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tv   News  RT  February 24, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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our breaking news this hour the u.n. security council unanimously approved a resolution for a thirty days cease fire across syria to provide humanitarian access to areas most affected by the conflict also ahead this hour. police clash with left wing students and political rallies are held across italy ahead of next weekend's general election. begging me don't do it don't do it don't do it and we did the right thing washington sets the date for the relocation of its embassy in israel to jerusalem a move that palestinian state could destroy any hope of peace.
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a very warm welcome to r.t. international i'm only we start with our breaking news this hour the u.n. security council unanimously adopted a resolution demanding a thirty day humanitarian cease fire in syria with delay killam up and joins us live from new york with the latest just cut through some about language for us if you will what exactly does this mean. well it's been a long awaited meeting much negotiations taking place almost down to the last minute but at the moment we do have a resolution that was unanimously passed by the body that leaves the united nations now this is all regarding eastern ghouta this is an enclave in the east of
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jerusalem or at some refer to it as a suburb and it's long been under the control of rebels and terrorists who want to overthrow the government of syria the syrian government now since two thousand and thirteen it's been essentially you know blocked off by government forces and now as the fighting there intensifies there have been some rather extreme allegations being made there's a lot of talk of civilian casualties we've heard reports from the the russian center for reconciliation in syria they're reporting that the terrorists are not allowing medical aid to get to civilians and we've also heard some rather extreme allegations against the syrian government that against russia from the syrian observatory for human rights which is based in the u.k. we've also heard from the white helmets which is a long discredited group that has ties to al qaida they've been making allegations it's been quite a heated heated rhetoric in the international arena regarding the situation in eastern guta but the vote did go down and the parties now agree on a resolution
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a resolution was passed for a thirty day ceasefire now after the unanimous vote took place we heard from nikki haley the representative of the united states and when she was speaking she said that she did not expect that the syrian government would recognize and honor the ceasefire this is nikki haley. it is critical that the assad regime and its allies comply with our demand to stop the assault on eastern guta and immediately allow food and medicine to reach everyone who need to all of us on this council must do our part to press the assad regime as hard as we can to comply we are deeply skeptical that the regime will comply but we supported this resolution because we must demand nothing less. now we also heard from the representative of the russian federation in his remarks he stressed that it is important that this is to remember that this cease fire does not apply to the fight against terrorist groups groups like isis groups like al qaida and al nasra these groups that are internationally
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designated as terrorist organizations that this doesn't apply to the fight against them now he furthermore went on to say that he felt like it was important to emphasize that the fight against the fight against terrorism shouldn't be a cover for geopolitics he made remarks to that effect this is the russian representative to the united nations. but it was to be used when the aim of battling terrorism can become a common were sold of geopolitical problems some dubious legitimacy and that is exactly would be u.s. is doing in syria right now it would. now furthermore now it's important to talk about the language that was changed now the resolution that was passed called for a thirty day cease fire however what was taken out of it was the demand that it be implemented within seventy two hours that was that was the original language and now instead of calling for an immediate cease fire the resolution calls for
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a ceasefire without delay not stipulating that it take place within the next seventy two hours that seems to be what was being negotiated over but at the moment it appears that a cease fire agreement has been reached at this resolution does call for thirty days and it's essentially a humanitarian pause so that the civilians that are caught in this fighting will have an opportunity to get out of the area so they're not being killed and throughout this whole process there has been a fundamental agreement among all the voices we've heard that the lives of civilians and eastern good eye and in other parts of syria are key that civilians should not be killed however there have been key differences in how countries are characterizing the conflict and who they are blaming for the plight of syria's civilians but it appears that a unanimous resolution was passed all parties were in agreement and there will be a thirty day cease fire in syria calibur putting together news that is happening in new york at the security council thank you very much for the want let's get into some of the details with just joshua joins us from the university of oakland he's
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director of the center of middle east studies there always a pleasure how big of a breakthrough is this i understand that we're just seeing the details coming out not much do we know exactly about the ins and nights but i was far as you can see the stand up points of this thirty day cease fire in syria for you. well as an important moment because over five hundred people have been killed in this last week and the west has been trying to. put pressure on russia to stop this onslaught on a remaining rebel. and and it has worked and that russia clearly is embarrassed because there was a lot of loss of civilian life is a very big area lots of people living there and they've been under attack for
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a long time now there have been efforts by the syrian regime and the russians to get the rebels to surrender and to give up to leave to italy province as has been has happened elsewhere and to have the civilians then reconciled with the regime is really the way it's it's called syria but the rebels believe if they can hold out and if they can get international help to save them so this is a real struggle for the last bits of the syrian civil war and the syrian regime is trying to take this rebel antibiotics both to know who turned up outside of damascus and it really province and now we're seeing f. eighteen being fought over in the north and of course there's a in an area near the jordanian border that's very important that's still in rebel hands the regime wants it back over to open roads so this is become a real arm wrestle and we saw during the the u.s.
