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i don't look at it and the islands off the. scottish first minister those are working together to try and secure the position within the single market a few of the thoughts of advice to these ministers how they might deploy deploy their arguments to get a result it's in our interests to to to watch carefully and the island the veyron of both north and south and how they do and what they do because we we have built up really good relationships in particular with scotland over over the years and that's something we want to keep and treasure has to huge interests between our people and scottish people i think the big issue for them again is trade me let's look at what is the future relationship about the future relationship about foreign policy i think we can see where there can be solutions and those it's on security we can see where the solutions are it's in everybody's interest i've got security but it's trade is the big one. and the future relationship i think for trade is
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important for the republic of ireland for the island environment for scotland for wales. it's what's going to happen in that kind of a knock on effect to our population and workforce and i'm to your leadership the chinese council. a meaningful institution out of the agreements and and normile and to see. a more meaningful role for the british i was council perhaps looking at this confused landscape as a means of getting that cooperation which would be difficult to see any other institution which could bring about we all toss for evermore that we were going to be in the european union together and that we would be partners in european union and that's the negotiating table for fisheries and. you know for health care and cooperation and education was going to be in the european union and. bex it happens
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that's not so anymore there is no british representative set the table and i need a d.c. issues but the issues are still hugely important so i think the british are as council would be the only place i have where political leaders of these islands would meet the institution of the arrangement is dare and it hasn't been used enough in my if you. take the children more active than there should be more engaged meant so i think you're correct i think it's do you other side abraxas it gets a new lease of life and is it beyond the buttons of possibility the future british prime minister or perhaps even the english prime minister might be phoning up. and asking for some subjects to be raised in the european titles will not be able to raise them so i think crazy his position in the transition period. is that.
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the european council would be continuing on and britain would still be in the european union fully and they won't have any say whatever at the negotiating table i mean this has to be the worst time and if you're playing cards you definitely give up so i don't think being the long terabyte include the shark terror and the british will need are the and no doors to be helpful it will save a little boy to looking for your cubs face up it's a bad hand. elliston is getting international recognition with the help of israel and least in the world of zoos in the. dismiss it. like. this isn't my cup of tea
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is going. to be. the only palestinian gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts. and the us. i don't know if you can. do more. welcome back to dublin i'm speaking to the longest serving violin apart from. the man who presided over the celtic tiger the economy of the one nine hundred ninety s. one of the economic implications of that for i am a look at your political career over the period. so when waving to this but so
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close to be you will that the tea show through the the celtic tiger the start of the the financial side growing to a substantial. can you you see the gables that possible for i went from. then in london yeah well we are gaining already i mean and dublin we're not going to take out huge financial houses some see the move. from london to dublin that's going to happen both what is happening is that more and more of the financial companies and the insurance companies aviation are opening up dublin offices are expanding their dublin office and that's good for us we've probably moved from position part about one percent of our population what have been non irish now to our working force about fifteen percent and would be our new irish whichever term you like to use is made a huge difference and i think. if bracks it happens will be again in that area
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right across the food sector which issues for else to drink sector. and many to go to are small or small or medium size industry c s m e cast away and they will suffer. if there is any kind of tire of see if there are any kind of obstacles if you go back twenty years ago only a tard of the trade that took place anywhere else in europe between dublin belfast was happening we don't we don't have toward it if we've grown that now that the two great cities of this island are working together expanding to get our developing together it's not a small figure at billion a week and two way trade between between date the island of ireland and. maine the end intendant it's a lot of money and before like i know bardas likes to tell us about all the new trade deals but you know it was a lot of stubs and an article inside of our the secretary came over here recently
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was talking about that you know all the new new deals he's going to get should remember usually when you have a business you hold on to watch a have and then go out and you tend not to troll way what you have and then go somewhere else and even in the commonwealth club face and there's not that many of them that are that begs to provide trade but most of them of agreements already with the so i don't think that there is this. trade tales of the war that are and there and if you and i were negotiating trade deals and you are in india and i was the e.u. trade minister you know he cannot give the terms and that to you you can get i mean do you are a far bigger marcus look at your political career over the period. despite less huge issue to be dealt with for the terms of brics that. lee island and island the file. developed been transformed as
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a serious european political i would you assess the period will bit the range of your time in politics we have over doubled our size of our economy and the last twenty years and employment when i was minister for labor negotiate with the trade unions. we did a million people working. and we had almost twenty percent unemployment today we have two and a quarter million people work and we have about five part of some two percent on the bottom and we were down we will go down again i think to train the half or four again so we're in a strong position there are ups and downs at that alec's you know a lot of the industries are multinational and a lot of our exports are pharmaceutical and i t. . the food which is more indigenous so the challenge is all the time but you know it's
