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tv   Cross Talk  RT  February 16, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EST

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ground troops to terrorists in iraq and syria and afghanistan have lost the lives of civilians on the american soil yet not one single russian bullet was shot at an american soldier and for some reason threat for the pentagon comes from moscow i mean what russians don't really get it why. well. i don't share that view i don't believe it's a fact coming from russia today i believe we have to be vigilant about what might happen in the future in russia or china but i don't see a threat today and then there's the head of the british army cern nicholas carter and he says that cyber war with russia is a bigger threat to britain their security to british security than terrorism the terror attacks happened on monthly bases and britain last year i mean what is it all ok under control now no terrorist threat information cyber attack is more dangerous cyber attack is a real problem for all of our countries for russia and united states and for
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britain but the cyber attacks can come from terrorism as well as from other countries. one of the unique aspects of this cyber threat is that they can come from an individual it can come from a small group and they can come from a nation is not limited like nuclear weapons to a large country that has the industrial capacity to build a nuclear weapons but i think what makes people nervous is a lot of. talk about war war war and conflict is so much in the air right now general carter one more time want to far as saying that they may have no choice about conflict with russia i mean is great britain and thus medo really going to have a war with russia is just fear mongering we have today i believe. positive friendly relationship with russia some people are imagining what could happen in the future. we ought to be focusing our attention instead of how do we
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preserve that part of today how do we build on the parts of relationship there's no reason why the american people and the russian people should be hostile to each other the history of friendship its history of working together during the period i was secretary of defense we actually worked together we had to working together in bosnia we had american and russian soldiers going together on foot patrols in bosnia and it worked very well we also worked together with the with the russian nuclear establishment in dismantling nuclear weapons during that period of time we dismantled eight thousand nuclear weapons four thousand of the united states and four thousand in the former soviet union so we work together to the benefit it can be done should be done and i would like to get back to instead of worrying about what could happen ten years from now what could happen if russia gets tossed out of the united states we should focus instead on how do we continue to build on that positive and cooperative relationship but i wonder why it's not happening this is
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what you're saying is wonderful and i wish you were secretary of defense or head of nato today because times have changed and so unfortunate i always see right now is ramping up its defense expenses in response to a threat from china and russia when russia's military budget is seventeen times smaller than american military budget america's spending more money on its military than the next eight countries taken together what like how can it still feel and secure. i am very sure and with this increasingly hostile relationship building up to trying it between the united states and others my own view is that the cause of it is coming from both nations there's actions and statements made by russia as well as actions statements made by the nice some of them are response to each other we ought to somehow find a way of turning that around to looking at the for the seeing the worst in each
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side's trying to see the best and. and as i said we have a history of working together pardoning cooperate cooperate we know we can do it and i'd like to see us get back to that and i think it's going to take changes in attitudes and changes in statements and changing positions both in the russian government and the american government for that to happen i'm not pleased today with the positions taken by other governments stopped apparently going to take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue talking to dr william perry a former u.s. defense secretary talking about russia u.s. relations and what's going to happen with north korea stay with us.
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i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guys. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch pull the funnel school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so well more chimes for. the base this minute. after mars and coalition negotiations germany's through largest parties have provisionally agreed on the compromise that may yet fall through all of these difficulties a sign of something major going wrong in german politics the birthing pangs of the
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country's fourth from the coalition. i. think i used the most unusual moves but i'm. just musing first thing in the both of them which is this movement of the new. i. believe that this is. just. a put down player has to do some. serious. and i. i.
