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tv   News  RT  February 24, 2018 3:00am-3:30am EST

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good for the last. piece. so free israel is a small country so one hundred. a hundred and fifty million are ups so there were you put it is there one way and one point seven billion muslims. so israel has to be strong as a wise we will not leave them it's a very tough neighborhood and we have to keep our security as number one issue. over the palestinians are backed by all the ups and muslim so this is making the symmetry much more. normal philosophically according to your question ok so talking about the fanciest sat that. you know that the borders of sixty seven should be the deal and that's what the palestinians want but israel will not accept that because they aren't they think that those borders are completely indefensible from a military point of view so that leaves israeli military presence permanent and the
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west bank at the jordan valley this is a never ending thing that right now i haven't the sixty seven border the border of the final resolution says the disc is the clinton palmettos that we all understand the. future agreement if ever achieved will be along these lines but now the specifics because israel will never irrelevant or will never leave those borderlines know that you have to differentiate between the people of palestine who will have their own country with their will and the compatibility to one's own business but from security point of view and this is one of the points i say that the arabs have the palestinians have to to compromise all that is or security will not be compromised. i didn't say that israel will control the west bank but you mentioned the jordan valley yes the jordan will live we'll have
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a special. look going to repeat the mistakes that we have done in. gaza we we left everything. was no idea if any will and the border between gaza and sinai was left open to all of the weapons forto always coming form iran from sudan form libya and this basically violate one of the main principle that the palestinian state will be demilitarized general and taking share rate right now and where we are back we'll continue talking to general yadlin former director of israel's mentor intelligence and participant of while that discussion cloak the middle eastern conference we're talking about the possibilities are around the palestinians is rallying this process.
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security interests that's russian security interest ok not just we want a stable syria and we want a stable lebanon and you can't just send any planes every week to bomb the country and disrupt the political process in this way it's unacceptable.
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everywhere bad west in general imo siyad lane former head of israel's military intelligence general let's talk settlements and i want to go back a little bit to. what he says the israeli settlements in the west bank are bad for peace is this is a signal that israel should be counting on u.s. discriminant support anymore so if you once again you are taking one sentence out of the whole picture important sentences but the potent sentence that have said
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was that unlike the obama administration he doesn't think the descent the month is the obstacle for peace. not a good phenomena you're right he said that too but first of. the conventional wisdom and the main. allegation against israel in the eighty years of the obama administration and the palestinian whole still was disowned that the settlements is an obstacle for peace an israeli from the center not from the extreme right not from the extreme left i do agree is that some of the certain rules. of the security fence. hoping for peace at that moment but if peace will be reached this obstacle will be removed so you have to look at the the other way on but isn't that also a big part of bridging a peace deal because it does seem like there's growing number of settlements there
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are dissecting palestinian territory everywhere creating enclaves exclave patches. for some it may look like a plan that israel never wants to have an independent fact a palestinian state you know what i mean i know exactly what you mean and this is another myth because if you look where is the main places that israel is building it's not in the. settlements that east of the security fence it's in jerusalem in the jewish neighborhood of jerusalem it's in the blocks and this is basically a palestinian propaganda that unfortunately is boat by a lot of people in your. house is stable from an economic point of view is this whole situation for israel because i know that. the support inside israel for all of this isn't unanimous for settlements israel is a democracy and we have the right we have the left the right is for settlement the
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left is against at the moment the center basically distinguish between. the blocks and the rest of the settlement so there is an argument in israel and i can pour me . most of these are still two state solution. to head off a think tanks are doing. it every year and still sixty percent it used to be sixty seven that the two state solution and if reasonable agreement will be put forward by the us by russia by the cult that and the palestinians will agree for the settlement will not be an obstacle for peace do you think there is it was not in gaza in two thousand and four do you think that the annexation and annexing the settlement could be a possibility i'm asking this because i know that netanyahu always emphasizes on
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the fact that. any peace there would actually include settlements closer to israel proper perhaps living. once again the blocs the five six percent that the blocks are built upon will be part of his or this is agreed once again not only in the right in the israeli center. what olmert gave the bombers and unfortunately haven't to face is a swap ok we take five six percent you will get. part of israel to be part of palestine two to keep their one hundred percent of the sixty seven partition as their right balance but the palestinians refuse so these we're. not going to evacuate of a million people from the settlements. numbers that we are talking about in these