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bombardments not put up and muscle the humanitarian agencies aspirate humanitarian pause it's right there when the u.s. was bombarding both of those cities and leveling them in order to destroy the rebel one place there and the u.s. for refused to stop because it wanted to finish the job and get it over with it believed that stopping would only delay. the pain but here russia has agreed to. be a sleazy embarrassment in the u.n. was raising. raising the pressure just for just what we have you on the program somebody who knows the inside of this region there is something that's cropped up time and time again but we haven't really discussed it on the program the concerns over eastern have come amid reports of a possible alliance between the kurdish unproved syrian government groups against turkey in the north how much of
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a coincidence or all the rise do you think that is. well the syrian government is very eager not to allow the turks more lenient they're worried that the turks will keep and the turks have taken a big north of aleppo they're pushing into it left province and now a free man would give them a contiguous region stretching from the euphrates in the north all the way around and down. in this big arc and that's in serious worry that like the americans the turks will stay for the long haul and they'll lose territory and this may lead to the imposition of an alternative government that may become quasi permanent we don't know what will happen there so the syrians government and is very eager not to allow and of barker to push further into syria and to grab these regions will then be displace the kurdish kurds in the free and put syrian rebel
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groups in power there and set up an alternative government just were just to sum up your points on on our breaking news this hour do you think this cease fire is going to be possible to implement considering the terror groups are not part of it that was always the sticking point that terrorists and rebel groups are intermingling and that is the problem that russia iran and the syrian government always had about singling them out do you think this is going to hold well that's a good question the more extremist groups the affiliated groups are very powerful and spread everywhere it lip problems up in the north and that has been a real problem there but here in hutto the influence of. dilution is not so big there are many other groups that you know it depends on how
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you define them that are considered quite instruments but they're not caught off and this is going to make it more difficult for the syrian regime to continue fighting there now of course the syrian regime believes that many of these groups are there that there's just shades of gray there but the west is not ok and russia has accepted this in the security council that's going to put considerable pressure on syria to stop the fighting for thirty days but then of course what happens after thirty days the syrian regime is determined to take back this region it's right next to damascus and many of the groups there have been bombarding damascus there and people being killed in the past kicking of the christian quarters where the rebels like to hit because they don't want to kill muslims and so this is you know this has been. this is been a big problem regime is going to take back that region and down italy it has the power it will do it it's
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a long slog and it doesn't have the smart weapons that the americans had and. still a lot of queries to be answered here just as you're so eloquently saying joshua landis director of the center of middle east studies at the university of oklahoma thank you so much this hour pleasure. ok let's leave that story for now and move to other global news this hour to clashes have broken are to in milan police there have stepped in to break up a student protest against the center right league and the word party and it's on to immigration plus. they don't rest started on friday and. on a spread to other italian cities league annoyed the main focus of the anger held its own rally in milan on saturday the country's general election takes place next
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week again we spoke to marco but sonny professor of politics at the university of maryland doesn't expect tensions to count any time soon. we can't explain a lot of things done in one week but. economic rights but there's another story the story is that. in this country there is a legitimization all of the right any kind of brand of the team from the economic rises from the time i don't think that italy can go on like this there are too many differences between the north the south and nobody addresses that we'll all this is that jane. you know that could change the situation. spending goes up boring goes up the national debt is out of control. nobody talks talks about the real issues. america says it will move its embassy in israel from tel aviv to
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jerusalem on may the fourteenth much sooner than was originally planned it coincides with the seventieth anniversary of the establishment of the israeli state here's what president trump had to say about the decision which has been causing fury across the arab world and beyond people calling begging me don't do it don't do it don't do it campaign against it was so incredible but you know what the campaign for it was also incredible and we did the right thing well turkey has voiced concerns to its foreign ministers ses the decision violates un security council resolutions demonstrates the intention of america to undermine peace since december when donald trump decided to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital more than twenty palestinians have been killed and around a thousand injured in demonstrations.
