit together and the internet is of course it's just a very divisive place everybody has their opinions and everybody feels free to post them there so this database really just does feel like our roundup of the typical things that you can find on twitter or b c news was recently accused of false reporting in its coverage of alleged russian interference to a cyber security chief from the u.s. homeland security was interviewed for its report slow on the network for misrepresenting her words we saw the targeting of twenty one states and in an exceptionally small number of that twenty one were actually successfully perpetrated well as you heard the mom for it clearly says targeted the state and go to access to an exceptionally small number of systems but check out embassies headline about it read that quote russians had penetrated u.s.
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voters systems so you would see what the network stands by its report insisting it was accurate and so far has not made any corrections. well after the break we see how the limpid athletes from russia brand is being received at the winter olympics and public awareness about it coming up. is hard coded. the world as we know it and those trying to get their way
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will be destroyed by it but those who want to come on board like a friendly regulator that's ok. you know it's the classic good cop bad cop scenario you know when regular. you have to be a little leery. and there are two unusual teams this year's winter olympics one is the united squad from north and south korea competing is one for the first time in twelve years that's a big headline it's been widely seen as a positive sign that relations might be warming between them the other team is a limp athletes for russia known as o.a.r. taking part under that neutral flag after the doping scandal the official team. is
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down there some spectators whether they recognize the rebranding of russia's athletes them. it will take a long while for russian athletes journalists like myself that i can tell you first sure to forget the acronym oh ok r after chang twenty eight thing well just before the winter games a group of russian designers thought they could take advantage of the international olympic committee's language sanctioned. i put one of those on myself and decided to walk around near the olympic park a little bit. what kind of team do people with this kind of sweatshirt support i'm sure. it's
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a limb take it half really believes he can beat the russians north korea are doing north korea russia the russians the food we see here you go they do that if you lose a limb and then something of a limp dick athletes of russia what would you chant if you were annoying our team supporter oh oh oh oh oh oh oh we've come from really full on. bush. leg some people say a russian animal can make it sound like that bear the russian bear siberian tiger i fear was. fear will make it sound like it's hungry. for gold medals well judging by the first few days of the winter olympics the russian fans have chosen to stick to the more traditional chants and symbols.
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you know we have a train go artsy n.p.r. sharing despite it all over seas being good spirits don't they not so hot though for our next story for football thousands of french football fans rampage through the spanish capital on wednesday head to the european championship match between paris and the real madrid. french found set off flares and fireworks close their opponent's home stadium the match was judged high risks a riot police were mobilized and mounted police escorted supporters to the venue that much ended with a three one win for the whole team. is
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growing concern among the jewish community in germany after more than fourteen hundred anti semitic crimes were registered there last year there's also been a wave of anti semitic demonstrations too with protestors burning israeli flags and shouting anti jewish slogans. the german government says it is addressing the problem of trying to at least last month it launched a special commission to monitor anti jewish incidents in years of appeals from the jewish community to raise awareness of hate crimes we spoke to a rabbi in berlin who thinks people need to come together if the problem is to be finally defeated it has to become much clearer to people in this country
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especially to refugees that have recently arrived that we all share it personal responsibility and that it will not be tolerated whether burning flags of israel whether the any attack on any community any child in the school will not be tolerated as years zero tolerance policy for anti-semitic attacks and the has to be clear it has to be not shoved under the carpet it has to be said loud and clear and then. people will realize a recognize that if they want to be part of this country there is also a responsibility there is a personal responsibility of civil courage not only not to be revived in any any of any such acts but now but also not to tolerate if you see something say something that we all have the personal responsibility to stand up for any minority and of
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course also for jewish people and jewish institutions. french president is on course to take another campaign pledge off the list a man whom across promising to bring back compulsory military service and his party has been busy trying to whip up support. we call it the national service because it's the place where the youth of our country and the nation meet one another where they get to know the military service on the one hand and civil engagement on the other it's where one gives his time to the nation and to society. what about the age range it will cover all age range of both boys and girls will take part in the service will be obligatory. a live news event that we can take you to the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman for the russian foreign ministry move of us not giving a news briefing we're going to cameras there she spoke to talk about ukraine and the syrian conflict let's listen it. looks from egypt ukraine germany.
