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tv   Going Underground  RT  February 17, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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well it turns out he was able to purchase his weapons because of errors in the f.b.i.'s background check process and then there isn't a delhaize saw he shot up a u.s. military post in texas back in two thousand and nine. times out the f.b.i. was fully aware that he was online in communication with top al-qaeda leaders they still didn't bother to investigate him so we've seen time and time again over the last he is our intelligence agencies across the west dropping the ball in terms of getting tips being aware of potential threats and not following up on those threats and you taking out fences measures it seems lessons not being learned they need to have a proper view about you know what exactly are the threats what are they trying to do how can they best protect the people of that country to protect against these
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threats and that doesn't seem to be done it's not like these federal law enforcement agencies are lazy just recently we heard from the f.b.i. that chinese foreign exchange students are a threat to national security we also have federal agencies urging us not to buy chinese brand cellphones and more recently congress renewed the power of the n.s.a. to wiretap and spying on american citizens some might come to the conclusion that it's not incompetence or a lack of effort the issue is rather the type of threat these agencies are choosing to focus on caleb oppen r.t. new york. palestinian school teacher has been that's gone after being moved by an israeli army dog and would have warning might find some of the following scenes upsetting brooke general was assaulted during a west bank raised by israeli defense forces they were searching for another man the united kingdom of an israeli man who bears the same surname as to rob here we can start to show you the extent of the injuries sustained during the morning the
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schoolteacher is expected to require further treatment including a skin graft in one of his arms he's also been left with a leg injury. so. i woke up when i heard explosions i looked at my house door and it had been destroyed by an i.d.f. bomb and after that there were several other explosions that destroyed the windows and damaged the house i went immediately to my children's room and we gathered after that there was another explosion that destroyed the bedroom door i saw a dog it started to attack me and bite my shoulder and then it started to bite my leg and i was screaming. the palestinian schoolteacher was allegedly attacked in front of his children and his wife in the us. this incident has had a psychological effect on my husband my children and myself i am staring at this hospital with them and i see him waking up at night shaking and trembling and the
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eldest son also wakes up screaming about his that and the little one is waiting the bad it was a terrifying experience the dog attacked my husband for over seven minutes and i try to help and defend my husband by grabbing the dog's head but i couldn't get away from him. we asked the idea for a comment on the case so that responded by saying general had previously threatened civilians in jewish majority areas of the west bank they also told us the raid was conducted in accordance with standard procedure and that was immediately given medical treatment however he disputes that saying he had to wait for any treatment . afterward i was bleeding for more than two and a half hours and they took me to the hospital note that i only got treatment at the hospital itself not from the i.d.f. author and journalist my experiment al says the use of dogs is standard i.d.f. policy. this you know is being cast by the israeli military and government as kind
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of an isolated incident but as any of us who follow the situation in the west bank know this is far from isolated it's part of the clear policy of using dogs as kind of an advance team during home raids of palestinians there is also a high profile case in twenty fifteen of a sixteen year old from the southern town of beit omar also a town that's under pressure from from jewish settlers where he his home was raided by an israeli dog unit this is a sixteen year old named him he was badly mauled by a dog you know these dogs apply two thousand pounds of pressure per square inch and israeli soldiers were taunting him on video there's actually video of this incident and now he. and the palestinian human rights group are suing not israel but actually the dutch company for winds canine which supplied those dogs and has
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supplied what it calls biting dogs to the israeli military for violating u.n. conventions on companies operating in conflict zones so this is a very significant lawsuit and it speaks to a wider policy of what the israeli dissident journalist gideon levy calls lynching by dog. at the olympics in south korea the team of athletes from russia backing the u.s. in the ice hockey status at present the russians and winning for nail. build up to the much with the fans. tonight's the night of the biggest event so far of the young twenty eight seeing it if you don't know what that is just yet in a second it will be written all over my face. seme usa versus tivo you are.
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you do you think donald trump and vladimir putin will be watching this game. what do you think donald trump will do if he sees a gold being scored by the o.e. our team. but imagine donald trump if russia wins. we're still there to work with. do you think john supporting one of the sides in this one. if i had to take a guess what is the u.s. russia i believe russia do you think donald trump
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a lot of opponent will be watching. i really hope so like what else are they doing to come on what has been this is so much fun you know you have a trego r.c. right outside the ice hockey arena and. right before the number one game of the week staying with hockey this saturday the women's team from russia their swiss rivals and for the first time in history and to the semifinals of the winter olympics last despite the fact that key team players didn't receive an interpretation to the competition from the i.o.c. actually the russian players had to overcome a wave of criticism back home especially after they lost to the u.s. however they put the defeat behind them and have set their sights on a podium finish. it will take decades to clear the iraqi city of mosul of unexploded bombs according to a new u.n. report the story and more after this break.
