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listening. numbers that we. can assume there are repeat challenge kids they're talking about is open speech here until the night to listen for yourself once they're talking about their school . to be able. to give us rain like easing them of something he didn't do directly on the whole finish line former inmates into the school who stayed with. the ones who didn't split the kids just protecting the children so he complained of the old
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snitch about pew says he was to do this complains about the orphanage director the kids if they can pull. up probably. not the older kids abuse him residence that then given them some signs. as a result of a far reaching investigation into the claims of abuse is under way right now child welfare specialists are also carrying out assessments of all orphanages in the chelyabinsk region. the olympic athletes from russia team have won their first gold medal at the games in south korea a couple of hours ago now two teenage figure skaters topped the podium winning gold and silver in the women's singles fifteen year old got the edge over her team had a verse in the final standings after their points from the shortened free skate programs work combined the two actually tied in the free skate a rare occurrence but the gate of a perform better it has short program on wednesday bronze went to canada's caitlin
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osmonds and this is also a limb big advantage is had training partner and close friend we've got a profile of their journey to success in south korea you can watch it right now on r.t. dot com. really we . loosely there to sleep in the still of the still here please excuse the incident there is a new way it was the legality rather than a complete internet in my book likud believe it was limited. to each singer it's. good to see here just like they're. missing and some sick of producing.
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those are going to see my six. million. lulu woo i thought i was hearing you know exactly a and losing sleep at least. a big congratulations to them both it's also been a bit of a buzz outside the olympic stadium to donald trump and kim jong un have been for a stroll around the host city while the lookalikes have anyway trying to join the pair on the tour. we're waiting for the two main sporting news makers
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to arrive back in town for the final stage of the olympics. mr straw mr kim here again we're here to go to some house without houses. and people yeah i'm going to meet some mathlete i see any good want them back to north korea all right guys let's go. did you start getting along any better i still have a bigger button a need for negotiating the thing with the kids you know i got to figure everything . out. i want to sit in the front well we're in korea i guess you could. have a kid. where you. call atomic missile. what
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are you going to get on a twitter game nobody uses twitter anymore if you want to instagram hey you going. to sit. here here. i think the best place that we can solve. this let's hit the ball where you think of some. almost really cool trick so we are just outside canada's hospitality house and the leaders say they want to try and get it. that's the time. we would love to have you but sorry. mr. mr kim we're told they can come inside the. the house and they're going to try somewhere else.
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planned. on the gentleman. i'm up so we're inside the checkout aisle seat with mr trump and mr cameron as you can see people are going wild about a. cut they're taking pictures with the south korean fire doesn't matter which try to reestablish unified on the road. all existed in. positive light your sister she saw three of these little. car one. outcome feel. she
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was being a big rival not my house she hasn't traveled. by the way she i haven't seen a i've been trying to find out what he did the way she is has anyone seen my sister and you see my sister came you know john. have you seen my sister came you know john gavin my sister came you know john. she was with my comments on the cross that i want to enter and i want to be introduced to it right in a client of. their own while talking about international relations in general are. cowards janice allen and you know you have a train job or are to be making sure that there's always fun at these winter
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olympics and that. you're watching r t international after the break we look at how the florida school shooting is shaping the route of a gun control in the u.s. . when you don't.
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know. that. you speak french. welcome back american anti-gun campaign as of now published a list of three hundred members of congress whom they accuse of blocking efforts to impose tougher firearms laws the long standing debate over gun control is intensified in the wake of the florida school massacre which killed seventeen last week impassioned pleas from the victims the public on politicians have been shown on t.v. and social media in recent days. this is my pretty been. legally registered
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a ar fifteen which i purchased over thirty years ago i decided today. i'm going to make sure this weapon will never be able to take a life. if now. despite clearly heightened emotions across the us right now there are still many continuing to staunchly defend their right to buy and carry guns when we discussed it on air earlier we heard pleas for tighter controls to protect schools but they were roundly rejected by gun supporters who suggest the solution is to arm teachers. when you think about the power of the n.r.a. you really have to think about the control of the narrative that they have and the way that politicians that are for more guns and against gun control you know pretty much for pete's the same buzz buzz lines and points that the n.r.a. kind of puts out this is totally overblown to suggest that any one group has way