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a strong conflict today it said you know that the last thing we need as you know problems with our neighbors we had to for hundreds of years so we want to try and find solutions to problems and get on with it and we can do it i would direct that issue but you know we are developing all the time we're strengthening all the time and we just have to keep doing that i'm working hard because as a small island ted said there's not a never do you see that the hammam the interests of celtic solidarity. you get the queen the whisky of course has to be scotch. none of this stuff goes for you i thank you so much thank you very much thank you thank you very much thank you. fascinating insights there from alan's former teacher but hear her and let's hear from you and your tweets messages and e-mails and what a terrific response that was to merely mcdonnell's interview last week not least of many women i'm going to beat five street says first live tweets are from some of
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our women of us a few niggers and says well done it may we're getting alex telt women not girl those of you who watched last week remember that alex referred to me lou as a dublin girl and she quit correctly correct him say dublin women alex kyle and say it's really enjoyed watching this and i've never said that about political interview hazel says thanks for today's show i've enjoyed all your shoes but today explains much about allen's political sphere that i didn't know looking forward to the next two also keep up the good viewing i'm glad to be enjoying and hope even joyce and enjoying today show and indeed next week's more says how to fashion to have interviews where people are allowed to speak for the interruption the new leaves of shin fein was impressive i look forward to seeing what change she may bring. more like says there's no denying that alex salmon she was going from strength to strength fabulous listening to the new shin families are another strong female voice and i need to give the lads a quick look and robert like he says really ensure again alex insists mina
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scotland's most global broadcasting ambassadors you give hope that a voice can be heard thanks robert archie finally says first time watch the alex salmond show i don't know all the fuss was all about it's pretty good well thank you artie and i back to island trees i'm a surprise election of last year dramatically change the calculus of the house of commons and so tomorrow i will move a motion in the house of commons calling for a general election to be held on the eighth of june not least for the democratic unionist party after generation is a mere bits played in westminster politics elections saw them emerge victorious in their long struggle with the ulster unionists for supremacy is the voice of northern irish unionism even more significantly the election of thought combined with the loss of the twenty majority in the house of commons so the d.p. propelled into position of the site of influence and a hung parliament he holds the balance holds the power but with power comes responsibility and there are signs that this position is causing difficulties
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within the party the talks the sinn fein have each deadlock and the party now seems uncomfortable with the compromises required to restart the diva lucian's process and no matter how many times we're told that the norse and british north american british. the brits are supporting d.d.p. now finds its antipathy towards a partly conflicting with its wish to maintain an open border with the irish republic the party funded by the late reverend paisley in the one nine hundred seventy s. has reached its zenith of power and influence by tyrone it clee that very success now if you face it all of its achievements rest from the stables b.m.w. college grid so you don't house of commons this week a scene deadlocked at the top so no. violent and all the governments are still in favor of the belfast agreement for the first statement twenty years voices across the political spectrum from brought to tears so the good friday agreement has
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outlived its usefulness and then the house of commons chamber a number of voices less than thirty asked about the resumption of devolution. i think the people of northern ireland will be disappointed in the secretary of state and of course they'd like the executive back but what they want more than anything is a budget blueprint on ways that reform of the health service and education that we're all agreed before and walked out why is the sixty of states still dillydallying and waiting and waiting and waiting what does she think is going to be achieved in the next months you mr speaker in the last say forty eight hours a couple of members of this host of the british amy p. have attacked because trade you can even times has been saying as field and unsustainable she joined. our lives to keep prime minister in condemning such language as irresponsible for the good friday agreement brought about peace for almost twenty years in northern ireland could the foreign secretary have given
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other political assurances that the her majesty's government will not do anything that undermines the agreement including pursuing any policy that not only undermines the agreement or in any way undermines the principles that led up to the creation of that good friday agreement mr speaker as the house will recognise this april marks the twentieth anniversary of historic belfast agreement that agreement along with its successors has been fundamental in helping northern ireland move forward from its violent past to a brighter and more secure future. and this government's support for the agreements remains steadfast as does our commitment to govern for everyone in northern ireland and to the secretary of spirit we of course. stand ready to form the executive today tomorrow on the basis of no preconditions on the basis will be agreed to programme for government which back in december before she walked out of sat
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preconditions political demands that they want to see implemented before they get back into the executive so the fact additional we expected a fish not the fault of the d.p. indeed the fault of the other smaller parties let's make up very pretty clear but in the absence of the government now is the time for the secretary of state to to do right by all the people of northern ireland i've just come from a meeting of a group of charities and others who want somebody to lobby a minister to argue with mental health in the northern ireland there will be no ministers for thirteen months that's how a lot continue. to set a budget that the efforts continue yes we want to see devolution but it is a dereliction of duty to continue without a budget without ministerial decisions it's time to get on with it well the slightest bit of a drain and a time line for the imposition of the records that sit in this place to ensure that the people of northern ireland are not contained to the lead of the nose by shanty
