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it's jewish identity across the land thank you artie's unapparent pill travel safe . this week's black history month salute is stuff unsung medical miracle workers inoculation was introduced to america by a slave only some of us is thought to have been born in africa in the late seventeenth century before cameras and before he eventually landed in boston he spoke of in knockhill ation which had been practiced in africa for centuries today we and i kill it with a hypodermic needle back then what was scraped from the infected person was scratched into the skin of a healthy person rendering him or her immune. the technique was considered
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dangerous and controversial for religious reasons but applied during a seventeen twenty one smallpox epidemic only two percent requesting an occupation died compared to fifteen percent not kill ated who contract of smallpox later that same century james durham became the first african american to formally practice medicine in the usa although he never received an m.d. degree durham was born into slavery in philadelphia and one of his owners was a physician who encouraged him to go into medicine durham worked as a nurse earning enough to purchase his freedom and seventeen ninety and he opened a medical practice in new orleans born in eight hundred thirty one in delaware rebecca lead crumpler is a knowledged as the u.s. is first african-american woman physician she got her m.d.
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from the new england female medical college in eight hundred sixty four and worked on diseases that strike women and children a black man pioneered heart surgery dr daniel hale williams founded providence hospital in chicago the us is first black owned hospital on a summer night and eight hundred ninety three a young man came in with a stab wound to the heart when the patient went into shock williams decided to operate and the patient survived and lived another twenty years this was acknowledged as only america's second successful para cardium surgery to repair a wound. dr charles richard drew's work landed him on a u.s. postage stamp dr drew did pioneering research and blood plasma for transfusions any eventually became president of the american red cross blood bank he taught at howard university here in washington and he was named chief surgeon at the friedmans hospital inventor emmott chapelle holds fourteen u.s.
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patents and was inducted into the national inventors hall of fame in two thousand and seven he has a world war two veteran and biochemist who went to work for nasa and his research improved the detection of bacteria and water. these are just some of the unsung medical miracle workers we salute during black history month here on r.t. america. and twenty four to you know bloody revolution to the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be increasingly violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know we hear i mean you are liz put me in the
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neighborly is that i'm you pulling me to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took it invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. the stakes couldn't be higher and it's happening in syria the goal of destroying the islamic state is largely complete now the syrian proxy war is in train a new stage for the players and one of their aims and what does winning.
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his fellow students say they saw this coming and no we won't say the shooter's name or show you his picture he's already too familiar a loner socially awkward oddball stuff on social media joining us is attorney and former florida democratic party chairman mitch cesar being where you are there in south florida you must have felt uncomfortably close to the story on wednesday mitch well frankly i'm just literally a few minutes away from the school i have a lot of friends whose kids go to the school or have gone to the school it's the last few days have been emotionally draining very depressing frankly i'll never think of valentine's day the same way again right right the most talked about irony in this is the kid was old enough to buy an assault rifle but not
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a handgun. guns everywhere in florida the mindset of stand your ground etc what's the buzz down there. the buzz down here is specifically south for which is frankly more liberal to moderate than in the panhandle is that there are too many guns running around in too few regulations and you're right fora law is reversed you can buy a rifle at eighteen but you can't buy a handgun till twenty one you can't buy a beer till you're twenty one but you can buy that rifle in fact there's a proposal in the florida legislature right now to allow guns in schools and this is been debated for a long time it's a very depressing time and frankly i'm sick and tired of no action well you mentioned the state law aspect of this and you are an attorney so while i havea about this concealed carry
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a recipe. which is just passed the house here in washington it heads to the senate with president trump support and in a nutshell anyone with a carry license in their state can carry in any state so people from easy carry states like yours could show up armed here in d.c. or in my state rhode island where it is real tough to get a carry permit what is your take on that idea. i think it's an insane proposal that means someone let's say from my state or alabama or mississippi with a gun was maybe even more lax. can be using reciprocity to go back to newtown connecticut where there was the massacre of all those little you know first graders and so forth it's ridiculous i think they'll be a constitutional problem with that because i think a state has the ability to control what goes on within its own borders it might affect the commerce clause a lot of different things i think they'll be severe constitutional problems with
