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tv   Cross Talk  RT  February 26, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EST

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there is no there is no united nations security council resolution the country involved syria has not requested for help and on top of that you you have. a military presence in a country where you possibly could go into a military conflict with another mate a nato country turkey and of course it's a face down with russia is this authorization issue horton's or not of course it's important first of all there of course there is no u.n. security council authorization for the u.s. to be in syria there is there there in defiance of the syrian u.n. recognized syrian government that wants them to leave that there is obvious there partitioning the country but what has the u.s. ever cared about international law so that doesn't even appear in the u.s. media if you never hear about it right but we get to the issue that is also still barely covered which is is the u.s. legality of the war in syria of the war on the syria and it's done under
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the two thousand and one two thousand and three authorization of the use of military force for iraq against al qaeda which is still being used by the united states to justify its presence in military conflicts all of the so when this is a justification for endless wars thinking they say that they have the authorization you just move the goalpost as it were and say this is what covers it ok i suppose it will fly to yemen in somalia and only those who are getting it is ok so i mean you know it. it's already a justification and it doesn't matter the circumstances that was done once and it applies the entire region to how this never get to that obama is the person that ramped up the u.s. presence in syria and so the justification was to fight al qaeda then obama comes and he supports an al-qaeda isis springs up out of out of al qaeda and now trumpet his generals and i want to say trump i would say the generals are going to show their you know. you know where i'm going there now using it as an excuse to have
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u.s. troops permanently based in syria and alexander occurs with a very good piece in the round about this explaining that this is really the united states is playing see option and know what's talking about the u.s. plan c. which is actually derived from its big masters that many people think is the person that's pushing the u.s. permanent presence in syria more out of spite than anything else so this is a situation where you have a country that's not why did not invite like mark said no one no one there's no international security council resolution nothing for the u.s. to be there but there they are and they're not going to leave easily you know we had trump when he was speaking publicly a press conference a quote get isis and go home ok let me have the whole thing there were over there for one reason to get rid of isis and get rid of isis and go home but his generals i think as we've been saying for weeks if not months on this program say something very different but look what it will spread from two thousand and one it was there
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against the united states you know the point that was when this authority was given it was going. anyway so two thousand one mary mind you out of nineteen terrorists who participated in that terrorist acts fifteen were saudis there was not a single syrian not a single iraqi not a single but because of this event the united states intervened in the bit in iraq in syria i know they say that if the government troops get too close to them in syria they're going to self defense soon to attack them and that's good that's a second the next level of. i legal regime change it depends because several buildings were destroyed in the united states beckoned to thousand won by the people who were not citizens of syria but who some code lived in the same region who actually were citizens. country that is our ally and we just sold them one
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hundred billion dollars worth of weapons but that's not important what is important is that it's open to both those that want and now we can kill anyone who gets close to us in syria syrians get close to the us soldiers in syria if the facts that's like russia moving troops within its own border and it's called a provocation you know where one of the interesting is from a media point of view is it any time trump says something he quote unquote lies is that the liberal media like to say this is a perfect example of saying something that has nothing to do with policy but nobody says a word a word it's remarkable how the mainstream liberal media they won't jump on this they'll jump on just about anything else is long as the neo con agenda is moved forward he can quote unquote law i all he wants syria because there is no opposition in either the u.s. you know political elite or within the media only they are all cheerleading us
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regime change efforts now transitioning to partition efforts in syria they're all back at there's there's no objection even if trump is doing it in fact that's the few minutes that he actually gets some temporary plaudits when he does take over military action there i thought it was a little funny this week to see tim kaine the democratic senator question. the trumpet ministrations legal authority to be there well he's using the exact same authority that obama used to be there clinton supported used to be there so tim kaine's objections come off as a poor little little bit artisan you know my first question to you why is it important. is really really important because. what we had on the as a backdrop of the pentagon papers in one nine hundred seventy one about u.s. behavior in indochina and i rank everyone here by age but i remember the talk of the him. presidency where the president has the right to do on
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a whim like we saw the missile strikes i think in april the trump conducted against syria this is what i find really quite disturbing because we don't we yeah exactly but you know you have congress you know when it used to close hand cling on to hits it's authorities when it came to foreign policy now they're just giving it away and for. democrats and liberals. this is very strange of the ones that want to accountability from the imperial presidency but they're only adding fuel to this and the congress has essentially walked away from its obligations when it comes to foreign policy as mark said there is no debate about any of these issues and the issues of war and peace could not be more important than what look let's not forget going back to when trump did send missiles on to the airbase in syria the first mainstream media or she would have. missiles brian williams c.n.n.
