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tv   News  RT  February 18, 2018 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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and i am the founder of one of ukraine's new media outlets you don't really know how. much good t.v. knew very well how to make something go viral. it was his notorious facebook post on november twenty first two thousand and thirteen that brought the first crowds to my dog. gets in the south of which are the chips in the book of the most horrible of this place. if you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed if you read the newspaper you are misinformed. to deliver your message efficiently enough in the modern world with so many different technologies and means of communications you must embrace them all as the disturbing events of your own my don started on nov twenty first two thousand and thirteen three new t.v. channels went on the air and suddenly became stunningly popular in ukraine spill no t.v. november twenty first. t.v.
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nov twenty second. and a special t.v. of ember twenty fourth directly from opposition protest these channels went viral supporting the protests and encouraging more and more people to come to mind on. their must so intellectually slots bill which slot what's go on the other. to push lulu didn't. really elude you because you listed me young school six not only is the euro. just sleep. in you could not go. who did what. when you just don't feel for you mazzocchi at the miller was do you still see lovely at the. store all the ships just look at the. need to. know if they do.
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i i i. mean you still. go by with her need to look at the. photo and up with. lithium you business. know that it's although it's just.
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looking at russians also different from the european neighbors when it comes to individual rights and freedoms however they do have a very low tolerance for uncertainty in politics that translates into a strong electoral advantage for the incumbent making power transition. for russians to stop playing it safe politically. he practices the oppressive measures being deployed against the palestinian people everywhere he said. the many many. stating things that they are doing of course they can call.
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palestine is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos i'm in built it was dismissive to do it long before you like it this isn't my cup of tea is going up the study hall maybe a bit you know shot no doubt because. the only palestinian civil gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who were on the local version of not only could give us. and the earth his office knowledge he had to display any of the muscle that you had i'm going to continue muslims you know do more. don't piss off. november thirtieth of two thousand and thirteen became the first turning point of your my down in one of its most reported and mysterious events the other then you
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must go. to some with you. when you want but what. it means thoughts are in the world like you are on google so though it was you were not that much i tell you as always it's about all doing a little know what would you know polish yeah you more abuse no but you would you know for that some of your toto do with music. or in your chosen motion through the muscle that would be a machine for you so it was not so much the google but you will know so could you tell us a little bit the process to create the express you will teach visiting their porters with your subject on the puzzle movie the full book was a shame for months if you look at them stew still look but almost full foci just does not spin or just love me i would forbid you to post those who. remember but some do watch soaps dollars spike okola through yup but he looks good on those i
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will just. meet you here because of some of those from the post also on the me i've been a store in and about to come on people to come no demonstrable. motion new company after riot police attacked peaceful protesters with clubs happening in the early paying allergies to eyewitnesses that were there said the police did these transitions just going to prosper hold me put. my done what d.c. police see is when they be in the. lead at the door they'll put a cuss at us and the admitting who is sure but i mean yet can him seal yeah we'll put you in your committee who is simply mean you're less steeler not australia but i wonder did. they're issuing yet the q book or some of that and putting in my post in the uk when you will somewhere with focus. to the poor will some of bush
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go and get him but the glow of me as thoughts are just sit here with him out of it all which can. coincidentally sergei love again is a close associate to many us politicians. the security service of ukraine had evidence that on that night in was in contact with opposition leader yatsenyuk where they discussed the clearing of mind on on the pretext of installing the annual christmas tree news media reported that the riot police cruelly attacked the students peacefully sleeping in their tents but scenes from the event seem to tell a different story it appears that the protesters were waiting for the police additionally there were dozens of journalists and cameramen from all the new public t.v. news outlets prepared to cover the events and most ominously a group of well trained young men arrived to mind on almost simultaneously with the riot police. they infiltrated the crowd and began provocations with insults stones
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and torches. the right sector in ukraine represents a part of the ukrainian population that has often a favored fairly extreme right wing positions they had militias that came especially during the may den protest. there were groups that were being shipped into kiev where they would provide the muscle in effect for the demonstrations so the demonstrations went from being relatively peaceful political protests to be increasingly violent the first step in a new detective work is to establish a motive. it is now said that sergei lovat skin is held in high esteem by his powerful u.s. friends. outraged by what was reported in the news the ukrainian people came out in force on the next day to vent their anger with the police actions. the violence
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started to take off when. naturalist. with institute they're not so old. t.v. i mean what you're going to do when you put in the new will not. be. the less. i read that i mean that i mean now you. know. i need to. look at the shell and into the but he just is the study of this but if this is that. it is a deal more. new will probably i. have any. good video. spilling you know.