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that and will be tested in the courts but it's a very bad bill suddenly that the timing is really bad it's just good states let's say like connecticut or new york or other places be forced to have regulations put upon them by states as you said that are lax. president barack obama might have been the best thing that ever happened to the gun industry because he's going to come confiscate our guns oh no wait he's waiting for his second term then the truck is going to go from house to house and steal our guns do you expect that now there is going to be another one of these predictable run on guns because people think this time they really mean that they're going to come get our guns do you expect that to happen. no because they don't have confidence in how strong the n.r.a. is you know ninety percent of the american people that's a lot of republicans and independents have no problem for instance with a background check or making sure that somebody on the no fly list can't get
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a gun but the n.r.a. is so strong you can even have a hearing on a bill for background checks i don't think they're in fear and i think the numbers for the last year of gun request under the first year of president trump have dropped so i think the a fear level is low and unfortunately historically we have seen that we have everybody saying they were in their thoughts and prayers keep your thoughts and prayers do something even if it's small do something these cry and kids down there are saying grownups what are you going to do for us what is your governor rick scott saying about all this which scott has been very careful almost like president not to mention guns he just talks about mental health and specifically he showed up here the other day for a prayer vigil our vice mayor thought it was duplicitous i think was the word he used recently and said you know be part of the solution up are the problem don't
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come down here and talk about how are you going to help and then go back to tallahassee and frankly there for a lucky at the very minimum do nothing that was mark bogan who's a county commissioner here that to his credit the president did not for a change stray from the teleprompter yesterday but essentially said nothing and didn't mention the word guns and he was smart enough not to say the phrase thoughts and prayers how have the president's comments played down there. i think they frankly played in a very inflammatory sense he's due to come down to parkland i do have a little bit concern about parents literally shouting at him sure and being negative because they have felt that he's been probably the biggest recipient of the n.r.a. out of a problem with the second amendment and for people's right to bear and to bear guns the problem is automatic weapon now again in florida you can carry or you can carry
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guns or twenty one but you can carry a rifle at eighteen that's symptomatic and that's why the gun used in this shooting is the same type of gun used in las vegas i'm meeting and in most of the shootings it's the narrative sure does make cesar thank you for joining us tonight and we'll see it back here next week to talk about the trump budget thank you sir. now let's welcome back ronald hampton a twenty three year veteran of the washington d.c. metropolitan police and a university professor of criminal justice back when i was our team newbie one of my first shows was shortly after the las vegas massacre and you and i talked about situational awareness in the new normal so again other than the circumstances good to see you thanks for being here thank you very much for having me i'm curious about your view of this concealed carry reciprocity act that's moving through congress until the supreme court ruled in two thousand and eight d.c.
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residents couldn't even possess a handgun at home and now they may but carry permits here is still a hard sell if this reciprocity thing becomes law were right across the river from virginia is this a nightmare for metro police i think it is and i think a very dangerous even the citizens of the whole. been able to carry a gun and walk around with it in even it even be concealed is problematic for law enforcement so i can imagine that. involved law enforcement leadership would be endorsing this kind of policy for their city a community and neighborhood because it presents a serious problem for them not knowing that that individuals have a gun but not only not known but people being able to carry guns and then have them also so one of the things that make been a police officer or their police officers have is that they carry their guns and
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the care of duties so you can cover your gun but you know you still are police officer and you have police powers so that's all right that's very different but a citizen carrying a gun and it's concealed then you don't know how he or see is going to respond in the situation that they haven't been necessarily training to handle in dangers everybody that's going to be around and even for police officers that's what they had to worry about because routine gets you into a place with time where you relax so if police officers get into a routine citizens would do the same thing because there won't be and will not be exposed to these kind of things in the kind of script away so how are they going to respond that's the dangerous reading about it ok about this week's tragedy in florida what is the standard police presence in d.c. public schools now and could officers on site in that florida school have made
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a difference well the policy in the disturbed columbia is that we have offices that are silent in the schools every day a sign in the schools every day day. of tasks they're there for security they're there also to work with the administration to handle criminal issues not administratively issue right because the administrators have to hang on them and they shouldn't be mixed up or confuse but did they benefit from it is have a nose there. who have been trained and educated in the kind of way to provide that assistance to the administrators and the teachers but also be there so that the students can feel like they're doing. that they have protection in the school and in the desk the the it's the dad their their direct responsibility that can be debated put but i think there's a value to it the downside may be that it isn't