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smear a cow now has more on the symbolism of washington's move on the fallout that's resulted but put it simply trump said he doesn't care what the world thinks about his decision to move the embassy to jerusalem which actually supports israel's claims to the city but when he says the campaign against his decision was incredible he mean for this. i was.
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even though trump doesn't care people in the region do today we saw clashes in hebron continue which israel on the other hand is praising from its minister for transportation thank trump in a tweet even called him a friend but back in december in a security council vote of fourteen countries condemned trumps recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital among those who are staunch u.s. allies like the u.k. and france and in the general assembly one hundred and twenty eight countries the use of the deets upstroke to the security council and unable to perform his duties and do de kids a work of the international community it is considered a blatant violation of the rights of palestinian people must be through negotiation between the two parties are un members. throughout then. the members this is bullying and this john boehner will not vote to do that now despite international backlash the state department has notified congress that its embassy will be
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bouvard to jerusalem on may fourteenth which is much sooner than originally planned last month a vice president penned said the embassy would be moved by the end of twenty nineteen but like you said may fourteenth also happens to be the day israel declared its independence back in one nine hundred forty eight and it was the day president truman officially recognized the state but considering the international community's past response it'll be interesting to see how they react to this latest announcement yes you can imagine there's been lots of response to this gideon levy who's a columnist for israel's colorists newspaper told us he believes moving the embassy is going to have dire consequences deadly ones for the entire region. the united states is supporting the united states is really slipping in the face and spitting in the face of the palestinians and would he move the embassy to jerusalem and in this same guy. as the future capital of the palestinian state then i see it would be quite reasonable to step there were tens of
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palestinians who paid life in the life for this for the first decoration and unfortunately there will be more tense of palestinians who read pay in the life pay their lives but by the end of the day they would know to be another uprising another intifada not a single state would stand up against the american administration and nobody would take any measure and it will remain whole no lip service like many other services for the palestinians. named and shamed by c.n.n. nature trumps supporter gets on the wrong side of the american news but comment for a legit russian sympathies we get right into this.
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fight. it was going. deep. for us. from russia not from china. around russia. russia. while.
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twenty minutes into the program welcome back russia has warned ukraine it is making a quote colossal mistake passed the law on the reintegration of the war torn. regions. it shows kiev is not committed to a peaceful solution to the conflict and not the move on their minds the minsk agreements that are currently in place the new legislation allows the ukrainian president to use the armed forces in peacetime against the breakaway republics it also designates russia aggressor states the two territories as being occupied parts of ukraine broke up after a. be
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that the law will do more harm than good it won't contribute to the peace process it will have to be either withdrawn or amended in order to accord with the means could remain simple as that i think but i think it's more of a a little small cancers for that process it's what i call double track studio diplomacy he wants to be seen to be a good guy but in fact the original agenda remains the same which is that the events we want to. make as big many problems for russia as he possibly can because i think he's probably acting according to an american made agenda trying to setting in stone in
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a conflict will situation isn't it it's not going to be it's not going to did lead to any constructive dialogue between the two sides the minsk agreements is all we've got to hold the situation in as a frozen conflicts and it's better off as a frozen conflict than as a conflict and there are plenty of forces inside the ukraine itself and in the west that want to see a conflict here as a means of debilitating the russian federation on the world stage the breakaway republics have broken away the ceasefire laws have been established there's not going to be any change on the ground by fighting on attempts to talk about fighting is the resolution or not realistic. supporter of president trump has received a slew of online criticism after american news network c.n.n. publicly shamed her for sharing what was claimed to be a russian coordinated event on facebook with the story checked into again. c.n.n.
