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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  February 24, 2018 2:30am-3:00am EST

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atomic missile. what are you going to get on a twitter tweet anybody uses twitter anywhere you want to instagram. i think the best place that we can solve. that just less hit the bar. here thanks for that let's. cut the dumbest legal trick so we are just outside canada's hospitality house and the leaders say they want to try and get it . passed we would love to have you but sorry. so mr trump and mr kim were told they can come inside the canada house and they're going to try somewhere else. land what the hell. oh my god. i'm the gentleman here.
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i'm so we're inside the czech house with mr trump and mr cameron as you can see people are going wild about a. lot. of stuff they're taking pictures with the south korean flag doesn't matter which right koreas to be unified on the moral. wrongness. from. all of this going to you how did you let your sister the south korean please let alone. she was being a big rival no matter how fun she has traveled all the way she i don't see you know i would try to want to know what he does know where she is what has anyone seen my sister had to see my sister came you know john.
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if you see my sister out here you know joe yeah but my sister came you know john she was with my mates at the cross i got my one hundred i want to be introduced to a rock friend of mine i think that they're all wired up about international relief you know what they're really. powered down a salad and you know you have a train to go for are making sure that there's always fun at these winter olympics day. twenty palestinians were injured in gaza on friday on the latest a day of rage over the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the israeli capital demonstrators placed a burning tires on the israeli border and i.d.f. soldiers forced them back with crowd control weapons. you believed
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to be. one of them or where they were going and while president trump has made it clear that he will not back down on the drucilla dispute the u.s. embassy in israel will be moved to drusilla i'm on may fourteenth that is the date in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight when the state of israel was declared here is how president trump described his decision making process people calling begging me don't do it don't do it don't do it campaign against it was so incredible but you know what the campaign for it was also incredible and we did the right thing to put it simply trump said he doesn't care what the world thinks about his decision to move the embassy to jerusalem which actually supports israel's claims to the city but when he says the campaign against his decision was incredible he mean for. this. person.
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was. even though trump doesn't care people in the region do today we saw clashes in hebron continue which israel on the other hand is praising its minister for transportation thank trump in a tweet even called him a friend but back in december in a security council vote of fourteen countries condemned trumps recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital and including and among those were staunch u.s. allies like the u.k. and france and in the general assembly one hundred twenty eight countries got the use of the beats up struck to the security council and unable to perform his duties and do dick kids a work of the international community it is considered
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a blatant violation of the rights of palestinian people must be resolved through negotiation between the two parties are un members. throughout the end or the other members this is bullying and this john boehner will not bow to the now despite international backlash the state department has notified congress that its embassy will be bouvard to jerusalem on may fourteenth which is much sooner than originally planned last month a vice president penned said the embassy would be moved by the end of twenty nineteen but like you said may fourteenth also happens to be the day israel declared its independence back in one nine hundred forty eight and it was the day president truman officially recognized the state but considering the international community's past response it'll be interesting to see how they react to this latest announcement. gideon levy a columnist for the israeli daily parents believes lives are now likely to be lost because of the decision they would have to. holding the patient in the united
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states is really slipping in the face and spitting in the face of the palestinians would he move the embassy to jerusalem and in this same die. jews in east jerusalem as the future capital of the palestinian state then i see it would be quite reasonable step there were tens of palestinians who paid the life in the life for this for the first declaration and there fortunately there will be more tense of palestinians who will pay in the life pay their lives but by the end of the day they will know it to be another uprising another intifada not a single state will stand up against the american administration and nobody will take any measures and it will remain holo lip service like many other services for the palestinians. crowds have clashed with police and military and
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city of peace activists gathered to protest against an election rally by the leader of the anti immigration northern wake up with a shit load. as we just saw the activists were forced back by riot police as the crowd retreated some of them lashed out hurling rocks and bottles at the officers several people were arrested and at least two were injured the northern league has come under intense scrutiny recently earlier this month it emerged that a man who was shot in injured six african migrants in much of the tower was a former local candidate for the party. the french prime minister has presented a new plan to fight of the spread. islamic extremism in the country's prisons
