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tv   News  RT  February 20, 2018 6:00am-6:30am EST

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that's ok and in detroit equals betrayal. when something you find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. thanks for joining us here on t.v. at the latest hollywood superhero blockbuster black panther has been praised all around but for some that's a problem and. explains the new hollywood blockbuster black panther is creating quite a stir in an era where diversity is a favorite word the film is seen as a huge breakthrough for african-americans the first ever big budget comic book story with a black superhero the cultural significance of marvel's black panther is immense
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sting praised for its impact on the black community it's white people as we see ourselves even as we like to see ourselves as again masters of our own destinies not waiting for white savior to come and rescue us from whatever receiving ourselves now there's a common criticism of hollywood that film directors and actors of color are less acceptable in mainstream culture so the fact that a film like black panther is making such a huge splash is seen as a huge breakthrough and success by many americans shows positive african-american heroes and that's something that hasn't been in films and i think it's fabulous now this folie a movie that represents black people was like you know the good guys for us now it's pretty clear the film is touching a nerve in us society as some say criticizing the film is unacceptable i implore media outlets to please seek out write us of color to you the black panther movie.
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not so bold prediction the first critic to write a rotten review of black panther will be white now we decided to ask moviegoers here in new york city if they thought the film was good or bad for american political discourse folks on the internet are saying that if you're white and you criticize the film that's unacceptable that's racist do you buy that no absolutely not it's like any other film it's a bad movie it's a bad movie doesn't matter what color i think every movie should be criticized on its own regardless of where you are in the event or what your background is people have their own opinion do whatever say whatever they want right now just let people be happy you know they'll read it good or very views if you read them later now the film is widely celebrated by advocates of diversity however some activists are criticizing the film for the fact that no l g b t scenes are characters were included it looks like today in the age of social media and you just can't please everyone caleb mopp and r.t. new york. an anonymous trader has bought four hundred million dollars
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worth of bitcoin the purchase became visible thanks to block chain technology i joined the last days of the world block chain economic forum in singapore auntie's miguel francois santiago caught up with the former mexican president to chat about the future of chain technology. as a token economic botching forum in singapore was in its last day i managed to catch up with mexico's ex president has sent a fox to saddam who was very keen on bringing people together but blah changed acknowledge my poor guys and that is that if we keep not war and maybe we a concept that i do not that we denounce it we do it better so you know beijing and big no logic that are needed the ones who really deserve more we're going to be one too what makes it or you're not of the straight towards the river would be more
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stronger why did you choose to become such an active participant in it this means being opened my eyes is like discovering that world began their world banking there were a lot of people to reduce poverty the great needle for us is to create a better world we need to move by many people is getting desperate i will say that the world of the sort of the earth is growing faster than the world of war for him this just a potential profit for the future according to the un four billion people live without imagist including mexico they're not necessarily poor but they do not have a shipping out just because they are in the attic or be serviced by their government intern they experience social segregation and are unable to participate in online commerce the only botching solution present the conference with a working app for this part of the us this order to my surprise was a russian startup called mao by agis they are currently back to work with mexico
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asia and other places around the world who have people living without imagist we develop in markets the undersea system that provides users with a unified didn't light seat or placed smokers in the world and generals are just like concentrate just on providing you know good dealers people in the world with. very fine by deeds or addresses. play places and locations there's a huge issue then because now these people just a detached from the online insured economy so just would believe that i was solution would help a lot change the just the way they lead the way they interact with governments with online economy and just with other users bridge choose to see process of development it doesn't happen by the miracle except that you're getting next very good pace with that knowledge acceleration to move ideas that's today's world. it has been one year since the
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death of fatah can one of russia's most prominent diplomats he served as russia's ambassador to the un during one of the toughest periods in global relations for moscow he died of a heart attack on the eve of his sixty fifth birthday. if you want to talk to my country in a commanding tone we get. our .