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and we're back with dr william perry a former united states to same secretary perry and then there's the sanctions business despite congress specifically passing of the anti russian sanctions trub actually chose not to and. them but instead he unveiled a list of who is who in crime lynn and who is still in the russian business so i don't know how you see but we thought that maybe he was kind of making fun of congress there. and i'm not pleased with that list but i have a few read nor read the list but you read the statement and went with it it makes
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as if specific statement isn't there's nothing listen these people with there's nothing they've done nothing there's nothing the line about we intend to take notice that we have no plans to put sanctions on them it's very specific that this is. a list just in response of the request to congress made i don't agree with many things the trouble ministration has done but i think their action on that this was very wise where they explicitly stated that this is not a list intended to impugn these people. with the current congress which is pretty hostile towards russia white house which is last hostile to russia do u.s. russia relations stand any chance honestly speaking or to they have to come back this is silly what's going on right now. i agree that the actions taken by the congress today and particular on the sanction list. made no real sense but i also observe they were not actually moving towards more aggressive actions to
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each other it's. i would like to see a much better relations and everything that the united states and russia are doing and i hope we can get to that point but in the meantime we should not be misinterpreting things like that so-called sanction that was really not sanctioned this was just a list of names i would also like to see statements made by our leaders both russian leaders down american leaders be more moderate and be focused more on the positive aspect to relationship but i do believe. we will get through this i think. we have a history of fars a relationship there's no reason why we can't get back to that relationship again in the many many reasons why we should not pursue this negative track we are today
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we and by we i mean both united states and russian governments i don't i'm not pleased with what have you or the other government is doing. dr perry you have said that with emergence of malicious hackers we are now in greater danger of an accidental nuclear war than during the cold war i mean i agree that technology brings along new threats but defense systems have become much more sophisticated as well you know i mean how can they still be very vulnerable to external attacks being sophisticated doesn't mean they're not vulnerable to attack in fact the more complexity a system has the more different avenues it has for failure the bigger and more complex the system is the more points of failure you might find in the system so i am not at all in fact when i talked with our. generals about our warning system at the north american air defense command they say we're relieved we're not so much
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worried as you are because our systems are old fashioned they don't have the the openings for vulnerabilities that some modern systems have they're not open to being hacked for example. so being modern in complex is not necessarily mean being better the important thing i think is not the different complexity of our systems or the susceptibilities attack it's recognizing that any system no matter how modern no matter how simple work how complex and the system is vulnerable a mistake it may seem to do fail humans make errors as long as that happens we have to be sure that our political system doesn't respond falsely to those errors so the important thing is to. move away from the position where we believe we have to launch or the russian government believes it has to launch on a warning but instead of willing to step back and say why would the russians launch missiles or the pressure there why would the americans launch missiles at us and once you understand the answer that question they wouldn't do it then you're not so
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apt to make a mistake so if you machines fail if you whom humans feel the political system has to use good judgment i say this must be a mistake we're not going to respond to it but i still wonder about the technical side of the i have to ask you mean this is just mind boggling to me that so many years on and it still just takes one person and one push of a button to blow up half of the world and their machines malfunction and even the more complex they are the most likely the are to malfunction in some respect humans are humans and humans there and so any system that depends on machines never failing or humans never and is a bad system we have to have a system that dissipates there will be failures and acts accordingly and that means you have to have safeguards building into your decision process that accommodate the possibility of machine failures of human furious. as you were
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a policy coordinator on the north korean nuclear problem and even one on that historic visit to pyongyang in ninety nine and i know that your diplomatic efforts almost resulted in success aspect than until it went sour again what is it that the current us administration is doing wrong what north korea i think really is what north korea is working right now they are moving forward with an i.c.b.m. program moving forward of the nuclear program the nuclear program even includes thermo nuclear weapons so they are putting together very. substantial threat in the face of international opposition in the face of un resolutions of the contrary that's the problem we're faced with today and the question is how do we deal with the politically and my understanding of the north koreans suggests that while i'm concerned about the nuclear weapons program i do not believe they have any