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more sway or the ability to like truly put lives in danger the n.r.a. certainly is is a powerful special interest group but there's probably you know a dozen twenty thirty i don't know it's hard to say who is more powerful but if the power of the n.r.a. is not in their campaign contributions it's the way they reflecting the american people who value their liberties i think it's false vats the majority of american people supports what the n.r.a. puts out there many studies have actually shown that many people on the ground actually don't exactly support the same line by line arguments at the enter a puts out there after the florida shooting president trump said he believes teachers should be armed which is a controversial stance in of itself well let's take a listen to his exact words it's called concealed carry where a teacher would have
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a concealed gun on them they'd go for special training and they would. be there and you would no longer have a gun free zone gun free zone to a maniac. because they're all cowards the gun free zone is let's go in and let's attack because bullets aren't coming back at us that is the only step that could reasonably protect every kid in america today you can ban all the guns you want today you can ban every sale every manufacturer you're not going to stop a single shooting killer every killer is going to find a gun there are over two hundred thirty million guns and almost one per person in this country you're not going to get rid of them and you shouldn't get rid of them they were the best way to defend against a criminal with a gun is somebody who is loved by eating with a gun we're talking about specifically education and schools we really have to think reflect and think what does education really mean to us and if we want to
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militarize these areas if we want to introduce weapons and encourage teachers to carry weapons i think that that's absurd and you know for me and for the majority of american schools are a place of human development and growth and free thinking and critical thinking and not a place for weaponize suppression and fear and intimidation which happens from guns because that's what they do they kill. the german justice ministry is warning that could be a surge in the number of islamist extremists in the countries prisons in the coming years it follows an admission by the authorities in december that they opened five times more terror investigations in twenty seventeen than in the previous year and the heightened risk doesn't appear to be unique to germany either as our europe correspondent peter all of it now explained. germany's jails need to face up to the risks of islamic radicalization that says stats from law enforcement say that
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there's one hundred fifty dangerous islamists in the prison population and it's got politicians concerned. in the next few years who must expect away from extremists in our presents the number of. muslim is is big enough to. create a group who can influence. others jews because the others are not organized in the form the number of terror investigations being launched is also on the rise at the end of last year the german government released the figures showing they launched five times as many terror probe in twenty seventeen as they had done in the previous year with eighty percent of those having a link to radical islam that is putting a strain on germany's prison system in the city of karachi to prosecutors opened
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over a thousand terror at best occasions last year from hate preaches to assassins to battle hardened return needs from the fighting in syria all need to be housed among the prison population the police are also complaining about a lack of staff and resources to deal with the numbers while guarding against radicalization with the elite berlijn and terry unit amongst those calling for help and resources union say there are dangerous shortfalls across the board we have too few civil servants and then please in the panel system in germany with to make that two thousand people are missing as well as security personnel psychologists teachers and medical staff the staff was pushing a lot of overtime it's not just a german problem in the u.k. the government has warned about self-styled enemy is actively looking to. recruit people in jail while in france radical islam in prison was blamed for a strike by guards who say it's no longer
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a safe place to work you know the justice minister has allegedly offered an increase in salary to prison guards but the people here say it's just not enough what they want is a safe working environment and it's something they want right now the german coalition deal between angle of merkel's conservatives and the social democrats has promised an extra two thousand stuff for the judiciary however these are mostly jobs in the courts not in prisons themselves where there's a need for people to identify and work to stop those detainees looking to spread islamic extremism in jail there are societies not prepared for dealing with such problems so i think we have to really think turn up just so you the legal basis of course in parliament would need to be prepared to discuss debated decided what is the purpose of keeping them in our prisons instead of solving the problem by
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sending them to courting them back to their countries of origin deportation is something that threatens their existence and therefore i think this would be much much stronger of a signal compared to just some social reintegration programs in prisons now you're up to date looks up on facebook and twitter and get breaking news alerts twenty four seven i'll be back here with the next update in just over half an hour. fifty years ago breaking with into a concert going on as a sleeping pill the dust is what i believe because the truth does what it said this is the side effects were terrible but not on the road. induction on football.
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nor the war then boom boom of across europe victims are starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation in two ways first will the physical damage itself as well that the concert mind that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been the justice and it has been the cup well. i'm not up. but. yeah. you know. me ah ah ah. ah. then she'll.