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in the party who don't have the intestinal and aren't at heart pretty sick when destruction of the state of northern ireland an attempt to secure i don't want that on on workable on and that is never never never going to happen jim shannon the experienced m.p. full strength echoing an old war cry from dr lee in paisley i thought it was ian paisley who led. the government to thing in contrast in a later interview jim shannon pretty uncompromising i think there are three options in the table that one of those getting her possible birthday and that's the fact that we could probably get by the northern assembly it works well there's nothing that the killer that's going to help at this moment and the second one is as direct will which will be a clear direct role. from from here from london on the third one i think which is a possible it is a half way house where they were just pay the register their office they were just there a neighbor come a consultative body to oversee
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a government departments and their real. unsafer they. to the ministers on a friday at westminster where they say the papers probably were looking. this is the second week of our chile to an island in the wise words or form a t. shirt bertie ahearn resonate like the ghost of christmas past for today's amazed government this hugely expedient statesman confirms that the good friday agreement is that see just risk from the westminster government's reckless approach to brics it he also to visit is the day when dining state will have to go cap in hand to dublin to see its interest protected in europe i start traversal in the relationship between the two islands of britain ministerial statements prime ministerial meetings come and go but as yet no breakthrough is in sight next week we returned with the voice of former actor on the violin to me to mark elise a woman born in the north to became president of the republic she will certainly be
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worth listening to so we hope to see you there so meanwhile from all of the team here to the alex salmond show it's good bye for a night. because an economy that spent created by financialization of everything and outsourcing manufacturing to countries like china totally out the ignore any nation that just made that word up means to ignore something gratian i'll be your local
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infrastructure build now trump said we want to do infrastructure we've got to go borrow a trillion or two trillion dollars our biggest creditor now the china child is only all the cards in the twenty second century in america can't even get from point a to point b. where's the money for the sports the least you know because i'm also a snowboarder to one of them. beautiful yes good new bush and the you know bush will you put him over the i'm close but i'm his mother i do you know the deal my mother goes with the daughter in the local custom . so from you know will someday you'll see the muzzle on the even split of the video of the dog you'll see yes so you'll see a little. book
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of suits and you put yellow would someone put in the field for me to show it's a cool bolsters a preschool education this request and most of them says just needs to go well what you call a yeah. that would usually beautiful the nation as we see would you do you see just as i was telling me at some point the president you know playfully to me it was a little bit so for. russia urges the u.n. security council to help but it was all of the conflict in the eastern a good a district of syria and accuses foreign powers of creating havoc and tearing up the country. u.s. military is blamed for a health crisis on a portuguese island in the atlantic residents say pollution from an air base has boosted cancer rates. ok well i'm thirty four years old and i lived my whole life in prior to the right by the entrance of the american base both of my parents died
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of cancer when i was thirty three i was diagnosed with breast cancer. and a storms out of the german parliament as a member of the anti immigrate. if the party launches an attack on the have. our broadcast live direct for us to do is in moscow this is our key international issue on thomas certainly glad to have you with us all right the russian ambassador to the u.n. has called for urgent action to resolve the humanitarian crisis in the rebel held region of eastern ghouta in syria addressing the security council he criticized the way the media and foreign powers have been influencing the situation must. there is a massive psychoses in the mainstream media which is spread in the same room as day
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after day it doesn't help to understand the situation that's who they put food with the idea that their only hospitals in eastern guta which the tsunami of fighting against now what we just heard was the russian ambassador to the united nations responding to what he characterized as a smear campaign now the meeting was called in response to the situation in eastern guta that is a suburb of damascus located to the east of damascus and at this point it's an enclave of rebels and terrorist forces now there's been increasing hostilities in eastern goods as the syrian government is fighting to retake the city from terrorist russia was responding to some of the very heated words and accusations we heard from other countries in the chamber in the lead up to his remarks systematic targeting of civilians in disregard for human life attacks against health care and hospitals constitute will crimes the regime wants to keep bombing and gassing these four hundred thousand people and the assad regime is counting on russia to make
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sure the security council is unable to stop their suffering now in his remarks to the fifteen member body and as he was very clear that situations in eastern guta are rather dire however the situation is much more complex than it's being made. out to be that essentially civilians are being used as human shields by the terrorists and isn't this what the international community should be doing should they not be fighting against these terrorist groups to point out the some of the more extreme allegations being made against russia and syria are being made by the forces that just leveled the city of raka the u.s. led coalition leveled syria's rucka this is in the recent post should be forgotten so focused when it happened there was no crime for some reason nobody demanded international law to observe the.