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he finally became president this is the day when trump became president starting to think or i have said there are you so you have this presidential when it comes to war there is this is not a partisan issue is an important distinction first of all congress has completely abrogated its authority its constitutional authority to declare war the president the executive office as by the constitution does not have that power congress for decades now has refused to take that power back why because it's in pursuit of us generally their own support of it but congress has tried to take foreign policy powers that they don't have and this was russia comes to knowing it was the sanctions against us enemies russia iran and others where they tried to force so the trump administration to their vision of foreign policy which is economic war against iran let's not forget that obama wanted to invade syria and he went to congress to try to and congress would have conforte but the american p. . did not happen that it was like an invasion just like it happen in britain and
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you still went in and obama still bombed syria to the point where there were no more left. early troops into where we are today where and i've said before mark you know once you get boots on the ground it's hard they like to stay here you know the game and all of this. i mean in the military now is being given probably more money than it can possibly spend and again a bipartisan for such a contentious political environment give the military more money ok this is a recipe for an absolute disaster it's true because the u.s. military budget now is over seven hundred billion dollars and it's better than does not include war it doesn't go to and i'd like to point out to our viewers here is that there was in a regional budget and then there was an increase that increase is much is what russia spends on defense in here because every year exactly russia spends between sixty and seventy billion in its best years which is satellites and saudi arabia
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we're serious which is the way to seventy percent or what nato is european l.-y. spend on their defense my use of that u.s. so russia which spends four times less than the european allies on they don't defense is so dangerous it's moving its troops inside its own borders it's created and you would have to of war in europe that's an object that we get from the newspapers not only in the united states about also you don't see too many russian warships in the great lakes to you correct me if i'm wrong there but they go they do go to the black sea now they're full of sand the baltic sea right next to st petersburg i think alex put up a really good point before this is about the nature of al-qaeda in syria. i wouldn't say that isis came from al-qaeda it had kind of its own roots in the u.s. occupation of iraq and then spread into syria. the number of passes and others who
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were imprisoned by the by u.s. authorities tortured there and that ends and so not that that's any kind of justification for what isis became but it has spread into syria and at times they were allied with both the u.s. backed free syrian army and with al-qaeda such as when east aleppo was taken but all through this this conflict while the u.s. government was maintaining their fiction pruning isis where they wanted to and letting it go when it came up against government areas they have never fought al-qaeda in syria and fact hold they have hold out that we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news stay with us. what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted
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or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to listen. to going to press this is what before three of the people. i'm interested in the why. question. please. feel on a hot day at the dinner table bottle sorry to share a search sawyer here in the. area . an estimated eighteen fastens under age refugees are now living in greece. you know storm or go. to your home in their view of the ring even many sell their bodies just to make ends meet. the loan the
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second or the almost sins and when there is the how bulldozers and the levers that . alters thirds are dealing drugs to make a living. the rest of us a little is a lot of words a little. bit in the been. looted. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last turn. your attitude up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry for me i cried so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i
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secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this was quite different speech now because there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker. what's going on is only producing. bill you know piers it doesn't have any meaning unless it leads to real chaos which can be. you know guaranteed only but also christina president. welcome back to cross talk where all things considered i'm people about to mind you we're discussing some real news.