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come to sophie and tell aunt sophie shevardnadze and in our previous program we talked about the israeli palestine peace hearing the palestinian perspective on this stalled for us now what is the israeli point of us sit down with a most yadlin former head of the israel's military intelligence. the cost of israel's military presence in palestine has been high living with the constant. a violent uprising relentless international pressure and growing domestic we are innocent of the situation but with jewish settlements all over the west bank and israeli troops just leave the settlers to their own fate will israel ever let palestine achieve complete independence and any amount of negotiations to change
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the status quo. general yadlin it's really great to have you on our show welcome i'm happy to be in moscow where we happier here palestinians have actually dismissed america's leading role in middle east peace process and they want moscow russia to provide a new platform for multilateral negotiations to think israel will take part in this new proposed format is moscow viewed as a trustworthy mediator by israel. i think you should go must i think you should go basically to a much more important issue and that's why the palestinians of. every opportunity to reach an agreement if you go back to two thousand was block and in camp david they haven't agreed to a very good proposal later on they haven't agreed to a clinton palmettos zone in two thousand and eight they got their wonderful deal
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form by minister olmert and they haven't answered to this day and even carries it off as i mean two thousand and fourteen a very good deal run away this is the problem it doesn't matter whether the russians would put their all file on the table or the americans will do it to your question which i'm not avoiding your prime minister netanyahu said that israel will not. leave the american mediation and i tell you is that the only country who can get concessions for you is do us they have the leverage the russians don't have the level. even. respected in israel and we see it as a friendly country so like you were saying israel has traditionally enjoyed washington's support but just recently present trump said that he actually doubts that israel is interested in making peace with palestine do you think it's a valid concern i think
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a lot of things and you take only one of them. no doubt that both point minister netanyahu and president obama. took positions in the last couple of years that make peace farther from us rather than closer both of them has now positions that cannot and to close the gap. the gap between the palestinians and israelis. is huge. each side willing to give to the other side is not up to them in a minimum of two hours or so and what is the sofa what is the. we all know what are the palmettos. deal between israel and the palestinians it is basically the clinton public and everybody knows that each one of the should do if they're
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the painful concessions that go against the national narrative. believes are religious the palestinians have to agree to. is that israel is a jewish state and this is the end of conflict and finality of. they have to agree is that there is no light of return into is would only two palestinian state and that is well has a legitimate. demands on its security does well it has to agree to a palestinian state to go back to basically sixty seven border and to partition of jerusalem and have been was not here. and. he's not willing to do the concession so b.b. for sure is not here. so let's go point by point everything that you just sat from what it looks from the outside for someone who is not palestinian or israeli
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it does look like that this and listening to go sheesh and of peace while kind of protecting your own goals and reaching your own goals is convenient for everyone because you know if you strike a deal. it's a compromise that we have to abide by you have to you know make concessions do you feel like maybe the current status quo is better than the fixed settlement depends which settlement you see the status quo. is more sustainable many think it's more sustainable over as an israeli i don't start to school deserve i want to have. a conflict i want to have to be shaped as a jewish democratic secure. this is very important to me but moving from the status quo somebody have to convince me that i'm not going to
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talk more problematic situation and i have to remind you that israelis have done two big move towards the resolution of the conflict there. which ended up launching a total campaign against us with fifteen hundred israelis killed and then the withdrawal from gaza we were used to war from gaza to the last inch we dismantle the settlements are what we got good neighbors we've got to tell organisations that launching rockets to our villages and i will keep it simple dug tunnels so instead of having good neighbors we have done which is a terrible state. so what we have what we have right now right the situation is. quite different. i have spoken to the palestinian side just recently and you have sat what compromises they need to make in order to reach
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a peace deal what can you tell me in your own words one more time what compromises can israel make to reach a peace deal with hamas or with the palestinians sorry. that's a good point because the palestinians are not united even if the. lift will be in power and they will go to ramallah to negotiate with. a bombers and cannot deliver cannot deliver is hardly controlling the west bank. of hamas are controlling the gaza strip zone not to recognize the or slow agreement zone not. zone not willing to denounce still and. their government between the p.l.o. and israel so you're saying you cannot strike a peace deal just for the west bank overlooking gaza and hamas right i'm saying in this moment unfortunately you cannot reach diploma meant peace however what we should do today is keep the two state solution life keep it as
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a potential future the solution and there is a lot that can be done on both sides or an interim steps and if i were in a position of. us an idea. i wouldn't try and as a. secured failure i would. in term of a solution in term agreement that will keep the two state solution to life and i give you some palmettos. for. beyond the security line the other side. continue to build in the blocks that everybody understands that will be in the future. develop the palestinian economy the palestinian civil society bottom up hope to create a state that will not be another failed state because if you give the worst meant
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independence to morrow it's will be taking over. in a second and we'll have another failed state this is not some things that anybody want not even in the in d.c. general i want to ask you about the statement that you made you said that israel should move forward with the peace initiative right now because it is in a strong position because right now the international situation is and its favor so what kind of terms do you see israel dictating to palestinians if you're negotiating from a position of strength can that be a good thing for a lasting peace i mention both sides balance in the same sort of strength because then it would always be israel the strong one and palestine the wick one how is that good for the last. piece. so free. is a small country. that. hundred fifty million. so there were
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you put it is there one way and one point seven billion muslims. so israel has to be strong as a wise we will not leave them it's a very tough the tough neighborhood we have to keep our security as number one issue however the palestinians are backed by all the ups and muslim so this is making the symmetry much more. normal philosophically according to your question ok so talking about the fancy of sat that. you know that the borders of sixty seven should be the deal and that's what the palestinians want but israel will not accept that because they aren't they think that those borders are completely indefensible from a military point of view so that leaves only military presence permanent and the west bank at the jordan valley this is
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a never ending thing that right now i haven't heard that the sixty seven border the border of the final resolution says a disses the clinton palmettos that we all understand the. future agreement if ever achieved will be along these lines but now the specifics because israel will never irrelevant or will never leave those borderlines know that you have to differentiate between the people of palestine who will have their own country with their will and the compatibility to one's own business but from security point of view and this is one of the points i say that the arabs have the palestinians have to to compromise all that is or security will not be compromised and i didn't say that israel will control the west bank but you mentioned the jordan valley yes the jordan will live we'll have a special.


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