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follows weeks of protests by a prison staff after an attack by a radicalized inmate takes up a story for well the french prime minister and sixty new measures today as part of this new nationwide radicalization and against radicalization plan including the creation of fifteen hundred new spaces within prisons where they would be able to isolate radicalized prisoners the idea of being able to stop any contagion amongst the general prison population stop a new radicalization of other prisoners. eighty six institutions. perhaps a specially trained post now and an increased level of security the most dangerous people will be kept in high security wings. why has this plan been announced now you may remember that just last month there were a series of nationwide strikes and protests here in france by prison guards that
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happened after a number of prison guards were actually attacked by radicalized inmates at a prison i went to see what happened after those attacks the people who say it's just not enough what they want is a safe working environment and it's something they want right now well the french prime minister has said this plan is not a magic formula but they cannot ignore the problems that there are with radicalization in fact this plan is now the third plan in the last four years just two years ago under the oil and administration of the radicalized center was launched it was seen as being an ambitious project the idea of taking people who had been marginalized and putting through the process to de radicalize them unfortunately it was an abysmal failure with only nine residents in the time that it was opened none of them actually finished the course and in fact one of them was arrested while they were on. from that. indeed well this is not just
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a front problem this is a europe wide problem in germany the ministers there have been talking about the warnings of a surge in islamic radicalized prisoners and how that could affect the normal prison population in fact we also know that figures released last year show that the number of terror related investigations in germany have gone up mercifully five times the previous year and then if we look at the u.k. as well we've had warnings there from the u.k. government about the idea of self-styled media is they were described as being in prisons who were radicalizing other prisoners and this is a problem that is sweeping europe and while many countries have tried plans to do radicalize so far nothing has worked will this new plan in fronts work well that is the billion dollar question. russia monikers are said to push ahead with
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harsher penalties for child sex abusers it's after a series of extremely disturbing allegations emerged from an orphanage in the chelyabinsk region. thanks. for one. thing. i asked my son what they did with the man who came to see them my son was stunned and said what made fright the taters i asked what else they did he write me that to us he's answered i was lost for words i called another mother she told me her kids had the same story. my son decided to tell me everything he told me i was so afraid they said they would draw me in the lake and would lock me up in rehab for the rest of my life. the.
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children say that one of the supervisors who brought them to this man and his friend just watched them being raped and all the boy saw how they gave money to the supervisors the small children didn't even know what the banknotes were so they just described them as green bits of paper. and also because she was going he was. going to sleep but yet jesus did not bother to study it. and believe that in the show there raping the child there those kids they're talking about it openly stay here until the night and listen for yourself what they
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are talking about at their school. to be. sure he was framed they were accusing him of something he didn't do the director of the orphanage who let former inmates into the school they stayed overnight there they're the ones who did all of this with the kids and now they're just protecting each other. so you get complained about wrongdoing at the orphanage about abuse he was so naive to do this he filed complaints about the orphanages directed to kids are taken for a walk in winter without proper clothing that the older kids are beating up younger residents that they're not giving them food sometimes. you know in a far reaching investigation into the claims of abuse is under way right now child
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welfare specialists are also carrying out assessments of all orphanages in the region. a policeman has died after clashes erupted between rival football fans in the spanish city of on thursday earlier my colleague you know neil discussed the events with dan hawkins. was. was with. was was clashes saw five arrested both spanish and russian nationals were understand at this stage also multiple injuries reported as the fans pelted each other with objects including flares and crackers and it was during news this is just a couple of hours before the match that this police officer tragically died initial reports of course in some tabloid media did claim that this was a result of wounds sustained in the clashes and reporting some sort of blows to the
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head or face causing is the spanish police have officially now denied these reports he became manuel as he was coming out of his van as he deployed to the scene of the disturbances he suffered a cardiac arrest after collapsing the sprouts dead on arrival tragically out of hospital and other media were also very quick to report that it was the russian fans who were at the center of this trouble they allege that they started this disorder that they even used weapons to attack the locals knives bats and change etc and this is of course despite the fact that what exactly happened in circumstances leading up to these clashes is still under investigation a radio free europe radio liberty for example commenting on how this could impact the world cup here in russia coming out this summer as well despite tech press service they've also issued a statement saying what they describe as provocations were actually expected from the very beginning they were. in the full knowledge that they wouldn't be welcome in the city of bilbao upon their arrival from the media reports and russian fans