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ok mike let's go back you read before the break you were finishing up a point the u.s. has never really fought in syria despite two u.n. security council resolutions demanding that isis and the al-qaeda and anyone who associates it with it and this is the problem is that the us and western media has as painfully admitted to it a low that immediately disregarded the u.s. has illegally armed trained and salaried sectarian militants that are literally allied and imbedded within a much larger al qaeda for years so this was done primarily under obama trump a supposedly stop this policy but they're using an authorization of use of military force against al qaida for their presence in the forty's in syria when the u.s. has literally been aiding al qaeda in syria or syria had nothing to do with ok go ahead just let me remind you of all the highs today that we had last week about the
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bombardment over used you know civilians die in there while pool more of the wrote you so missed defending the southwestern part of it but let me remind you that in two thousand and nine in the beginning of two thousand and nine israel started at the ration cost to that in a toll. similar situation four people killed by hamas missiles from gaza four people were killed in damascus the day before the start of the bombardment by the musa was coming from his group well israel during that operation killed at least one hundred so one thousand one hundred sixty six civilians two hundred fifty out of them children and that's normal russian press reporting and that's the guardian citing sources in the international humanitarian organizations and israel was trying to decimate the military structural hamas well hamas compared to the
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islamists it in is don't go to is a company of sunday school boys you know how mosque is a palestinian branch of more slim brotherhood basically the organization that was supposed to oust mr with american aid in the beginning of all of this yes then a lot more radical organizations took over as it could be expected in syria and no one is saying you know israel should be punished for want to deal in two thousand night even though the syrian government is doing exactly the same thing only its only territory in a very interesting thing i've said this before alex you know in everything we've said right here and with the media's coverage when it does coverage to cover these things which is very little serious not even treated as a sovereign country it's like a doormat that everybody walks on ok and i think the again the way i started out this program about. the u.s. military force is you know the caller is sovereignty and this is what really has to be recognized by our viewers i mean russia is there by invitation by the
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legitimate syrian government as is iran in in the in the in this is the crux of the whole thing we have a president that appears to be appears to be at least asleep at the wheel he doesn't know what his generals are doing he doesn't understand the policy he makes himself feel good by giving them all the money that they want but you know in syria . it is ignored as a sovereign state yes it's really reported on and what it is reported on it's exactly as you say it seems as if the us has a right to be there and that the u.s. should be governing in damascus you know what is assad doing there when the americans should be there running the country and that's the position that's presented or israel or is it on whether it's m.s.n. b.c. or fox and saudi arabia and turkey i mean you let me if you want a topic that both of these networks agree on it's how the u.s. has the right to be in syria but going back to the point of money given to trouble i think it's because extremely whole areas that you have the one part of the u.s. it's demonizing trump and saying he's crazy as
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a madman but then they give him seven hundred billion because i could be made to feel so yes mad with this huge military budget a huge fire you've got paradis. and you know that really gives them it's every creative federation for that warlike ideology that is rooted in the u.s. right now because if drawn into a real mess that if there is a real war you know what they will say the russians put human poet he's crazy and that's why you're there seven hundred billion you know that they're suddenly one of the coldest it's no different than yours if you didn't you know that there's no reason why they wouldn't say to me it has been so cope with all of this. use the word hysterical and this is actually the word that the western press this use this week they described hysterical violence rather than the hysterical propaganda they were putting out we saw in the washington post. louisa lovelock and liz sly put out a piece saying we have never seen violence like this except for
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a few months ago when the u.s. was bombing muscle and people who are you know you don't want anybody to think that over the looting pleads most lanes where two hundred also two hundred civilians were supposedly killed in one day but we're not worried about it when when the u.s. does it robert fisk writing pointed out very well that we have such a lopsided view. of what's going on in places like east because on one hand the journalist refuse to acknowledge who is down there and he's good as controlled by by four rebel groups as they continue which. are also on which is an al qaeda jihadist splinter group all islam the army of islam which are saudi backed jihadi and. which are a previously u.s. army. free syrian army group given to weapons that are allied with al-qaeda and robert fisk points out that the reason why we have such lopsided view everything comes from the. jihad its own propaganda because if any western journalist dared
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show those heads their heads while in the area controlled by what would happen just like any still up they would lose their heads it could be added to its talk about another very dangerous story let's go to north korea and the games are moving along . and we had some kind of thaw in saber approach between the two koreas but certainly lowering of tensions but the president of the united states warns about stage two which would be you know what he put it to largest ever north korea sanctions threatens ominous phase two bluster bluff oh it's the art of the deal this is the great of course i don't know how those who knows you know i haven't read the book because it does something concrete instead of a press press conference with the australian prime minister i believe and i decided in the middle of this press conference he throws out this warning that it's going
