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tv   News  RT  February 18, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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like i can't even talk to you you know unless someone's reason you want to get out of a zoo we can whisper in my ear buts about it this time is handling the cheerleaders even we said that this combination of show and business is perfect. for the university athletes must obey very strict rules. in their official activities of cool split also outside the stadiums. i thought. i'd. give them a solution in the spokesmen for. this news it was taken from both of them which is the spirit of the new questions a. small
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part of. a little bit some of it was just almost a trial of. a put down play a promise to dad to some awesome all this. i . hate everybody i'm stephen ball test hollywood guy usual suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and our video to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru well just a little bit different i'm honest abraham lincoln one of the well you know when those up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the good have six . meet every day americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap
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this is the great american pill. elliston is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos a member wolf it was dismissive to do it looking like
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a million little pieces and my cousin is going up to sunny are maybe a bit. old shot no doubt just hoping they should be the only palestinians who gets the most help from his jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who in the world under the oak vision not only could give us a book and though it is unfair advantage to have this lady of the messiah which he had i not going to continue muslims you know do more camillus also don't piss off. his foot it's eleven pm on a saturday night tom the french tennis player has gone out. with a few friends by going to a student night unable house. to knights of the athlete has swapped his official uniform far rather provocative t. shirt. shop.
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the price of fame and the system here the athletes are celebrities tom invites people to take photos of. the sports stars have to be exemplary. while the other students let them sound stupid. and that goes well to be outdone. lives. this was. one of. within barely an hour these two students will have consumed almost two metres of strong alcohol. i asked to tom he knows that he's closely monitored in front of our camera the frenchman accents of. the extremes of this america tom has learnt to
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make the most of it. but for the students without scholarships getting into university is a luxury to out as three students have to borrow money. oh in april two thousand and twelve the amount of american student debt reach a significant high of one billion dollars in new york hundreds of students demonstrate to the media relate that the potential of the economically lost generation and how much jack the common scene right now isn't over twenty five thousand dollars it's time. to stand for the rights of old. among the victims the president of the united states and sell the show and we know about this person this is not something i read in a briefing book we only finished paying off our student loans about eight years ago think about what the president the united states. an
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increasingly greedy society in the united states the cost of studies has tripled in thirty years. woodstock two hours' drive away from new york. this is where sky lives thirty one years old married and the mother of two children like many students to fund design school she had to borrow money. they said student loan debt is a good debt that you can carry and i was told that it was like paying off a car. at the time part of the sum was loaned by the state the other part by sallie mae the leading american student loan company but at the end of her study she had a nasty surprise skye couldn't find work her debt skyrocketed so i started at thirty two thousand nine hundred sixty four dollars and today oh one hundred twenty seven thousand eight hundred eighty dollars so it's thirty seven thousand dollars in interest alone and the rest of that is collection cost in fees.
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in eighteen years sky's debt has tripled the accumulation continues to grow heavier by one thousand dollars a month. erica husband has to cover the household costs on his own no bank will open a current account for his wife. for all her purchases sky has to use her husband's debit card. even worse due to her debt no employer wants to risk taking her on. hundreds of job applications them barack obama called out but i have been treated like a criminal yet so i. call the credit report they look at what's on that piece of paper and then they decide we were based off of that sheet of paper. faced with this dead end sky has decided to fight this morning she is going to a solicitor to file a complaint against her old school who forced her to borrow. and this is not
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a first attempt plan these i need the cases that a one word against the third party collection agency representing sallie mae. sky has sued them for how recent they were calling me at my work they were calling me at my home they were telling me that this would impact my children's life and i reported those conversations. ever since sky has called them every day to try and renegotiate her debt but before that the bank demands a payment of twenty five thousand dollars i may suggest that one comes up with twenty five thousand dollars a month. of the solutions have been suggested to her they were quite surprising. you can either go into the military you can move to
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a different country or you can find somebody who's passed the news there so security number. to avoid excessive debt more and more students are resorting to practices that are borderline prostitution. new york in the heart of the island of manhattan lies the n.y.u. campus one of the most prestigious private universities in the united states. it is also one of the most expensive in the country sixty thousand dollars per. release is a student in her fifth year of food processing studies to pay for her studies and live in new york this young woman lines up dates let's see i had class then i have lunch. with one guy and i'll probably go home and do some homework and then i have to immediately got to dinner with another guy. four hundred also dollars lisa