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looking at value surveys russians also different from their european neighbors when it comes to individual rights and freedoms however they do have a very low tolerance for uncertainty in politics that translates into a strong electoral advantage for the incumbent making power transition should read and precarious what would it take for russians to stop playing it safe politically . what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to be rich. but you'd like to be first but what about for freedom or people. interested always in the waters about how. things should.
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be. welcome back to the program a u.n. report says unexploded bombs were litter the iraqi city of mosul for decades to come and could endanger civilians the complexity of clearance work because many of the explosives and buried under an estimated eleven million tons of rubble the u.n. mine action service a senior program manager compares the situation in the city to the ass off to world war two. becomes so explosive a house thirds it is very and it is of unseen previously on the sea and proportions in terms of the contamination that we experience it is a mixture of coalition ammunition that has been fired and that has failed to
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function with the maid at least ten percent of that emanation. that has five been fired has failed to function we also find that isis i'm an issue that has been fired has failed to function but with a higher failure rates in addition to that we also find improvised explosive devices different types of explosive improvised explosive devices with different fusing systems all in common a combination with rubble high degree of rubble we estimate eleven million ton of rubble in western mosul at least and in general a very difficult conditions to work under. it is a situation very similar to after the second world war of course what we are doing right now is that we are clearing we serving and we are clearing critical infrastructure but still after ten maybe twenty years maybe even longer there will
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still be explosive contamination. it is almost impossible to say we haven't got the full scope of contamination in mosul yet we haven't been to all locations but it is a question of years and until everything has been cleared it is probably more than ten years. the vast sums to restore and rebuild the country is estimated at eighty eight billion dollars according to the iraqi government but at a global aid pledging conference and co eight only thirty billion was raised the u.s. led coalition started its anti eisel campaign in time of sixteen but it's been embedded in the country since two thousand and three washington's place just three of the eighty eight billion dollars said to be needed in reconstruction aid and this was not direct financial help rather the money was loans and financing to help american firms invest in the country. won't work with rebuilding iraq and modernize its.
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signal is strong. memorable. but. the announcement by the us government representative in the kuwait conference was clear they will not provide anything except perhaps some investment in iraq we believe that the iraqi government with all these political factions should have joined forces and demanded to pay the money and. u.s. military plans to radically boost its stockpile of artillery shells by eight hundred percent that's an increase of almost one hundred fifty thousand units.
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the order includes one hundred fifty five millimeter artillery shells the use of which are widespread among nato is unable forces and g.p.s. guided excalibur rounds are also on the list that designed for danger close situations we all security analyst charles schumer bridge what's likely to be behind the move. almost certainly one can say that these are used these are heavy weaponry they are used mainly in conventional conflicts what we're seeing here is a very large increase that i think can't be completely explained by replenishing used resources what's being attempted i think it's a gesture it's a symbol that is saying we are massively increasing our defense expenditure in the areas that are likely to be used in a possible combat. with states rather non-state actors and invariably of course they're talking here about russia possibly china iran and others and that would be
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indeed consistent with the newly stated u.s. security policy of confronting those states by any standard this isn't a very great increase in the number of shells being ordered a power for stockpiling which again means that the army is effect through preparing for war now crossing a friends and siberian like on a pair of seventy year old skates might not be everybody's idea of a tunnel commute but it is the one question grandmother. please please. keep.