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always connected to the public safety add did cause some time in ministry does misuse the presence of police officers rather than use the presence of holding a lot of it's the reception to absolutely it is such think it's a good thing i had the fortune of working in the officer in the program when i was on the metropolitan police about this was very different than officers assigned to schools we actually were teachers and provided programming in our schools and i had a number of schools that i reported to and one assigned to one school but these are others those are very different they are signed to one school they are all they do have a series of their roam to different schools but they are signed to the school and work in the school. act again i think that there's a value to that across the board and if officers wires than he or she will get to know to school or to town it's the students also the community because the community is part of the school in so knowing what's going on in the community is
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very valuable in terms of getting things done. so i think that haven't him there can be important and the state defective but the school has many doors well you know did a lot of things going on and offices generally will move around the school but you can't be in all of those dogs at the same time exultantly this fact is that you have to do so and i understand that they can reduce some of those fact of the but it doesn't make it proof carette nothing will happen thank you ronald hampton not just for your time today but for your service and keeping us safe here in the district. the morning after the shooting president trump spoke whatever you need. whatever we can do. to ease your pain. we are all joined together as one american family and your suffering. is our burden
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also so what do we need he asked so pick up the phone we're going to leave these numbers on the screen long enough for you to write them down you can call your united states senators at two zero zero two two two four three one two one you can call your u.s. representative at two zero zero two two two five three one two one and if you don't know their names the operator will help you you can call the white house at two zero zero two four five six eleven eleven you know the president's name and you know that these people work for you if you are inclined to tell them do your job these are the numbers take
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a moment right now to jot them down. and that is the big picture if you missed any part of this week's show or if you'd like to share it you can where you see all our shows you tube dot com slash the big picture our t. watch any time anywhere on any device i'm holland cook in washington question more . the other make they're talking back and a banker and fiduciary to fiduciary in other words are saying that bitcoin as even our lunch the returns on bitcoin of made everything we do is a bank look stupid a mature and a low performance even warren buffett has not kept up with bitcoin nobody's kept up with that call and so they're saying that oh it's a non correlating asset ok what does that mean that means stocks bonds then
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currencies are all in bear markets now and i'm going to continue to be in barack and i'm probably going to wipe out a whole generation or two crypto currencies are the only thing is going to save these people and us from being fired so we're going to middle of the curve the currency market because even if we get a little bit of those gains you've had a last ten years of big point it will save us from our going to report big red negative year on year returns on every single piece of money management business we touch. the war zone you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that don't. produce offspring of tell you that what we got the problems with the most important news today. off of advertising tell me you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along the border will want.
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join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest in the world of politics school. i'm show business i'll see you then. what is described in the west as a russian invasion of crimea is a fact the presence of russian soldiers in crimea can you clarify that us discuss all about their. god i would have believed according to quote but the most noble such and the most go float of could him. as long ago as eighteen zero four sevastopol the naval base became the main military port of the russian empire on the black sea. during the second world war the heroic defense of sevastopol lasted almost a year and took hundreds of thousands of lives. therefore
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the naval base in crimea has a legacy of historical pride for the russian black sea fleet as well as being of huge strategic importance. those of us alive back then remember when there were soviet missiles put into cuba how frightened americans were and how angry and how we almost went to a nuclear confrontation over having weapons of that kind of destruction placed that close to the united states. just so if the united states considers cuba to be in its backyard. then crimea plays at russia's doorstep. the consequences of a u.s. seizure of the face or a nato base which internationally. but almost some of us india is and ensuring is an actual plot which you have taught me to. put you in with the. last three and you
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know unless. you know it's not just a quick practical opinion. yes no opinion it's. so it's not just in the military use ocean to illicit but if there was no willingness that ended up with the old me the only leader on that has got to show it. that was a piece that's just filled with. just i'm a part of what i get there but only in the way but as it used to but they both say you know that on the phone sex amongst the with doesn't it seem easy but if you make one time you're in a state but the national system. unless you mean it's not. supposed to and think that if we act we would sort of the response. led to me because you knew seemed up and you know looking at clint you just but you know and i guess those challenges the. years that you play in the in your in the lead you disappear you know the same so sometimes. up in the back of the in atlanta the legacy lives