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already center sixty seventy eighty eight thousand not going to be easy i want to ask you about another thing that netanyahu. says any peace deal with palestine will include israel's security control over the west bank. you know the palestinians are calling the idea of presence in the west bank an occupation how would that work out i told you that security will not be compromised. many methods to make security. let's. be as low as possible. the head of institute general john allen had a team. on that in two thousand and fourteen to make they feel secure on
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one hand. don't you million eight. make the palestinians feel. in their own country once again let me remind you that the palestinians never answer to. and president obama in two thousand and fourteen and prime minister netanyahu will basically accept the firm even is always some ways of a should. i want to talk international law point of view i know that you have a friendly president in america but when it comes to things like building the barrier along the grain line building settlements even claiming all of jerusalem that goes against international law that's the general knowledge major things right now it's not relevant for israel israel doesn't really care it does what it sees fit but do you think eventually. it could you know catch up with it israel the
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whole legal pressure. international community there's a lot of interpretations to the international law and you're taking one interpretation we are we have another interpretation you know nobody ever. states there was no palestinian state until sixty seven. by jordan only two countries pakistan and do you. so what used to be the british mind that. there is many an interpretation of international law. and i think the principles that everybody accepts as even foreign minister lavrov today say zat diffusion of all the power of peace will be decided in the shoots and unfortunately the palestinians are unwilling to come to
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negotiations because they know that they have to do some concessions are. you talking about recognition of a palestinian state slovenia's nursing the idea of recognizing the state of palestine sweden did an ireland belgium some other e.u. states are thinking following this lead israeli us strongly opposed to that i don't really understand what's wrong with it i mean from one hand israel says it supports to state solution. palestinians were promised their state what's wrong with recognizing a state of prostate. it's. a workable as palestinian state. borders. right of the palestinian refugee to come. recognizes the other demands of the palestinians which is unacceptable the
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palestinian state should be. the consequences a result of. the two state solution not happening so far let's face it ok so one state solution isn't what israel wants because you don't want to absorb two point five million palestinians into like seven million israelis no one wants that so what kind of options are left for israel. already. show you the option the option is to try again to reach an agreement if this is impossible to which regional agreement. joining and they can put some value on the table they can put and i do logic and value a financial value even the security of it by offering the palestinian something and offering these words something and pushing two sides to could two to make concessions if this is not work you. really independent more
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supported by the us and which say the palestinians are so. they so don't want to do any compromise lets do half way interim agreement that will keep the two state solution alive even if we cannot do that and trump recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital g. i feel like it's helping the israeli palestinian process or the contrary i don't think that it's. it's disturbing as the palestinians are claiming. if you listen very very carefully to. say i recognize the reality and the power i recognize the fact that jerusalem is the capital of israel and jerusalem when you hear is voice the coordinates of places in jerusalem so to
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mention you say the knesset the parliament is in jerusalem the prime minister's office in jerusalem the supreme court court is in a jerusalem all of them in west jordan if i were a palestinian i wouldn't birth his speech so you know all the places selling us dollars a lot trump saying the same speech the future borders will be decided in the bush years between israel and palestine he said the status quo on their karma sheriff is not going to change this is basically can play to the palestinians demands why they have made such a big deal out of it let me tell you les had your secret because the news that the term plan is coming and they again are going to be losing the blame game there again going to refuse to another place after kerry after clinton after all so say preempt so they preempt on joe's a limb finking the jerusalem is is
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a case that they will get a lot of support the our board in the muslim war and here is another supports. morse of the war that is now war about syria a boat libya a boat yemen abode iranian germany in the middle east zone not much interested in the palestinians anymore. just last question to hurt the palestinian former palestinian foreign minister it's sad that this was kind of a last drop for the palestinian by trump to recognize. capital one is that this could actually provoke and another intifada and uprising force we are two months with a month since the closure you remember the predictions the dictions well for ward was free to all the middle east in fire all over american embassies will be born
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nonsense nonsense. two weeks before the declaration when they discuss it this is an empty gun and empty gun and they cannot certain us was dissed by the way the palestinians should look at. because who started the argument on joseph say when to do in their school. in unbelievable out of context to the story argument that the jews have no connection to jordan. thousand years we are there we build the city the palestinians suddenly says that israel has no connection to jordan if they come was disowned them or i don't blame to amp to telling them the tools. thank you very much for the century and all the best of luck.