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as a failed unmasked as the color revolutions can be an attentive viewer can see subtle patterns and similarities revealing their true nature. to make crowds act as one of beauty and group they have to be united at the unconscious. the masterminds of color revolutions know this well and have perfected the art. symbolism is one of the most powerful tools to achieve this and revolutionary political organizations with surprisingly similar names and even more similar logos have appeared time and again almost as omens marking the countries that would be hit by the colored plague next. they're often described as being aware and active when they're actually trained and radical they are the ones who take the first shot literal and metaphorical to transform the
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peaceful protests into full blown couetise. their fingerprints can be found everywhere on the map of the color revolutions. using all the experience of past generations simple but effective tools like catchy singalongs and chanting are glory. well known for exciting the crowd and creating a group identity they depersonalize individuals and make them easier to manipulate . the quick just. look. incidentally one such organization t.v.
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received generous donations from the dutch and u.s. embassies as well as from the renaissance foundation and ngo founded by george soros. i set up a foundation in ukraine before ukraine became independent of russia. and the foundation this me i'm functioning ever since and through that and the important part in events now. i like criticism but it must be my way. to see any evidence of u.s. involvement if you feel the presence of the us just to me i stammered really put a statement in there said you know english thought the could have just me and live their lives just goes on a little long but it is. not. just. on the flood one way done but deals roll up it's
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a solution given you know what i need to order honey but i mean all this shit is made up with us not some of it you see i'm with the true we did it in the way that we. where to sell. stands and. the members of congress were visiting ukraine during that period most famously congressman john mccain so some of the people who were challenging their government their elected government at that point were were being told by a senior u.s. official a person who ran for president in a top official in the u.s. congress that the u.s. was with them and senator john mccain and it's always a pleasure to be back in ukraine senator mccain was in a sense giving the people in the maidana feeling that they had the backing of the most powerful country on earth this is not the future you want for your country
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this is not the future you deserve to have civil hope it is not what you know what . we need what it appears you probably do need somebody. who is sure it's that what you put on what. you will be conflict got that meeting who is she is the what the it but if you just and is that they were. that is the. blue boy who is that i need us all in the british royal commission who issue. here is the well pretty handy here in the british given the. to do list rather limited yes should tell you. the posting when you would know you want a piece is that in the grain you belittle quit the shit who is your highest level contact with the us government in this good. close within them by them resupplied. justice them to look for in the video water deal of whom store that's why didn't
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biden already love nor. any deal the liberal who is in the us ambassador but also didn't work on year on the putting him well but if they tell him a done it was a bill post or just the which he was not without some leaders really he says the wall as the corporate should lead us to all those sources said you knew english the other socialist would stop. him but it's us. about your sudden passing i phone we just learned you were yourself and taken your last to bang turn. your act up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words and helps to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each day.
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but then my feeling started change you talked about more like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like. it said one does not leave a funeral the same as. one enters my mind gets consumed with death this one just. to speak to you now because there were no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. hey everybody i'm stephen bob taft hollywood guy you know suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. and do some stuff this is my buddy max the famous financial guru well just a little bit different i've got a. good handle on your windows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm
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shooting the road have some fun meet every day americans. and clips we start to bridge the gap this is the great american people which. i. saw most losing the most but smelling them. just music was there in the room with them which is this mission of the new course is a. small part of the form. a little bit some of it was just almost
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a trial of. saddam for us brought us together some are the more serious. now for just. such and such. server i want to do things that show the face literally be very clear. away your. management. then they have the new.
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scheme you need to feel the. sun yeah i'm them what do you how much. do you. want to talk more negative cash. flow but. i think. that.
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the israeli prime minister slams a run on the nuclear deal calling for it to be scrapped speaking at a key security called. news props to make the message clear to mr. this is a real. you reckon moses. you should be george. a passenger plane crashes in central iran not far from his destination killing all sixty six people on board. and this week saw one of the worst school massacres in u.s. history when a former student went on a shooting rampage in florida killing seventeen people the authorities have admitted they failed to act on tip offs about the danger posed by the gunman long before the attack.