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before their arrival and the increased security presence as well. even allege that a team interpreter suffered injuries in one incident before the game what is clear is that the atmosphere in the city was tense from the very. we know that and he saw activists marched on the street prior to the much violence was shown on c.c.t.v. footage of camera footage that we can see there as well the picture of course become clearer once you way for the police do get more details from their ongoing investigation. newsweek magazine has retracted an article that described how russian bonds were allegedly used to target a democratic senator from minnesota forcing him to resign the american public ation basted story on a blog by an activist group called the vote the group claimed that a sexual misconduct scandal involving senator al franken was cooked up by fake twitter accounts based in russia but newsweek later admitted that was untrue and it
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seems some media outlets are eager to break stories of russian trolls no matter how dubious the sources are earlier this week of germany's building newspaper reported an e-mail exchange between a german politician and a supposedly russian agent who was offering his services to swing public opinion in germany the tabloid based its article on what turned out to be a prank staged by a satirical magazine. i mean your argument to you about supporting your new group who. thanks for your mail jail read sold me to expect a man from but just to be sure could you name me g.'s favorite beverage as you can certainly understand this is a delicate matter medio me you mark three ginger beer you're perfect that's a relief so what can you offer me. basically we can offer you everything an opinion
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campaign with sue gates schultz social bots from twitter and facebook or even targeted facebook to try using your brain we knew how to think like an build editor and what we did was we came up with a story that was techie and like an aspiring movie and we had a good feeling that this would work when there's a story like that for four build they don't care about details it's only interesting if the story is good. political writer dan goes broke told us the use of shaky sources is becoming standard practice in mainstream journalism when a long established rule really of western journalism that the usual procedures are fact checking and and accuracy and vetting sources and so on all go out the window when it comes to russia kind of concept of astroturfing astroturfing has become absolutely standard practice now across all corporations do it you know astroturfing basically using social media to promote a fake grassroots campaign in support of a product or
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a political policy or party or whatever and that's sad because it's very important at times we're living in a very complex and is there's a need for sophisticated journalism there is not just buying on on one side or the other there's a need for real sophisticated grasp of the complexities of developments and it doesn't help to develop that sophistication when there are these kind of stories muddying the waters so many. governments are involved in this so it's no surprise that new sites fall for the fall for this one that does it for me i'll be back in about thirty one minutes with a look at news you watch international. that's kaiser financial survival guide liquid those that you can convert quite easily.
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to keep in mind. places. for. long sophie shevardnadze and in our previous program we talked about the israel palestine peace here and the palestinian perspective on this stalled process now what is the israeli point of view as sit down with. former head of the israel's military intelligence. the cost of israel's military presence in palestine and has been living with a constant threat of violence uprising. international pressure and growing domestic weariness of the situation but with jewish settlements all over the west bank israeli troops just leave the settlers to their own fate will israel ever let
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palestine achieve complete independence and any amount of negotiations to change the status quo. general yadlin it's really great to have you on our show welcome i'm happy to be in moscow while we happier here palestinians have actually dismissed america's leading role in middle east peace process and they want moscow russia to provide a new platform for multilateral negotiations do you think israel will take part in this new proposed format is moscow viewed as a trustworthy mediator by israel. i think you should go must i think you should go basically to a much more important issue and that's why the palestinians are avoiding every opportunity to reach an agreement if you go back to two thousand was black and are fought in camp david they haven't agreed to a very good proposal later on they haven't agreed to
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a clinton power metals zone in two thousand and eight they got a wonderful deal form by minister olmert and they haven't answered to this day and even carries it off as i mean two thousand and fourteen a very good deal they run away this is the problem it doesn't matter whether the russians will put their file on the table or the americans will do it to your question which i'm not avoiding your prime minister netanyahu said that israel will not. leave the american mediation and i tell you is that the only country who can get concessions for you is do us they have the leverage the russians don't have the leverage. even. respected in his word and we see it as a friendly country so like you were saying israel has traditionally enjoyed washington's support but just recently president trump said that he actually doubts