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knows no bounds when it comes to tracking down anyone culpable of sowing discord in america and things to an indictment filed last week detailing how suspected russian trolls use unwitting americans to undermine their own political process c.n.n. has plenty of fodder like this woman from florida but did you realize that you guys were in communication electronically with with russia they not they are your so what does she do to deserve such a confrontation goldfarb is guilty of having run a pro trump facebook page the promoter then event allegedly organized by the russians her objections to accusations of having any connection to russia however were all but ignored by the c.n.n. reporter you were posting in reposing almost word for word the information that was coming out of this internet research agency now. no you don't believe there are no now to no one's surprise goldfarb was viciously attacked online after the short interview spread like wildfire goldfarb should be ashamed of herself she is
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a fake get on c.n.n. for showing as who she really is a dumb thing if you feigned ignorance she knew people like goldfarb who shared russian propaganda and who refused to accept responsibility when shown should be prosecuted. goldfarb are you a communist maybe only deplorable as a commies but surely c.n.n. won't stop there when there are bigger fish to fry such as michael moore the hollywood director should be their next stop as he both attended and promoted around been organized by yep you guessed it russian trolls the kicker is that test was titled trump is not my president meaning russia is also guilty of putting together events against the man they apparently want to see in the white house but for some reason i doubt c.n.n. will be knocking down moore's door to talk about that maybe because it looks like c.n.n. covered the rally themselves along with their comrades in arms b.c. thousands of people as you know the feeling marginalized by president like donald
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trump's comment they said this is a love rally after they pointed in that direction they yelled we're not going to be tolerating any sexism or homophobia or racism so we're told that countless unsuspecting americans and media outlets were duped by the relentless efforts of online trolls but where are those trolls getting their inspiration from more often than not it looks like they were simply relying on stories generated by the us media itself oh sweet sweet irony i mustn't be seen as liberal host joy reid is a shining example of that her posts were retreated by count said to have connections to the kremlin hundreds of times and there obviously a lot of questions about how much the trump campaign knew about and whether they were complicit in the russian attack on our election but what about the rest of the republican party machinery so to break this down the heart of the accusation seems to be that russia tried to divide the us by giving people a place to express their views and retreating mainstream media articles and posts written by americans diabolical if you ask me. ok that's it for now but i'm back at
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the top of the hour with more on the announcement of the thirty day ceasefire in syria just announced by the united nations but next it's news views on everything in between with marks on the cards reported. yeah i was. sure our ear. was spoiling his only producing.
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kids it doesn't have any meaning unless it leads to real kids which can be. you know guaranteed only by those christina president. fifty years ago breaking and within to come together as a sleeping pill the dust is what i mean because the truth does what it said just on the side effects were terrible but not on the road as shown in dutch on full board love you know the war. across europe victims are still waiting legal battles demanding at least some compensation. in two ways first will the physical times itself as well that the constant mind that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been born to justice and there's been a couple of.
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but your hands up in the. only better don't care. how you bet you don't care oh that's a good honey badger really nice so there's no she might have heard about it called honey badger don't care honey badger approaches and fights anything if you go on youtube and you'll see a thousand videos of honey badgers in the african savannah and they fight anything they fight lions tigers. any sort of creature you can think of down there they'll approach and start fighting even though it's like oh it's a little ferret looking sort of creature a beaver looking creature and it fights whatever so when no matter how horrifying the creature you know a lion looks pretty scary right this guy looks pretty scary you know i've seen
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photos of those blobfish they're from like way down deep thirty thousand feet below and that charlie munger is uglier than a blobfish that's a magic ball as wife is the one putting the paper bag on her head you know what this guy looks like tapeworms got hit with an ugly stick charlie munger urges regulators to ease off wells fargo blasts bitcoin. badger don't care charlie there's a charlie munger approach to economics its own quick. boom boom boom boom boom quacky very much in the words of rehearsal well you know ninety four. this is charlie munger is approached economics blown a little from wells fargo fargo throughout the turnaround charlie munger and warren buffett tourist i'm earning the top photo i showed that was from
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a tweet from reuters berkshire's monger urges regulators to ease up on wells fargo so you know before janet yellen another honey badger left the federal reserve bank .


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