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i'll give you a follow up later on. we are working and we cannot confirm that there will be such a thing as that meeting. with the number and also we plan to hold meetings where the general secretary of nato for a minister. who is today the president of the seventy. second session of the u.n. . will follow these other meetings which are planned to happen there for some additional extra meetings well we will inform. us later on. the minister will talk on the future relation between russia and the european union. this is a. before now i will give you more. about the meeting of foreign minister lavrov with. representatives of the russian and.
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german business circles as one of the high officials we have announced that meeting already and i cannot say that that will be a full form what multilateral meeting as we usually. all the international talks will hold but how was that it's a good tradition to hold such a meeting on the sidelines on the munich conference. because we usually hold these meetings where the businessman. germany and today we are planning that this will happen on the seventeenth of february. but also it will see me as twice chancellor the foreign minister and mr gabrielle will discuss the grasping substrate of breast milk operation and so i would asians are developing a strategy. i meet all of the sanctions special attention to the measures of which russia carries out to. investment climate in russia all the foreign investments and
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investors dogs are also. alerted to announce a couple of more mutations which will happen in the immediate future but i'm going . to get it as we have the practice. going to. russia. with we'll have a meeting on the eighteenth or nineteenth. of february they had of the foreign ministry of all issues. the foreign ministers are to have a very substantial meeting it was not at all certainly. it was one of our guests will have a number of moment to see how the council. ration of the security council of russia because we see as one of the leading partners of russia and the muslim world it would have a lot of this carmen when it comes to international and regional affairs we. balance. and support was any effort.
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both rely on the international law and we both believe that the people's shoes is being given right that was the right to do so for themselves what kind of future they want it we also have similar views. libya together we have already compiled a number of projects to work on our ties are very diverse so what we have a constant. work on the e-mail to the deck nicko track on the energy track we cooperate in many areas of the fields including culture and humanitarian affairs our trade as lean increasing now it's more than three billion dollars during the last year's meeting. a number of projects have been agreed upon and these projects have to do work science technology is. no clear energy we use all the peaceful means of course and i hope that our joint commission
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will pay the little role in these work also we have a commission on scientific and technical cooperation that has already conducted eight plenary sessions and we believe that the further full cooperation will be possible because we will regulate out the proper foundation our traditional friendly relations have nothing in terms of any obstacles on the way to be even better also for a minister of pakistan will visit russia upon the invitation of the foreign minister right show they are to discuss the prospects of relations for all countries exchange their views on international and regional agendas this year we mark this seventy the nursery of the stablish and if a medical asians between russia and pakistan and today i can say for sure that our cooperation with pakistan enjoys a very high importance and some of our foreign. affairs.
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priorities we have a reconstruction of the other come the various international platforms first and foremost in the us and we will see new opportunities emerge after in two thousand and seventeen stone i'm sure in the shanghai. in full cooperation as a full fledged member we believe that we can be even more successful on the way to develop our ties in terms of trade in terms of. the fight against terrorism. on the twentieth of february the diplomatic academy of the russian federation will hold a conference to decatur to the memory of the the message extorted upon you but the answer you permit is presented to you from russia to the united nations mr true king the participants of the conference will share their memories and will discuss his work in a nice career and he's experienced a conference will see a number of people such as the foreign minister sergei lavrov share our vaisakhi if
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you care and so. deputy foreign minister. that i do quite and many directors of the foreign ministers departments embassador. of foreign states and leading russian diplomats scientists journalists we invite you to participate and you need to have the proper could you tell you what it. i can assure you that this will be a very informative very useful the same time despite given certain i've said many children on these professional career. plans will talk about him. as a human being is a person on the front of several. liberal a visit slovenia with a working visit he has planned to have a meeting with the president of the country with the prime minister and foreign minister during these meetings he will be discussing the prospects for developing
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our relations as well as opportunities to expand our car peroration trade military and work better attention will be paid to our corporations in the field i. am immoral and first and foremost creating a new search for the second world war two will discuss our positions on the regional and international issues of the twenty first. if every foreign minister lavrov will visit. but it will be marking the anniversary of establishing diplomatic relation between our countries were planned to have meetings where the president had of the garment the first deputy of the. prime minister. the foreign minister will participate in the presentation of the new cathedral. in belgrade it was established