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to move into some you know second stage if if the more brutal sanctions that they've imposed once again north korea and any ships or vessels operated with care and trade well any kind of what's happened to the sanctions now essentially going to be directed against china ok that's because they've already gone down the path of the sanctions and it seems to me that again try. pates themself into a corner it gives the north koreans more tools in their tool box. and it really what it does is it you know if trump wants to show that he's a man of his word then we'll have world war three that's not a very good thought to think about well i wouldn't look at it in perspective in two thousand and eight the us backed georgian president saakashvili stopped at the war in georgia on the first day of their lympics in south of setia in south a state that they can sell to safety in two thousand and fourteen during the olympic games in sochi and the u.s. backed nationalists in kiev basically it staged
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a violent coup in key this time they moved it to the end of the games right in the end of the games we hear about new sanctions so it looks like for the no big games is no up a time for peace it's a time for a sustained attack when no one is paying attention they did it in the beginning they did it in the middle now they do it in the end of the games but it's also a time for action and shouldn't the south be more worried now mark i mean because that's the obvious conclusion i mean like i said i wouldn't use were approached there's a still not a lot of issues right there but the fact that they're talking that's the beginning of something and if that's what we have right now we should continue that if the koreans north and south want to talk to each other and they want to talk peace let them i think that this is a sign of bluster and it's also a sign of desperation yeah this is the neocons in the us through trump a finger puppet furious the north koreans and south koreans are talking to each
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other and have a joint olympic team it in seoul for this winter olympics and they are expressing their outrage with this bluff and bluster i least we hope it's all bluff bluster because there's a there was actually a very good piece in foreign policy a few weeks ago. that the a war u.s. war on north korea is it wouldn't be as bad as you think it would be much much much worse and if we want to see the horrors the millions of south korean casualties that would ensue when it's completely unnecessary and south korea is doing exactly what they need to do which is brush the us to the side get these warmongers out of the way and seeking peace on their own terms and no matter what the u.s. screams and everything north korea is not going to denuclearize until the u.s. military threat to them is real we could come into
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a situation. invented situation where there's a security crisis in south korea and iran can be exactly but if something like that is invoked then the entire south korean military is under the command of an american four star general this is you know south korea is a country of limited sovereignty when it comes to its defense and security was like shipping just like japan here and it's and i think we've already mentioned here you know the united states is acting as a spoiler in syria they act as a spoiler in their alliances in the pacific much of the narrative is that you know north korea is trying to drive a wedge between the u.s. and south korea that's the narrative that you hear on the mainstream media in the u.s. you assert it to you and to the you north korean flavor to it would to civilizations that have been together for the libyan for millennia and i sort of see why does he want to negotiate that and the worst part about that the bad optics about is that trump is making this statement during the olympics in south korea and it just looks
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so petty and so poor especially when you had mike pence wasn't standing for the for the team that's that's you know the joint team he didn't bother to stand for it and show some respect that you have trouble coming out with this comment during the games all this is happening at a time when we should we should look forward to the two teams working together that there is dialogue between the two countries and we have an olympic games in. south korea they should move the ball forward not move it back if there is if there is a lesson that they send in big games have told us and that is that it doesn't walk with the united states and with that you are peon union because ok north korea it great to have a joint team with south korea did anyone know it just that it was hard for them actually right after the civil war in one thousand fifty three are awful a century or very bad confrontation right but still when they did it and what do they get in return you know the us officials. will end on this one because they have so much to lose that's why they're doing not the united states it's all the
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time we have gentlemen many thanks my guest here in moscow this is the end of our broadcast segment stay with us for the extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember. when else seemed wrong. why don't we just don't call. me. yet to shape out to stay active. and engaged with equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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hey everybody i'm stephen bach. task collingwood guy suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru and well just a little bit different i'm not. going to find i know no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have some fun meet everyday americans come home and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american pill which. fifty years ago pregnant women to come together as
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a sleeping pill and just this is what i believe because i took just what it said just the scientific sweat terrible but not on the road as shown in dutch wonderful book love will be here no doubt will warm. across europe victims astonishing legal battles demanding at least some compensation in something in two ways first will the physical damage itself as well the constant reminder that the people who actually put the take this crime has never been able to justice and there has been a couple. applied for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just kill you narrowness and spending two to twenty million a plum fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i
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think of what i know about the beautiful guy but great so what more chance for. peace. oh.
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the winter olympics coming to a close in south korea a russian gold medalist. but her achievement the big. this is. actually there are no tears at all i think when i get home i will be dancing and jumping for joy i hope by the time i get home i will realize what i have achieved. struggling to find. some drug dealing. trying to make ends meet. story. defense ministry says militants in syria.


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