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company single men to lunch or to dinner without any other obligations. but before meeting her next client she pops home to get ready i like to wear. a dress. because you know that's what they're here for they want to take out a hot attractive young woman so i try and play that part it's like a uniform it's very detached from emotion. who knows she doesn't i mean there is little time any. time something. as an average student at least has not been awarded a scholarship at twenty two years of age she's already accumulated two hundred thousand dollars of debt. so as to avoid awkward questions from her roommate she goes to a cafe to check out her new office she spoiled for choice. i believe
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just like in a few hours ago and i really have something new offers so you can see one offered to take me out first take two hundred dollars one for one fifty click except for if it was the offer was too low. i could counter them and easily do for mark to try and get more money in one week at least can earn up to one thousand five hundred dollars and that's not counting all the free meals and getting hungry. but i don't see any of my own that i bought myself. it's one o'clock in the afternoon and she goes to a trendy hotel restaurant on seventh avenue you're stuck inside a man in his forty's is waiting for her film their lunch with a hidden camera this is your first day this is your first experience here i don't want any problems i have a girlfriend. should kill me if she knew i was seeing other girls sisters the man isn't single but really sees no downside she says i just wants the lunch is over
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she will never see him again. today and it's. but sometimes you guys and over something like this. stuff it inside the guy or one time i got a chocolate bar with it like taped inside i think they're paranoid about it looking like a transaction. but to supplement having come kelly's won't settle for just having lunch with lonely met. a few weeks ago she signed up to a dating site which takes it even further. the concept is simply match rich man with attractive young women who need money. some benefactors even go as far as paying for their studies in full. in the united states the site hit the headlines of your piece to. june two thousand and twelve on the dr phil
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show one of the most watched programs across the atlantic. called bill plante even purchased a new car with cash on a d.v.d. the female students who use the site face up to the criticism. one way the site's founder defends himself as providing a very valuable service that people need you are a prostitute and you are a mit educated pam. despite the scandal the site has never been condemned by the north. today more than a million female students have signed up to it it's a case far less twenty three years old. anthony has a date with a female student he is single and has no qualms about using this site to go on dates. at forty eight anthony is a successful businessman. he owns six hundred thousand dollars
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a year or around thirty thousand pounds a month that he's made a lifestyle out of the speak straight day. mean yeah i'm going to get at it for three years well during their years in the. house and so i get to date around their . different beautiful weather and we get to know each other what is she looking for and what am i looking forward to expect when my expectations come down what are less is looking for is a new benefactor this young woman has just started of course in a setting just. the first four years of study have been fully paid by men like anthony who of course sugar daddies here there's enough money problems going on in life that financial data says you first school that was supposed to better you it's not it's not healthy monoculture brazil. are you know worth a dollar a day well with. a woman to get through college one of the lenses there is
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neither of them feels as though it's prostitution even in discussions. that i feel like other things like you're getting people to have stags but a lot of times it's not just by. it is that me a double late. sex is indeed part of the contract not an obvious close to a suit. to challenge. the other. lad all you. like it's a nice. butt out so your bloody inner liner in several places that. your mind is not. right. that. her best friend trish is one of the only people she's told it does sound like that. coming out. like seen coming out of finances
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or contract. for her studies l.s.s. paid a high price but this obsession with success is not just a matter of money. looking at value surveys russians are so different from their european neighbors when it comes to individual rights and freedoms however they do have a very low tolerance for uncertainty in politics that translates into a strong electoral advantage for the incumbent making power transition should rare and precarious what would it take for russians to stop playing it safe politically . when lawmakers manufacture consent to stick to public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the final
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merry go round with the one percent. going or middle of the room stick. i mean real needs. from a solution a misplacement them. to sneeze or to stay in the room with us which foolishness in monaco the new question is a. small apartment or. a little business some of it is just some must try.
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to put don't play at it to gather some of them all just. so they have all this is an israeli practices they are precious oppressors measures being deployed against the palestinian people everywhere on the set of colonialism the theft of fall of man and the many many. you know there's a stating things then there are some of his undoing of course think again cold. and popeye's a. laugh just.
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certain i want to do things that show the face to be able to be very clear like. the way. then they have. some what do you how much. do you. want to talk more next.
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five people are dead after a gunman went on a shooting spree at the church in rogers russia's southern republic of dagestan the attacker was also killed. really prime minister slams iran and the nuclear deal calling for it to be scrapped speaking at a key security conference the pm even used props to make the message clear to iran's foreign minister. mr zarif. you recognize this. you should be george. the passenger plane has crashed in central iran not far from its destination killing all sixty six people on board.