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that israel is interested in making peace with palestine do you think it's a valid concern i think a lot of things and you take only one of them. no doubt that both point. and president obama. took positions in the last couple of years that make peace farther from us rather than closer both of them has now positions that cannot. close the gap. the gap between the palestinians and israelis. is huge. each side willing to give to the other side is not up to them in a minimum of two hours and what is the sofa what is the. we all know what are the palmettos. deal between israel and the palestinians it is basically the clinton parliament and everybody knows that each one of the should do
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if they're the painful concession said to go against the national narrative. believes are religious the palestinians have to agree to. is that israel is a jewish state and this is the end of conflict and finality of claims they have to agree is that there is no light of return into is only two palestinian state and that is well has a legitimate. demands on its security does well it has to agree to a palestinian state to go back to basically sixty seven border and to partition of jerusalem have been was not here. and muslim is not willing to do the concession so bibi for sure is not here. so let's go point by point everything that you just
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sat from what it looks from the outside for someone who is not palestinian or israeli it does look like that this and listening to go sheesh and of peace while kind of protecting your own goals and reaching your own goals is convenient for everyone because you know if you strike a deal. it's a compromise that we have to abide by you have to you know make concessions do you feel like maybe the current status quo is better than the fixed settlement depends which settlement you see the status quo. is more sustainable many think it's more sustainable over as an israeli i don't. deserve i want to have. a conflict i want to have it be shaped as a jewish democratic. this is very important to me
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but moving from the status quo somebody have to convince me that i'm not going to talk more problematic situation and i have to remind you that israelis have done two big move towards the resolution of the conflict there. which ended up launching a total complain against us with fifteen hundred israelis killed and then the withdrawal from gaza we were used to war from gaza to the last inch we dismantle the settlements are what we got good neighbors we got to tell organisations that launching rockets to our villages and i will keep it simple dug tunnels so instead of having good neighbors we have done which is a terrible state. so what we have what we have right now right the situation is quite different. i have spoken to the palestinian side just recently and you have
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sat what compromises they need to make in order to reach a peace deal what can you tell me in your own words one more time what compromises can israel make to reach a peace deal with hamas or with the palestinians sorry. that's a good point because the palestinians are not united even if the. lift will be in power and they will go to ramallah to negotiate with. a boomer's and cannot deliver cannot deliver is hardly controlling the west bank details of her muscle controlling the gaza strip zone not to recognize the or slow agreement zone not. zone not willing to denounce to all and. their government between the p.l.o. and is with so you're saying you cannot strike a peace deal just for the west bank overlooking gaza and hamas i'm saying in this moment unfortunately you cannot reach diploma meant peace however what we should do
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today is keep the two state solution life keep it as a potential future the solution and there is a lot that can be done on both sides on interim steps and if i were in a position of. the us media it or. i wouldn't try and as a secured failure i would. in term of a solution in term agreement that will keep the two state solution in life and i give you some palmettos. from. beyond the security line the other side. continue to build in the blocks that everybody understands that will be in the future of israel develop the palestinian economy the palestinian civil society bottom up. to create
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a state that will not be another failed state because if you give the worst meant independence to morrow it's will be taking over by hamas in a second and we'll have another horse failed state this is not some things that anybody want not even in the in d.c. general i want to ask you about the statement that you made you said that israel should move forward with the peace initiative right now because it is in a strong position because right now the international situation is and its favor so what kind of terms do you see israel dictating to palestinians if you're negotiating from a position of strength can that be a good thing for a lasting peace i mention both sides balance in the same sort of strengthening because then it would always be israel the strong one and palestine the wick one how is that good for the last. piece. so free.
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is a small country. hundred fifty million. so there were you put it is there. and one point seven billion muslims so israel has to be strong as a was we will not leave that it's a very tough neighborhood and we have to keep our security as number one issue. over the palestinians are barracked by all this. so this is making the symmetry much more. normal philosophically. according to your question ok so talking about to say that. you know that the borders of sixty seven should be the deal and that's what the palestinians want but israel will not accept that because they think that those borders are completely indefensible.


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