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intentions of using those offensively against any other country. they are not suicidal. they're not seeking martyrdom they're seeking to protect their country against an attack in other words if they see the nuclear weapons as being for deterrence. the danger there is not that they will use the weapons the dangers were there was a blunder into a war with them and that danger is a very good danger i think it's very important that the united states in dealing with north korea understand that they're not intending the use of more fancily we could trigger and that we could mistakenly take an action which triggers a response so we have to be very careful in dealing with north korea but we should not delude ourselves into thinking that they're tending to fire those missiles at us. there is a lot of hope right now about the resumed talks between the two koreas and there
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recently i spoke to the south korean president advisor and what he told me is that the only thing that north korea really wants is to tom directly to the united states do you think america should be talking directly to north korea maybe a lot of good things could come out of it i think that's quite possible when i went to north korea ninety nine that was true they wanted to speak to the united states we had very constructive discussions then we had an agreement. the basis for an agreement by which they would give up all the nuclear weapons and all the long range missiles and then i think we might have been able to pursue that and i don't think we can achieve that today it's too late to get back to a negotiation to get them to go to the nuclear weapons at this time we have to focus on what we have to do to deter the use of those nuclear weapons and then the diplomacy we use here should be focused on how do we lower the danger of the
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nuclear weapons if we think we're going to have a diplomacy to get allows them to get rid of the by which they get rid of the nuclear weapon i think we are deluding ourselves they have them they like them they're going to keep them trumps rhetoric i mean he's so-called bloody nose preemptive strike on north korea. it's not very dangerous when you just hear that but it could have some consequences no i think first of all it would be dangerous to conduct a preemptive strike i mean fully opposed to doing that but i also think it's somewhat dangerous to even threaten to do it because if north korea really believes we're about to conduct a preemptive strike on them is going to be significant in a serious preemptive strike that may. they may be. motivated to make it to try to be just for the blood to have their own first strike so it's very important to keep the rhetoric down as well as keeping our military we have
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a very capable defensive military capability and north korea and we can be confident about that but we should not be threatening military action that could lead to undesirable consequences when it comes to north korea we hear secretary massa's actually talking diplomacy it's trump that's talking war carefully yet do you think defense secretary has enough elaborates on trump to actually prevent him from doing anything i can to know whether your personal relationship is but it is certainly true that the president wants to take military action on north korea he has to take it through secretary trub i mean secretary brothers so i have a lot of confidence and second in secretary mabus he's very. experienced and very. cautious about the use of military power he has and he's not reckless at all so i. guess it gives me a good feeling dr perry thank you very much for this wonderful inside i wish all
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the best thank you come back to us soon all right.
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global war hawks sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle is going. to stop spreading to tell you that so be gossip and tabloid but fell for the most important news today. the past has been telling you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with our loved ones. the stakes couldn't be higher and it's happening in syria the goal of destroying the islamic state is largely complete now the syrian proxy war is entering a new stage for the players and one of their aims and what does winning. thank you. thank i am.
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well know that i knew britain which. you take a. divisive one and as a way of saluting the thing in the room before the. show us that our boys so you can win this sunday am will win you my life is here for you sammy and what is it cheney up when you must him that's me at the embassy is this probably and. mistook doing a must must win the doesn't with the court when you mind if he does it to anyone this is a just an. fyi
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you do you feel when you do you. say. that like. yeah it was only a. small part or. you know a. new push for the british but there was boy no way to do it well. most of it. did i thought it was done with does it. it's good when you off to the stuff of the machine you know it's a big push for a way of life it will be saying to them do you do this for at this for two months you know this is new going to be.
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i mean this is so overdue. it's meant to. be and to make you know i simply had to come buddy. kids should play. in and they. have missed some signals. to my. place she has knowledge of his nature childhood to the end of list is to be able to. call. these the. soup is more. leisure. because most. people. can go to. china lorries have.
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a real. love she knew how to conduct there was not a doodle question there was daughter mary. when you bump into those new school you know what got those so those months built in on us and then you read this. you'll see. what it was just a proposition of course of. the massacre yesterday of well. just almost trial. for time for your promise to dad do so mark them all. yeah yeah but two hours on our feet these things out here are two cities so that this. moment here. to tell the difference up to the. last was about. this summer i saw gallagher. to ok afghanistan.


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