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it's the weekly here on r.t. international that mean a day or two to broadcasting live from our moscow studio this is our round up of the week's top stories in the latest up to date news welcome to the program israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has lashed out at iran comparing it to nazi germany he criticized the iran nuclear deal saying quote it's unleashed a dangerous iranian taika. the rands aggression and shipped. and it will compress the entire world the nuclear agreement with iran has brought the countdown has begun the countdown to a new reading nuclear arsenal little more than a decade in the sanction relief that they do provided has not moderated iran does
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not make them more moderate internally and it's not made more moderate externally contract it's unleashed a dangerous iranian territory in the region and beyond netanyahu has never been a fan of the a new nuclear deal that was signed back in two thousand and fifteen and on multiple times over the years he has called iran a great danger well of course talking about a deal in which to run signed off to limit its uranium enrichment in response for financial sweeteners i think this is a bad. deal now what we hear today from the israeli prime minister is again urging the international community to slap more sanctions on tehran he has called the country the greatest threat to the world and he drew the parallel between the nineteen thirty eight munich agreement that failed in its attempt to appease nazi germany and the two thousand and fifteen iranian agreement he has also said that
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this deal did nothing short of unleashing the rainy and tyga and to support his point he used visual props here's a piece a very rainy and drone mr zarif. do you recognize this. you should be george. you can take back to do a masters to the tyrants of. do not just israel's resolve the iranian foreign minister zarif responded to prime minister netanyahu is comments by saying that they were nothing short of a cartoon because that in fact an awful quiet response and that they were probably motivated by enough. they are whose problems back at home here he was referencing corruption charges that have been leveled against the israeli prime minister of course when the iran nuclear deal was signed back in two thousand and fifteen the obama administration was not supportive of netanyahu viewpoints but since then we
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have american president trump in office and he not only has supported netanyahu is views but he recently to certify the deal when the rainy and foreign minister was asked as to his response to this this is what he had to say i can assure you that if iran's interests are not secured iran would respond really respond seriously we not be the first ones to an agreement will reach all of us troy is spite of netanyahu to attempt to achieve we achieved it in spite of him being implemented in spite of him and the world will maintain that agreement in spite of his delusional attempt. this was quite a tense exchange between iran and israel coming as it did at a conference in munich aiming for world peace it raises the tensions here in the region up another notch. at table cross live to israeli journalist get in
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to discuss this further thanks for joining us on the program here gideon. let's start with. the well it looks like netanyahu is intensifying hostilities isn't it towards iran with his latest speech why do you think he's doing that what are your thoughts about it. and then you know he's obsessed with iran for many years no one should know don't they still made he's concerned there is a reason to be concerned when he romney is taking over some parts of syria or is increasing its growth in syria but this disc. this discourse of showing parts of drawn is really to law and doesn't lead to anywhere one should understand and that's my point of view that
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not every scene can be sold by threats and by bombarding by force there are certain things that are. impossible to be solved by force and again and again it and yell believe that everything can be solved by force. how we are getting reaction obviously we've got the former us actually of state john kerry. he's criticised netanyahu his remarks and we'll just have a quick listen to what was said. i am a great friend of israel. i had one hundred percent voting record over twenty years in the united states but today he said to you that in ten years around will be on its way to having a nuclear arsenal is just not accurate. we know that kerry hasn't been a friend of iran in the past nevertheless he's not on the same scientists as netanyahu on this issue why do you think that is. the sole
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carries a genuine friend of israel should really realize this even though in the eyes of a litany oh and his government kerry and obviously obama where almost enemies of israel they care about israel is about the future of israel much more than some right wing has in israel so i think that kerry was courageous enough to say the truth of the truce is that there is nothing better than this agreement and there will not be anything better than this agreement that the neo still believes that by bomb being iran either by israel or by the united states this will bring any progress or any solution to the so-called iranian problem. no the only way to solve the. problem is by diplomacy is by agreement and this agreement was all the. week sides of this agreement is the best the international community can get it i would like mr netanyahu realized. if we look at the timing gideon of
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this we can't ignore. the current current corruption charges coming in current corruption investigation against netanyahu. do you think that there's an influence on the timing of these comments. that he suddenly threatened direct military action against iran but he all thoughts on. i'm always very cautious when it gets to this because first of all it's very hard to prove it just shows that there are men under investigation a prime minister and then if investigation cannot function because the suspicion will be raised and that's exactly the reason why mr netanyahu the resign because of those suspicions but having said this i cannot blame any of that everything it does now is because of the investigations because of the shadow of the suspicions over
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his head because as we know the ten year old behaved very similar e much before all those accusations were in there so i would really give him the benefit of the doubt and say no mr material you can't now function as a prime minister for israel when they are small mainly suspicions against you but i still trust that what you do is according to what you believe and of because of any other conclusion. israeli jennifer thanks very much for your comments on this particular issue thanks kitty thank you. a passenger plane has crashed in central iraq passengers including a child along with six crew members were killed grief stricken relatives have been struggling to come to terms with reality. but that's about as others that looked at
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on me on sunday were it to hunt through or. saw signs on. the other bad signs of those on the. meet us it did not. look that is a hollow donya roof now the designs are saying is that the longer. the plane crashed in a remote mountainous area close to his destination according to media reports wreckage has not been found in the area where it came down and press t.v. channels to use if it reports from toronto due to adverse weather conditions due to foggy weather the pilot lost his vision and he was trying to find a place where he can make an emergency landing and according to eyewitnesses in the city of sydney room he was trying to land and make an emergency landing on a pasture but unfortunately.


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