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us. top stories from i'll be back at the top of the hour with do stay up stay with us. yes so most lose in the mist but smelling them. just isn't this thing in the room with this stuff which is this mission on the new close
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a. small part of the for. a little bit some of it is just some us trying. to gather some. serious. so i think of all the seasons as a way to practice is the old precious oppressive measures being deployed against the palestinian people everywhere and the said letter colonialism the theft to fall of man and the many many can hope is
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a stating things that there are some of his underlings of course the gun coals that's the. uprising. hey everybody i'm stephen baldwin task hollywood guy you know suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. i'm too sensed this is my buddy max famous financial guru and well i'm just a little bit different i'm not a. good one of the oh no windows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the brood have some fun every day americans come. moment and hopefully start to bridge that gap this is the great american pill. moment warhawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the
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chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles it's going. to do stops by to tell you that somebody gossiping tabloid-y. files of the most important is the day. off the bad guys and tell me you are not cool enough and let's not fight your product. these are the hawks that we along with all the walking. time after time they were going underground is about a minority government leader theresa may spells out dangers to nato want to stage
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at the munich security conference coming up on the show but a forced resignation of president jacob zuma herald the end of the new liberal mandela legacy in south africa we investigate major nation looting of africa's financially richest country and as the doomsday clock ticks ever closer to nuclear armageddon we speak to the unofficial war artist peter cannot be head of c.n.d. about trump north korea and sixty years of the campaign the nuclear disarmament classes london streets turning to catwalks for london the first week iconic design a danger zone broods on with a wreck that may spell the end of any future cool britannia as all the civil war going on today is going underground but first it's no surprise that when it comes to enemies today's munich speech by theresa may well named jack russia she's done it before russia has fomented conflict in the donbass repeatedly violated the
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national airspace of several european countries and mounted a sustained campaign of cyber espionage and disruption. this is included meddling in elections and hacking the danish ministry of defense and put them to stark among many others. it is seeking to weaponize information deploying state run media organizations to plant fake stories and photo shopped images in an attempt to sell discord in the west anyone seeing wednesday's episode of going underground will have seen the ambassador of the russian federation to the u.k. deny a serious allegations like that made by britain's minority government leader let alone allegations like these from the head of the cia will be in germany today it seems that the world is stunned that the russians are trying to to poke their hand into the us elections and policy because this is not a new phenomenon the technology is different the tools that they use are different but this was a threat in twenty six it will be
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a threat in the mid-term elections and twenty eight will be a threat in two thousand and twenty until there's a new leader in russia i suspect it will be a threat to the united states for an awfully long time well arguably that kool-aid has certainly been drunk by another european leader who this week appears to have threatened unilateral action in syria here is damning the journalists at this t.v. channel really shows. this are going to close this on at least forty. three yes. it of course i don't need any more of course millions around the world may disagree with president macklemore about his idea of what journalism is especially when it comes to french criminal colonialism in africa while british media has focused on its old colony of south africa this week the state of africa its continued looting by new liberal institutions goes virtually unheard in nato nation media this while the ordinary
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peoples of nato nations generously donate to charities charities which in the u.k. have now been revealed to be less than perfect we'll have more on charity from save the children on monday's program but joining me now from port elizabeth is someone who worked for nelson mandela patrick baum professor political of. economy at the university of waters and school of governance in johannesburg how do you characterize the talk left walk right policies of successive and see governments not alone that of jacob zuma as he said and boasted of millions now connected to electricity and ninety five percent with access to clean water well that's the claim and there are many such claims of development the problem is because near the broad water policy exists that means you can put pipes in but if you can't afford the water that goes through the pipes the taps you turn them on and nothing comes out and that's two thirds of those ninety five percent and others there's been a lot of sort of delivery of capital goods but it's the operating and maintenance
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expenses where they're trying to do cost recovery in a neo liberal way you know like the corporations demand many french water companies are trying their luck but people are too poor we have about a sixty five percent poverty rate and that means people really have to illegally reconnect with electricity connect wires and so at about eighty percent of the people are reconnected illegally that's because these services are priced too high so even if they're delivered they may not be accessible. of course the talk left war great rhetoric increased from president zuma from time to time the how serious no others other practitioners of that rhetoric the south african federation of trade unions and of course the economic freedom fighters who appeared to be talking like mandela when he was fighting the guerrilla war oh that's right and the traditions in a way of the freedom charter of nationalizing the banks mines monopoly capital that's really well expressed through the economic freedom fighters the second opposition party getting about nine ten percent support and then as you say the