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we're similar for the spurs to the east you know because in most of the snowboarding for them and so. beautiful yes good good new books and go to bush will see you put him over the i'm close but don't miss my feel to my dimaggio from the oh my my my friends with the thought of you know comes . so from them you know will someday in cinemas a woman be the spawn of the b.o.p.'s dog you'll see us send us little. book of suits and you can tell me some of the few of them showed some cool pulls to the priest ideations people still most of them says just to take oh well not you
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please ok yeah. that would usually look awful what they should be see would you do you see chests nose telling me i'm some of the best in the place full of the missile someone a missile. with no make this manufacture come sentenced him to public wells. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round the sun be the one percent. that's nice we can all middle of the room six. billion more you. really. see this is charlie munger is approached economics lobola blow bubbles from wells
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fargo wells fargo bail out the turds charlie munger and warren buffett turns them. the united states is going to look very deep into mystic prizes shelling strong miracles supremest see the north from the outside noise from russia not from china inside all sides of what you see now all around russia and this cyber world is easing over russia and this is psychological or understandable of times to find somebody outside the united states will is responsible for that while the real problem is inside. world powers failed to agree on a ceasefire for syria's rebel held district of eastern after two days of talks at
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the un. people begging me don't do it don't do it don't do it and we did the right thing the u.s. president named the date the american embassy in israel will be moved to jerusalem despite global condemnation. russian lawmakers seek tougher penalties for child abuse as harrowing details emerged from an orphanage. for the latest on the story is going to start to dot com stay with us now for the big picture. what's up and what's down in the budget president trump has proposed for fiscal year twenty nineteen. i'm holland cook in washington this is the big picture on our team america.
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the president's budget proposal is just that it's a proposal a blueprint his vision for where our tax dollars go it's up to congress to pass a budget or not we go for years at a time with continuing resolutions meaning more of the same until congressional democrats and republicans can agree on a new budget and when they can't even do that we get a government shutdown is this any way to run a railroad let's ask conservative radio and t.v. pundits steve malzberg and former florida democratic party chair mitch cesar thanks for joining us first to be here thank you all and here's who gets whacked compared to each department's actual twenty eight thousand funding e.p.a.