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on there's and when you see what i pay for a bison you get on a night in your shoes. diane concerned about the expansion of nato nato has expanded into thirteen countries up to the borders of russia thirteen countries at the gym which ring up at the gym away in the ship way not. just c.s.a. did you in the midst of i mean what should the business. in early spring of two thousand and fourteen eastern ukraine was also buzzing with protests against the new authorities in kiev this region with the population close to russia geographically and culturally feared that the ultra right leanings of the newly formed government would bring meal nationalism to their lands. and they have their reasons. the status of the russian language in ukraine has been
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a stumbling block for many years implementing russian as a second state language was one of the main campaign promises of president bush going to fulfill in two thousand and twelve the government passed a law making it the second official language in the southern and eastern parts of ukraine the areas where the russian speaking. in makes up a majority ukrainian nationalist groups initiated massive protests opposing the law and observing viewer might see some familiar faces there on a friday. but i'm not a lot. on february twenty third two thousand and fourteen the very next day after the regime change the new government voted for a no meant of the official status of the russian language and even though later this decision was vetoed by the acting president alexander turchynov it still sent a message and a powerful one this alarmed the russian speaking cities of eastern ukraine and
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people took to the streets to show their disagreement. in response. is conducted their own demonstrations when the two parties would meet it was always tense and eventually it led to tragedy. one person died and over fifty people were wounded in clashes during a pro russian march protesting the new government in kiev. on april sixth the crimean scenario b.p.m. repeating eastern ukraine where protesters seized government buildings. and the next day it will seven day proclaimed don't yet see people's republic kiev replied by announcing the beginning of an anti-terrorist operation in eastern ukraine. by that time the international media was screaming about a russian invasion in ukraine russia could now be on the verge of invading ukraine
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but strong words state only in the media the ukrainian authorities never announced a war like situation why i.m.f. cannot give money to countries and gauged an ongoing war that's roboto shango over as they can only think you when you go to your show will go to geneva too much money was already invested in you. craned to stop halfway i've invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic train. you mccarthy writes in a city you know well it will slowly new democracy just go it is among most of the work across quilters in couplers is just north of that some of them but obviously the funds had to keep coming and the conflict had to keep going. or and more bloody and deadly. earnest. as parties
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from both sides were using more sophisticated and lethal weapons. that's why the. daughter focused just going that's why you know when this. particular source though not all of them went bust. bust. through a new deal. you know that's really kind of. the world seemed too busy welcoming this new democracy in kiev. to notice what was being done as it spread its wings over the country. many in southern ukraine had been viewing the revolution with concern. i and an anti mind on movement formed in the city of odessa in early january two thousand and fourteen the protesters set up their camp in front of the trade union
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house a building which would soon become a monument to a massacre of its own it's difficult to overestimate the importance of odessa it is strategically located on the black sea and it's ukraine's largest seaport it's not surprising that ukraine's new authorities were watching the situation unfolding there with growing along arm. more and more of odessa as people were joining the anti my don movement at the same time as events in eastern ukraine were heating up . the new ukrainian government didn't have the power to wage war on too many fronts if odessa were to join the growing uprising in the eastern regions it would seriously complicate the situation. this rebellion had to be extinguished immediately and at any cost and that cost was high. on may second two thousand and fourteen soccer fans flocked to the center of odessa city for the ukrainian championship match surprisingly a great number of these fans who descended into odessa just the night before also
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turned out to be fighters from the my don self-defense units along with members of radical organizations from all parts of ukraine that these. look at. these families and asked armed and shouting nationalist mottos began disturbances in the center of the city as they march to the end time i don tent encampment where they attacked the end time mind on protesters sought shelter in the trade union house but it was a track down supporters started throwing molotov cocktails into the building until it was engulfed in flames. people burned to death inside for trying to escape jumped from when this alo a fire station was less than a mile away it took almost half an hour for firefighters to arrive when they finally did the damage had been done.
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but here's an intriguing fact just a few days before those dreadful events a messenger from my don andriy pair o. b. made a visit to odessa it's an interesting coincidence that some of the people he met with in odessa were seen at the scene that fateful day. but not everyone was mourning on the popular political talk show schuster live the news about the people burned alive in odessa was welcomed with a long round of applause. on its facebook page the right sector announced the events of may second a proud moment in national history an official investigation into this sad.


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