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cinema thirty a and we were forced to leave our homes because of ice and when we returned we found everything which used to rubble and look at all the devastation of rock is a ghost city ninety minutes when live in the midst of destruction we feel completely abandoned everything around has been destroyed. life years or book the city and rubble have to be to remove the debris with all money there's no running water so we have to budget in barrels and the us coalition cools the destruction of records and has a responsibility to rebuild the city we need to help with restoring the water supply in clearing the rubble as the meeting went on and different speakers took the floor and addressed the u.n. security council was very clear that everyone agreed that the life of civilians in eastern guta was was of top concern however there were clear differences about who is to blame and that certain countries felt as if the situation was just squarely
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on the shoulders of syria and russia there was disagreement on on a centrally what what the russian ambassador characterized as a smear campaign against russia. the u.n. earlier called a foreigner. to the fighting in eastern go attack calling the rebel enclave hell on earth earlier we spoke to a representative of doctors without borders about the situation. so we have six of the support that are so received. to nations in the last few days. and number of. people has increased dramatically in the last. few days reported. over. two hundred. people. but the biggest problem for the moment still function.
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supplies are fighting just going on a medical supply so some sort of agreement that. these medicines especially i repeat surgical supplies are honest i think can enter into the. place the surgeon. can do that my saving work. archies magazine who has reported extensively from syria's war zones take a look at who is in control of the strategic area of damascus. east ghouta is not a nice place to live in surrounded as it is under siege a constant war zone within and without.
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islam the army of islam holds most of east ghouta as the name may imply these guys crusading for democracy and when they aren't busy killing each other they share power with nuestra while kiat in syria and the number of smaller groups . these are ruthless people they cage civilians literally put woman and the elderly in metal cages and hoisted them onto roofs where they left them a literal human shield made of civilians to protect themselves their fighters from strikes these same people jihad ists who say they're fighting to free the country from outside then turn their guns on protesters when they day complain about the
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jihad ists themselves. these infamous incident being one of them a crowd of demonstrators fired upon by rebel fighters john kerry himself once called the rebels holding east ghouta a subgroup of isis and al qaeda remember what the u.s. . led coalition deeds to isis in mosul. well it's kind of as if yes. they leveled an entire city thousands of civilians dead yet they say there was no choice the
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terrorists were sponsible by using human shields a sad fact of war two billion casualties are a fact of life in this sort of situation do you agree that some of the the high level of i think ridiculous standard that we had previously is now created this. behavior by ice is that they now realize that they take human shields are going to avoid being struck and that actually this is adding to the problem congressman i do believe they understand our sensitivity to civilian casualties and they're exploiting that and i do agree that as we move into these urban environments it is going become more and more difficult to apply extraordinarily high standards for the things that we're doing although we will try for some reason this time around they seem to be avoiding any mention of who it is that controls east ghouta all but the same job that's when the islamists blindly shelled damascus every day and slaughter more and more civilians well that's war when the syrian army responds
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suddenly it's an atrocity remarkable isn't it how the rules change entirely depending on who is calling the shots. or to discuss this further we will now bring in former u.s. diplomat and media specialist to jim john trust jim thanks for being with us here on our team international. so. russia is a ceasefire in eastern could help the terrorists to regroup and fight against the syrian army do you think that this is a valid concern. it's a very valid concern as is the concern that we heard from the the gentleman from doctors without borders said we need to find some way to get aid to these people and unfortunately there are two sides to that it means not only of the government forces supported by russia but it also means the terrorist forces that actually control east ghouta and without some kind of agreement that very well.


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