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m. they stated us who is representative delivered her speech as if she was mother teresa herself please remember the track record of your country is the one on the if we needed to be preached to leave go to a church if we wanted to hear poetry lose touch with fear itself will to expect some u.n. officials in the security council is an objectivist. me an engineer so i don't mind who likes me and who's doesn't i'm just a joke the russian delegation have just informed us of the untimely passing away and then bassett or vitaly churkin this morning. i.
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was almost at home at the un security council in new york he was. greatly respected this man is on diplomatic license. but says aussie international thank you for sharing a true stay with us so far more of a worldwide programming in about half an hour. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics small business i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just kill you narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million a one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chance for. a nice minute. the girls who do things are very easily with both of you very clear. the way
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your. son what do you how much. do you. want to consummate. backscatter this is a kaiser a party you know we talk
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a lot of various topics on the show and one topic that we don't talk enough about is love you know love makes the world go around love nothing is possible i'm so fortunate to be so in love with stacy. ok well that's quite interesting that you bring that up because actually our first topic is all about hate and how hate drives huge profit hate and fear and it's all about the american huckster so you know that the right wing in america the republican base was kind of you know rallied into a passionate fervor with the tea party once obama won and it was all about irrational fear of obama who were supposedly born in kenya as a muslim and was a secret muslim taking over the united states and it was going to introduce shariah law sort of crazy well now the left wing has gone the so-called left wing has done
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the same thing we've turned into the democrats have turned into another american huckster class so i'm going to read you this headline from the daily beast about. you know the resistance the hash tag the resistance and all of the groups that. you know the political action committees that have erupted around fighting donald trump and saving the republic from the new world order of donald trump cash for coalition against from going into consultants pockets instead as chump ran for president the group democratic coalition against raise money promising to stop him while dedicating more than ninety percent of its expenditures to paying its own members to surround a guy on twitter called got to work and he's got a huge following now because he's leading the resistance along with louis' mansion aaron garland and all these crazy wacky conspiracy theories send us your five bucks
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right now and we'll fight trump on your behalf i'm convinced the connection with hate and hucksterism is one where the hucksters in this case are instilling hate hate the other side the two minutes of tape they're trying to get people to hate irrationally toward the republicans coming from the resistance side of the equation the they're not instilling hate the hate is already there and they're like you know they tickling that hate they themselves have no emotion they're just like looking for somebody to plunder to pick their pockets and send us five bucks a snake oil here will help you get rid of your shaky legs and it works every one hundred percent of the time here they're like just send us your five bucks and we'll help defeat trump will help keep you from you know you know we'll we'll see we'll we'll we'll seek vengeance for hillary it was her turn she should have had it sure is my guess is the right term for it i mean this is the basis of the american
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experience it's goes back to p.t. barnum it goes back to wild bill hickock it's part as it's thomas edison it's the law musk is the end of the day a bit of a lobster there's a spectrum. upon which hucksterism is a you know some of them actually don't get steve jobs these are for canucks they happen to be able to sweet talk their way into australia raise a few billion dollars introduce technologies that became world beating but without that make it and fake it to make it mentality that is so american there would be nothing that's what donald trump represents so these people don't understand what they're fighting they're fighting ben franklin they're fighting the constitution to find the revolution of seven hundred seventy six they're fighting alex jones for gosh sakes and nobody beats alex jones he's got to be everyone's become alex jones twenty years ago oust jones was the fringe guy in media now everet there's no more walter cronkite there's no more mainstream media anchorperson isn't even brian williams the last of the tribe was obliterated now you have rachel maddow everyone
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a mainstream media katie couric whoever they're all truly can jump out shows alex jones is the gold standard in american news and the crazier the conspiracy theories from maddow becomes the more she sells now on alex jones as colloidal silver and guardian and account sort of stuff but on her show it's just as wacky sort of opioids and by aggro and you know erectile dysfunction has been she's been shown that the goop which is the product of that shiksa. opposite of oh gosh i did not have sorry but she's got goop which is the same stuff in it that they sell over at info wars and erectile dysfunction gosh you know if only they just were able to cure baldness like they were.


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