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with the help of the russian foreign ministry. also mr lavrov will deliver a speech at one of the university use all the country. meetings will be dedicated to discussions of the joint project six changing views on the regional and international issues. again that in the same context of vienna verse three. hundred twenty third. i may eat there so every day. the brain. will say he. is. here at this very building of the foreign minister in moscow. will hold. a new exhibit historical exhibit should did you created to be anywhere surrealist relations with the country many copies of. documents from the archives will be
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present dating to the times of the russian empire. those documents would. be dealing with the every piece of history relating to the anniversary we know quite recently the prime minister of serbia visited russia and that will be just this demonstration of our a love and friendship for what's the people because we have a very deep and common united he story i invite you to put it but it's now coming to the international fair us to our international policies first and foremost i would like to thank. all the bottom of my heart everyone who spreads to condolences and the people with the world has of states' interests lay people they express their condolences of the tragedy which happened on the right show on the eleventh of february when the plane and when i was eight hundred. forty
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eight crashed near moscow we received condolences from downs. i've heard of days foreign minister it's a prime minister has had a parliament's international organizations some about. and then the voice of a lot of religious figures political. figures. many people came to russians now mrs across the world to spread their condolences a tribute to the people who perished in the trade you are deeply grateful to everyone who expressed condolences and who was startled by the tragedy of the whole . cherish the memory of people who died in the church. now turn into the situation in syria terms of the political situation the situation has. got some of those really good at it to see certain outcomes happen they asked of of
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all of the congress and so would she during the forum and so she a lot of participants including the parties from which syria expressed their will to. maintain the total integrity and to proceed to the efforts to ensure the peaceful life upon the foundation of a new state who are now principles and new. frameworks that the kind of message which was awarded before that and that's the kind of signal the syrians gave to the world but unfortunately we see another kind of activity go in because some still try to play their own game on the syrian fear when we see further occupation of the u.s. army. of an area in syria fifty five kilometer zone which is a buffer zone for all the remnants of the isis troops and these actions are treated
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asian in its current. to be the case in the kurdish territories when. led by the u.s. have a direct confrontation with the syrian government of force provoking turkey and they've been sending more and more armaments to send turkey in return that have continued the military has to were tears and the fancy of on the kurds in the. the promise of a free first part of the oil. olive branch operation which is an offensive on the kurds. especially violent. fancy for much of it and those who are still continue to hold provocations to one of the you is discoloration zones easing. these collation zone there and also a shell in damascus which leads to more deaths among the civilians many in the west i'm well aware of these facts but still the news who are. only
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going to say truth. to show sympathy they are sparing and they say that they are almost the fighters against the bloody regime in damascus and those who see that way they have the must have forgotten how many of the warriors come not from syria but from other countries for instance the head of the group has public use of that around eight forty percent of the us military the scum from other countries not syria but maybe that's can be as your good thing because. living on in terms of what people think. there is nobody can blame russian those brits forces for any barmy alerted by arming of civil infrastructure massive. clearings as they say under the the fancier for the syrian army they went to the retreated from the area where they were
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by the governmental forces and after a short fighting at around three hundred fifty isis fighters with families so round two of the syrian army in the internet we've seen that they were prosecuted they were executed but there. is something i doubt is important so that they would not. to be given an opportunity to join with no nos or or other radical groups in the area currently when you solve called. isis is a very massive very massive attention on the part of the us miss matt has had a guard during the meeting with the the car lucian meetings in their captured jihad this is should not be kept on the territory of syria because as he said. the remaining instability can lead to the following. they can be released they can
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escape but here comes the question of why should we do and they said nothing regarding the possibilities many western countries do not want to have them back i mean those terrorists who are their own citizens their own subjects will follow closely the developments on this thread but we think it's important to highlight that according to the general practice people who committed crime on the territory of a third state are. should be legally prosecuted by for instance this case syria for their crimes the question is whether international terrorism is global terrorists should be even opportunity to apply for any other jurisdiction or any other kind of here and now i would like to proceed to one of the topics with another topic but. but by then you but that's the only because if the situation
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were supposedly russian military personnel were on board at the use of force or. siege and see a number of other american media including c.n.n. . new york times and washington post. materials claiming a lot of russian military personnel are equal. from the us. record. two hundred casualties first then one hundred c.n.n. spoke of over one hundred casualties and the new york times. said dozens of the russian military personnel were killed interestingly i know if you even before you know these reports of the same claims there were media anti-government syrian militants which for some reason. the show from mars and then superimposed these.


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