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south african federation of trade unions especially with the metal workers so that's basically the big left that's going to keep an eye on. and yes this is always easy to talk left when you're out of power and when you have to run a government under the constraints of power blocs like local capital and global capital and global imperial power then it does get tricky and the dilemma is if you've got a big nationalist movement that got rid of a party and you prestigious amongst the township activists the rural people it's slow but pretty sure that you waste that as we saw with jacob zuma and taba mbeki and even nelson mandela and here's the dilemma that means that they especially especially jacob zuma the last few weeks have been blaming the west generically never specific and they say look because we brought south africa to the brics the west is trying to even assassinate to physically poison jacob zuma that's his personal claim he was poisoned he did get treatment in russia he recovered and it's
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one of those moments where the talk left in the and time period his rhetoric really reached quite a peak but it didn't really confuse the society too much and as you see in they've just knocked jacob zuma out of power storm of course the candidate the darling of big business has just moved in to the presidency because your university is located in the in the city which will host the bric summit this year in the summer. some people saying that brazil of the b. of brics is already gone before was the i.a.s. it no less overthrowing the government there cyril ramaphosa what is he going to say that's going to be interesting at the brics summit well you know he's got these connections to western capital and of course the shan duca company that he ran was often in competition both with the big. multinationals to go on course and the b.h.p. billiton as an anglo coles the big boys but he found working relationships with them for example he was the top investor in lawmen and there was
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a tragedy where he emailed a request for police pointed response against dastardly criminals and the next day it was american a massacre of the lawmen strikers in two thousand and twelve very tragic event but you know that background for sure of course included lots of illicit financial flows western tax havens it's interesting as to whether he'll adapt in other words find not only the friends in western capital as he's well regarded world economic forum and all the rest but also now make his move towards brics and the tricky thing is brics isn't particularly coherent right now you have to render modi also connected very tightly to donald trump's regime there hugging their greeting there doing pentagon and indian military deals or israel as a common connection. as russia and china have been in the news here because the russian nuclear sales were very controversial sauron opposed to oppose them recently and they probably won't go through your pay to get context which arguably could encourage people in the world bank of the i.m.f.
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just remind us about the legacy of those two institutions as opposed to brics in south africa and of course africa more widely well indeed that's why the brics new development bank which has a new africa regional center branch in sandton in the financial district although it's empty there hasn't been any activity they would be promising in theory because the world bank has a disastrous record they were promoting lawman corp. that sort of responsibility they were part of the cash grant system was very controversial for exploiting poor people they made the biggest loan in their history here a big coal fired power plant which was corrupt through hitachi and the local a.n.c. fundraising arm and you know they learned to apartheid they provided post apartheid macroeconomic advice which was highly neoliberal very very unfortunate record the i.m.f. as well they led to apartheid and then their first loan to the new government it was actually just before the new government came in in ninety three locked in the neoliberal conditions that are unpopular there are plenty of people in this country
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ready for a break from the i.m.f. and world bank just tell me why the call me is in south africa back cyril ramaphosa rather than say the economic freedom fighters you obviously want to a much bigger break than even brics maybe oh that's right the fed has said they're marxist leninist phenomena so the france fernand tradition the communist party comes from a slightly more soviet centered tradition because they had strong support from the also that union so often the phrase stalinist is use i think that may be unfair but that means their tradition is often connected to the national liberation movement they're very tied in as actually were the economic freedom fighters before they had a break in two thousand and thirteen now the critical thing is the communist party knows that sauron of course who they backed the head of jacob zuma is coming from an extreme capitalist standpoint but i think that's better than the corruption riddled zuma with his control family called the gupta family now those guys are on the run they're literally being chased as we speak the communist party deserves
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some credit as is the congress of south african trade unions still the largest adoration still connected to the a.n.c. but they very clearly said there's no honeymoon for storm of course and the big test is when the finance minister delivers the budget which is next wednesday and in that budget moody's the big new york credit rating agency is anticipated to put very strong pressure to cut the budget deficit probably by raising the value added tax probably by cutting social grants. and possibly by even breaking the promise of free tertiary education that zuma made just before he was. kicked out and that's the dilemma the austerity that's coming down the pike with this high for and debt very high interest rates much lower growth less than one percent anticipated this year and that means when you squeeze harder your possibility of a state driven bottom up economy also shrinks and it may be that rahm opposes inadvertently gotten a team together especially with the credit rating agencies right over his shoulder that will dig in deeper into
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a hole by the time of the election next april may june when they have the next election for president he may really regret having gone the neo liberal route any possibility that the poverty created by new liberalism in the ongoing austerity may mark a return to the sort of extreme violence advocated by nelson mandela where yes now mandela very specifically when he turned from the nonviolent mass struggle in the early sixty's was directing targeted sabotage against the facilities of oppression what we've seen since roughly fifteen twenty years rising township protests where unfortunately many of the social activists in their communities have been so frustrated they've not only blockaded roads burned tires but they've taken on municipal buildings even burning libraries and schools these are tactics and they appear very violent period that the townships are burning but i think actually the real danger to the system will come when they.


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