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and small business administration both get cut twenty five percent state department gets twenty three percent less department of transportation takes an eighteen percent haircut agriculture and interior fifteen percent less housing and urban development would get cut fourteen percent department of labor down ten education down five treasury down three percent and here's who gets a raise nasa gets one percent more department of energy up two percent commerce six percent health and human services plus eleven homeland security up twelve defense fourteen and the biggest percent increase fifteen percent goes to veterans affairs mitch and steve in that order your take on these priorities. well first let me say that i think this is a budget but it's not
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a budget specifically you know mitch mcconnell the senate president made a deal for a two year deal congress folks where the democrats republicans do not have an appetite for killing or reducing some of these programs so first let me say that this is really a love letter it's a political document owed if you will to where trump's base where he makes the carts the worry increases budget specifically to your question i think if it's an education problem if it's student loans like those who for instance work for the government for ten years no loans forgiven that's wiped out that's for education those people and we've seen demographically the higher the education level less chance are going to support trump if you could housing and urban development section eight which is poor people's assistance housing is hurt specifically money for heating subsidies is gone you know up and down the categories it's a political document it's an ode to his base a love letter if you will specifically maybe
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a blueprint that if republicans survive in two thousand and eight thousand this might become reality down the road i'm not convinced it is right now right steve grade the president's math homework. yeah well i think it did very very well i give him an a i think that first of all whether it's a blueprint or it's reality i don't think that the majority of americans would have a problem with increasing the defense budget which includes shaping up our nuclear arsenal and increasing our missile capabilities to hit an incoming north korean missile god forbid and the veterans budget inflating to help with mental illness and also to help them with the overcome the opioid crisis and the homeland security to build part of a wall on the southern border down in texas and also hire more ice and other agents to protect this country i think those are issues that resonate with not only as base but with the the average american something the democrats are so out of touch
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with when you talk about the e.p.a. for instance it's a bunch of climate change drivel and nonsense which when you look at the priority list of voters ranks like tenth and eleventh every election and that's going getting cut severely also the state department we committed three billion dollars to this climate thing that obama signed on to well he paid one he ain't payin the other two so that accounts for some of the state department decline and there are so many agencies that i believe could be cut altogether and these miniscule five and ten and fifteen percent cuts they address waste waste there's so much waste in these agencies it's amazing. there are twelve zeros in a trillion you remember how the republicans hate deficit's when the democrats are in office you're worried about this. i am very worried about it because getting older i watch the stock market because my pension fund specifically i can tell you that the deficit hawks meaning the republicans in congress those who walks of flown
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away to an undisclosed location they do not exist anymore and the problem is that you're talking about what say twenty six billion dollars in cuts but they're increasing the budget by three hundred billion dollars it's barely ten percent it's fake make up it's fake math again it's a purely political document when steve talks about well this particular issue was only rank let's say eleventh in the in the human public's psyche that proves it's a political document it should be blamed based on need not on polling it is it is you know who did anything on climate change climate change is bogus but that's natural steve speak to the deficit part of this thread so i am sure i agree to an extent i'm not happy about the fact that we're spending all this money but the phony democrats who are now up in arms about all this they wouldn't pass a budget with severe cuts all the way around you'd never get it you never get any
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of them to vote for it anyway but they certainly would know you can't cut this or you can't cut that they're the party of no cut and now they're pretending to be the fiscal conservative party it's really absurd. match i have to say i have to say i have to say i think what's interesting is as we talked about before republicans were supposed to be the people of balanced budget and blown all spending caps into the into the greater universe. and to be frank about it i don't think it's a republican even a left who is not running for reelection. has been supported blowing away budget well as we said it's just a proposal thank you mitch caesar and steve malzberg. in the one nine hundred fifty s. and that king cole made so much money for capitol records that the labels iconic
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hollywood headquarters building was known as the house that and that built the isley brothers were the only active chart a billboard hot one hundred song in each of six decades one of the beatles' early hits was the isleys twist and shout the fab four also recorded hits by little richard and chuck berry and on the record label of the beach boys surfin usa they credited shut berry as composer after they sung new lyrics to music poor road from his sweet little sixteen. at the twelfth academy awards in one nine hundred forty the best supporting actress winner almost didn't make it to the stage had a mcdaniel played mammy a slave in the civil war epic gone with the wind producer david o. selznick had to call in a favor so the first african-american oscar winner could attend at the no blacks allowed ambassador hotel. joining us joining us is award winning poet
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writer and activist jessica and michel your her blog is our legacy with an eye dot com welcome thank you for having me each year for a month we acknowledge achievements in black history present day we're better off than that nineteen forty cademy awards fiasco but how is the debt still stacked against african-american artists today well i think ultimately america has a number of foundational issues one of which is the past dependency on the labor of enslaved african people which has created this reoccurring atmosphere in which the works and the creations of black people are valued but the people viewed as dispensable.


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