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thanks for joining us this evening you're watching the weekly here on r.t. international five people have been killed and several others injured in a shooting which started at a church in russia southern region of dagestan. peace negotiations. are much. so all you should turn to the school must look to clear. these do record go digital stream. local authorities have confirmed that five people have been killed and several others have been injured after a gunman with a hunting rifle targeted crowds in the southern russian region of dagestan now it's believed the shooter targeted people as they attended a service that an orthodox church is the final day for orthodox christians before they celebrate the great fast is a day in which families would usually attend a church service now it's worth mentioning that dagestan is a predominantly muslim region here's an eyewitness account. while the people were
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leaving the church a gunman approached armed with a rifle he started to shoot people started fleeing he started shooting people he ran outside to was shot within the churches grounds just outside of those injured two are said to be in a critical condition the shooter who has also been confirmed dead has been identified as a twenty two year old local man the investigative committee are working to establish whether he had any links to any underground terrorist groups. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu has lashed out at iran comparing it to nazi germany you criticize the iran nuclear deal so in quote its unleashed a dangerous arabian target. you want aggression and shipped. and it will compress the entire world the nuclear agreement
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with iran has brought the countdown has begun the countdown to a new reagan nuclear arsenal little more than a decade in the sanction relief that they do provided has not moderated iran has not made them more moderate internally and it's not made a more moderate externally contract it's unleashed a dangerous iranian terror in a region and beyond netanyahu has never been a fan of the way new nuclear deal that was signed back in two thousand and fifteen and on multiple times over the years he has caught iran a great danger well of course talking about a deal in which to run signed off to limit its uranium enrichment in response for financial sweetness i think this deal is a bad. deal now what we hear today from the israeli prime minister is again urging the international community to slap more sanctions on tehran he has called the country the greatest threat to the world and he drew the parallel between the
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nineteen thirty eight munich agreement that failed in its attempt to appease nazi germany and the two thousand and fifteen iranian agreement he has also said that this deal did nothing short of unleashing raney and tiger and to support his point he used visual props here's a piece of that iranian drone mr zarif. do you recognize this. you should be george you can take back with you a message to the tyrants of. do not just israel's resolve the iranian foreign minister zarif responded to prime minister netanyahu is comments by saying that they were nothing short of a cartoonish circus that in fact an awful quiet response and that they were probably motivated by in italy are whose problems back at home here he was referencing corruption charges that have been leveled against the israeli prime
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minister of course when the iran nuclear deal was signed back in two thousand and fifteen the obama administration was not supportive of netanyahu viewpoints but since then we have american president trump in office and he not only has supported netanyahu is views but he recently decided to fight the deal when the rainy and foreign minister was asked as to his response to this this is what he had to say i can assure you that would be iran's interest are not secure iran would respond really respond seriously we not be the first ones to worry that an agreement will reach all of us troy you spoke of netanyahu as attempts to achieve we achieved it in spite of him being implemented in spite of him and the world view to maintain that agreement in spite of his luzhin all attempts. this
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was quite a tense exchange between iran and israel coming as it did at a conference in munich aiming for world peace it raises the tensions here in the region up another notch columnist for the israeli newspaper gideon levy says that while israel's concerns over iran are understandable they should not be resolved by threats and force. and you know he's obsessed with iran for many years now and one should not underestimate his concern there is a reason to be concerned when he run is taking over some parts of syria or he's increasing its interest in syria but this discourse of. this discourse of showing parts of draw. is really to law and doesn't lead to anywhere one should understand this my my point of view that
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not every scene can be solved by threats and by bombarding by force there are certain things that are. impossible to be solved by force and again and again it and yell believe that everything can be solved by force. passenger plane has crashed in central iran according to the latest numbers fifty nine passengers including a child along with six crew members were killed three stricken relatives struggling to come to terms with the tragedy. paragraph the bounds of the book that. is a two hundred dollar this so that cylons are no that's. another bad science a lot of those on the. meters it did not sort of that is a how about on your gulf now the designs are saying is that the length of support your. plane crashed in a remote mountainous area close to its destination according to media reports
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wreckage has now been found in the area where it came down press t.v. journalist youssef jalali reports from tehran. due to adverse weather conditions due to our foggy weather the pilot lost his vision and he was trying to find a place where he can make an emergency landing and according to eyewitnesses in this city of sydney room he was trying to land and make an emergency landing on a pasture but unfortunately on this process the plane crashed. the plane was operated by assman airlines is the third largest carrier in iran it operates domestic and regional services local media reports claim this particular aircraft had suffered technical problems in the past he a.t.r. seventy two turboprop is a french italian shortfall aircraft model was first introduced at the end of the
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eighty's the last time our seven airlines suffered a fatal incident was twenty four years ago back then the plane suffered a sudden loss of power sixty six people were killed in that disaster. wednesday saw one of the deadliest school shootings in u.s. history a former student of marjorie stoneman douglas high school in park in florida was arrested after the rampage which killed seventeen and injured a dozen more. piece of white dead body there on the floor and blood on the floor how many people like five on the third floor. ok look like students it was one teacher and four students . so they do pull the fire drill we want to side boom boom boom boom. i doze firecrackers but at their last child like oh.
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my god i. don't like to come in being they are going to shoot at school you like start taking your family i love you because you never know a biggish are killed there's no word that can describe how you feel because at that moment you're wondering if it's my kid it easy ok. i am. doing the shooting many of the students were holed up inside classrooms posting messages of distress online we managed to speak to a lay nick a student in the school at the.


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